154 Hindi/Indian Nicknames For Guys and Girls

Are you looking for Indian nicknames?

Maybe you trying to impress your Indian partner with a cute Indian nickname, maybe you’re trying to fit in with your Indian friends at work or college or maybe you just want to satisfy your curiosity of Indian languages.

Whatever the reason, we have plenty of Indian nicknames that will make you feel like a true insider.

While most of these are in Hindi, we have also included a few that are in Urdu and Tamil. Are you ready to start picking Indian nicknames for everyone you know? Let’s go!

Indian Nicknames For Guys and Girls

Indian nicknames for guys

Indian nicknames for boys

These Indian nicknames are ideal for friends, co-workers, and strangers. From the respectful to the funny to the downright inappropriate, we’ve got the whole gamut right here. Just remember to pick one that is appropriate for the person and the occasion or you could end up in trouble!

Aashiq: This is perfect for a friend who seems to fall in love all the time as the word literally means “lover”.

Anna: Elder brother in Tamil. Use this to show respect to someone who is older than you.

Baba: Use this nickname for someone who acts like they know everything about everything.

Bahadur: Brave. Use this nickname for a friend who is an absolute daredevil.

Beta: While the literal translation of this word is “son”, you can use it as an affectionate term for your friends as well.

Bhai: The Hindi equivalent of “bro” that is perfect for a cool friend.

Bhaiya: A formal version of “bhai” that is used as a respectful nickname.

Bhalu: Know someone who is hairy like a bear? Call them a “Bhalu”. This also works for someone who is cute and cuddly.

Bhola: This is ideal for someone who is naive and can be taken for a ride easily.

Bhidu: A classic term from Bombay that means “Dude”.

Boss: Commonly used to address strangers of all age groups.

Chaddi Buddy: For someone you’ve known since childhood.

Chamcha: Call out the brown-noser in your group by using this nickname for him.

Charsi: For a friend who loves getting high aka a stoner.

Chava: For the good-looking guy in your group that all the ladies swoon over.

Chikna: If he’s handsome and he knows it, this nickname is apt for him.

Chindi: Use this for all your stingy friends who think twice about spending money.

Chotu: Literally meaning small, this nickname is usually used for someone who is short or for someone much younger than you.

Dhakkan: Want to call someone a dumbass in Hindi? This is the nickname you should be using.

Dost: Literal translation: friend. A safe nickname for all your mates.

Janab: Your Excellency. For a friend who thinks he’s royalty (but isn’t).

Jigar: For a friend who is really dear to you.

Hero: This is perfect for someone who tries way too hard to be a stud.

Kancha: For the big, muscular dude that you know.

Khajoor: While it literally means a “date” (the dry fruit), it is also used to describe someone who is as dumb as a dodo.

Khiladi: For the player who always wins all the ladies.

Kishan Kanhaiya: For someone who all the ladies seem to be charmed by.

Ladla: Know someone who is a mama’s boy? This is the best nickname for him.

Launda: For a risk-taker who isn’t afraid to try crazy stunts. Think bike wheelies and riding on top of trains and buses.

Macha: A South Indian term that is used for close friends.

Maldaar: Do you have a friend who is rich and not afraid to flaunt it? This is the ideal nickname for him.

Majnu: Derived from the classic love story of Laila and Majnu, this nickname can be used for someone who is either crazy about his girlfriend, or about girls in general.

Mitva: Another word meaning friend that can be used for close buddies.

Motu: This is used for someone who is chubby and adorable!

Natkhat: Know someone who is naughty and always playing pranks? This nickname will suit them quite well.

Netaji: He loves politics and always tries to act like the group’s leader.

Pagal: Mad. This is ideal for someone who is absolutely crazy!

Padhaku: For the nerd who can’t seem to get his head out of his books.

Pardesi Babu: This can be used for people who are not Indian or for Indians who try to act white.

Pujari: For a friend who believes in God, astrology, and the likes.

Rangeela: Colourful. For someone who is happy, cheerful, and flamboyant.

