183 Alternative Nicknames for Grandma

Grandmothers have always held a special place in our lives, perhaps yours helped looked after you when you were young, or perhaps she imparted words of wisdom or tales of generations and cultures past.

Maybe she makes the best family meals or had the single best recipes that even your mom couldn’t beat!

Whatever role your grandma played in your life, we can bet that she remains special to you and that you are special to her.

With that in mind, why now bestow upon her an awesome nickname that matches what she means to you, or sums up her personality.

While there’s nothing wrong with grandma or grandmom, perhaps yours deserves something a bit more special!

Oftentimes, grandparents choose what they’d like to be called, but that doesn’t stop you coming up with something a bit more interesting.

So for the best nicknames for grandma, read on.

Grandma Names

Traditional Nicknames for Grandma

Nicknames for Grandma

Starting off with the basics, these are a few examples of the standard nicknames for grandmothers in English, maybe if your grandma is a bit traditional she will appreciate ones of these classic nicknames which are all derived from ‘grandmother’.

  • Nan
  • Nana
  • Nanny
  • Gran
  • Grana
  • Granny
  • Grannie
  • Gram
  • Gammie
  • Gamma
  • Gams
  • Grams or Gramms
  • Gramma
  • Grandmama

International Nicknames for Grandma

grandma names from other languages

All languages feature what linguists call ‘kinship terms’ and names for grandmothers, as an important part of a family grouping, are always featured.

If you’re looking for a nickname that’s outside the box and has an international flavor why not choose one of these fun nicknames for your grandma.

They come from both well-known languages and perhaps a few that you might not have heard of!

 Examples of International Nicknames for Grandma

 French: Mémé

This sweet nickname is commonly used by grandchildren in France and in some French-speaking countries. The more formal term in French is Grandmére.

 Dyirbal (Australia): Gumbu or Babi

Dyirbal is a native Aboriginal language from Australia.

It has long been of interest to linguists because of its complex grammatical structure and kinship terms system.

In Dyirbal ‘Gumbu’ is the name for the grandma on the mother’s side, while ‘Babi’ is the name for the father’s mother.

Interestingly, these terms also have a reciprocal system, which means that there is a special term that means ‘grandparent and grandchild’ which is formed by using the affix -dir.

So, ‘Gumbudir’ means ‘mother’s mother and grandchild’, among native speakers these reciprocal terms are frequently used with the grandchild and grandparent calling each other Gumbudir or Babidir.

Or if that’s too complicated for you, just stick to Gumbu or Babi depending on which grandma you’re naming!

Igbo (Nigeria): Nne nne

This sweet nickname for a grandmother comes from the Nigerian language Igbo, which is one of the African nations four official languages. Igbo is spoken by roughly 18 million people so it’s safe to say that you won’t be the only grandkid calling your grandma nne nne!

Mandarin: Nai Nai and Lao Ye

Like in Dyirbal, in Mandarin Chinese these terms for grandma are different depending on if the grandma you’re naming is on the mothers or the father’s side. Nai nai is used for the paternal grandma (dad’s mother) and Lao ye for the maternal grandma.

Hindi: Naani and Dadi

As we’re starting to see many languages in the world classify names for grandmas based on whether they are on the paternal or maternal side and Hindi, an Indian language, is the same. Naani is for the maternal grandma and Dadi for the paternal grandma.

For More Nicknames: 154 Hindi/Indian Nicknames For Guys and Girls

Interestingly, Hindi is also spoken outside India in countries like Fiji, Suriname, and Nepal among others, so there’s definitely a few Naanis and Dadis around the world!

If none of the above suit your grandma, check out these diverse international terms for grandma:

Afrikaans: Ouma

Albanian: Gjyshe

Italian: Nonna

Greek: Giagiá

German: Oma or Omi

Bengali (Bangladesh): Nānī

Spanish: Abuela

Maori (New Zealand): Kuia

Polish: Babcia

Cajun French (Louisiana, USA): Mamere or Maw Maw

Portuguese: Avó

Tagalog (Philippines): Lola

Irish: Mhamó

Hebrew: Savta

Hungarian: Nagymama

Yiddish: Bubbe

Swahili: Bibi

Uzbek (Uzbekistan): Buvi

Danish: Mormor

Nepali: Baje

Japanese: O baachan

Estonian: Vanaema

Russian: Babushka

Croatian: Baka

Hawaiian: Kuku wahine (or Tutu)

Icelandic: Amma

Korean: Halmeoni

Malay (Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia): Nenek

French Canadian: Mamie

Catalan (Spain): Àvia

Farsi: Madar Bozorg

Welsh (United Kingdom): Mam-gu

Egyptian Arabic: Teta

Cute Nicknames for Grandma

other names for grandmothers

If your grandma really fits into the sweet grandmother mold and is an absolute sweetheart with you and others in the family, consider some of these cute and sweet nicknames.

Or, since nicknames often involve an element of irony, perhaps your grandma is an absolute tyrant and one of these nicknames used ironically would suit her.

Examples of Cute Nicknames for Grandma

  • Abuelita

This cute sounding nickname comes from the Spanish for grandma which is Abuela. The -ita suffix is the diminutive form which adds affection and tenderness to the word, it’s kind of like saying ‘dear grandma’. Perfect for a sweet Spanish-speaking grandma or any grandma really.

  • Geema

This nickname for grandma is quite popular in the United States and probably comes from babies and toddlers mispronouncing grandma, and you can’t get cuter than that!

  • Grammakins

Like Abuelita, this cute sounding nickname for grandma makes use of a diminutive form, the English -kins. It makes the perfect nickname for a cute and small grandmother.

  • Lolly

The perfect cute nickname for grandma, especially when grandpa is called Pop – you can have Lolly and Pop!

