1000+ Cool Gamer Tags and How to Create a Unique Gamer Tag

Gamer tags are unique names that gamers assign to their game character, especially in online multiplayer games. They go by many names; commonly, usernames, gaming names, nicknames for games but the most popular term for them are Gamertags.

These game usernames are usually a combination of words, numbers and other characters. Although it might sound vain, a cool Gamertag invokes some respect among gamers.

Of course, it is advisable that users refrain from using abusive expressions or wordings, but we have seen gamers use them nonetheless.

As a player, surely you would want a cool username that is creative and attracts attention from other players.

This article will teach you how to come up with good gamer tags of your own, and there is a list of good gamer tags to get you started.

Best Gamer Tags

How to come up with good gamer tags

Cool gamer tags

How do you come up with good game usernames that people will respect?

Gamertag ideas can come from a wide variety of places. But before you start thinking up of Gamertags, you need to ask yourself what restrictions there are depending on the system/game/console you are playing on.

Obvious things to bear in mind:

  • What is the maximum allowed character length?
  • What is the minimum allowed character length?
  • Are spaces allowed?
  • Are special characters allowed?
  • Are there any specific rules on Gamertags with the system/console/game you are playing on?

Now you can start thinking about what you want from your Gamertag.

  1. Play around with either of your names

A good way to come up with a gamer tag is to start with your name.

You can select your first, middle or last name. If you have a nickname, consider using it as your username.  You can add other words such as colors to your name. For example, John can become Red John or JohnThe Sniper.

Combining two names with different characters is also a popular way of coming up with a cool gamer tag.

  1. Choose to be mysterious

To come up with a badass Gamertag, you have to be a bit mysterious and allow your username invoke mystery in other people.

Creativity plays a major role in generating a strange impression. Therefore, you have to avoid common and overused words. Opting for puzzling words can help one in being distinctive.

Names that do not have direct meanings tend to be more attractive among many audiences. They easily stick in the minds of fans and other players. It helps in improving the popularity of the player since they are easy to memorize.

  1. Consider your interests

Different players have different hobbies which can guide them when coming up with a tag. For example, people who like cars can easily associate gamer tags with their favorite car brands.

Those who prefer music can also link preferred band names to their identities. A name can easily get derived in such instances by adding a few modifications such as letters and numbers.

Hobbies like swimming and reading novels can help in producing a username. It can get affected by using names of the books, prominent characters in the story or distinct items discussed in the novel. Players find this approach very useful especially when creating cool usernames.

  1. Use names of most liked games

Players have different games they play, and usually, the most preferred ones get regarded by many players who come up with user names.

The names of such games can get considered when creating an exceptional tag. Outstanding characters in these games can also assist in finding an appropriate identity.

Using names of distinct places that appear in the game is also a factor to reflect on. A weapon or an event in the match can qualify to get used as a tag.

  1. Choose a scary name

Intimidating names tend to frighten other players, and this could increase your competitiveness.

It can be used to communicate to other players that you are to be feared. When competing with users who bear such names, opponents tend to feel intimidated.

Since the name catches the attention of many users, it helps one get rated as a competitive player. Unpleasant names and words that promote hate speech ought to get avoided. It is because they are against the set rules and regulations of the game. Such cases are dealt with firmly since they dent the overall intention of players.

  1. Pick a different language

Using a non-English word is ideal for making the tag different.

Combining two foreign languages in one tag is also a way to go. It helps in coming up with words that fans have never heard of before. The word might not have any meaning, but the pronunciation can be attractive to fans. Such words may rhyme making fans not realize that they are from different tongues.

The primary objective here is creating a name that sounds cool.

  1. Use attractive characters

Mixing lowercase and uppercase letters can make the gamer tag more appealing. One can also include spaces between letters to beautify the identity. Numbers can also, be used as a good alternative when your ideal Gamertag has already been taken or as an alternative to some letters.

Here are some examples:

  • 4 = A
  • 8 = B
  • 1 = i or l
  • 5 = S
  • 3 = E
  • 0 = O

The aim is to create a powerful word that stands out from the crowd.

List of Gamertags


Now that we have learned how to generate cool usernames, it is time to examine a list of excellent Gamertag ideas that we can modify to find a cool username.

Cool Gamertags

cool names for games

For those looking for cool or badass Gamertags, there are a few rules to follow. Firstly, overusing the letter ‘x’ is very outdated. Gamertags like ‘xMichaelx2x5x3x’ belong in the early 2000s, where they should remain indefinitely. If possible, avoid soiling your Gamertag with a ton of ‘x’s.

The same also goes for names entirely in caps and those with underscore ‘_.’ Names that use these kinds of characters aren’t cool; in fact, today they look more like an ironic throwback to the early days of online gaming and are now kind of considered funny or embarrassing.

If your ideal gamertag is made up of two or more words, either use a space between them or, if you don’t have that option, just differentiate between the different words by using uppercase and lowercase characters at the beginning and end of words.

The following are cool gamertag ideas you can use to find the perfect username:

    1. EatBullets – This player is about to riddle everybody with bullet holes.
    2. PR0_GGRAM3D – A great Gamertag for a wannabe hacker.
    3. CollateralDamage – Don’t get in the way of this player, you won’t last long.
    4. TheSickness – They’ll infect you!
    5. Shoot2Kill – This player only doesn’t lift his gun unless he plans to kill someone.
    6. Overkill – When this player starts there’s no stopping them.
    7. Killspree – They’re never happy with just one or two kills, they need to kill everybody!
    8. MindlessKilling – Killing comes completely naturally to this player.
    9. Born2Kill – It’s what this player does best.
    10. TheZodiac – After the infamous Zodiac killer.
    11. ZodiacKiller – Same as the above.
    12. Osamaisback – Did he ever leave.
    13. OsamasGhost – Gone but not forgotten.
    14. T3rr0r1st – This player is about to terrorize this game.
    15. ToySoldier – This player loves military games.
    16. MilitaryMan – Similar to the above.
    17. DeathSquad – This deadly player can kill a whole team by themselves.
    18. Veteranofdeath – This player has seen more kills than most players.
    19. Angelofdeath – You know when you see this player in the game you’re going to get slaughtered.
    20. Ebola – After the deadly virus disease.
    21. MustardGas – After the deadly gas used in World War One.
    22. Knuckles – For a gamer who loves fighting games.
    23. KnuckleBreaker – For a gamer who loves fighting games a little too much.
    24. KnuckleDuster – Similar to the above.
    25. BloodyKnuckles – Similar to the above.
    26. JackTheRipper – After the infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper.
    27. TedBundyHandsome – After the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy.
    28. Necromancer – A great gamertag if you want to freak people out.
    29. SmilingSadist – There’s nothing this player loves more than to inflict pain on others.
    30. ManicLaughter – This player gets a little too excited when playing.
    31. Tearsofjoy – Similar to the above.
    32. ShowMeUrguts – Prepared to get sliced.
    33. KnifeInGutsOut – Similar to the above.
    34. Talklesswinmore – A way of life.
    35. Guillotine – This player loves to aim at the head.
    36. Decapitator – Similar to the above.
    37. TheExecutor – Every kill this player makes is personal.
    38. BigKnives – The only good kind of knives.
    39. SharpKnives – Why would you carry a blunt knife.
    40. LocalBackStabber – People have trust issues with this gamer.
    41. BodyParts – This player is going to cut you into pieces.
    42. BodySnatcher – Prepare to get mutilated.
    43. TheButcher – Another great name for a player who prefers to use knives.
    44. meat cleaver – Their weapon of choice.
    45. ChopChop – One slice is never enough.
    46. ChopSuey – After the song by System Of A Down.
    47. TheZealot – For a player, you can’t compromise with.
    48. VagaBond – For a player who’s not found of teams.
    49. LoneAssailant – Friends are for losers.
    50. 9mm – For a player who loves to use pistols.
    51. SemiAutomatic – After their favorite kind of firearm.
    52. 101WaysToMeetYourMaker – Just too good of a Gamertag.
    53. SayHi2God – Because you’ll be meeting him soon.
    54. Welcome2Hell – Your very own personal torturer.
    55. HellNBack – This player brings the underworld back with them.
    56. Dudemister – Just too much of a dude.
    57. MiseryInducing – Playing with this gamer is never fun.
    58. SmashDtrash – Tell that trash whos boss.
    59. TakinOutThaTrash – All other players are garbage to this player.
    60. StreetSweeper – This gamer will wipe the floor with you.
    61. TheBully – Not the friendliest kind of player.
    62. Getoutofmyway – A great name for a player who loves to race.
    63. NoMercy4TheWeak – No mercy for anyone then.
    64. Sl4ught3r – Every match is a genocide when this player is around.
    65. HappyKilling – Taking lives with a smile.
    66. HappyPurgeDay – In reference to the film series The Purge.
    67. HappyPurging – Also in reference to the film series The Purge.
    68. RiotStarter – This gamer loves to get people in a crazy mood.
    69. CantStop – Stopping is just not an option.
    70. CantStopWontstop – Stopping is just not possible.
    71. SweetPoison – The only kind of poison that tastes nice.
    72. SimplyTheBest – Better than all the rest.
    73. PuppyDrowner – Perhaps the darkest of all the gamertags on this list?
    74. EatYourHeartOut – Yummy.
    75. RipYourHeartOut – This player will stop you in your tracks.
    76. BloodDrainer – They’ll watch you turn as white as a sheet.
    77. AcidAttack – They’ll scar you for life.
    78. AcidFace – They’ll burn your face off.
    79. PetrolBomb – They’ll send you off in flames.
    80. Molotov – They know how to start a party.
    81. TequilaSunrise – After the famous cocktail.
    82. TeKillaSunrise – A twist on the above.
    83. LocalGrimReaper – Haunting you wherever you go.
    84. SoulTaker – You won’t be the same person after losing to this player.
    85. DreamHaunter – You’ll be having nightmares for months after playing against this gamer.
    86. Grave Digger – This guy has a dug a lot of them.
    87. YSoSerious – In reference to the famous quote from the Joker in the film The Dark Knight.
    88. Revenge – If you take this player out, they’re going to spend the entire game getting you back.
    89. Avenged – Similar to the above.
    90. BestServedCold – Revenge is a dish…
    91. HitNRUN – Another great gamertag for someone into racing games.
    92. Fastandfurious – Also an excellent gamertag for some who loves racing.
    93. MrBlond – After the brutal character from the film Reservoir Dogs.
    94. TheKingIsDead – Long live the king.
    95. TheNihilist – What’s more dangerous than someone who believes in nothing?
    96. Bad2TheBone – Not one good bone in their body
    97. OneShot – It’s all they need.
    98. SmokinAces – After the film Smokin Aces.
    99. DownInSmoke – They will literally destroy you.
    100. NoFun4U – The only fun that will be had here will be for this player.
    101. 101WaysToMeetYourMaker
    102. 3D Waffle
    103. 44
    104. 57 Pixels
    105. Accidental Genius
    106. Acid Gosling
    107. Admiral Tot
    108. AgentHercules
    109. Airport Hobo
    110. Alley Frog
    111. Alpha
    112. AlphaReturns
    113. Angel
    114. AngelsCreed
    115. Arsenic Coo
    116. Atomic Blastoid
    117. Automatic Slicer
    118. Baby Brown
    119. Back Bett
    120. Bad Bunny
    121. Bazooka Har-de-har
    122. Bearded Angler
    123. Beetle King
    124. Betty Cricket
    125. Bit Sentinel
    126. Bitmap
    127. BlacKitten
    128. Blister
    129. Blistered Outlaw
    130. Blitz
    131. BloodEater
    132. Bonzai
    133. BoomBeachLuvr
    134. BoomBlaster
    135. Bootleg Taximan
    136. Bowie
    137. Bowler
    138. Breadmaker
    139. Broomspun
    140. Buckshot
    141. Bug Blitz
    142. Bug Fire
    143. Bugger
    144. Cabbie
    145. Candy Butcher
    146. Capital F
    147. Captain Peroxide
    148. Celtic Charger
    149. Centurion Sherman
    150. Cereal Killer
    151. Chasm Face
    152. Chew Chew
    153. Chicago Blackout
    154. Chip Queen
    155. ChocoNutsX
    156. Chocolate Thunder
    157. Chuckles
    158. Club Nola
    159. CoB@lt
    160. CobraBite
    161. Cocktail
    162. CollaterolDamage
    163. CommandX
    164. Commando
    165. Congo Wire
    166. Cool Iris
    167. Cool Whip