Raja: Literally meaning king, this nickname can be used for someone with a “superior than thou” attitude.

Romeo: Like Romeo of “Romeo and Juliet” except this one is more for a player.

Sardar: The Indian equivalent of “Blonde” that can be used to describe someone who is a little slow.

Shana: For someone who always tries to act over smart.

Tapori: A Bombay slang term used for a vagabond.

Thambi: A term from South India that is used for someone who is younger than you.

Tharki: For the horny friend who can’t seem to get sex out of his mind.

Ullu ka patha: Want to call someone a fool in style? Just use this phrase!

Yaar: A commonly used term for close friends.

Indian nicknames for girls

Indian nicknames for girls

It’s always fun to use nicknames for your female friends. Whether you’re just getting to know each other or have been BFFs for ages, these female Indian nicknames will strengthen your bond even more.

Akka: South Indian term for elder sister that can be used for someone who is older than you.

Behen/ Behena: Sister. It can be used as a respectful nickname for any girl.

Begum: This is perfect for a friend who acts like a queen.

Bewdi: For a friend who loves to get drunk often. Hic!

Bukhad: Know someone who can’t stop eating?

Bulbul: For a friend who is as cheerful and chirpy as the bulbul bird.

Chalu: Know someone who is a sly fox? This funny nickname will suit them perfectly.

Chamak Challo: For the fashionista who loves to stand out.

Chamdi: A fearless woman who isn’t afraid to show you how it’s done.

Chavi: Is she the kind of beauty that makes you stop and stare?

Chikni: A really good looking girl who is always the center of attention.

Chokri: Literally meaning girl, this nickname can be used for practically anyone.

Choti: For a petite girl or someone who is much younger than you.

Chutki: Know someone “fun-size”? Use this adorable nickname for them.

Gappi: For someone who just can’t stop gossiping and who knows everything about everyone.

Gundi: A quintessential bad girl who doesn’t care about rules.

Gulabo: This one is used for someone gorgeous with rosy cheeks.

Haseena: A beautiful, mesmerizing woman.

Item: Is she an absolute hottie? Then she’s an “item”. Remember to be careful with this one and only use it with close friends as it can be considered derogatory if it comes from a stranger.

Katrina: A famous female Indian actor. Use this for someone who believes she’s a gorgeous superstar.

Kamsin: For the delicate darling in your group.

Ladli: Is she everyone’s favorite?

Machi: The female version of “Macha” that is perfect for your close buds.

Moti: For a pleasantly plump friend who is a cutie.

Nanhi: Is she small and as cute as a button?

Nautanki: For the drama queen in your life.

Nazuk kali: For a girl who is as delicate as a flower.

Pagli: Is she absolutely crazy in a good way?

Pari: Use this beautiful nickname for a beautiful angel.

Pataka: For a firecracker of a woman.

Raani: Is she an absolute diva?

Rotlu: This is perfect for the crybaby in your group.

Saheli: For a trustworthy friend who never lets you down.

Shehzaadi: For someone who is a princess at heart.

Titli: For a girl who is happy, cheerful, and beautiful like a butterfly.

Yaara: The female version of “yaar” that can be used for any friend.

Indian nicknames for boyfriends

Indian nicknames for boyfriends

Anyone who has been in a relationship knows that it’s practically mandatory to give your partner a nickname. Why not break away from the usual “Honey”, “Baby”, “Sweetie”, and try something Indian instead? Your boyfriend will love it!

Albela: Is your boyfriend as charming as they come?

Ankhon ka Tara: If he’s the apple of your eye, this is what you should be calling him.

Babu: The perfect no-frills cute nickname for your love.

Balam: This is a cute way to call your partner your sweetheart.

Bacha: The Hindi version of “Baby”.

Baliye: Is he your beloved?

Chail Chabela: Is your boyfriend the most handsome lad you know?

Chikoo: A darling nickname that will always bring a smile to his face.

Dilbar/Dildaar: Heart ravisher, for the one who has bewitched your body, mind, and soul.

Gol Guppa: A famous North Indian street food that is also an adorable nickname for your better half.