  • Tinks or Tinkerbell

Like the fairy in Peter Pan, Tinks or Tinkerbell is the perfect cutesy nickname for a grandma who is small and cute.

Other cute nicknames for grandma include:

  • Abbie or Abba
  • Bambi
  • Ba-nana
  • Boomie
  • Bubbles – for a grandma with a bubbly personality!
  • Bunny
  • Cha-cha
  • Cookie
  • Dear
  • Darling
  • Dearest
  • Fluffy
  • Granny Cupcakes
  • Granny Mammy
  • Granny Pie
  • Honey
  • Huggy or Huggly – perfect nickname for the Grandma who loves hugs!
  • Lolli or Lulu
  • Lovey
  • Mermie
  • Mini-Ma
  • Momsy
  • Moo-Moo
  • Muffy
  • Nanoo
  • Nooni
  • Peaches
  • Pittypat
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Queenie
  • Snuggy or Snuggums
  • Sunny
  • Sweetie
  • Tootsie
  • Twinkles – For the grandma with a twinkle in her eye.

Cool Nicknames for Grandma

cool grandma names

Is your grandma a little bit edgy or hip? Perhaps she lived through the swinging sixties and has retained a bit of a rebellious nature, or maybe she rocked out at the original Woodstock!

If you’ve got a cool grandma who is young, or young at heart and doesn’t want to be saddled with the traditional terms like gran, why not choose her a cool nickname to match her spunky personality.

 Examples of Cool Nicknames for Grandma:

  • MeeMa

This cool nickname for grandma seems to be gaining in popularity, try it for your hip grandmother before it becomes passé!

  • Moomins

Named after the Scandinavian kids show, Moomins is sure to be an original, zany choice.

  • Yah yah

This cool nickname for grandma comes from the Greek informal term for grandmother.

  • Granny Weatherwax

This nifty nickname comes from the famous ‘Discworld’ series of books. Esmerelda Weatherwax is a witch and a coven member.

  • G

 The perfect nickname for a very cool grandma.

Some other examples of cool nicknames for grandma include:

  • Abba
  • Amma
  • Amba
  • Alba
  • Bamba
  • Bebe
  • Belle or Bella
  • CC
  • Cee Cee
  • Hempstock – From the grandmother in Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’.
  • G-Ma
  • Gramcy
  • Ga Ga
  • Gi Gi
  • Gee Gee
  • Gadgi
  • Gabbi
  • La La
  • Mia
  • Big Mom
  • Big Momma
  • Mimaw
  • Queenie
  • Sassy
  • Mimi
  • Tutu
  • Lia
  • Nimi
  • Nima
  • Pippa
  • Pippy
  • May may
  • Kitty

Funny Nicknames for Grandma

funny granny names

If the grandmother that you’re looking for a nickname for has a great sense of humor consider choosing a funny nickname for her.

Perhaps the nickname could play upon her own name, or include a pun, or involves an element of her personality. The possibilities are endless when you get creative!

 Examples of Funny Nicknames for Grandma

  • Glamma or Glammy

A glamorous grandma would be the perfect recipient of this funny nickname which joins the words glamor and grandma together.

  • Thatcher

Is your grandma a bit of an ‘iron lady’ with a will of steel? If so why not give her a nickname based on the famous 1980s British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher.

  • The Prune

Be careful with this one as your beloved grandma might not appreciate this funny nickname! Prunes are dried plums which are quite wrinkled and prune juice has long been favored by the older generations as a natural laxative!

  • Creaky

It’s no secret that as we age our joints start to become a bit stiffer and we might be a bit creaky. Again, your grandma may not appreciate this one.

  • Granky

The perfect funny nickname for the cranky grandma who’s a bit tetchy or easily irritated.

  • Insta-gram

For the grandma who is tech-savvy and up to date with the latest internet sensations.

  • Golden Girl

Perfect funny nickname for a grandma who channels the generation showcased by the TV show ‘The Golden Girls’

Other examples of funny nicknames for grandma include:            

  • MainMa – For the grandma who had a formative place in your life.
  • Grammager – The perfect funny nickname for a grandma who likes to manage everything.
  • Grandzilla – A funny nickname for the grandma who can be a bit of a monster!
  • GrimGram – For the grandma who doesn’t have a sunny outlook on life.
  • The Oldster
  • The Matriarch
  • The Antique
  • Time traveller
  • The Big Boss
  • The Relic
  • The Fossil
  • Hellfire – For the religious grandma who is fond of a bit of ‘hellfire and brimstone’.
  • Baby Kochamma – Named for the grandma in ‘The God of Small Things’ by Arundhati Roy
  • Napa – For the wine-loving grandma!
  • Nano – For a small grandma.
  • B.C. – Before Christ

Slang / Insulting Nicknames for Grandma

Different cultures treat the elderly differently. In some cultures, the older generations are revered and are always treated respectfully. Unfortunately, in Western society, this isn’t always the case.

The following are a list of slang or derogatory terms for both elderly women in general, and grandmas. We do not recommend applying these to your own grandma unless she has a very good sense of humor, comes up with it by herself, and/or is able to join in the laughs.

You wouldn’t want to insult your own grandma or someone else’s for that matter so these nicknames are best used only to refer to people.

  • Tootles

After the character in Peter Pan who loses his bag of marbles!

  • Spring Chicken

As in the phrase ‘she’s no spring chicken’ meaning she’s not young, this nickname could be used ironically for a grandma who is very old.

  • The Ancient One

Again, this nickname refers to the age of the person, but it takes on a fun regal tone.

  • The Wrinklies

This nickname for elderly people is often used to refer to both grandparents but can be used for just one of them, too.

