100+ Cool and Trendy Nicknames For Grandfathers

Let’s face it; no one needs a constant reminder of his age – not even your grandpa.

Unfortunately for grandparents, we end up calling them names that make them feel old.

As the great grandchild that you are, you need to stop calling your granddad nicknames that make him feel old.

To help you with this, we have provided you with a list of cooler nicknames for your granddad.

Now, you can finally put the cliché “grandpa” nicknames to rest.

Grandfather nicknames

Classic Nicknames for Grandfathers

First, let us take a look at the popular grandfather nicknames:


Grandpa is unarguably the most common nickname for grandfathers’. It is a short form of Grand Papa and to make the name more personal; you can add your granddad’s name. For example, Grandpa Bob or Grandpa Tim.


Gramps is a fun sounding nickname that all the cool kid’s call their grandfather. Obviously, it is just a cooler way to say, Grandparent.


Pops is a shortened form of Papa, and an informal way kids refer to their father. However, many kids also call their granddad – Pops.


Usually, Papa is used by most to refer to a Dad. However, there are no rules against using it for your grandfather. In fact, in many homes across the world, a grandfather is referred to as Papa.

Grandad or Granddaddy

The only difference between this name and the more traditional ‘Grandfather’ is the switching out of ‘father’ to ‘dad’ however this still makes all the difference. Surely, Granddad sounds less formal than Grandfather.

Pappap or Poppop

Pap Pap is a fun and common name, children call their grandparents. It is cute, simple and there aren’t many grandfathers in the world that would not love this nickname.


Pa is a shortened version of ‘Papa.’  It is a popular granddad nickname, and it has different variations across various cultures.

Other Classic Traditional Grandpa Nicknames

  • Drampa
  • Drampaw
  • Gampa
  • Gamps
  • G-pa
  • Grampa
  • Grampy
  • Gran
  • Grand
  • Granda
  • Grandad
  • Grandaddy
  • Grandiddy
  • Grandgramp
  • Grandpappy
  • Granpap
  • Granpappy
  • Granpop
  • Granpoppa
  • Gumpa Gumpy
  • Gwampa
  • Pampa
  • PaPa
  • PapPap
  • Papps
  • Pappy
  • PawPaw
  • PawPee
  • PeePaw
  • Pop
  • Poppa
  • PopPop
  • Poppy
  • Popi
  • Popsi
  • Old Man

Names from Other Cultures

Baba (or Babu in Swahili)

Baba is a traditional nickname for father in the Arab/African culture. Baba is similar to ‘Papa’ as it can be used for either father or grandfather.


Grandpere is the French word for Grandfather. It is a popular nickname because it is fancy, formal and foreign, what’s not to love.


Papi is of Spanish origin and again is usually reserved for the father or more recently, a boyfriend. However, your grandfather is also a Papi. He is the father to one of your parents, so by all means, use it as you please.


Opa is a German term used to refer to grandfathers, and it makes it to this list because it is short, trendy and fun to say.

Like I said earlier, the above nicknames are too common and your granddad probably hates them. The alternative is to come up with unique terms of endearment for your grandfather.

How To Come Up With A Unique Name For Your Granddad:

If you don’t know how, here are a few ways to come up with unique nicknames for your grandpa.

A child’s wrong pronunciation of their name.

As a child, you pronounced every name wrong, or at least with a cute twist to it, so ‘grandpa’ turned to ‘gaga’ or ‘Grapa.’

Admittedly, this happens because as a child, you were still learning to pronounce words correctly.

As you got older, you learned how to pronounce words correctly, and ditched all the distorted variations of the name.

But you didn’t have to ditch those names, they are cute, and if you decide to bring them back, it will always bring back fond memories. So why not?

A Nickname that stems from a trait.

A good way to find nicknames for your granddad is through his traits.

It is so easy, all you have to do is find an attribute in your granddad and give him a nickname based on that attribute. It doesn’t even necessarily need the word to have the word ‘grandpa’ in it

For example, Big Bob for a grandfather that is noticeably big or just ironically for a grandfather who is small. Of course, whether the name is mocking or endearing, he needs to like the nickname.

A Nickname that stems from something Granddad Loves.

Just like forming a nickname for a friend or a colleague, sometimes you only need to look at what they like or enjoy doing and deduce a nickname for that.

