30+ Creative Nicknames for Laura

If you’ve been looking for nicknames to call someone named Laura, here are some of the best nicknames for Laura as well as descriptions to help you pick out.

The name Laura is the feminine version of Laurus and is interpreted to mean “Bay Laurel,” a plant that was used in the Greco-Roman era to symbolize fame, honor, and victory.

Although Laura has a Latin origin, it has been adopted in English speaking countries around the world and is a popular baby girl name in the United States.

Popular Nicknames for Laura

Laura Nicknames

Popular nicknames for Laura can be derived by attaching a suffix to the name or by shortening the name. Here are popular names for Laura:

  1. Lau
  2. Laurie
  3. Lulu
  4. Ray
  5. Lars
  6. Lala
  7. Lari/Larry

Cute Nicknames for Laura

Cute pet names for Laura can be formed by attaching affectionate terms or words with sweet meanings to the name. Below are some cute nicknames for the name Stephanie:

  1. Lollie
  2. Lau Lau
  3. Lozzie
  4. Laura-Bella
  5. Laurel
  6. Laur-Laur
  7. Lauro
  8. Laury bear

Nicknames from Variants of Laura

Variants of the original name are often used as nicknames. Here are some variants of the name Laura:

  1. Laoura: The Greek variant of Laura.
  2. Laure: The French variant of Laura.
  3. Lowri: The Welsh variant of Laura.
  4. Lara: The Turkish variant of Laura.

Nicknames from Things that Rhyme with Laura

Rhyming words together can be a fun activity as well as a way of forming interesting nicknames. Here are some words that rhyme with Laura:

  1. Aura
  2. Flora
  3. Aurora: This may mean “Dawn” or “Goddess of Sunrise.”

Nicknames for Laura From TV or Books

Fictional characters in tv and books can be a source of excellent nicknames for Laura. Here are some fictional characters that bear the name Laura:

  1. Laura Matsuda (also known as Rara): A fictional character from Street Fighter V.
  2. Laura Bristow (also known as Irina): The mother of Sydney Bristow on the television series Alias.
  3. Laura Diamond (also known as The Detective/ Detective Laura): Fictional character in The Mysteries of Laura.
  4. Laura Haruna (also known as Hiroko): A character from the anime series Hamtaro.
  5. Laura Horton (also known as Laura Spencer Monica): A fictional character from the NBC soap opera, Days of our Lives.
  6. Laura Kinney (also known as Wolverine and X-23): A fictional character in Marvel Comics.
  7. Laura Spencer (also known as Nora): A fictional character from American soap opera, General Hospital.

Nicknames from Famous People Named Laura

Nicknames can also be gotten from celebrities and famous people bearing the name. Here are some celebrities and famous people named Laura:

  1. Laura Bush (also known as Bushie): First Lady of the United States from January 20, 2001, to January 20, 2009.
  2. Laura Mercier (also known as Michèle Mercier): World-renowned Makeup artist and the founder of the makeup and skincare brand, Laura Mercier.
  3. Laura Abel (also known as L’Aura): An Italian singer, songwriter, composer, pianist, and violinist.
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