30+ Popular Nicknames for Avery

Avery is a beautiful name, and every name no matter how beautiful gets nicknames. If you are going to go with Avery as a baby name, it makes sense to know all the possible nicknames for Avery.

In this article, you will find cute, cool, funny, and popular nicknames for Avery. You will also find the names of famous people and fictional characters who were given the name Avery.

History and Origin of the Name Avery

The name Avery was coined from two old English words, aelf and ric. Aelf meaning elf and ric, meaning king or power. Together, the word aelfric or Avery means Elf King, Elf Power, or Powerful King.

Avery was originally a boy’s name in England, France, and Germany. In recent times, it has been used as a girl’s name in the US, sometimes with alternative spellings such as Averi and Averie.

Avery was derived from an Old English surname derived from an old French pronunciation of Alfred’s name. It is also said to be derived from an old Germanic name Alberich.

Popular Nicknames for Avery

Avery Nicknames

The most popular nicknames for a name are often derived from the name, either a shortened form or a modification of the name. Here are some of the most popular nicknames for the name Avery:

  • Av
  • Ave
  • Avie
  • Aves
  • Ava
  • Avy
  • Ree
  • Rae
  • Rey
  • Avey
  • Avers
  • Arie
  • Vee
  • Ery
  • Erie
  • Aver

Cute Nicknames for Avery

Avery is a sweet name, and a sweet name deserves cute nicknames. Here are some cute nicknames for Avery:

  • Aveyboo
  • Avebabe
  • Avey baby
  • Riri
  • My Avi
  • Birdie: A reference to the fact that Avery sounds like Aviary. A place where birds are kept.

Cool Nicknames for Avery

Cute nicknames might not work for everyone. Some Averys might like a name that’s a bit more badass. These are some examples of cool and badass Avery nicknames:

  • Ave The Brave
  • Brave: Br-Ave
  • Avenger
  • Ave-Army
  • Maverick
  • Averyan
  • Avery Flames

Funny Nicknames for Avery

We didn’t want to, but here are some funny nickname for the name Avery:

  • Ave Maria
  • Ave-Poo
  • Have-nots
  • HaveNuts

Famous People Named Avery

Many people in this world have borne the name Avery. Some of them became famous, doing things that positively impacted the lives of people around them. Some of them changed the age-old laws and policies. Some of them were politicians. Some of them were actors, musicians, entertainers. These are some examples of famous Averys.

  • Avery Storm: American R&B, rap singer
  • Avery Cardoza: American author
  • Avery Lawrence Schreiber: American Comedian
  • Tex Avery: American cartoonist

Variants of the Name Avery

Over the years, the name Avery has had different spellings according to the times in which it was used. Some of these variations might be a result of language differences. These are some examples of the different variants of the name Avery.

  • Avarie
  • Averie
  • Averi
  • Avry
  • Aeverie
  • Avarie

Fictional Characters Named Avery

There have been many great books, films and TV shows made which included fictional characters called Avery. Some of these Averys have become quite dear to us. These are fictional characters named Avery:

  • Avery Bullock: He is a character in the “American Dad” TV series.
  • Dr. Jackson Avery: He is a character in the “Grey’s Anatomy” TV series.
  • Avery Barkley:  A character in the Nashville TV series.

When choosing nicknames, keep the feelings you have for your Avery in mind. After all, nicknames are ways of conveying endearment to the people you care about. Let your heart lead you to the right nickname.

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  1. As a fellow Avery I have been called so many different nicknames. As a kid I was called Ave a lot and I hated it now I like being called Ave. I have on friend who calls me Ave-ocado.

  2. My name is Averi and my grammy calls me ava maria I am female and I dont get why people question my abilitys just because my name is used with both sexes.😡

  3. my name is avery and my friends give me my nicknames and her are some, avebabe avecakes and aves they are all weird but these nicknames helped a lot.

  4. My dad calls me ‘Aves’. My uncle said to him when he called me that, “You call her that?” My dad calls me weird names..


  5. This was quite helpful. My name is Avery and I thought some of my nicknames like: Avery-buttons, ave, aves, and a-very were weird. Apparently two of the four are weird but I thought they all were. I’m now 25 and still am being called these EMBARRASSING nick-names. Thanks for reading this! – Aves ????❤️


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