100+ Cute and Funny Nicknames for Short Girls

Do you need better nicknames for short girls?

We get it: the nickname, “shorty” is overused, and can be generalized for all women.

If you want to shatter the mold and call your short friend or girlfriend something unique, check out the forthcoming nicknames.

By the end of this article, we’re going to let you in on a plethora of funny (and cute) nicknames for short girls.

We’ll start with the cute nicknames first; however, if you have a more loving relationship with the girl in question, you’ll want to take a look at our funnier names following the cute list.

Nicknames for short girls

Cute Nicknames for Short Girls

Nicknames for short girls

The following are the cutest nicknames you can call a short girl. These names are best suited to your short girlfriend or cute little sister.

Munchkin – While this name can be both cute and funny, it’s more so cute. In history, we refer to the “munchkin” as someone of short height, like the Lollipop Guild from the Wizard of Oz.

Shortcake – Cute, whimsical, and fun, the name “shortcake” refers to either the food or the famous 1970’s cartoon character, Strawberry Shortcake. She was short, sweet, and adorable!

Mini-me – Admire your best friend who’s much smaller than you? “Mini-me” is a perfect nickname – whether you both are evil like Dr. Evil in Austin Powers, or she’s just exactly like you.

Babydoll – Baby dolls are adorable, innocent, and small. Whether you’re dating them or you have a shining personality, “baby doll” is a great and sweet nickname.

Pumpkin – Short in stature, and sometimes plump, “pumpkin” is an adorable nickname for a girlfriend.

Chickie/Chicky – Obviously, baby chicks are small and adorable, so “chickie” is the perfect nickname for your short female friend!

Peanut – Generally referring to the small size of peanuts, this nickname is most associated with young female children.

Teeny – A great nickname for short girls named Tina, this nickname can also be used for short women in general.

Smalls – Paying homage to The Sandlot from the early ’90s, this nickname was given to the short, dorky guy in the group; however, it can work perfectly for either children or pre-teen females.

Little lady – While this one is generally used between fathers and daughters, it can be used towards other short females, as well.

Snuggle butt – A very cutesy name, snuggle butt is usually what couples refer to each other as, or to their pets as because of their cute size.

Bite-sized – Referring to the small packs of candy around Halloween time, “bite-sized” is an adorable name for that short and spooky woman in your life.

Babycakes – Similar to baby doll, this nickname has been around since the 1950s and has stood the test of time. If she’s petite, adorable, and sweet, this nickname is perfect for her.

Hotcakes – Another name from the 1950s, this one is for that firecracker of a woman who comes in a small, but sweet package.

Little bit – A play on “alotta bit”, “little bit” is an adorable nickname for short girls that are bubbly. This is also a great name for girls that are named Brittany/Britney.

Tater tot – Yet another cutesy nickname that doubles as a good, “tater tot” is fantastic for those short girls who are rough around the edges, but still enjoyable.

Goober – A cute name that refers to the small, delicious chocolate-covered roasted peanuts, this is a great name for girls who are adorable, sweet, and short!

Short stuff – We’ve heard this one a thousand times, but it never gets old; a great nickname for that petite lady in your life.

Bubbles – Bubbles is an adorable nickname for that spunky and bubbly shorty in your life.

Lil – Add the word, “Lil” before the girl’s name to make it a tad more personal, without room for offending.

Now, let’s take a look at the funnier side of nicknames for those short girls who don’t get offended easily.

Funny Nicknames for Short Girls

We can’t all be cute, sometimes we need to be mean to short girls, and these funny nicknames for short girls will help us do just that.

Firecracker – A spicier nickname for short, crazy, and talkative women that pack a punch. Firecrackers are generally small, but offer a big show!

Freezer – You might not have heard this one before, but this relates to the large freezers that you have to bend down to use. In calling her a “freezer,” you essentially have to bend down to reach her.

Deep freezer – If she is even shorter, “deep freezer” is another nickname.

Shrimp – We know that shrimp is one of the smaller seafood that people eat, and shrimp is an equally well-known funny nickname for kids or short girls.

Small fry – Speaking of food, “small fry” is another common funny nickname for short girls.

Half-pint – We’re huge fans of food here, and we think that “half-pint” is the perfect funny nickname for girls who are rambunctious. Generally, half pints are small but tasty! Another use of this nickname is “pint-sized”.

Daddy long legs – Girls obviously aren’t daddies, and those that are short won’t have long legs. “Daddy long legs” is the ultimate unique and funny nickname.

Booster – Is that girl in your life so short that she needs a booster seat? Booster is the perfect, androgynous (and super funny) nickname for her!