Some other slang / insulting nicknames for grandma include:

  • Old bat
  • Old bag
  • Old trout
  • Old fart
  • Crone
  • The Olds
  • Old Fogey
  • The Ancient One
  • Moth Eaten Ma
  • OAP – ‘Old and putrid’ instead of ‘old age pensioner’
  • Over the hill – Refers to the age of a person, ie. ‘they’ve gone over the hill’.
  • Senile Suzie

Celebrity Nicknames for Grandma

Celebrities have long been known for their unusual choices when naming their children, take rock musician Frank Zappa as an example, his daughter is called Moon Unit! Or Gwyneth Paltrow who named her daughter Apple.

As these celebrities get older and gain grandparents status themselves some interesting nicknames occur.

Perhaps one of these unusual celebrity-inspired nicknames would suit your grandma too.

  • Blythe Danner: Wolf or Lalo

Paltrow revealed that her mother wanted to be called Wolf, but the nickname Lalo stuck instead.

  • Susan Sarandon: Honey
  • Goldie Hawn: GoGo or Glam-ma
  • Laura Bush: Mimi Maxwell
  • Rita Wilson: Yia Yia
  • Kris Jenner: Lovey
  • Nancy Pelosi: Grandma Mimi
  • Martha Stewart: Martha
  • Debbie Reynolds: Aba Daba
  • Joan Rivers: Nana New Face
  • Naomi Judd: Mamaw
  • Patty Duke: Nana
  • Sharon Osbourne: Shazza
  • Suzanne Sommers: Zannie

We hope from this diverse collection of cute, cool, international, funny, slang, and celeb-inspired nicknames for grandma you’ve found the perfect one for yours.

Let us know in the comments if we’ve missed anything or if you’ve got a brilliant nickname for a grandma that the world absolutely needs to know! What do you call your grandma?

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226 thoughts on “183 Alternative Nicknames for Grandma”

  1. I have 6 grandkids ages 4 to 15. They call me Gammie or Jammie. However, my 15yr old granddaughter will call me G-ma as well.

  2. In Finland we call Grandma’s most often Mummi, Mummo or Mummu. My daughter calls my mother Mami and so will do my granddaughter soon. In Swedish there is Mormor (mother’s mother) and Farmor (father’s mother). 😍

  3. My grandmother never liked to be called grandmother or any other name. So she asked us…my sister and I to come up with a name. We called her “Grandma Happy Day”
    She loved it.

  4. I am a Grandmother to three. My oldest granddaughter calls me Grandma but when my grandson was born 13 years later he couldn’t say his G’s and called me Mama. It has stuck and that is what both he and his sister call me. His mother loves it!

  5. At first my grandkids called me grandmama but later g-mama. Pronounce g then mama. So now they call me one or the other! Love it.

  6. i wonder if you can call her NENE but i called her that but i cant any more because she dead but i love how you can call her kitty fluffy or Tinkerbell those are so cute.

  7. One of my granddaughters first words was GaGa, so it stuck. When she was about four I suggested to her as she was a big girl she could call me grandma. She looked at me and said you will always be my GaGa.

  8. My one and only grandson calls me Gma (gee-ma)….. my heart soars when he calls for me Geeeemaaaa. Lol. His other grandma is called Noni….. wanted something easy and short to say. It suits us both!💙💙💙

  9. I chose “Grandmommy” when I became a grandmother in 2010.
    When my granddaughter was nearing her 13th birthday, I asked her if she wanted to call me something different (I thought she might think ‘Grandmommy’ was to baby-ish to use in her teens) — she very quickly told me “No!! You ARE my Grandmommy! Why would you think I would want to change that? I told her that I just wanted her to be comfortable with what she called me. I love being “Grandmommy” and I love that she loves me and my grandmother name!!

  10. My grandkids call me Meanma and it fits our family perfectly. I help raise my grandkids, much like a second mother and I’m meaner ( stricter) than their mom.

  11. Since my first granddaughter is named Élodie, and I am a French major, I had to be called Mémé! I love it and so do my grandchildren.

  12. My eldest grand daughter when she was little called me Gannyma now there are three of them so all three grandchildren call me Ganny because the second one battled with full name Gannyma- it kinda sounds nice to me👍🤗🥰

  13. If you took all the mispronunciations the grand kids comeup with this list would multiply to infinity. Being first genration Polish, my mother tried to get my niece to call her “Bapca” The “C” is like ch. She kept saying “Baci” After that the whole town called her Baci.
    I chose “Gigi” for my Step greatgrands because Great Grandma has 2 g’s. My own kids got married a little late in life and I have no blood line greats of my own, (yet). My DIL liked Lolly and I never thought of Pops as a suggestion. She wanted a polish name. I told them Dja-Dja. I’m not sure if that’s grandpa or just old man in Polish.

    • I first nephew started calling my mom Blabla. Now that he is older he teases my mom and says grandma. My mom starts tearing up no I’m blabla 🥰

  14. Only have one grandson and he calls me “White Grandma” and his other Grandma he calls “Red Grandma”. Must come from the colour of clothing we wore.

  15. Half of my grand kids call me grandma/ my daughters kids call me “MeMa” it’s a name one of my grandsons took as I spend lots of time with him when he little.. love them all .. 10 my husband meet when my dad called me cookie and this how my husband address me Grandma Cookie .. lol whatever they may call me , I will call them my beautiful loves .. ❤️ 😂😂😂

  16. My grands call me Nothermama. This is what I called my grandmother. We lived with her and my seven uncles when my dad was at sea in the Navy.

    My uncles, of course, called my grandmother “mama”. When I would want my grandmother’s attention I would call her mama as well. My mom would answer me and I would say not you my nothermama.

