300+ Creative and Funny Kahoot! Names

In this article, you will learn how to come up with your own cool Kahoot names, and also, we share some creative Kahoot names to get you started.

If you haven’t, heard of Kahoot, it’s time to check it out. Warning: It’s totally addictive.

If you like games, you’ll love this site! But while gaming is a time-waster, Kahoot boosts your knowledge while you have fun!

Whether you want to brush up on algebra, learn to play chess, practice your reading skills, or study science, Kahoot has it all. Use flashcards, take fun quizzes, and earn upgrades for your avatar!

That’s right: Kahoot is a totally personalized site, and it’s a massive multiplayer online game. It’s super easy to connect with your friends – and best of all, you can compete to see who’s smartest! Do it on the site or through the app on any device. Do it through video or clicking. Make your own quizzes and challenge your friends.

What Are Kahoot Names?

Kahoot Names

When you sign up for Kahoot, you’ll make up a username that you use to log in to the site. This username is between 5-20 characters with no spaces and no special characters allowed except the underscore (_). It’s unique to you, which means that if someone else on the site is already using that username, you have to pick a different one.

BUT never fear! Your username won’t represent you on the site. That’s right: You have a display name to go with your avatar, and that’s how you’ll stand out to all your friends and family!

Will your display name express your personality? Make people laugh? Use your name? Show your smarts?

YOU decide. And for inspiration, we’ve compiled these helpful ways to figure it out. Take a look. You’ll definitely impress your friends with an awesome name for Kahoot!

Kahoot Names That Work

Before we dive in, there a few things you need to know:

  • When you first join, your display name will be the same as your username.
  • Your display name can be changed at any time. We’ll show you how later.
  • Unlike your username, your display name doesn’t have to be unique. This means that if someone on Kahoot is using the display name you want, you can still use it!
  • You can use 1-250 characters. That means your name can be as short as one letter or as long as 250 exclamation points!
  • Feel free to use symbols, numbers, and spaces. Use capital and lowercase letters. Be creative!

Types of Kahoot Names

There are unlimited ways to make your Kahoot name stand out. Here are some ways people like to come up with them:

1. Use your real name

Kahoot name

This doesn’t have to be boring. Have an uncommon or unique name?  Mix it with another word to show who you are and how fun you can be! (NOTE: Want to use your real name? Stick with your first name and leave out your last name. Why? Because sometimes people online are able to find out other information about you if you use your full name. You just want to be careful!)

2. Use a popular expression

Kahoot names

Knowing modern lingo makes you look cool. Show this in your username. Want to reference Spongebob? Your favorite line in a movie? A well-known phrase that represents you? The sky’s the limit!

3. Rhyme

Kahoot name

Rhymes show your creativity. People will easily remember your username if you rhyme more than one word! For example, “Scary Gary,” “Fantastic Spastic,” or “Brian the Lion.”

4. Made-Up Words

Kahoot names

Here’s a secret: Your rhymes don’t have to be real words! If you want to show your silly side, you could say something like “Amber Bamber” or “Octupus Sloctupus.”

5. Make it punny

Kahoot names

Puns are fun ways to combine or misspell words to show more than one meaning. For example, “PartyPants” shows that you’re a party animal, but it also sounds like the popular phrase “SmartyPants.” Using puns is considered both funny and clever – and clever names show that you’re smart! What words can you mix up?

6. Describe yourself

Kahoot names

Use a word that describes YOU. You could be “Crazy Kid,” “Honest Kitty,” or “Frank The Magnificent.” Show off your personality!

7. Use words that start with the same letter

Kahoot names

Want your name to be memorable? Use words that start with the same letter. For example, “Awesome Anne,” “The Freaky Flower,” or “Callum the Clown.”

8. Show your Kahoot-ness

Kahoot names

You’re on Kahoot to play games and make yourself super smart, so show that in your nickname! “The Learning Leopard,” Smart Kid,” or “Genius Jenny” are a few great examples!

