90+ Super-Cute Nicknames for your Crush

What nicknames can you call your crush? What nicknames can you call Someone who is not yet your boyfriend or girlfriend but is more than a friend? What nicknames can you call a friend with benefits?

We have written extensively on nicknames for romantic partners such as a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife, but how about relationships that fall in between? Are there cute nicknames you can call a crush without making them uneasy?

You may find an excellent term of endearment for your special person, a nickname that captures your feelings perfectly, but you may avoid calling them that nickname, so you do not scare them away by coming on too strong.

The answer to the question is – Yes! There are countless beautiful and cute nicknames you can call Someone who is not your boyfriend or girlfriend (at least, not yet).

This article has listed some super cute pet names that would make your crush or the person you are talking to feel special rather than uncomfortable.

Nicknames For Your Crush

Here are cute nicknames you can call your crush, friend with benefit, or the person you are talking to without scaring them off:

1. Dreamboat

Dreamboat is used to describe a romantically desirable person. So – Hey! Dreamboat.

2. Charming

If they completely make you feel like royalty and steal your heart every single time with their charm. Hi Charming, Hi Prince Charming.

3. King/Queen

To you, they are royalty, so – Hey Queen, how is it going…,

4. Bumble Guy/Babe

Bumble Guy, Bumble Babe, Tinder Boo, Tinder Boy…,

You probably stored their contact name like this: “Dating App + Generic Pet Name.”

Your friends probably refer to them as Bumble-Guy or Tinder Boo. So, why not stick to that until things take a meaningful step forward.

5. Smiley Face

Does one smile from them make your day regardless of how stressful it has been? We think that this nickname is fitting for them.

6. Cutie/Cutie Pie

The perfect nickname. It reaches far enough to let them know you find them cute but not enough to dig out their fear of commitment.

7. Angel Eyes

Perhaps your crush has pretty eyes like an angel. This flirty nickname is undoubtedly for them.

8. Angel Face

I miss seeing your Angel Face. FT?

9. Good-Looking

Who doesn’t like to be called good-looking? The upside to this nickname is also the downside; it is shallow, so it could signal that you only want something physical. Hey Good-Looking…,

10. Big Guy

A classic nickname for anyone, yet it still feels specific. Big Girl doesn’t translate as nice as Big Guy, so let’s leave this nickname for the gents.

11. Hot Sauce

A nickname to let them know they are a hottie.

12. Boy Toy

If you are playing around, why not call him what he is; a boy toy. Once again, Girl Toy is a no-no. So Boy Toy is an exclusive name for a male FWB or a guy you are talking to.

13. Angel Heart

If you are looking for a softer alternative to sweetheart, call them Angel Heart.

14. Bubba

It can be used for a brother, a male best friend, and even a crush or a guy you are talking to.

15. Sweetie

If done correctly, Sweetie can be used as a nickname for a crush at the right stage. Enough people use Sweetie as a generic term of endearment, which makes it cool. However, you might want to hold off till things are a bit solid before calling them, Sweetie.

16. Cupcake

How can you call them adorable without saying – Sweetheart or Sweetie? Call them – Cupcake.

17. Brownie

Talk about a sweet nickname for a sweet person.

18. Adonis

A cool nickname for a guy with a great body.

19. Hercules

Is your man crush as handsome and ribbed as Hercules? Then try this nickname.

20. Your Majesty

Your Majesty is one of those old classic pet names making a comeback.

21. Tallest

Is your crush tall? Perhaps the tallest among their group of friends, family, co-workers, or classmates; this nickname is perfect.

22. Daddy or Mummy Long Legs

Another cute height-inspired pet name.

23. Buff Daddy

A cute name for a buff guy you are talking to or crushing on. Works for a FWB too. Buff Daddy, I miss your hugs.

24. Chief

Does your man ooze with rich confidence? Then this might be the perfect nickname for him. It is an excellent alternative to calling him “Man, or “Guy”. Just go “Hey, Chief.”

25. Champ

Champ is short for Champion. If done correctly, it can be used as a cute nickname for a crush or Someone you are talking to.

26. McDreamy

McDreamy isn’t reserved for the man of your dreams (it is). But then – a girl can dream.

27. Honey Bun 

A cuter alternative to the nickname, Sweetie.

28. Muffin

Hey Muffin, My Tinder Muffin, Tough Muffin; hopefully, you will get it right.

29. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is short for Pumpkin Pie; it is a classic term of endearment – so you can use it for anyone.

30. Sugar Dumpling

Dumpling is perfect for Someone who is super adorable. Sugar Dumpling seems more physical, so pick the one that suits your relationship.

31. Sunshine

The person who makes your world brighter doesn’t have to be your boyfriend or girlfriend. Sunshine works as a nickname for a crush or FWB.

32. Winky Face

Winky face is a step up from wink face. It sounds flirtier than just plain old “wink.”

33. Giggles

This is such an adorable nickname, especially for a funny person.

34. Shortcake

Do they have a healthy sense of humor and won’t mind being called a funny nickname? This is a height-related nickname, so use it for the gender that doesn’t feel triggered by height jokes.

35. Princess

Does she look graceful and adorable? If yes, we recommend that you consider giving her this nickname.

36. Beautiful/Handsome

We bet your crush is beautiful. Why not remind her every time you call her. Beautiful works as a nickname for a guy, but some prefer the gendered nickname, Handsome. Hey Handsome, want to link up?

37. Your highness

Similar to ‘Your Majesty,’ but ‘Your Highness’ sounds funnier. So if you are looking to lighten the mood or reference their “state of consciousness,” – Say Hi to Your Highness.

38. Fave

Fave signifies a favorite thing or person. You can lighten it by adding another word.

39. Dollface

Face card never declines. This one is flirty – Fitting for a FWB or a pretty crush.

40. Pancakes

Practically, all food nicknames double as crush nicknames.

41. Adorable

A super cute nickname anyone would love to answer.

42. Gumdrop

Are they are so pretty that they make your gumdrop each time you see them? Then this nickname is perfect.

43. Dreamgirl

Is she your dream girl? This nickname works better for Someone you are talking to rather than for a crush. If it is well established that the feeling is mutual or you are known to be a goofball, use it as your crush’s nickname.

44. Umfriend

This nickname is from the book; Ask a Queer Chick. It is the hesitant sound you make when you are asked to introduce them but you don’t know what to call them. As in, “He’s my, um, friend.”

45. Makeout Buddy

If this is what they are; you might as well call a “Makeout Buddy” a “Makeout Buddy.”

46. Hipster

If your crush or person qualifies as a hipster, this is a funny pet name you can use.

47. Person of Interest

If you don’t know how else to let the person know your intention; this would do it.

48. Heaven Sent

Heaven might have skipped sending you a boyfriend or girlfriend but they sent you a friend or a crush or maybe a FWB.

49. Bearded Genius

If he has a beard, then you can call your crush this funny nickname.

50. Bro

When all fails; Bro might just be it for you. At least at the start, when there is so much uncertainty, Bro is a great nickname to call a crush or someone in a “situationship” with you.

51. Buddy

Buddy works as a nickname for a crush or anyone you like. If you don’t want to use buddy; you can add other words to it. e.g. Cuddle Buddy, Bumble Buddy, Midnight Buddy, or maybe “Body Buddy” for your FWB.

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Now, we want to hear from you. What nicknames do you call your crush? What pet names do you use when the relationship hasn’t gotten to the boyfriend/girlfriend stage?

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