    168. Cosmo
    169. Crash Override
    170. Crash Test
    171. Crazy Eights
    172. Criss Cross
    173. Cross Thread
    174. Cujo
    175. Cupid Dust
    176. Daffy Girl
    177. Dahlia Bumble
    178. DaisyCraft
    179. Dancing Madman
    180. Dangle
    181. DanimalDaze
    182. Dark Horse
    183. Darkside Orbit
    184. Darling Peacock
    185. Day Hawk
    186. Desert Haze
    187. Desperado
    188. Devil Blade
    189. Devil Chick
    190. Dexter
    191. Diamond Gamer
    192. Digger
    193. Disco Potato
    194. Disco Thunder
    195. DiscoMate
    196. Don Stab
    197. Doz Killer
    198. Dredd
    199. DriftDetector
    200. DriftManiac
    201. Drop Stone
    202. Dropkick
    203. Drugstore Cowboy
    204. DuckDuck
    205. Earl of Arms
    206. Easy Sweep
    207. Eerie Mizzen
    208. ElactixNova
    209. Elder Pogue
    210. Electric Player
    211. Electric Saturn
    212. Ember Rope
    213. Esquire
    214. ExoticAlpha
    215. EyeShooter
    216. Fabulous
    217. Fast Draw
    218. FastLane
    219. Father Abbot
    220. FenderBoyXXX
    221. Fennel Dove
    222. Feral Mayhem
    223. Fiend Oblivion
    224. FifthHarmony
    225. Fire Feline
    226. Fire Fish
    227. FireByMisFire
    228. Fist Wizard
    229. Flakes
    230. Flame OUT
    231. Flint
    232. FlyGuardX
    233. Flying Doodle
    234. FrankenGrin
    235. Freak
    236. Frozen Explosion
    237. Gadget
    238. Gas Man
    239. General Broomdog
    240. General Finish
    241. Ghostrider
    242. Global meltdown
    243. Glyph
    244. Goatee Shield
    245. Gov Skull
    246. Grave Digger
    247. Greek Rifle
    248. Green Ghost
    249. Green Scavenger
    250. Guillotine
    251. Gullyway
    252. Guncap Slingbad
    253. Gunhawk
    254. HeroOfBlackday
    255. High Kingdom Warrior
    256. Highlander Monk
    257. Hightower
    258. Hog Butcher
    259. HollySparta
    260. Houston
    261. Houston Rocket
    262. Hyper
    263. Hyper Kong
    264. Impulsive Flower
    265. Indiana
    266. IonicHound
    267. Jack Cassidy
    268. Jelly Camber
    269. Jester
    270. JesterZilla
    271. JigKraken
    272. Jigsaw
    273. Joker’s Grin
    274. Judge
    275. Junkyard Dog
    276. K-9
    277. K-Tin Man
    278. Keystone
    279. KiTParty
    280. Kickstart
    281. Kill Switch
    282. Killah Goose
    283. Kingfisher
    284. KingofWolfstreet
    285. Kitchen
    286. Knight Light
    287. Knuckles
    288. Koi Diva
    289. LFAKing
    290. Lady Killer
    291. Landfill Max
    292. Lava Nibbler
    293. Lazy Killer
    294. LeSpank
    295. LexusGTXXX
    296. LifeRobber
    297. Light Lion
    298. LightInOut
    299. Liquid Death
    300. Liquid Science
    301. Little Cobra
    302. Little General
    303. LittleTickle
    304. Lope Lope
    305. Lord Nikon
    306. Lord Pistachio
    307. Lord Theus
    308. Lucifer%u2019s rain
    309. Lucky
    310. LunaStar
    311. Lunar Treat
    312. Mad Irishman
    313. Mad Jack
    314. Mad Kid
    315. Mad Rascal
    316. Mad Robin
    317. ManMaker
    318. Manimal
    319. Marbles
    320. Marigold Loot
    321. Married Man
    322. MarshalKing
    323. Marshmallow
    324. MaxicanChoncho
    325. MeetWit
    326. Mental
    327. Mercury Reborn
    328. Metal Star
    329. Midas
    330. Midnight Rambler
    331. Midnight Rider
    332. MightyFellow
    333. MindBuggle
    334. Mindless Bobcat
    335. Mint Ness
    336. MonkeyKing
    337. MonkeySmash
    338. MonsterMania
    339. Moon Solitaire
    340. Mud Pie Man
    341. Mule Skinner
    342. Mum Mary
    343. Murmur
    344. Mustang
    345. MysteryEnds
    346. Mystic
    347. Nacho
    348. Natural Gold
    349. Natural Mess
    350. Necromancer
    351. NemesisX
    352. Neophyte Believer
    353. Nessie
    354. New Cycle
    355. New York Winder
    356. Nickname Master
    357. Night Magnet
    358. Night Train
    359. Nightmare King
    360. NoiseFire
    361. Nutmeg Riot
    362. Old Man Winter
    363. Old Orange Eyes
    364. Old Regret
    365. Omega Sub
    366. Onion King
    367. Osprey
    368. Overrun
    369. Papa Smurf
    370. Paradise
    371. Pearl Girl
    372. Pepper Legs
    373. Peppermint
    374. Phoenix Tetra
    375. PhoenixHeat
    376. Pinball Wizard
    377. Pink Hopper
    378. PinkFloyd
    379. PinkPanther
    380. Pistol Hydro
    381. Pixie Soldier
    382. Pluto
    383. Pogue
    384. Polar Bee
    385. Poppy Coffee
    386. Poptart AK47
    387. Prometheus
    388. Psycho Thinker
    389. Pusher
    390. Racy Lion
    391. RadioactiveMan
    392. Raid Bucker
    393. Rando Tank
    394. Ranger
    395. Red Combat
    396. Red Rhino
    397. RedFeet
    398. RedFisher
    399. RedMouth
    400. Reed Lady
    401. Renegade Slugger
    402. Reno Monarch
    403. Returns
    404. RevengeOfOmega
    405. Riff Raff
    406. Roadblock
    407. RoarSweetie
    408. Rocky Highway
    409. Roller Turtle
    410. Romance Guppy
    411. Rooster
    412. Rude Sniper
    413. Saint La-Z-Boy
    414. Sandbox
    415. Scare Stone
    416. ScaryNinja
    417. ScaryPumpkin
    418. Scrapper
    419. Scrapple
    420. Screw
    421. Screwtape
    422. Seal Snake
    423. Sexual Chocolate
    424. Shadow Bishop
    425. Shadow Chaser
    426. Sherwood Gladiator
    427. Shooter
    428. ShowMeSunset
    429. ShowMeUrguts
    430. Sidewalk Enforcer
    431. Sienna Princess
    432. Silver Stone
    433. Sir Shove
    434. Skull Crusher
    435. Sky Bully
    436. Sky Herald
    437. Slow Trot
    438. SmartieQuest
    439. SmashBuster
    440. SmashDtrash
    441. Snake Eyes
    442. SnakeEye
    443. SniperInstinct
    444. SnoopWoot
    445. Snow Cream
    446. Snow Hound
    447. Snow Pharaoh
    448. SnowWhiteLuvr
    449. Sofa King
    450. Solo Kill
    451. SpeedBreaker
    452. Speedwell
    453. SpellTansy
    454. Spider Fuji
    455. Spike
    456. SpitFire
    457. Spooky Yellowjacket
    458. Springheel Jack
    459. Spunky Comet
    460. Spy
    461. Squatch
    462. Stacker of Wheat
    463. Stallion Patton
    464. Star Sword
    465. Station WMD
    466. Street Squirrel
    467. Subzero Taffy
    468. Sugar Man
    469. Suicide Jockey
    470. Sultan of Speed
    471. SunVolt
    472. Swampmasher
    473. Sweet Talker
    474. Swerve
    475. SwiftFox
    476. SwiftSpeed
    477. TWitMeet
    478. Tacklebox
    479. Take Away
    480. Tan Stallion
    481. TecTonic
    482. Terror Master
    483. Thanksgiving
    484. The China Wall
    485. The Dude
    486. The Final Judgement
    487. The Flying Mouse
    488. The Happy Jock
    489. The Howling Swede
    490. The Shield Toronto
    491. Third Moon
    492. Thrasher
    493. ThunderStroke
    494. Toe
    495. Toolmaker
    496. Tough Nut
    497. ToxicCharger
    498. Toy Dogwatch
    499. Trash Master
    500. Trash Sling
    501. Trick Baron
    502. Trip
    503. TrixiePhany
    504. Troubadour
    505. TulipCake
    506. Turnip King
    507. Twin Blaze
    508. Twinkle Cutlass
    509. Twitch
    510. Twix Bond
    511. UCantBeatIt
    512. Uncle Psycho
    513. Vagabond Warrior
    514. VenusLion
    515. VenusQueen
    516. Vicious Street
    517. Voluntary
    518. Vortex
    519. Washer
    520. Waylay Dave
    521. Wheels
    522. White Snare
    523. Wholesome
    524. Widow Curio
    525. Willow Dragon
    526. WindyGod
    527. Winter Bite
    528. Wolf Tribune
    529. Wolverine
    530. Woo Woo
    531. Wooden Man
    532. Yellow Menace
    533. Zero Charisma
    534. Zesty Dragon
    535. Zod