    It’s a mouthful for a little one, but oh so sweet to hear.

  17. When my daughter was about 4 she heard me calling a few times for my Mum who was upstairs. After that my Mum was called Mum Mum. My daughter is 18 now and the name has well and truly stuck.

  18. My name is Melissa and I have to be honest. I wanted to be a grandmother more than anything, especially when I thought it might not happen. But, I didn’t want an old sounding name so my grandkids call me “Missy!” I love the name:)

    • I am from south India where we speek “Telugu” and we call mother’s mother as “Ammamma”, when broken-down we have “Amma” twice. “Amma” means mother and to call out Father’s mother, we use the word “Nannamma” when broken down “Nanna” means “Father” and “Amma” means “Mother”. Surprisingly we call both sides of Grandfathers as “Thatha”.

  19. I called my grandmother “Biddy” she had chickens and I went with her to feed. She’d call “here biddy, biddy” when I started talking I
    called my grandmother “biddy”. Every one in our town called her “Biddy” up until the day she died.

    • When I was a very small child I thought they were saying “GrapeGranny” when referring to my sweet sweet Great Grandmother.So the name just kind of stuck for me. 😊 She eventually taught me to crochet the most intricate little baby bibs and booties imaginable.

  20. My Grandma name is Ti-Ti , it is my auntie name. I became an auntie at the age of 10 so I have lots of nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews so why change an already great name. My husband chose Gramps as that is what he called his grandfather. My youngest called my mom MaMuk which was adorable but didn’t stick since all the other grandkids called her Gamma.

    • My nieces called me MiMi ( my name is Missey) since they were tiny. The name stuck with all the small ones. When I finally became a Mammaw, my granddaughter also knows me as MiMi. My husband’s name is David, and we would call him uncle Davie. But my nieces pronounced it Bay Bee and my granddaughter calls him that too. When she was around 8, I asked her if she knew our real names were Missey and David. She refused those names and still calls us MiMi and Bay Bee today. I love it!!

  21. I am Grammie with 6 grands and2 great grands. If I had to do over again, I would be Pittypat, which is the name of my business. (From Gone With The Wind).

  22. I tried to get my grandson to call me “grandma”. He frowned. We decided he didn’t like the hard “g”. So I tried “nana”. He smiled and blurted out “nine nine!” So that’s it. My grandkids called me “nine nine” until it wasn’t “cool” enough. So now I’m “nine”. It’s all good. I’m almost a “ten”!

  23. My family called our grandmother Grand or Grummy. She was tall and statuesque, very regal. So I couldn’t beat that! My grandkids call me Grummy & I love it!

    • I had 2 Grandmothers and no one told us or said what to call them.One Grandmother lived in our town which had 3 bridges over a big canal.
      One day this Grandmother called and when my Mom asked who was on the phone, I replied Grandma on the bridge!
      From then on that’s what we called her !
      Kids will eventually make a name!

    • My daughter calls my mother in law “graham crackers” and her she has a little friend that calls her grandma “glamor” or “glamorous”….I want to be called “May-may” all my niece’s and nephews called me “Aunt May-may”

      • My grandkids call me Maynay! Oldest grandson’s version of grandma when he was about 18 months and it stuck. All eight of my grandkids call me that. The oldest is now 22.

  24. I started out as Mimzy, over time it got shortened to Mim. Which is A-OK with me!! I work at a daycare and now the other children are calling me Mim as well.

  25. My friend’s kids couldn’t say my name so I told them to call me Grammie… it came out Ammie and has stuck with all the kids since. And grandpa is Bear.

  26. When my granddaughter started talking, we tried to teach her to say grandma, but she kept saying mamaw. We tried repeating the ga-ga-ga sound at the front of the word, and she heard man-ga-ga-ga instead! She finally settled on “Manga”, and that’s what she’s called me for 28 yrs, sometimes shortening it to Mang. My husband was “Honey” as in “Hi Honey, I’m home.” Her friends have always called me “Manga” as well from the time they were little. When I met my boyfriend (I was widowed almost 14 yrs ago), he told me he also called his grandma “Manga” over 63 yrs ago! I have 7 granddaughters and the rest all call me grandma!

  27. My first grandson gave me my nick name & all the others since have followed suit. Since the great grandmothers were all still living and took Grandma, Granny and nanny & Nan, and GeeGee, I decided on being Nonni which he said Nunny. Each day while waiting for me to pick him up, my daughter would say “Are you waiting on your Nunni Bunny” & he shorted it to “BunnBunn” and that Stuck! I have 7 grandchildren & they all call me this-thanks to Aidan.

  28. My Aunt Martha was called ‘GrandMartha’ by her grandchildren. I am named Martha, after her – so when I became a grandmother, I became ‘GrandMartha’ to my grandchildren. I love it!

  29. When I was growing up my next door neighbor – with his wife and kids , all called his dad “Poppy”. He would visit for a few weeks each year and all the neighborhood kids – and adults – would call him “Poppy”. He was a sweet man and it was a charming name.

  30. I called my mom’s mother Grandmother and my dad’s mother Grandma. My brother called “Grandmother” Nanny. It stuck – the whole family called her Nanny from them on (she was French). My best friend from when I was a kid called her grandmother “Grammy”. I thought that was a sweet name!

    • My first grandson can’t pronounce certain letters, so when we tried to have him say Meme, he’d say dee. Even when we would have him say mom, he’d say daw. Later he caught on to say mom or mommy, but dee stuck with me. I’m cool with that. That’s what my little Michael call me, Dee.

