13 Most Popular Kim Kardashian Nicknames

In this post, you will find all the famous nicknames for Kim Kardashian, including the origins of her nicknames. 

Kim Kardashian is a fashionable American media personality, model, socialite, and businesswoman. A media sensation, Kim has been described as exemplifying the notion of being famous for being famous. 

Kim is a mother of four and ex-wife to Kanye West; she has over 70 million followers across Twitter and Instagram.

Like other members of the Kardashian family, Kim has got some nicknames you are about to discover in this post.

Popular Kim Kardashian Nicknames

Here are the most popular Kim Kardashian Nicknames:

1. Kiki

The nickname, Kiki, was first mentioned by Kim in 2012. She disclosed the nickname in a tweet via her verified Twitter handle in 2012. She tweeted: “I was thinking Khloe & I have our nicknames (Kiki & Koko) but Kourt doesn’t have one…what should it be?”

2. Kimmy

Kimmy is a nickname culled from her first name, Kim. It is also reported as Kim’s nickname in high school.

3. Keeks

The Kardashians share a unique bond visible by the nicknames they call each other. Khloe has repeatedly referred to Kim Kardashian as “Keeks.”

4. Kimmie K

An online news magazine – Glamour, referred to Kim Kardashian as Kimmie K first; while highlighting an interview she had with E! News, Glamour revealed the nickname and her glow in pregnancy.

5. Kim K

Kim K is a shortened version of Kimmie K used by an online news magazine – Glamour. Don’t be surprised when Kim fans choose “Kim K” over “Kimmie K.”

6. Joge

In an interview, Kim revealed her nickname when she was younger. “My dad and my sister Khloe called me “Joge.” Now Khloe still calls me that…”

7. Kimoji

Kimoji is a smartphone app where users could use Kim Kardashian-themed pictograms. Since the concept of the app relies heavily on Kim Kardashian, it makes sense that the term became a moniker for Kim Kardashian.

8. Kim Possible

Kim Possible is an American animated action comedy-adventure television series created by Bob Schooler and Mark McCorkle for Disney Channel. It has become one of the nicknames of Kim Kardashian.

9. Princess of Prison Reform

Princess of Prison Reform is reportedly the nickname inmates call Kim Kardashian. It references her efforts in the release of several inmates. 

10. Skims

Skims is a nickname originating from one of Kim’s fashion brands. The Los Angeles Times, in an article, disclosed the origin of the name. It read, “We went through so many different names. We were thinking, “It’s like skin. It’s on your body. It’s (a second) skin.” But I wanted Kim in it – because that was the reason I (originally) picked Kimono, so I just thought, “Skim,” and then we put an “s” on the end because we kept on always saying, “Can I have my Skims?”

11. Kimono

Originally, Skims was supposed to be named Kimono but following the announcement of Kimono as the brand name, there was a huge public backlash accusing Kim of cultural appropriation. However, the name stuck and some fans refer to Kim Kardashian as Kimono.

12. Special K

Having come from the ‘K’ family consisting of Kris Jenner; her mother, Kourtney, and Khloe; her sisters, including her father and brother, Rob, who shares the family name. Special K refers to Kim’s status as the most popular Kardashian.

13. KKW

KKW is a nickname denoting Kim Kardashian–West. KKW is a beauty and fragrance business owned by Kim Kardashian. Her fans are unsure she would retain the nickname following her divorce from Kanye West

Now, it is your turn to share your Kim Kardashian nicknames in the comments.

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