9. Change a Letter in a Popular Word

Creative Kahoot Name

You can pick a popular word, name, or phrase, and change a letter in it and voila! you have a creative or funny Kahoot name. For example, Prank Sinatra – Frank Sinatra, Buns N’ Roses – Guns N’ Roses, Bustin Bieber – Justin Bieber, Ghost Malone – Post Malone, Harshmello – Marshmello.

Find More Kahoot NamesHow to Come Up With Nicknames

Kahoot Name Examples

Funny Kahoot Names

Here are the BEST nicknames you can use on Kahoot!

Pick from our list or get a great idea to come up with your own! We’ve got four categories to inspire you depending on what kind of name you’re looking for:

  1. Funny Kahoot Names
  2. Cool Kahoot Names
  3. Smart Kahoot-y Names
  4. Adult Kahoot Names

Funny Kahoot Names

funny names for Kahoot

Do you have a silly personality? Do you like to make people laugh? Silly names are nonsensical, quirky, and super fun! Check these out:

  1. Abnormal Amphibian
  2. Abominable Snowman
  3. Acidic Lemon
  4. Auntie Anteater
  5. Babbling Brook
  6. Bad Karma
  7. Bald Baloney
  8. Bammo Whammo
  9. Barbaric Viking
  10. Barbecued Pork
  11. Barking Cat
  12. Bashful Buttons
  13. Basic Instructions
  14. Beautiful Babbler
  15. Billowy Pillow
  16. Boy Snout
  17. Breakfast Eater
  18. Buff Muscles
  19. Certified Crazy
  20. Chicken Broth
  21. Chicken Pox
  22. Collard Green
  23. Crying Onion
  24. Eat Krill
  25. Fo Sho
  26. Freaking Bananas
  27. Gloomy Guts
  28. Gnome At Home
  29. Hairy Mammal
  30. Herbal the Furball
  31. Here Chick Chick
  32. I’m a Ladybug
  33. Itchy and Proud
  34. Juicy Margarine
  35. Just Chocolate Pudding
  36. Kale Smoothie
  37. Kumquat Squat
  38. Llama Bahama
  39. Lucky Pancakes
  40. Magnificent Mackerel
  41. Malevolent Lemming
  42. Mature Jam
  43. Mental Iguana
  44. Monkey Wrench
  45. Mooncake
  46. Morbid Orbit
  47. Nosy Goat
  48. Not Contagious
  49. Obnoxious Fowl
  50. Organic Fortune Cookie
  51. Oversized Feet
  52. Papa Grape
  53. Pickled Cabbage
  54. Pie a la Mode
  55. President Fish Sticks
  56. Psychotic Éclair
  57. Quirky Druid
  58. Ranch Blessing
  59. Random
  60. Raving Dragon
  61. Razzleberry Toothpaste
  62. Reliable Crow
  63. Ripe Chocolate Cake
  64. Rough Curry
  65. Rumination
  66. Salty Crayon
  67. Scrawny Clementine
  68. Sea Pineapple
  69. Senator Dumbo
  70. Shaggy Cardboard
  71. Shortened Clownfish
  72. Silent Cilantro
  73. Sleepless Churro
  74. Slimy Eel
  75. Slithering Zucchini
  76. Smug Caterpillar
  77. Sneaky Ace
  78. Soft Cheddar
  79. Spastic Camel
  80. Speedy Burger
  81. Sprinkles
  82. Starfish Butter
  83. Steely Sprout
  84. Stout Trout
  85. Stupid Newt
  86. Stylish Cello
  87. Swanky Brie
  88. That One Cannoli
  89. The Patriotic Fork
  90. The Weird Anchovy
  91. The White Baguette
  92. Timid Little Bug
  93. Tragic Bonbons
  94. Trashy Bat
  95. Ugly Duckling
  96. Ultimate BLT
  97. Unfortunate Badger
  98. Unofficially Bagpiper
  99. Vexed Asparagus
  100. What’s Couscous?
  101. Whoopie Pie
  102. Wobbly Avocado
  103. Woof the Hot Dog
  104. Woozy Avenger
  105. Wordly Albatross
  106. Yum Yum Jambalaya
  107. Zany Zebra