      • My niece would do that too. Everything was “dee dee.” So we started calling her Dee dees. To this day we still call her that and her name is Sianna. No where close to Dee dees haha

    • I have 1 grandson and another due in the summer. He’s not talking yet so we’ll see what he’s able to say. That does change everything! I love Mumzy!! I wanted to go with Mumzy, my daughter is on board with that. The other grandma is called Grammy, which I like that too. But my youngest son said doesn’t matter what I want to be called he’s going to teach his (in the future, he’s still single) children my grandma name will be SCOOTCH. I have no idea how he came up with that, I don’t mind it at all, it’s cute and unique. But those are some hard combinations to say, (my son had fronting speech errors K was a T so we would drive in the tar (car) and my mother in law is Grandee and his G became a D, so she was Dandee until he was 5 years old. So with SCOOTCH I might end up ‘DOOT’ for a few years. haha

  31. Growing up I had a grandma doll and lolly. When i had my first granddaughter she couldn’t pronounce her Gs and called me Bramma.

  32. My oldest nephew had 2 grandmas and 2 great grandmas that were all close to him. In trying to differentiate between them all, he started calling 1 great grandma “Grandma Sheep” because she lived on a farm with horses, sheep and chickens. Grandma Sheep stuck, and is how we all remember her to this day.

    • Lucky children! My grand daughter called my mother in law Great Gram! I had to laugh I was watching an old video when Charlie was a little over a year. She tried to say great gram and it came out this squished sound of a g. So glad to have that on my phone!🥰

  33. I’m not a grandma yet, but look forward to the day, as I have 3 teens.
    I called my grandmothers Grandma. My mom was Grandma for about 4 years and then decided to be Oma, which is German, because my dad is German. I had the first 3 grands on my side. Now all the grands call her Oma.
    My oldest called my husband’s mom Grandma Jean because she couldn’t pronounce Jeannine. Now they all call her that! It’s a sweet name.
    I plan to be either Gram or Lita, short for Abuelita, since I speak Spanish. My husband says he’s happy with Grandpa.

    • My kids call my mom Grandy. She wasnt ready traditional Grandmother names. Now the kids, adults now, say it so fast it sounds like Granny now.

  34. It’s been lovely to read all these comments and different suggestions, I’m fighting being called Grandma so I’ve decided that I like G-Ma. But as stated in quite a few of the comments I will wait and see what my grand daughter calls me and we’ll go from there!

  35. Just go with Grandma! I had a grandma and a nanny and I preferred saying grandma!
    I’m on here looking for a grandma nickname for my dad’s new wife so that he can stop referring to her as grandma… She’s a few years older than I am, with a son younger than my son. ????????????

  36. I saw on a news program Rhianna the singer called her grandmother ‘Grand Dolly’ and that was such an endearing thing so I want my great grandkids to call me that. My grandkids calls me Nana.

  37. My granddaughter was born in June, 2019 and before she was born, my son asked me what I wanted to be called. My mom was Grandma Dahl (my last name is Dahl) and he thought it sounded too old for me.
    I suggested Nana or Mimi (my mom and maternal Grandmother were French, so Mimi was an anglicized, shorter name for Mamere). He said he liked both, but Nana was his preference. Wishing that I had gone with Mimi, I got used to being Nana Dahl.
    There is Dutch and Italian heritage reflected in the other grandparent’s names: Opa, Oma, Nonno and Nonina.
    My son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter live 7 hours away from me and one of their friend’s mom lives in their area and has 4 grandchildren of her own. I don’t remember being told what she was called by her grandkids. Her first name is Dale.
    At the gift-opening after the baptism in November, 2019, I found out they are calling her Nana Dale. And I’m Nana Dahl. I don’t know why she wasn’t told that her name was too close to mine, so come up with another name.
    I felt hurt to hear that I basically need to share my name with someone else who isn’t even related and who will be much more involved in my granddaughter’s life, since she lives in the area. No one else shares their grandparent name.
    I want to change my name and think Mimi would suit but don’t know how to tell my son and daughter-in-law about the name change. My daughter-in-law is not fond of me. I welcome thoughts on if I’m being unreasonable and also best approaches.

  38. I’ll be a first-time grandma in Mid March, 2020! Grandma doesn’t really bother me, though I think it makes me sound old (even though I am not “young”). My daughter asked what I wanted to be called and I said Grandma was fine. She suggested a different name (she will be Mama and my son-in-law will be Papa), so I just thought of Jemmie. Kind of cute, combines my name with Grandma. But I love when the children come up with their own nicknames for their grandparents. We shall see! Now we have to figure something out for my husband…

    • I called one set of grandparents “PopMa”-almost like the happy unit they were! My other grandmother was “Gabby” because she talked all the time ????????, she was really nice, but a real chatterbox! And her husband, my grandfather, wad “the Captain,” because he was an expert sailor of northern latitudes up in Newfoundland, Labrador, etc. I am trying to figure out what I want my 5 mo old grandson to call me who I have yet to meet due to the pandemic.

  39. My first grandbaby is due in April! I’ve told my daughter I’d like to be called Noni, but if my granddaughter changes it, I am good with that also. Secretly, I’m good with Nono if that is what happens because I actually kind of like it, too.

  40. Have 13 Grands…each family has different names for me… Ganny that evolved to Glammy,, now Glamster & another set calls me GramMa, lastly Maas…. they did it one their own & I love it. When I was growing up both Grandmas lived near, so we differentiated them by towns, Ridgewood Gramma & Ramsey Gramma. They will choose for you & it’s such a great gift ?

    • I have 3 different names from my grandchildren

      South African born – Gogo ( my eldest daughters)

      United Kingdom born split in 2 ( my 2 daughter ) Nana

      United Kingdom ( my eldest son ) Honey

      It simplifies things by name used as which group.
      I love each name 💯🥰

  41. There were too many Grandmas in our family and my grandson would get us confused so I changed to Mama. I now have 7 grandchildren and will soon be a great grandma and love the name mama. As one of my grandson said to his friends that I am called that as I am his second mum and very special!