Hamsafar: Do you believe that your partner is your soulmate?

Heera: For a boyfriend who is as precious as a rare diamond.

Hamdam: This is a beautiful way to say companion.

Hamnafas: The sweetest nickname for the one who has a piece of your heart.

Hamsafar: For the one who makes this journey of life worthwhile.

Huzur: Is he the master of your heart?

Jaanam: This word means darling. Enough said.

Jaaneman/Jaan-e-jigar: Lovely Urdu words that are perfect for the love of your heart.

Jaan-e-tamana: For the one that your heart desires.

Janab: This literally means “Your Excellency” but it’s also a fun nickname to tease him with.

Jivan Saathi: For your partner in crime.

Kadu: For someone who is as adorable as a pumpkin.

Ladoo: A delicious Indian sweet for your delicious partner.

Maashuuq: An intense Urdu nickname for your lover.

Mahiya: A romantic nickname for your beloved.

Makhan: For the boyfriend who is smooth like butter.

Mastana: For the one who intoxicates you with his love.

Mehboob: A poetic Urdu word that means lover.

Pappu: A cute nickname for your cute boyfriend.

Piya: For someone who is more important than life itself.

Priye: Show him that he’s your precious by using this nickname.

Pyar: The Hindi word for love. You just can’t go wrong with this one.

Rasiya: For a boyfriend who constantly seeks and gives pleasure and happiness.

Saajan: Is he your one true love?

Saiyyan: An adorable Bollywood inspired nickname for your boyfriend.

Zaalim: Has your boyfriend cruelly stolen your heart?

 Indian nicknames for girlfriends

Indian nicknames for girlfriends

Last but not least, let’s talk about the best Indian nicknames for your girlfriends. These amazing and exotic nicknames will make them blush, go “Aww” with delight, and help you win their hearts!

Anmol: Is she the most precious and unique girlfriend in the world?

Babli: A funny but cute nickname to tease your partner with.

Chand: The moon, for someone who lights up your world.

Chand ka tukda: A lovely nickname that literally means a piece of the moon.

Cheeni: For someone who is as sweet as sugar.

Chikki: Do you just want to gobble her up all the time?

Dilruba: For a sneaky heart stealer.

Guddi/ Gudiya: A doll-like girl who is an absolute beauty.

Huur: An angelic woman who has completely enchanted you.

Jaan: Call her your life and soul. It does not get more flattering than that.

Jaanu: This will make your honey bunny blush.

Inaayat: A beautiful nickname to let her know what a blessing she is.

Koohoo: This is a great nickname for an upbeat girlfriend who is always smiling.

Kudi: A Punjabi word meaning chick that is considered a cute nickname for your girl.

Mahjaabi:  For a girlfriend who is as radiant as the moon itself.

Maahi: Let her know that she is your beloved.

Mehbooba: An Urdu word meaning sweetheart that will light up her face.

Mishti Doi: A yummy yogurt dessert that is an apt nickname for a girlfriend who is too sweet for words.

Meethi: For the nicest girlfriend in the world!

Noorie/Noor: If you really want to blow her mind, use this nickname which means my light.

Pari: Is she your little angel?

Paheli: A mysterious, enigmatic girl who drives you crazy (in a good way).

Piya: A short and sweet nickname for your love.

Premika: For a girl who is crazy about you and vice versa.

Pyari: Is she the most lovable person in the universe?

Rasgulla: A melt-in-the-mouth dessert that is the perfect nickname for your delicious girlfriend.

Sajini: For a girl who makes you the happiest man in the world.

Sanam: Is she perfect in every way?

Sona: For a girl who shines brighter than gold.

Soniye: The beautiful one, for a girl who is beautiful inside and out.

Shonu: An adorable nickname for a girl who brings magic into your life.

Taara: A star of a woman who sparkles and makes you smile.

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We hope this list has helped you find the perfect Indian nickname for a friend or lover. Which ones were your favorite? Do you have any beautiful Indian nicknames to share? Do tell us in the comments section.

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