The best thing about these kinds of names is that they are sweet by default because it shows how well you know the person.

A Nickname of their choosing.

Rather than stress yourself, you could just ask your grandfather what nickname he loves or maybe a nickname his friends call him, and you could call him the same name. For instance, your grandfather could insist on being called G, and it would be that simple.

List of Nicknames For Grandfathers

  • Ace
  • Adda
  • Baba
  • Babaloo
  • Babar
  • Baboo
  • Badda
  • Bebop
  • BeDe
  • BeeMa
  • BeMa
  • Big Daddy
  • BigBop
  • BigD
  • BiggieD
  • BiggieDad
  • Bo
  • Beau
  • Bobaloo
  • Bobber
  • Bobo
  • Bogie
  • Bop
  • Bop Pop
  • Bubba
  • Bubba
  • Buck
  • Bud
  • Buddy
  • Buster
  • Buzz
  • Buzzy
  • Champ
  • Checkers
  • Chief
  • Coach
  • Dabadoo
  • Dabba
  • Dabbadoo
  • Daddor
  • Dadoo
  • Dadsy
  • Dandy
  • Dappy
  • DeDad
  • DeeDah
  • Derby
  • Dexter
  • DoDad
  • Dodie
  • Domino
  • DooDad
  • Doody
  • Doozy
  • Dozer
  • Faux Pa
  • Fo-Pa
  • G-Dad
  • G-Daddy
  • G-Dawg
  • G-Dog
  • GeeDad
  • Geepa
  • GeePee
  • Geez
  • Geezer Guy
  • G-Man
  • GoPa
  • Go-Pa
  • Gpa
  • Grad
  • Gradaddy
  • Graddy
  • Grady
  • Granda
  • Grand-D
  • Grando
  • Grandoody
  • Grandude
  • Grandy
  • Granite
  • Granpup
  • Grantie
  • Grindiddy
  • Grindy
  • Grinndy
  • Grumpa
  • Grumpy
  • Guapo
  • Hee-Haw
  • HoHo
  • Huggy
  • HugMe
  • Hummer
  • Jeepers
  • Mellowman
  • Napa
  • Nemo
  • Odie
  • Paddles
  • Panda
  • Papadaddy
  • Papi
  • Papster
  • Pawser
  • Pawsey
  • PeePa
  • Peepaw
  • Peepers
  • Pepe
  • Pepo
  • Peppers
  • Peppy
  • Podge
  • Pogo
  • Pompa
  • Popeo
  • PoPo
  • Poppers
  • Popples
  • Poppo
  • PopZ
  • P-Pop
  • Puggles
  • Puppa
  • Puppaw
  • Rocky
  • Sarge
  • Skipper
  • Slick
  • SloPa
  • Splash
  • Tank
  • Ta-Pa
  • TeePa
  • Tug
  • Umpa
  • UmPaPa
  • Wampa
  • Wompa
  • Wompaw

Do you know any cool granddad nickname that isn’t on this list? Go ahead and add it in the comment section.

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  1. Paternal.(Father’s Fathe).

    – Dada
    – Dada Jan
    – Dada Hazoor
    – Agha Jan
    – Baray Abba
    – Dadu

    Maternal (Mother’s Father)
    – Nana
    – Nana Jan
    – Nana Hazoor
    – Agha Jan
    – Baray Abba
    – Nanu

    All in Urdu Language (sweet language and very best Poetry . all Hindi films use Urdu Poetry in their Films) the sweetest language n easy to pick..
    Urdu Language has so many words from diferent languages and so many sounds you can find in it.
    Also called language of manners…… (Mostly speak in Pakistan , India Languages of Mughals Kings and too much influence of Persian n Arabic…..)

    (have words from

  2. Mervyn Sands, though I’m not fond of these Swedish expressions for my own use, I really like the functionality. I’ll have to give this some thought. First grandchild gestating for just a few weeks now, so there’s plenty of time.
    I think the real trick in grandparents’ nicknames is picking one that the little ones can pronounce, but that they won’t be embarrassed to pronounce in front of their friends when they are 15yo.

  3. The Swedes use the term Morfar (mother’s father) for granddad on mother’s side and Farfar (father’s father) for the father’s side.
    Similarly, they use Mormor and Farmor for grandma.
    That stops the confusion of deciding which side of the family you’re talking about.


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