Cool Kahoot Names

Cool Kahoot Names

If you’re looking for a nickname to make people think about how cool you are, use a popular phrase, modern lingo, or a pun! Here are some examples:

  1. A Horse is a Horse of Course
  2. Barbecue Anonymous
  3. Bad News Bears
  4. Bagel Bite
  5. Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica
  6. Better Late Than Never
  7. Biggest Fan
  8. Bloodthirsty Pirate
  9. Bluest Cheese
  10. Busy Bee
  11. Captain Jack
  12. Chatty Kathy
  13. Chewy Chicken
  14. Dem Bones
  15. Deviled Eggs
  16. Dingo Ate My Baby
  17. Don’t Do Drugs
  18. Don’t Talk Back
  19. Don’t Worry Be Happy
  20. Eggs Quarantine
  21. Everlasting Gobstopper
  22. Evil Spawn
  23. Examine Your Zipper
  24. Eye of the Tiger
  25. General Tso
  26. Gonna B OK
  27. Good Ship Lollipop
  28. Green Eggs and Ham
  29. Ham Sandwich
  30. Hazardous to your Health
  31. Hop-On Pop
  32. Hot Cocoa
  33. I Do Fondue Do You
  34. I Work Out
  35. If I Were a Rich Man
  36. ignore me
  37. Insert Name Here
  38. Instant Pot
  39. Internally Human
  40. Iron Man
  41. It Was An Accident
  42. Jolly Rancher
  43. Just a Small Town Girl
  44. Kill the Messenger
  45. Kind Of Lame
  46. kthxbai
  47. Last Man Standing
  48. Left of Center
  49. Level Up
  50. Lives In A Pineapple
  51. Maleficent
  52. Man o’ War
  53. Mild Mannered
  54. Minnow Muscles
  55. Mint Condition
  56. Mismatched
  57. More Cowbell
  58. Mostly Harmless
  59. Muffin Top
  60. No Good Names
  61. Otter Poppy
  62. Overactive Imagination
  63. Overcaffeinated
  64. Overclocked
  65. Overexaggerated
  66. Parsley Sage Rosemary Thyme
  67. Pink Panther
  68. Prickly Pear
  69. Princess Charming
  70. Puff the Magic Dragon
  71. Puppy Love
  72. Robo Cop
  73. Rotisserie Chicken
  74. Rusty Pipe
  75. Sabertooth
  76. Sad Happy Cake
  77. Salsa Dancer
  78. Shredder
  79. Smelly Cat
  80. So Basic
  81. Spongebob Squarepants
  82. Start Somewhere
  83. Street Urchin
  84. Sugar Plum Fairy
  85. Summer Days
  86. Swan Princess
  87. Talk to the Hand
  88. The Real Deal
  89. They Call Me Mellow Yellow
  90. Third Strike You’re Out
  91. Throw in the Towel
  92. Tikka Masala
  93. True Dat Bat
  94. Turkish Delight
  95. Tutti Frutti
  96. Untitled
  97. Where’s the Rum Gone?
  98. Yakity Yak
  99. Young Grasshopper

Find More Cool Kahoot Names1000+ Cool Nicknames For Guys and Girls

Smart Kahoot-y Names

Smart Kahoot-y Names

Display your Kahoot spirit by bragging about your smarts. After all, you’re going to be learning a lot while you play these games! Here are a few fun ones:

  1. Academic King
  2. Accuracy Pencil
  3. Achieving Greatness
  4. Beautiful Mind
  5. Bilingual Duck
  6. Brainy Bunch
  7. Brainiac Kid
  8. Brilliant Meatball
  9. Cerebral Scissors
  10. Chess Chief
  11. Clever Shrew
  12. Colonel Bookish
  13. Competent Cat
  14. Computer Geek
  15. Cunning Biscuit
  16. Curious Learner
  17. Edjumacated
  18. Eloquent Elf
  19. Executive Eagle Eye
  20. Geography Grinch
  21. Grammar Guru
  22. History Buff
  23. Illegally Intelligent
  24. Ingenious Monkey
  25. Inquisitive Quill
  26. Intelligent Narwhal
  27. It’s Just Science
  28. Mad Scientist
  29. Math Whiz
  30. My Genius Is Showing
  31. Owlish
  32. Piano Player
  33. Quizzer
  34. Savage Red Pen
  35. Smart Phone
  36. Smarty Pants
  37. Spelling Bee
  38. Spicy Scientist
  39. Student of Life
  40. Studious Sweater
  41. Table of Elements
  42. Wily Coyote
  43. Winner Winner
  44. Witty Wombat

Dirty Kahoot Names

Dirty Kahoot Names

You can’t use words in your display name that are outright vulgar or inappropriate. Kahoot will censor certain words to keep it fairly kid-friendly. But if you want to be a little dirty, use subtle innuendo to get your point across.

Before looking at some examples, keep these things in mind:

  • These display names are about adult things. They’re not for kids.
  • Game hosts can decide to kick out anyone they feel is acting inappropriately, including anyone who uses an inappropriate name. You take on that risk if you use a naughty name.
  • Kids use Kahoot. Have fun, but be aware of this! Dirty nicknames are best when you’re interacting with other adults who have the same sense of humor as you.

Here are some adult names if you decide to go this route:

  1. Always High
  2. Batty as Hell
  3. Beefy Butt
  4. Beer Chugger
  5. Big Rhino Horn
  6. Big Stick
  7. Blow Me Fish
  8. Bra Free
  9. Consenting Adults
  10. Cougar Girl
  11. Dirty Dancer
  12. Easy Pickins
  13. Engorged One
  14. Explicit Tongue
  15. Filthy Mouth
  16. Flexible Pretzel
  17. Flirty Female
  18. Foxy Lady
  19. French Kiss
  20. Give Head
  21. Hot N’ Heavy
  22. Jerk Off
  23. Lacy Underwear
  24. Lick It
  25. Limp Noodle
  26. Long and Hard
  27. Loose Woman
  28. Love My Lips
  29. Mother Clucker
  30. Mythical Hash
  31. Naughty Hammerhead
  32. Nippy
  33. Other Name for Rooster
  34. Pounding Pumpkin
  35. Red Red Wine
  36. Screamer
  37. Sexophone
  38. Sinful Cheeks
  39. Smoking Mushrooms
  40. So Suck It
  41. STD Free
  42. Steamy Hot
  43. Stiff Member
  44. Sugar and Spice
  45. Take My Cherry
  46. The Big Finish
  47. Titty Titty Bang Bang
  48. Truly Thirsty
  49. Wet N’ Wild
  50. Wood Pecker
  51. Wooden Hammer
  52. You Can’t Afford Me
  53. Zesty Chest

How to Change Your Kahoot Name

You can change your Kahoot name any time you want! Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log In by clicking this button in the upper right corner of the page.

Change Your Kahoot Name

  1. Click on the “Settings” button in the upper right corner of the page. It looks like this:

Change Your Kahoot Name

  1. A menu will drop down with several options. Click “Edit Profile.”Change Your Kahoot Name
  2. You’ll see some fields pop up. Remember, you can’t change your username, but you can change your display name. The field looks like this:

Change Your Kahoot Name

  1. When you’re done making your changes, scroll down to the “Save changes” button.

Change Your Kahoot Name

And just like that, you have a fantastic new display name!

Let’s Go!

Coming up with an amazing nickname can be a lot of work. But it can also be super fun! Once you’ve figured out how you want to express yourself on Kahoot – whether by being silly, clever, or smart – save it to your profile using the instructions above.

Make sure to show off your new nickname to your other Kahoot friends! You’re ready to join over one million other players.

Do you have an awesome Kahoot name? Tell us!

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