Funny Gamertags

Funny Gamertags

For funny gamertags, a great way to come up with ideas, especially if you are into shooting games, is to think of what your gamertag will say in the kill feed. For example, “some hippies killed player1” or “player1 killed some hippies”. It can make your gamertag a lot funnier and the joke will last a lot longer. Plus, it gets even funnier when the exchange is between two gamers who both have gamertags for that purpose.

Also, you should ensure your funny gamertag isn’t deemed offensive, as it may get reported and you may have to change it. So, while you may have come up with a gamertag you believe to be hilarious, others might find it offensive, or they may report it just to spite you (especially if you beat them pretty badly or if they’ve got a grudge against you).

To avoid having to change your gamertag, it’s best to think of something that people cannot claim is offensive. A good way to still come up with a funny gamertag and not offend anyone is to go for a gamertag that’s weird or has a strange meaning behind it or just sounds completely stupid. Not many people can claim to be offended by ‘SofaSoGood’ can they?

  1. Type2Diabetes – Is that better or worse than type 1?
  2. Yellow Snowman – Depending on the size of the snowman, that’s potentially a lot of pee.
  3. FartinLutherKing – He thought for our right for farts to be heard.
  4. I have a large sock – Please, keep it far away from us.
  5. Milf n cookies – What could be tastier than that?
  6. WestboroFaptist – Sounds like someone who touches themselves at church.
  7. IRTEHBEST – Maybe, but you definitely can’t spell very well.
  8. SumDumFuk – Did they spell that all by themselves?
  9. SLUTB6NGER66 – They’ve got high standards.
  10. InfantFister69 – Oh lord.
  11. Fistersister – Let’s just hope it’s his step-sister.
  12. fisting grannies – This gamer is definitely a gerontophile.
  13. FistMeSis – Leave your sister alone!
  14. Fisting Sloth – Animal abuse?
  15. Livingabortion – Aren’t we all?
  16. Floatyturd – It’s happened to all of us, right?
  17. Pooponmyballs – Your poop or someone else’s?
  18. PoopFinger – They haven’t quite mastered using toilet roll yet.
  19. Parts – And Pvt. they shall remain.
  20. Whackingit – It’s hard to play with just one hand.
  21. sum az whole – Most likely yes you are.
  22. A55 Kicken Chicken – Now that’s one badass chicken.
  23. HorseScrotom – It’s most likely bigger than yours.
  24. Sausage – Who doesn’t like a nice good sausage?
  25. hairy sausage – A shave every so often is appreciated.
  26. Your Mother – Cue the yo mama jokes!
  27. Count Asscrackula – He wants to suck your… erm… behind place…
  28. Happy Uncle – More like creepy
  29. Dr Cocktopus – Does that mean he has eight of them? Poor soul.
  30. PullOutDad – He should have so we wouldn’t have had to have dealt with you!
  31. I Eated a Soup – Do tell us more.
  32. REVEREND TOAST – That’s one crispy priest.
  33. Rev Fondlechild – It was very hard for him to find acceptance in the priesthood… or maybe it was very easy.
  34. ButtCabbage – Is that where cabbage comes from?
  35. Itchy Bits – Maybe you need to see a doctor?
  36. Jerkoff – You can become a doctor in that?
  37. A side of Ham – Compliments any good meal!
  38. AirIsWindy – And water is wet.
  39. A Confused shoe – How does it play? Does it have opposable thumbs?
  40. Toiletpaperman – A savior when you’re stuck on the toilet seat without any roll!
  41. MOMS SPAGHETTI – Vomit on his sweater already.
  42. Milfhunter – Any luck?
  43. xXyoloswag4jesusXx – Yes, yes, Jesus desperately needs your swag.
  44. LilChubby – Arousing.
  45. GaryBuseysteeth – His most defining feature.
  46. OuchHardFart – Careful, something may come out if you do that too hard.
  47. CourtesyFlush – It’s always welcomed.
  48. Thermostat – When running low on inspiration, why not just name yourself after random objects in the room?
  49. WookiesrPpl2 – And they demand rights!
  50. LtDansLegs – In reference to the film Forrest Gump.
  51. ThePopesLube – Has he got his own brand?
  52. WINDOWCLEANer – Make those windows sparkle!
  53. SwishyMcJackass – Not an ounce of intelligence here.
  54. Pwn_Dolphins_Drink_Beer – A way of life envied by many.
  55. I_Like_Cheese – You have fine tastes.
  56. Burrito – Why not just name yourself after your favorite food?
  57. An18inchDildo – That just sounds painful.
  58. BeerAndCookies – After a long day at work beer and cookies are all you need.
  59. I_Be-B1azin – You be easy to kill.
  60. WEED_IS_FOR_LOSERS – Is that what your mom told you?
  61. xBongsmoker420x – You’re not as cool as you think you are.
  62. Bongsta – Bongo drums are an excellent instrument to take up.
  63. Gongsta – Speech impediment by any chance?
  64. Teriyaki Bukake – Not even going to go there.
  65. BrosephStalin – The king of bros.
  66. Ichyb3ll – If there’s a rash, go see a doctor.
  67. Six nippled yehti – A rare specimen.
  68. GassyJalapeno – Spicy and smelly.
  69. TwoTugTonyTheFapMaster – Two tugs and he’s finished.
  70. Bad Grandpa – In reference to the film of the same name.
  71. ForcefulGrandpa – Bringing back fond childhood memories.
  72. PleasenoDad – A cry for help?
  73. Beefstrokemeoff – Coming off a little desperate?
  74. Boobguy45 – What do you think are the chances this gamer has ever seen a real pair of boobs?
  75. VulvaViolator – Women, steer clear of this creep!
  76. GayZebrasUnite – Together you are stronger!
  77. My Ball Sack – What about it?
  78. Barry Hallsacks – Barry, get your sacks out of the hall!
  79. I Lick Hobos – And they’ll probably let you pay them to do it.
  80. Freeponyride – The best things in life are free.
  81. Cancer – You were killed by…
  82. IAbuseMyFish – Serial killer in the making?
  83. DadsButtjuice – Goes well with a slice of lime.
  84. A Harmless Cupcake – Just adorable.
  85. a giant 8llllllD – More like a giant eight-year-old.
  86. ATastySandwich – The cure for all ills.
  87. WifeTookMyDog – Oh go and cry about it somewhere else.
  88. The US Debt – This is no laughing matter.
  89. Abs of flab – Shouldn’t that be ‘rolls of flab’?
  90. Moistgranny69 – We’ve got another gerontophile over here!
  91. Count Swagula – Absolutely swagalicious.
  92. Turdinator – Eliminating turds one day at a time.
  93. RektalBead – This gamer has been to some dark places.
  94. Pulloutfailure – And now you’re going to be a father! Congratulations!
  95. Facefart – That’s how you get pinkeye.
  96. Syphilis – Perhaps the coolest sounding of all the STIs?
  97. StankFartass – Please, open a damn window!
  98. Sh3Wuz18 – Well, that’s not what they said in court.
  99. BedBathNurMom – Wordplay on Bed Bath & Beyond.
  100. A CARDBOARDBOX – Most likely where they live.

Clever Gamertags

Clever Gamertags

Clever gamertags are usually pun-filled and equally hilarious. Obvious sources for these kinds of gamertags are popular song lyrics, famous movie lines, and common sayings. For example, “BratTimeofTheMonth.” Once again, it is so easy to offend people these days, so apply caution. The following are clever gamertags you can use for your next save:

  1. TerminatorT800 – After the cybernetic organisms from the Terminator film franchise.
  2. Get2ThaChopper – A famous quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in the film Predator.
  3. Ronald Raygun – Wordplay on former American president Ronald Reagan.
  4. some hippies – Most likely hasn’t had a shower in months.
  5. TwoOreosOneCup – A lot nicer sounding than the original.
  6. chimp magnet – Wordplay on ‘chick magnet.’
  7. StrangerDanger – This Gamertag just screams ‘trust me.’
  8. a better player – You were killed by…
  9. Chris_P_Bacon – A legendary gamertag.
  10. TuckingFypo – Swap the ‘T’ and the ‘F.’
  11. An L Shaped Tetris Block – Your best friend or your worst enemy.
  12. Osama_Been_Laggin – The connection always starts lagging when they start playing.
  13. PeekaBooOsamaSeeU – Is he still out there?
  14. About 37 cats – That’s a lot of brain power.
  15. About76mexicans – You were killed by…
  16. Slagathor – A reference to the TV show Scrubs.
  17. Statutory Ape – Is there something missing here?
  18. IfISuckItsMyDad – That’s what they all say.
  19. NoMomICantPauseIt – Why did you even tell her it was possible to pause the game?
  20. 8-6-7-5-3-0-9 – Secretly a robot.
  21. FusterCluck – Swap the ‘F’ and the ‘C.’
  22. AlphaQ – Right back at you!
  23. Bilboteabaggins – Is teabagging still a thing?
  24. GrammerNazi – Careful what you say or write in front of this player, you’ll get penalized for it!
  25. Asmallbaby – A hilarious gamertag to appear in the kill feed.
  26. A baby Seal – You killed a…
  27. A Helpless Fetus – You killed a…
  28. A_Falling_Body – You were killed by…
  29. Gnome Saying – A funny Gamertag that sounds like ‘Know What I’m Saying.’
  30. Barles Charkley – Wordplay on musician Charles Barkley.
  31. Phuck Yuu – Phuck Yuu right back!
  32. Il Phuck Yuu – No you won’t!
  33. A flying lemon – You were killed by…
  34. Dudefella – Could not be more of a dude.
  35. Use Preparation H – You can tell that this is someone who is very prepared.
  36. Tank Sinatra – Like Frank Sinatra, but more tank-like.
  37. Deleted User – They’re totally ready to get banned.
  38. TomCruisin – Cruise on out of here Tom, nobody likes you.
  39. The Easter Bunny – You were killed by…
  40. Lt MorningWood – This gamer always rises early.
  41. HanSoloDies – A gamertag that was perfect for the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens back in 2015.
  42. ObiWanCanBlowMe – What Anakin Skywalker likely has written on his gravestone.
  43. GonnaMakeUQuit – This player is going to terrorize you.
  44. Haywoodugofuhkurself – After you.
  45. SonicTheHedgefund – If Sonic was an investment banker.
  46. Oh-so-damn-smart – Your name may say that, but your actions seem to contradict that.
  47. FileURComplaint – They love to offend.
  48. PartyInTheUSSRx – They party hard.
  49. xxlookXatXmyXs – Take pride in those Xs!
  50. Party_McFly – Wordplay on Marty McFly, the protagonist from the Back to the Future films.

