Fat Ass

Meaning of Fat Ass:

  1. A nickname for someone who has a large or noticeable backside, often used in a funny or teasing way.
  2. A term sometimes used to describe someone who is seen as lazy or not very active, often in a joking or critical way.

Literal Meaning of Fat Ass: The term “Fat Ass” refers to someone with a big butt, describing either their physical look or, in some cases, their lack of activity.

Popularity: Low

Origin: English, everyday slang.

Example 1:

Jake: Have you noticed how big Max’s butt is?

Tom: Yeah, that’s why we call him Fat Ass. It’s really noticeable.

Jake: He laughs about it, though.

Example 2:

Sophia: Why is Dave always lying around doing nothing?

Emily: That’s why we jokingly call him Fat Ass. He’s always on the couch.

Sophia: He should get up and move more.

Related Nicknames: Big Butt, Chunky, Lazybones, Couch Potato, Bootylicious