Tootie – We all know those releases of air from our derriere – those small, quiet, and shy ones that are referred to as a “toot.” If the girl you know is quiet and petite, this is a fun nickname for them!

Pipsqueak – A name that’s usually used as a tease between shy people, it’s a cute way of referencing a short female friend that you’re interested in.

Squirt – A nickname that’s usually shared between an older brother or father figure and young girl, “squirt” is one that’s loved or hated for those that are short. The aforementioned refers to a small squirt that comes out of a cheap squirt gun.

Freshmen – A nickname that’s given to those who are younger and short, as if they’re the new meat in high-school, despite what their current age is.

Ankle biter – The term “ankle biter” refers to those small yappy dogs, and doubles as a term for extremely short girls that are talkative.

Tic Tac – The small, hard mint.

Other Fantastic Nicknames for Short Girls

Do you need more names to call a short girl, these are a few more:

  1. Tiny Temper
  2. Mini/short stack
  3. Kitty
  4. Midge (a non-offensive version of Midget)
  5. Vertically challenged
  6. Shortstop
  7. Itty bitty
  8. Ducky
  9. Lil angel
  10. Squeak
  11. Imp
  12. Pixie
  13. Tinkerbell
  14. Stumpy
  15. Elfie
  16. Micro
  17. Minnie
  18. Reese’s Pieces
  19. Bite-size
  20. Borrower
  21. Knee-high
  22. Little lady
  23. Lowrider
  24. Nugget
  25. Runt
  26. Dwarf
  27. Lil Leprechaun
  28. Small Bite
  29. Black sheep
  30. Lil Minnie
  31. Shirley Temple
  32. Smurfette
  33. Anakin Skywalker
  34. Kiddo
  35. Little Red Riding Hood
  36. Sweetpea
  37. Armrest
  38. Teddy
  39. Chibi
  40. Gremlin
  41. Shorts
  42. Little miss
  43. Thumbelina
  44. Mrs. Thumb
  45. Pinky / Pinkie
  46. Punky Brewster
  47. Wee-bit
  48. Pez
  49. Lil Tyke
  50. Hot wheels
  51. Oompa Loompa
  52. Jockey
  53. Rudy
  54. House mouse
  55. Slipper sleeper
  56. Toddie (nickname version of Toddler)
  57. Hobbit
  58. Chromie (World of Warcraft)
  59. Pee-Wee
  60. Santa’s Little Helper
  61. Pygmy
  62. Wee-lassie
  63. Single scoop
  64. Mini-muffin
  65. Cupcake (smaller than a real cake)
  66. Lil Gnome
  67. Sparky

For more quality nicknames for girls, check out our list of 1000+ cute nicknames for girls.

While we may not have given you every single quality nickname for short girls that the world has to offer, we think we have a robust compilation that will guide you in the right direction.

What nicknames for short girls have you heard lately that deserve recognition? Let us know!

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  1. I am 4’11 to my friends 6’4 and we show our love through short people and tall people nicknames/insults such as, Skyscraper, Daddy Long Legs, Light Pole (They’re blonde), Stilts, Oompa Loompa, Micro person, downsized, etc.

  2. Babydoll , rudy , smurf , cookie ( i got cookie bcoz im a big fan of bts jungkook)I have a lot of name…but thats not from my bf bcoz i dont have one..i never had..thats bcoz i dont want but… these names are from my frnds

  3. Yo lowkey being short isn´t all that bad you know,I mean I get used as a arm stand ever day and people come up to me just to look down at me because I´m short but when they really get too know me they know that all short girls have a bad temper can get mad easily and every short girl has that one friend who is never intimidated by them and it is usually a boy but like other than that being short isn´t bad ????btw I´m 4´7 so if you are also 4´7 or 4´8 Hi!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. My friends used to call me peanut. I never really liked it but now I think it was kinda cute now my best friend calls me chicken nugget.

  5. hey so likee i showed my boyfriend this list and i scroll down because for being short asf these were all like cute until ankle-biter and then i was like wow okok i scroll down to a comment saying call them human sacrifice. yeah he’s like dying right now he’s calling me a human sacrifice what did you guys do-

  6. Careful, you may be stabbed if you use these. Like I said months ago- “Height doesn’t matter if I have a knife” lol funny list, just don’t really call people this.

  7. i have a friend that calls me scrawny all the time. I call her shortie but it keeps getting old, this really helped because i can just come on here and get a new name every day.

  8. I like um I also have one based on somthing my dad used to tell me about… WARROW their short warriors


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