Ninja Gamertags

Ninja Gamertags

Gamertags with ninja or soul never get old. The following are awesome ninja Gamertag ideas:

  1. about 5 ninjas – You were killed by…
  2. Asasinsensation – This player is the king of quietly assassinating their opponents.
  3. ninja typhoOon – This player brings the storm with them.
  4. ScaryNinja – The kind of ninja you see in your nightmares.
  5. NinjaHype – Everybody wishes they could be a ninja.
  6. Shuriken – The correct name for what is commonly referred to as a ‘ninja star.’
  7. NinjaStar – Everybody loves ninja stars!
  8. EnterTheNinja – If you dare.
  9. EnterTheDragon – After the Bruce Lee film of the same name.
  10. Metsubishi – After the weapon used by samurais during feudal times to temporarily blind their opponent.
  11. Pandas – Because you love the film Kung Fu Panda.
  12. OpaqueNinja – Sounds super cool.
  13. Manriki-gusari – A handheld weapon used in feudal Japan.
  14. NinjaMan – Because they love all things ninja.
  15. NinjaDude – Like the above but a bit cooler.
  16. Silent assassin – You never know where this player is hiding.
  17. Kunai – A ninja weapon made popular by the Japanese manga Naruto.
  18. Ninjah – Because you’re cooler than normal ninjas.
  19. TwoKatanas – You know what they say, two katanas are better than one.
  20. KatanaIfyawanna – Everybody wants this guys katana.
  21. KantanaSlice – About to slice you into a million pieces.
  22. KantanaOnToast – Not recommended by your dentist.
  23. Precursorninja – This ninja-inspired many other ninjas.
  24. NinjaSkills – Everybody is jealous of those skills.
  25. Skillslikeaninja – Similar to the above.
  26. NinjaOnFire – You can’t even touch this guy.
  27. Fukiya – A ninja weapon commonly referred to as a ‘paper gun.’
  28. Ninja Maneuver – We all know they are the best.
  29. Ninjamoves – Similar to the above.
  30. Ninja Pwnage – Pwning everyone with their ninja skills.
  31. Neko Te – A ninja weapon like claws which are worn on the hands like a glove, often by female ninjas.
  32. NekoTeGirl – A variation of the above.
  33. NekoTeClaws – A variation of the above.
  34. NinjaWithWings – Just unstoppable.
  35. TMNT – In reference to the TV show Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  36. Shredder – After the primary antagonist from the TV show Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  37. Justturtles – Turtles make excellent ninjas.
  38. Kakute – Another secret ninja weapon.
  39. NinjaSchool – They know everything about being a ninja.
  40. NowYouSeeMe – Now you don’t.
  41. Kusarigama – Another deadly ninja weapon.
  42. Wayofthewarrior – In reference to Bushidō, the samurai’s way of life.
  43. Callmesensei – They like to think of themselves as a kind of teacher.
  44. Samureye – A nice clever one.
  45. SamuraiJack – After the TV show of the same name.
  46. ShadowFriend – This ninja has got your back.
  47. ShadowFiend – Don’t trust the shadows.
  48. CrouchingTiger – Hidden Dragon.
  49. Whatisninja – They’re not allowed to find out.
  50. Ninjutsu – What you practice in order to become a ninja.

Girl Gamertags

Girl Gamertags

Advice for girls: While some of you may want a Gamertag that highlights you are a girl, it’s best to avoid being too obvious as this may get you too much-unwanted attention, which can be a real pain in the backside if you want to be treated fairly and just play with everyone else. It can result in guys giving you a hard time, being too easy on you, or unsolicited messages, especially if your Gamertag sounds ‘sexy’. If this not a problem for you, then go ahead and be as cute and girly as you want. Just remember, you have been warned!

Cool/Badass Girl Gamertags

The following are cool and badass Gamertag ideas for ladies:

  1. She’sAKeeper – This girl kicks ass!
  2. She’sAShooter – She’s amazing at shooting games.
  3. LaDiabla – She’s the devil in female form.
  4. TriggerHappiGrl – There’s nothing she loves more than to splatter your guts all over the walls.
  5. FeMaLe PlAyEr – A damn proud of it!
  6. Mystify – There’s a lot of mystery surrounding this lady.
  7. QueenPlayer – She owns at this game!
  8. AshtrayBullets – She’s on fire!
  9. PsychoGirl – Don’t get on her bad side!
  10. Spartenette – She’s as tough as nails.
  11. spartan chick – She’ll beat you down.
  12. Vamprika – She has a love of gothic things.
  13. KatanaLover – She has a love of Japanese things.
  14. TheFemaleSensei – She loves nothing more than to teach others how to play.
  15. FemFatale – More deadly than she looks.
  16. Fatal Feminines – As fatal as they can get.
  17. beastly dudette – She’s a monster gamer.
  18. WomanScorned – She’s got a terrifying temper.
  19. BitchtoKill – So good everyone wants to get her.
  20. ColdBitch – Not an ounce of sympathy can be detected from her.
  21. Dominatrix – Bow down to her, now!
  22. KissOfDeathAim – She is superbly accurate.
  23. MissGirlGuns – This girl loves guns.
  24. GeekGirl – She takes pride in her nerdy nature.
  25. MeanGirl – ‘Nice’ is not a concept she understands.
  26. RunLikeAGirl – Girls run faster.
  27. PlayLikeAGirl – Girls play better.
  28. KillLikeAGirl – Girls kill better.
  29. Misdemeanor – She’s always getting herself into trouble.
  30. AppleBottoms – In reference to the song Apple Bottom Jeans by Flo Rida and T-Pain.
  31. AppleBottomJeans – Slightly longer version of the above.
  32. murda – It’s her specialty.
  33. GirlsPwn – They certainly do.
  34. WarGoddess – She loves going into battle.
  35. ManiakChikk – She’s just insane.
  36. TheDevilWearsPrada – After the film of the same name, The Devil Wears Prada.
  37. XxD3V1LxG1RLxX – Far from being a saint.
  38. Chiefette – The girl in charge.
  39. GurlyGurl – She likes things associated with guys way more than girly things.
  40. CantTouchThis – Don’t even bother guys, you don’t have a chance.
  41. Miss Glock&heels – Killing you in style.
  42. Beat By A Girl – Suck it up, fellas!
  43. BeatMyALady – Similar to the above.
  44. MurderedByAGirl – The ultimate insult to patriarchy!
  45. VictoryOverBoys – About time!
  46. UGotRektByAChick – Ha ha ha ha!
  47. LaGamer – The one and only female gamer.
  48. AGirlYouBK – Whatcha going to do about it?
  49. NotAGirlyGirl – This girl hates girly stuff.
  50. ManKiller – She’s about to wipe out all the guys in this game.

Funny Girl Gamertags

The following are funny girl gaming name ideas:

  1. UR GYNECOLOGIST – She’s seen a veteran.
  2. IfImBadItsMyBoyfriend – He totally sucks.
  3. Amanda_huggenkiss – In reference to The Simpsons.
  4. Igetnaked – Don’t get your hopes up, guys.
  5. Vald Bagina – Swap the ‘V’ with the ‘B.’
  6. Ava-Cake – Girls love cakes, right?
  7. xSmells Fishyx – She hasn’t got the greatest hygiene.
  8. MuffensNkittens – All you need in life.
  9. MrsLivingZombie – She’s totally lifeless.
  10. YeastyQueef – You can smell her a mile off.
  11. QWEF – She’ll suffocate you.
  12. Queefer – You just can’t stop her.
  13. RosyQueefs – What a lovely scent.
  14. LavenderQueefs – No that is how a queef should smell.
  15. x Hairy Marry x – She won’t shave for anybody!
  16. MustachioedGal – Her mustache is way cooler than any guys.
  17. DontHarrassMe – How’s that working for you?
  18. RESPECTMECUZIMAGIRL – Not sure that approach will work very well.
  19. XxpetmykittyxX – Is that an order?
  20. Xxomg_what_shoes_to_wearxX – The million dollar question.
  21. Lucy Lastic – Let’s just say her relationships don’t last too long.
  22. Ilikemen – Straight girl or a gay guy? You’ll just have to find out.
  23. PonytailExpress – Can’t get faster than this girl.
  24. CoolestPonytail – Putting all other ponytails to shame.
  25. LemonParty – You’ll leave with a bitter taste in your mouth.
  26. KitchenParty – The best parties are always in the kitchen.
  27. Tide2kitchen – Just move the console to the kitchen?
  28. IShudBNDKtchn – She knows her place.
  29. KitchenBound – No matter what she does, she always finds herself back in the kitchen.
  30. Forevakitchen – The kitchen will always be there.
  31. Kitchenology – She’s got a Ph.D. in it.
  32. Thekitchenisforchumps – Guys, make your own damn sandwich!
  33. KitchenHunter – She’s not satisfied with her kitchen.
  34. LostInTheKitchen – There’s just too much work to do to find time to play.
  35. LockedInTheKitchen – With the Xbox.
  36. KitchenDesigner – A hell of a job.
  37. KitchenHo – Don’t bitch about her kitchen.
  38. RenaissanceKitchen – That’s one nice kitchen.
  39. ModernKitchen – That’s why she’s allowed to play online!
  40. KitchenCannibal – She’ll eat you alive in her kitchen.
  41. KitchenKiller – Don’t insult her kitchen!
  42. KitchenSink – Where she spends most of her time.
  43. KitchenKnife – That’s one dangerous kitchen.
  44. WhatIsKitchen? – The concept is new to her.
  45. LivinLaVidaKitchen – Wordplay on the song ‘Livin La Vida Loca’ by Ricky Martin.
  46. RhymesWithKitchen – A riddle?
  47. KitchenPride – She has the best kitchen.
  48. DinnerWillBL8 – So don’t wait up!
  49. WashingUpLiquid – She’s very familiar with it.
  50. GetALifeYouPervert – Careful what you say to her!
  51. PervertExposer – Similar to the above.
  52. xxH0RNYCHICK69xx – Sounds like a trap.
  53. FondaCox – Cox are
  54. RecklessClam – She’s very willing to take risks.
  55. Vagisil – She’s always sore.
  56. Vagiskill – A cool variation of the above
  57. MeanPaulaDeen – After the TV personality Paula Deen.
  58. MissWaitWhat – Everybody wants to know who she is.
  59. CrustyTampon – Removed, forgotten about, neglected.
  60. Str8UpLesbian – You don’t have to be a lesbian to use this one, but it definitely helps deter annoying guys!
  61. PrincessNguns – All princesses need guns.
  62. XxLooseVagxX – She can’t help it.
  63. ThaTzWhaTsHeSaId – Oh no she didn’t!
  64. Juggsy_Malone – Wordplay on Bugsy Malone.
  65. GrumpyCat – After the legendary cat.
  66. MiserableCat – Taking the above to the extreme.
  67. Mummyfarts – If she says she doesn’t she’s lying.
  68. HouseWifeForLife – Dats hardcore.
  69. TheHusbandSux – Sorry hubby!
  70. Tits>Balls – Forever!
  71. AttentionSeeker – All she wants is your undivided attention, nothing more.
  72. InsufferableAttentionWhore – Avoid at all costs!
  73. Ilovdik23 – Definitely looking for attention!
  74. Ihatedik23 – Definitely not looking for attention!
  75. Gold_Digger_For_Life – She’s got high standards.
  76. Missbehave – Rules are meant to be broken.
  77. SammichMaker – An absolutely golden Gamertag.
  78. Imakesandwiches – Is that a full-time job?
  79. SandwichEater – In this relationship, her man makes the sandwiches.
  80. SandwichSlicer – She cuts them nicely.
  81. DuzMyA55L00kBig1nThis – Yes, yes it does.
  82. HotPeriodBlood – Her blood is like acid.
  83. PeriodPains – Prepare to hear a lot of moaning.
  84. Fatsinglemom – Give her some love!
  85. xxBig Tiddysxx – As big as they get.
  86. BluffinWithMyMuffin – Get wid it!
  87. Ibeatanorexia311 – You want a medal?
  88. DumbsterBabies – In reference to the song from the TV show Family Guy.
  89. x female grizzy x – She’s aggressive.
  90. MissLittleRed – After Little Red Riding Hood.
  91. Woman12345 – The most imaginative girl you’ve ever met.
  92. Marge Simpson – After the character from The Simpsons.
  93. Urexwife – She’s out to get revenge.
  94. TheGirlWhoDumpedU – Kicking your ass.
  95. Confusedgirl – How did she get here?
  96. EstroJen – A nice clever option.
  97. DopeySuperwoman – Not the brightest gal around.
  98. NotAnotherGamerGirl – Yup, afraid so.
  99. Spokeswomen – Her actions speak for all women.
  100. HippoBottom – That one big bottom.

Cute Girl Gamertags

If you prefer a cute gaming name, you will love the following cute Gamertags for ladies:

  1. Gamergirl – Keeping it simple.
  2. Blush – She’s a little shy.
  3. BlushingTokki – Tokki is Korean for ‘bunny.’
  4. MaryPoppins – After everybody’s favorite nanny.
  5. BabiiCakezz – Babies and cakes, what more could you need?
  6. Sp0use – Sorry guys, she’s married.
  7. TeaCupCake7 – You can just imagine her having a tea party with her teddies.
  8. WheresPeterPan – She loves fairytales.
  9. Skybby – Short for sky baby.
  10. PrincessGunfire – You’ve never come across a cuter person with a gun.
  11. KatKnip – Your cats favorite snack.
  12. Kitteh Power – For the win!
  13. MamaKitty – She takes care of all of her kittens.
  14. MeowMix – After the famous cat food.
  15. KittenForVictory – That’s one motivated kitten.
  16. K1TT3NSnK1LLS – She’s got lethal claws.
  17. BubbleHearts – A great combination of two great cute things.
  18. Friendette – Your favorite female friend.
  19. SleepingBeauty – After the fairytale.
  20. GamingBeauty – The most beautiful gamer, ever!
  21. LovelyKiller – Couldn’t get killed by a cuter person.
  22. SquirrelPower – Nothing is more powerful.
  23. blosSomP!nK – The best shade of pink.
  24. AstroGirl – She loves all things related to space.
  25. MisFit – She doesn’t fit into most places.
  26. MissNeverLand – She believes in the unbelievable.
  27. QtPie – A nice short way to say ‘Cutie pie.’
  28. Beastings – The cutest beast.
  29. SmittenKitten – She falls in love too easily.
  30. UKittenMe – A clever twist on the above.
  31. MidnightKitty – She’s always up late.
  32. LaLaLand – She has such a positive outlook on the world.
  33. ScarfFace – A cute wordplay on Scarface.
  34. DillyDally – She’s not the fastest gal in the world.
  35. MissChief – Trouble is never far away from her.
  36. AngelBunny – She wouldn’t even hurt a fly.
  37. Goldilocks – Without the three bears.
  38. LilRedRiddingHood – Another one for Little Red Riding Hood.
  39. ZebraCakes – Delicious!
  40. BettyBoop – After the cartoon character.
  41. GlitterR0CkZ – Glitter makes everything better.
  42. AngelicSnipeZ – The cutest sniper.
  43. 1Love1Heart1Girl – Just too cute.
  44. Blosson&Bubbles – An awesome Gamertag if you’re looking something with double bs.
  45. Maiden – She cares for everybody.
  46. Catastrophe – She always needs a helping hand.
  47. HiddenKiss – Crouching hug!
  48. MissWhiteRose – A truly elegant Gamertag.
  49. GorgeousGamer – The most stylish gamer in the universe.
  50. HotChocolate – Is there anything more comforting?