    • We had two Grannies already so when my daughter heard me call my Mother Mama, she got confused. So she ended up calling her Granny Mom and her other granny Plain Granny meaning just Granny.

  42. I only have a friend who has just a wee bit of tinsel streaks in her hair, she told the kids ‘no gray, no granny’ in her title and for personal reasons they call her Bibi instead. She likes it as it makes it easy for kids to recognize who she is when they hear she is heading their way.

  43. I was fine with being called Grandma. Then my granddaughter started calling me Grandma Goo at age 2. Her parents would laugh every time she said it, so the name stuck. Now I wear the name proudly because she gave it to me! And it’s a name I’ve never heard any other grandma called.

  44. I just became a first time Grandmother and my son is asking what I want her to call me. I don’t really care but I don’t want it to be Gingone (my mother’s grandma name) or Granny (my mother in law’s grandma name). They are both deceased and it would make me sad to be called their names. Any suggestions? My son suggested Gram Gram and I kinda like Nana. But, looking at options. You never know……she may decide on something different once she starts talking! 🙂

  45. We are new grandparents. Unfortunately every name in the book is being used in the family or are used in the past. Not reusing due to confusion and memories. So help!! Can NOT use Omie, Mamu, Gram, Grammy, Grandma, Gigi, Mimi, Granny, Memaw, Nana ,Noni, Abuela.

    (wanted Nana but was snag by other).
    Only thing I have so far as an Idea is the fact I use to teach Special Education 3 4 5 yr old. They couldn’t say Mrs. Mueller so they would call me Miss M or M. Thinking of M or Emmy. Thoughts? Ideas?

  46. I became a grandmother at the age of 31. I am now 51 and have 13 grandchildren. While all the other in-law grandparents did not like the idea of being called grandma and or grandpa at such a young age. However I wear that name with pride I love the fact that I am a grandmother I have beautiful grandchildren and I believed I earned the right to be called grandma. However my 13th grandchild has many grandparents and I am being asked to find an alternative name to Grandma. There are many cute alternatives I’m just having a hard time trying to find one that fits. I would love any suggestions that anyone may have thank you

    • i would keep grandma – youve had for 20 years – when both are together grandma staci or grandma last name – that’s what we did with our grandmas.

    • My grand babies call me Owo. (meaning-oh wonderful one) My daughter heard this name from someone calling out Owo to their grandmother when she was a teenager and knew that’s what she wanted her future children to call me.
      So I’m an Owo pronounced OH whoa
      I would be happy to share the name.

  47. My husband is Poobah (remember Fred Flintstone was in the Royal Order of the Water Buffalo – and Grand Poobah) I am KK which have always been my initials.

  48. A few years ago I started a rock band. Choosing a grandmother name is at least as hard as choosing a rock band name–and that’s saying something! I picked something I thought was perfect: Ammy, which is a shortened version of my mother’s “Grammy,” though I would have thought of is as “Amie” which is French for friend. But my daughter nixed it–can she do that?–because she thinks it sounds too close to her first name, though her name actually begins with E. Now I’m stumped, but do find all the suggestions here helpful.

  49. Best to think of a name in case the child doesn’t come up with anything appropriate. My mother in law desperately wanted our daughter—first grandchild and first girl in a generation—to “name” her, but she started with Polly, her first name, and it became Potty. ? So she remained Polly to all the grandkids.
    My brothers kids call their grandmother “Layly” bc the first one referred to her as “that lady,” (pronounced laylee). I love that.
    What do you think of Muzz? My son called me that in hs/college—was from a book he read—and I think it’s fun.

  50. I’m half-Italian on my father’s side, so we came up with an alternative to the traditional Italian grandmother name. So my grandchildren and all of my friends’ grandkids call me Nonni, and my husband is Poppy. My grandparents (on Mom’s side) are NanNan and PapPap (still alive at 83 and 88!), and my mother is Nana, while my father-in-law is PapPaw.

  51. My first and only grandchild (Granddaughter) chose GinGin. When she was born…I thought Nonna. Then changed it to GramGram when she began to talk. She said GramGram a few times but then started calling me GinGin of her own choosing. She is now 2 1/2 years old…and I am still and will probably always be GinGin…wouldn’t have it any other way because she chose what to call me, herself. That makes it special.

  52. I have 4 daughters, and no I’m not a grandmother yet, but whenever that happens I’ve chosen “Gigi” for future angels to call me. And with that being said. All 4 daughters call my mom something different. My oldest says Nanee. Then she started her next 2 younger sisters to saying Nanoo. Which one of them changed it to NooNoo and since it is an 8 and a 10 year age gap from my youngest daughter, she calls my mom, Grandma. It’s all good! 😀

  53. Yesterday I also became a first time grandmother. My son asked what I want to be called. Here, most grandmothers are called Savta which my kids called my mother. My daughter in laws mother will most likely be called Savta also. Since my name is Ellen I came up with Savtelle. What do you guys think?

    I also kind of like Lolly and Pop but not sure how well that will go over.

  54. I wanted to be called Mia by my grandson. But he decided to call me “Gamma” instead. He calls my husband “Pops”. We love it!

  55. Just found out that we are going to be first time grandparents. My mother in law was always Grandma to my kids and my mother was (and still is) Grammy and my father was Grandpa. My mom (Grammy) is still alive so we don’t want to go with that. And my husband doesn’t want to do Grandma and Grandpa either because even though they have passed on it reminds us of them. One thing that makes it easier is that my son-in-law is Chinese so his parents will go by the Chinese names so at least we don’t have to compete with that. We lived in Central America where we did mission work for 13 years. Maybe I’ll go with Abuelita. I am not sure, though. We still haven’t figured out what we want to use but it is nice looking at this site to get ideas.

