30+ Awesome Nicknames for Enrique

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But first, what’s Enrique’s origin and meaning?

The masculine name Enrique is the Spanish variant of the German name Heinrich. The meaning of the name Enrique is “Home Ruler” or “Ruler of the Homeland.”

Enrique has been adopted in different parts of the world, albeit in other variants.

In 2017, Enrique ranked as the 97th most popular name given to baby boys in Spain.

Popular Nicknames for Enrique

Enrique Nicknames

Popular nicknames are often coined from the first few letters or a mash-up of different alphabets in the original name. Here are popular nicknames for Enrique:

  1. Eni
  2. Kik
  3. Kike
  4. Rick
  5. Ique
  6. Rikky
  7. Rique
  8. Kikin
  9. Quique

Cute Nicknames for Enrique

Cute and endearing nicknames are great options for a total sweetheart or a really special person named Enrique. Below are some cute nicknames for Enrique:

  1. Eeek
  2. Kiko
  3. Kikin
  4. Kikito
  5. Enrikoo
  6. Kiki-Munchkin
  7. Enriquito: Which means “Little Enrique.”

Cool Nicknames for Enrique

Cool nicknames are often formed by attaching suffixes/words that best describe certain personality traits to the name or by giving the original name a cool twist. Here are cool nicknames for Enrique:

  1. Enri
  2. Ricko
  3. Enrike
  4. Henriko
  5. Enriqkilla

Nicknames from Famous People Named Enrique

Public figures are always an exciting and inexhaustible source of nicknames, especially when it’s someone you admire or are a big fan of. Here are some famous people (and their nicknames) who bear the name Enrique:

  1. Enrique of Malacca (also known as Panglima Awang or Henry The Black): An early explorer who was a slave to a Portuguese man.
  2. Enrique Ortiz de Landázuri Izarduy (Enrique Bunbury) is a Spanish singer and songwriter.
  3. Enrique Campos (El Àguila): A retired road bicycle racer from Venezuela.
  4. Enrique Castillo (also known as Kiki): An American actor, writer, producer, and director.
  5. Enrique Gil (also known as Quen, Quenito, Dougie King, and King Of The Gil): A Filipino actor, dancer, and model.
  6. Enrique Iglesias (also known as E, El, The King of Dance, and SuperNova): A Spanish singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer.
  7. Enrique Martín Morales (also known as Ricky Martin and King of Latin Pop): A Puerto Rican singer.
  8. Enrique Peña Nieto (also known as EPN): A Mexican politician who served as the 57th President of Mexico.
  9. Enrique Vicente Hernández (Quique): A retired Spanish football defender.
  10. Enrique Vera (Rambert): A retired Paraguayan football midfielder.
  11. Enrique Murciano (also known as Ukelele Boy): An American actor.

Variants of the Name Enrique

Variants of the name Enrique can make great nickname options for anyone who’d like a nickname closely related to the original name. Here are variants of Enrique:

  1. Henry/Harry: An English variant of Enrique.
  2. Henri: A French variant of Enrique.
  3. Enrico or Enzo: An Italian variant of Enrique.
  4. Henning: A German variant of Enrique.
  5. Harri: A Welsh variant of Enrique.
  6. Henny or Rik: A Dutch variant of Enrique.

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Name Generator: Find Unique Enrique Nicknames

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