Fortnite Gamertags

Fortnite Gamertags

If you need a gaming name for Fortnite, consider the following Fortnite username ideas:

  1. Fortnight – Because it sounds like Fortnite.
  2. ForTonight – Should really be every night!
  3. TwoWeeks – How long a fortnight is.
  4. TwoWeeksTillXmas – A little overly excited?
  5. 2Weeks2Live – Thank God for that.
  6. TooWeak – Wordplay on ‘two weeks.’
  7. 14Days – How long a fortnight is.
  8. Fourteennights – How long a fortnight is.
  9. Biweekly – How long a fortnight is.
  10. FortKnight – The one thing every fort needs.
  11. KnightsOfThaFort – What’s better than one knight? Many knights.
  12. FortyKnights – That’s a lot of knights.
  13. Forty-fourNights – A little bit longer than two weeks.
  14. TheRoundtable – After King Arthur’s knights of the roundtable.
  15. FawltyTowers – In reference to the British TV show of the same name.
  16. FortniteGod – They think they own this game.
  17. FortniteGoddess – She thinks she owns this game.
  18. FortniteGirl – For a female Fortnite lover.
  19. FortniteGal – A variation of the above.
  20. PillowFort – Simply impenetrable.
  21. MattressFort – Even more impenetrable.
  22. BoxFort – Indestructible.
  23. FortLauderdale – City in southern Florida.
  24. FortKnox – After the highly secure facility where the US government stores its gold bullion.
  25. FortBoyard – Small fortified island of the coast of France.
  26. ForTight – Can’t get tighter than Fortnite.
  27. FortNighty – For someone who only plays Fortnite in the evening.
  28. ForPipes – Rhymes with Fortnite.
  29. FoNite – Ghetto way to refer to Fortnite.
  30. NiteFort – Fortnite swapped around.
  31. DorkNite – For a super nerdy Fortnite player.
  32. FortBites – Kind of rhymes with Fortnite.
  33. FortHype – Fortnite is everything to this player.
  34. Fortex – Sounds like Vortex.
  35. Forex – Short for foreign exchange.
  36. AFortniteADay – Keeps the doctor away.
  37. CantAFortThis – Then get a job!
  38. MySummerVacation – Spent playing Fortnite.
  39. RoyaleWCheese – In reference to the film Pulp Fiction.
  40. BattleMyPal – Rhymes with ‘Battle Royale.’
  41. FortU – How rude!
  42. FortOff – Would you, please?
  43. Fortov – Similar to the above.
  44. ForkFight – More deadly than a knife fight?
  45. VBuckeroo – In reference to V-Bucks, the virtual currency in Fortnite and Buckeroo.
  46. SaveTheFort – Gotta keep that fort save!
  47. Foritiswritten – That this player is the best in the universe!
  48. ForScore – And seven years ago.
  49. ForePlay – Most players probably don’t even know what this is.
  50. ForeSkin – Most players are probably well-acquainted with this part of the human anatomy.

PS4 Gamertags

PS4 Gamertags

Any of the above Gamertags can be used for your PS4 or PSN username, but these are honorable mentions:

  1. Obamastolemyps3
  2. PonySlaystation
  3. PwnyStation
  4. GodofWar
  5. GodessofWar
  6. Cod of War
  7. ClankURratchet
  8. Playstaylive
  9. PS3fanboy4life

Xbox Gamertags

Xbox Gamertags

Likewise, any of the above usernames can be used as an Xbox Gamertag; nonetheless, these are some awesome Xbox Gamertag ideas:

  1. XboxTurnOff
  2. XboxSignOut
  3. Xbox Bing
  4. Xbox Porn
  5. PS3 SUX LOL
  6. XboxDesciple
  7. YouHadMeAtHalo
  8. HaloIsMeURlooking4
  9. HaloChieftian
  10. TheChieftian
  11. ChiefZealot
  12. MasterChiefian
  13. MasterThief
  14. MasterChef
  15. Master Noob
  16. MasterCheater
  17. MCwhopperNcheese
  18. HALOxPrincess89
  19. Haloette
  20. Halochic
  21. HaloBoy
  22. BoyWidTheGoldenHalo
  23. Chaos Theosis
  24. Chaos Vigorous
  25. GruntSauce
  26. Cheeky Grunt
  27. GruntBagsMC
  28. CgruntRun
  29. Gruntums
  30. GruntApalooza
  31. PlasmaSponge
  32. GruntBoBnoPants
  33. Phallic Falcon
  34. Xbox4Life
  35. Xbox>PS4

Remember folks; this list of usernames is only to give you ideas for your Gamertag. By the time you read this, most of these usernames on this list will already be taken. When you finally come up with a unique Gamertag, make sure you check it to ensure that someone else isn’t already using it. Check as thoroughly as possible.

Test your ideal Gamertag out before deciding. By this, we mean playing around with how it sounds. Will your Gamertag rhyme with something that will make it sound stupid? The last thing you want is people making fun of you or winding you up. This is especially important to consider if you use a mic and listen and interact with other gamers. If this is not something you regularly do, then it may not be a big deal.

What if your ideal Gamertag is already taken? Unfortunately, this will happen to a lot of gamers. A lot of our ideas have already been used before as sadly we’re not all as creative and original as we’d like to be. While you could always just add a couple of numbers into the mix when your ideas have already been taken, deep down you know that your Gamertag is not really original. The best way to move forward if this happens is to experiment further with your ideal Gamertag by swapping letters and numbers and dropping some symbols if necessary.

How to Protect Your Gamertag from Scammers

Once you’ve finally come up with the perfect Gamertag, you should take measures to protect it from scammers. There’s no point working so hard to come up with an awesome Gamertag name if someone else is just going to steal it from you.

Keep your personal information safe.

Safeguard your personal information. Especially the ones that could be used to by hijackers to take control of your account.

  • Your name – first, last or both
  • Your age – most people indicate this by adding the last two digits of the year they were born, for example, adding 95 at the end of your tag most likely means you were born in 1995
  • Where you are from – city or country, for example

Displaying this kind of personal information can make it easier for hackers to get control of your account. Not only does it make it easier for them to impersonate you over the phone, but it also makes it increasingly likely that they will be able to guess your password and secret answer (if, of course, it is related to your Gamertag).

Also, be careful with who you share information with when playing. Whether it is through a mic, on chat or via private message. Especially when someone you have just met online starts asking personal questions.

Selling your Gamertag

If you ever decide to sell your Gamertag, the number one thing you need to consider is scammers. In fact, there are plenty of gamers who want to sell their Gamertag but are too afraid of getting scammed to do it.

Those with good stats on particular games, such as any of the games from the Modern Warfare franchise, for example, should be particularly careful. Scammers are known to target such accounts, which can then be sold on black market forums for a high price. In such cases it is not necessarily the name of the Gamertag that drives up value, but what comes with it.

However, selling your Gamertag is not particularly advised. Most companies do not encourage the buying or selling of tags as it is usually against set policies. One can incur hefty fines or get banned from playing online which is very discouraging. ideally, you should stay away from this potentially treacherous market. If you have no use for a Gamertag anymore, there are many things you can do with it, such as give it away to a friend or just consider keeping it. Who knows, you may want it back again in the near future.

Lastly, did we miss some obviously awesome Gamertags or do you have some powerful tips on how to come up with cool Gamertags? Let us know! We would love to hear your ideas.

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207 thoughts on “1000+ Cool Gamer Tags and How to Create a Unique Gamer Tag”

  1. Help my son come up with him he’s turning 7 soon and smokes adults on COD, his name is Chance some play on that would be cool like idk cloudy with a chance of chaos or something cool idk! Help! Thanks!

  2. I want nickname like with a meaning or some word in short term you know like Cappadonna is Captain of the donns i want something like that with Captain