  56. First of all, the kids come up with the names. I have a nephew in his forties who still calls me RaRa. My niece, too. Came from a verbal game my nephew & I played before he could talk.
    When my first grandchild arrived, my daughter was hoping for Nana, but it hadn’t been very long since my mom had passed away, and it hit too close to home. So, we started with Grammy. Granddaughter is 2 and hasn’t got the consonants down yet, therefore I am either Drammy or Dammy. Her other grandmother is Ama.
    Footnote: my sister was the first grandchild. My folks told her she was “Carol’s mommy.” Carol was my mom’s sister. So, Carol’sMommy & Carol’sDaddy. So what did my dad’s parents get? Other Ma & and Other Pa!

  57. So excited to learn my oldest is expecting Jan. 1, 2020. The conversation immediately came up about names. Grandma doesn’t suit me at all. My mom is Nana to my girls. So I did not want the same. As well as the Nana is what his mother wants. So I decided on Gi for Grandma or Gi Gi for Glamorous Grandma Lol. Whichever fall into place is fine with me ❤️

  58. My mother was desperate NOT to be called Granny so insisted on my children calling her Tania (her real name) which soon became Toya which everyone called her for the next 35 years. When my first grandchild was born I was immediately Granny (which is just as well as his other grandmother was already being called Grandma by his cousins so made sense for them all to call her the same name). My second set of grandchildren also call me Granny, or Granny Ali which suits me fine,

    • My name is Tanya…pronounced…Tan Ya
      I cant figure what to be called..My favorite grand person was Mammaw but I feel to young for that…any help?

      • You are never too young to be called whatever your grandchildren are comfortable with. You will love the name they call you. They will keep you young, no matter what you are called. I have always been Granny, as my Mother was and now my sister too. All of the names we are called are honorary titles by the ones we love.

    • Why? Don’t they have a daddy? if so your not dada. Correct them. You must be the mother of the grand babies mother because you would not steal your own son’s thunder by stealing his name. Do you hate the daddy?

  59. I have my first grand child due in August 2019 it’s a boy (baby Casey) I have been through like all the names I think I’ll let him call me by the name my parents called me as a child (they are both gone now) but a shortning of my own name will do as I will not be call Ouma – Ryna sounds good

  60. I have a blended family and my partner’s children call their grandparents Ganny and Pawpaw, or just Paw. One of our children recently welcomed the newest addition to our family and as first time grandmother, my wife doesn’t want to be called the same thing that her children call her parents, so she has settled on Mimi. I’ve had a more difficult time as I am 34 and names like Gram or Granni seem a bit to “old” for me. My name is Izzie but our kids often just call me Izz or “Rizz”… not sure how Rizz came about but I’ve adopted it pretty well. They seem to think that combining this nickname proceeded by a “G” would be suitable, thereby resulting in “Grizz”…. seems like a scary sounding thing to call your grandparent, but the kids all love it… any thoughts on how it would sound for a child to say they are going to visit Mimi and Grizz for the weekend? Lol- thanks in advance for any thoughts on this! 🙂

  61. My daughter gave the nicknames Mamo and Dado to her grandparents. She was 3, and just came up with it on her own one day. We had always refereed to them as Papa Denny and Grandma Ruth with our oldest. Then the cousins called them Grandma and Grandpa Davis. It’s the only time I’ve heard of grandparents having 3 names haha!

    • I have four name Nan, Nana May, May, Grandma all from my step-childrens children. My husband has 3 names, Pa, PaMax and Poppie.
      My biological grandson is now 8months and we haven’t yet decided what he will call me. The other grandmother told me in no uncertain terms to find another name she is Grandma!

      I wish the family could decide on one name.

      • Be Gma! It’s way cooler than Grandma anyway!!I’m 72 and a first great-grandmother and would love to be called Gma…or Creaky or…Granky!

      • The way I see it is that whatever the child calls you when they start talking is what your name should be. For example…when my first born granddaughter started talking and one day she tried to get my attention, she couldn’t say ‘Grandma’. .. so it came out as ‘Mammya’…and now 20 yrs later she still calls me Mammya..and calls her grandpa ‘Pappya’. So, that’s how I see it..it’s however they say grandma or grandpa..in other words..let them pick your name.

  62. My husband and I became first time grandparents on Saturday January 26th and our youngest daughter is a first time Auntie (she’s 16). I am having a hard time finding a nickname for the three of us. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  63. Seriously, does it even matter? I mean, you’re both going to go be the child’s grandmother and it seems rather petty to be upset that the other grandmother wants to use the same term. There are far more important things in the world to worry about! I’m going to be a first time grandmother in september(I’m over the moon!:)), and I want to be called Lolly so my hubby and me can be lolly nd pop, but if the other gran wants to be that too, it’s perfectly fine with me. It’s silly to cause tension over what your grandchild will call you. They’re the children after all, not us!

  64. My little daycare dude called me Nini ~ and it stuck when I became a grandma. My husband is farfar (Swedish for paternal grandpa). My son couldn’t say gramma so my mom’s hamma and my dad papa. My grandpa was Bumpa. It’s been so cool to see the names evolve. We’re patiently waiting to see what my grandson calls his aunt and uncles!

  65. I just found out that I will be a “gram” next July. My only child is going to have only 1 child. I think that nana or gram etc sounds to old, we have settled one Big Papi for gramps, but I am still searching.. I kind like “Cookie”. I need something sweet and nice. Suggestions?