  3. Opinions on these gamertags?
    Favorites? Least Favorites?

    • 101WaysToMeetYourMaker
      3D Waffle
      57 Pixels
      Accidental Genius
      Acid Gosling
      Admiral Tot
      Airport Hobo
      Alley Frog
      Arsenic Coo
      Atomic Blastoid
      Automatic Slicer
      Baby Brown
      Back Bett
      Bad Bunny
      Bazooka Har-de-har
      Bearded Angler
      Beetle King
      Betty Cricket
      Bit Sentinel
      Blistered Outlaw
      Bootleg Taximan
      Bug Blitz
      Bug Fire
      Candy Butcher
      Capital F
      Captain Peroxide
      Celtic Charger
      Centurion Sherman
      Cereal Killer
      Chasm Face
      Chew Chew
      Chicago Blackout
      Chip Queen
      Chocolate Thunder
      Club Nola
      Congo Wire
      Cool Iris
      Cool Whip
      Crash Override
      Crash Test
      Crazy Eights
      Criss Cross
      Cross Thread
      Cupid Dust
      Daffy Girl
      Dahlia Bumble
      Dancing Madman
      Dark Horse
      Darkside Orbit
      Darling Peacock
      Day Hawk
      Desert Haze
      Devil Blade
      Devil Chick
      Diamond Gamer
      Disco Potato
      Disco Thunder
      Don Stab
      Doz Killer
      Drop Stone
      Drugstore Cowboy
      Earl of Arms
      Easy Sweep
      Eerie Mizzen
      Elder Pogue
      Electric Player
      Electric Saturn
      Ember Rope
      Fast Draw
      Father Abbot
      Fennel Dove
      Feral Mayhem
      Fiend Oblivion
      Fire Feline
      Fire Fish
      Fist Wizard
      Flame OUT
      Flying Doodle
      Frozen Explosion
      Gas Man
      General Broomdog
      General Finish
      Global meltdown
      Goatee Shield
      Gov Skull
      Grave Digger
      Greek Rifle
      Green Ghost
      Green Scavenger
      Guncap Slingbad
      High Kingdom Warrior
      Highlander Monk
      Hog Butcher
      Houston Rocket
      Hyper Kong
      Impulsive Flower
      Jack Cassidy
      Jelly Camber
      Joker’s Grin
      Junkyard Dog
      K-Tin Man
      Kill Switch
      Killah Goose
      Knight Light
      Koi Diva
      Lady Killer
      Landfill Max
      Lava Nibbler
      Lazy Killer
      Light Lion
      Liquid Death
      Liquid Science
      Little Cobra
      Little General
      Lope Lope
      Lord Nikon
      Lord Pistachio
      Lord Theus
      Lucifer%u2019s rain
      Lunar Treat
      Mad Irishman
      Mad Jack
      Mad Kid
      Mad Rascal
      Mad Robin
      Marigold Loot
      Married Man
      Mercury Reborn
      Metal Star
      Midnight Rambler
      Midnight Rider
      Mindless Bobcat
      Mint Ness
      Moon Solitaire
      Mud Pie Man
      Mule Skinner
      Mum Mary
      Natural Gold
      Natural Mess
      Neophyte Believer
      New Cycle
      New York Winder
      Nickname Master
      Night Magnet
      Night Train
      Nightmare King
      Nutmeg Riot
      Old Man Winter
      Old Orange Eyes
      Old Regret
      Omega Sub
      Onion King
      Papa Smurf
      Pearl Girl
      Pepper Legs
      Phoenix Tetra
      Pinball Wizard
      Pink Hopper
      Pistol Hydro
      Pixie Soldier
      Polar Bee
      Poppy Coffee
      Poptart AK47
      Psycho Thinker
      Racy Lion
      Raid Bucker
      Rando Tank
      Red Combat
      Red Rhino
      Reed Lady
      Renegade Slugger
      Reno Monarch
      Riff Raff
      Rocky Highway
      Roller Turtle
      Romance Guppy
      Rude Sniper
      Saint La-Z-Boy
      Scare Stone
      Seal Snake
      Sexual Chocolate
      Shadow Bishop
      Shadow Chaser
      Sherwood Gladiator
      Sidewalk Enforcer
      Sienna Princess
      Silver Stone
      Sir Shove
      Skull Crusher
      Sky Bully
      Sky Herald
      Slow Trot
      Snake Eyes
      Snow Cream
      Snow Hound
      Snow Pharaoh
      Sofa King
      Solo Kill
      Spider Fuji
      Spooky Yellowjacket
      Springheel Jack
      Spunky Comet
      Stacker of Wheat
      Stallion Patton
      Star Sword
      Station WMD
      Street Squirrel
      Subzero Taffy
      Sugar Man
      Suicide Jockey
      Sultan of Speed
      Sweet Talker
      Take Away
      Tan Stallion
      Terror Master
      The China Wall
      The Dude
      The Final Judgement
      The Flying Mouse
      The Happy Jock
      The Howling Swede
      The Shield Toronto
      Third Moon
      Tough Nut
      Toy Dogwatch
      Trash Master
      Trash Sling
      Trick Baron
      Turnip King
      Twin Blaze
      Twinkle Cutlass
      Twix Bond
      Uncle Psycho
      Vagabond Warrior
      Vicious Street
      Waylay Dave
      White Snare
      Widow Curio
      Willow Dragon
      Winter Bite
      Wolf Tribune
      Woo Woo
      Wooden Man
      Yellow Menace
      Zero Charisma
      Zesty Dragon

  4. can someone help me find a different username than Reversekami it’s og had it b4 kamikaze and reverse2k something relativly short with kami in in can you help?

  5. Looking for a name that says

    Can you handle it
    Bring it on
    you have no chance
    i dont care
    i can do this all day
    ive got nothing to lose

  6. My current gt is UnholyRageRebel.
    Im looking for a gametag that involves furry and gothic, my fursona is part dragon Part Jaguar, im also gothic. PLEASE HELP

  7. I need help, I want something maybe with Jay or Jaden. Or a short name like people have for their speedbuilds when they build houses on bloxburg. Can anyone help and give me suggestions?

  8. Can suggest me a gaming in single word…. Like xapper, zodakk, etc. Please give me short gaming name… Waiting for your reply. Ty in advance!

  9. I am planning to put a lot of efford in making a Unique and mysterious name that doesn’t have direct meaning. (Idk why :P)

    I think i’ll maybe use ancient languages like greek

  10. I eventually land on for a suitable username for discord/steam


    Correy being my middle name Bi being my sexual orientation and Gamer is self explanatory.

    and before your say it, i am aware i will be trolled, even hated, but in most cases I mute my voice chat. Except in rainbow six siege, mic communication is necessary and my username is different there for the friends I make in rainbow six siege.

  11. Looking for a really good name I can use for fortnite and i want the word head to be in it. for example like my head now or something like that but i want it to be short

    • Fortnight – Because it sounds like Fortnite.
      ForTonight – Should really be every night!
      TwoWeeks – How long a fortnight is.
      TwoWeeksTillXmas – A little overly excited?
      2Weeks2Live – Thank God for that.
      TooWeak – Wordplay on ‘two weeks.’
      14Days – How long a fortnight is.
      Fourteennights – How long a fortnight is.
      Biweekly – How long a fortnight is.
      FortKnight – The one thing every fort needs.
      KnightsOfThaFort – What’s better than one knight? Many knights.
      FortyKnights – That’s a lot of knights.
      Forty-fourNights – A little bit longer than two weeks.
      TheRoundtable – After King Arthur’s knights of the roundtable.
      FawltyTowers – In reference to the British TV show of the same name.
      FortniteGod – They think they own this game.
      FortniteGoddess – She thinks she owns this game.
      FortniteGirl – For a female Fortnite lover.
      FortniteGal – A variation of the above.
      PillowFort – Simply impenetrable.
      MattressFort – Even more impenetrable.
      BoxFort – Indestructible.
      FortLauderdale – City in southern Florida.
      FortKnox – After the highly secure facility where the US government stores its gold bullion.
      FortBoyard – Small fortified island of the coast of France.
      ForTight – Can’t get tighter than Fortnite.
      FortNighty – For someone who only plays Fortnite in the evening.
      ForPipes – Rhymes with Fortnite.
      FoNite – Ghetto way to refer to Fortnite.
      NiteFort – Fortnite swapped around.
      DorkNite – For a super nerdy Fortnite player.
      FortBites – Kind of rhymes with Fortnite.
      FortHype – Fortnite is everything to this player.
      Fortex – Sounds like Vortex.
      Forex – Short for foreign exchange.
      AFortniteADay – Keeps the doctor away.
      CantAFortThis – Then get a job!
      MySummerVacation – Spent playing Fortnite.
      RoyaleWCheese – In reference to the film Pulp Fiction.
      BattleMyPal – Rhymes with ‘Battle Royale.’
      FortU – How rude!
      FortOff – Would you, please?
      Fortov – Similar to the above.
      ForkFight – More deadly than a knife fight?
      VBuckeroo – In reference to V-Bucks, the virtual currency in Fortnite and Buckeroo.
      SaveTheFort – Gotta keep that fort save!
      Foritiswritten – That this player is the best in the universe!
      ForScore – And seven years ago.
      ForePlay – Most players probably don’t even know what this is.
      ForeSkin – Most players are probably well-acquainted with this part of the human anatomy.

  12. need help on deciding on a good new username
    names I’m thinking about

  13. destroyalty

  14. I’m trying to find gamer tag Phoenix Outlaw. She used to play on xbox360 but then told me she was going to ps3.

    I was just wondering if anyone has played with or against Phoenix Outlaw.


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