  66. In Mandarin Chinese, Lao ye is actually the term for maternal grandpa (Wai Gong also works). For maternal grandma, you want to use Lao Lao or Wai Po. Ye Ye is the term for paternal grandpa.

  67. I just found out I am going to welcome my first granddaughter, due in April 2019! ??? Call me Nana because Mema is a popular one used in my family. When my granddaughter is old enough, she can call me Abuela if she wishes. I am so excited, you can call me anything you like. What my grandbaby calls me is the only thing that matters. They come up with their own identifying name anyway.

    • I’m thinking of taking my coworkers name—Layla—because her grandkids struggled with Abuela when they were little and the name just stuck.

  68. I just found out last night that a y husband and myself are going to be grandparents for the 1st time. Although this news came way sooner than we could have ever imagined we are more than excited to accept this little blessing with all that we are! I am only 36 so i feel like Grandma doesn’t suit. Certainly doesn’t suit my personality. : ) I am leaning towards Gi-Gi or Ni-Ni. I know that this will be my new name for years to come so i am choosing it carefully. God Is Good All The Time!!!!

    • I also am going to be a grandma for the first time. And I choose Gigi. But my mother in-law keeps bringing up It’s supposed to be for a great grandma. Which she is the great grandma. So now I’m thinking she either wants this name or she is just being mean. Have you had anyone tell you it’s supposed be for great grandmas?

      • That was just about the first thing my mom said when I told her she was going to be a great grandma. She’s 80 so I’ll let her have it but I’ve known non-greats to be called GiGi. Drop one, or better yet you could be the O.Gi. ? I’m leaning towards G-ma now for myself.

      • Yes my daughter just told me Gi Gi is for great but I’m 38 and a first time Gm and I refuse to be called Gm if I can’t find anything else Gi Gi it is

      • GiGi is what we called our great grandma. But for family peace just ask her if that’s what she would like be use and find something special for yourself, because it will change when the child begins talking anyway.

  69. My 3 year old granddaughter calls me Mimah (my caps won’t turn off) but then the other grandmother took that name too (even though we agreed on a different name for her before my granddaughter could talk). I thought of MIMAH for myself , but then when my granddaughter started talking it they said she called the other grandmother MIMAH also, she let her call her that :(((. And if I bring it up to my daughter she gets upset so I dropped it and don’t talk about it with her at all. my granddaughter already knows me as MIMAH. Now she calls me Mimah and then my first name added (MIMAH rosie), and I don’t like it. Trying to figure out a version of Mimah that sounds similar but won’t confuse her that I can change my name to. Am I upset that the other grandmother took my name? yes! But now I just want a solution.

    • I’m going to be a grandmother for the first time and asked my daughter what the other grandmother wants to be called – HOPING she didn’t want the same name as me “Mom-Mom”. That’s what my kids call MY mother and what i want my grandchildren to call me so i understand you being upset. Luckily for me she wants to be called “Gi”. Good because the mom-mom terms’s already taken!!!! lol seriously though, i would be a little upset if she also wanted to be “mom-mom” but there’s really nothing i could have done about it if she did. In my heart i know i’m going to be the favorite grandmother anyway so that’s all that matters! 🙂

    • I’m sure this has been resolved at this point, but I thought of MiMar, the r for Rosie. Instead of Mimah Rosie, just use the initial. It would b your very own then.

    • Cute!maybe try chilling out. It’s nit the end of the world your granddaughter calls you both MIMAH. And I think MIMAH Rosie is cute! I mean I called all my grammas “gramma” (including great and great great grammas). I can think of way worse things.

      • I AGREE. HOLY SMOKES over the top
        My grandaughter is 2 weeks old and she can call me any loving name she picks )
        Have a beautiful day!

        • I’m about to be a first time grandma in about 3 weeks and still haven’t picked out my new name. I’ve been researching for 9 months haha. I wanted to be Mimi like my mom, but the other grandma took that one. Since my name is Lisa, I was thinking maybe Mimi Lee. Or maybe just Lee Lee. I also like Mia or maybe Lia. My son in law calls me Momma Lis (pronounced Leese). I love that, but I don’t want to confuse my grandson with another momma name. Big decision as this becomes your name. Suggestions are welcome! I think my husband wants to be Pops or Papa D (first name is Dan). I’m pushing for Pops:)

      • I just became a grandma for the first time and found out my daughter’s mother in law is called nana and me grandma. Well I’m only 51 and her mother in law is 5 years older than me. So I asked my daughter if I could be called something else grandma makes me feel older than I am. I have 2 nicknames I like are cece or gigi any ideas?

        • I love GiGi and CeCe – both very cute!

          I too am a first time grandma and refer to myself as mini gma (my mom is grandma) but saying mini gma might be a bit too much. Maybe “Mini”? Not sure….

          I was reading a book and they called grandma “Baba” and my name is Barb so that might work but not sure?

          It’s hard because I will have it for many years to come so I want to like it!

          Good luck!!! ????


  70. I just became a first time grandmother yesterday and have been struggling with what I want to be called. My family is very small and we grew up calling our grandmothers on both sides “Nanny” as my kids call my mother now. I like it but don’t want my grandkids to become confused calling me “Nanny” and my mom also being “Nanny”. I thought up the name “Gussy” putting g for grandma and the rest cuz I’m always so fussy. What do you think?

  71. Why do you write an article about “cute” and “hip” names for “young at heart” grandmothers, then illustrate it with women who are old enough to be great-grandmothers? Many of us became grandparents in our forties – yes we are young. The women shown here could be OUR grandmothers!

    • Why can’t “older” grammas or great grammas be “cute”, “hip” or “young at heart”? Actually showing the “older” grammas are who these names are describing. If you are in you 40s then you are a young gramma. You don’t have to be “young” to be “young at heart”. It’s just common sense.


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