100+ Cute Nicknames For Mom

So why do you need to find a cute name for your mom?

Without a doubt, the most popular deity on earth remains a mother and a good way to show mama how much she means to you is to have a dedicated nickname for her.

Of course, mom or mama is a form of pet name by itself. However, too many people use it and if you want to step things up a bit, you will need a cute and unique pet name to call your mother.

So how do you come up with nicknames to call your mother?

While Mom and Mum might be enough for some people, it might not be fun enough for all! Why not break with tradition and come up with an exciting and unique nickname for your mother.

Whether she’s currently mom, mum, mammy, mama or mommy, the below ideas will get you thinking outside the box when it comes to renaming that most special person in your life.

In this article, you are going to learn about different names for mothers and hopefully, you will find the one that suits your mama.

nicknames for mom

International Nicknames for Mothers

Nicknames for mom

It’s a funny thing that all around the world in varied languages, many names for mothers begin with or include the ‘m’ sound.

Linguists note that this is because of the bilabial sounds such as ‘m’ along with ‘b’ and ‘p’ are the easiest for babies to make. And in the case of the ‘m’ sound, this may even have something to do with the shape of the baby’s mouth as he or she feeds from their mother. Interestingly, it’s the closest thing we have to a linguistic universal.

When you think about it, in English we still say Mmmmm when something is delicious, don’t we!?

The following are examples of the formal term for ‘mother’ from the international language community. Perhaps one of these would be a perfect nickname for your mother, too.

Examples of International Names for Mothers

Arabic: om

In Arabic-speaking countries, many mothers are called Om so-and-so, after the name of their eldest son. So if you’re John your mom can become Om John. If a mother has no male children she will take the name of her eldest daughter. So, even if you’re Jade not John, you can use this one with your mom.

Japanese: okaasan or haha

In Japan babies and toddlers are most likely to just use the words, mama and papa. Of the above words, okaasan is simply the formal word for mother while haha is a term that small children use to refer to their mother while speaking to others. Fancy calling your mom haha? Good luck to you!

Norwegian: mor

Like the other Scandinavian languages of Danish and Swedish, mothers in Norwegian are called Mor.

Finnish: äiti

The Finns are a little different from their neighboring Scandinavians, calling their mothers äiti. This is because the Finnish language stems from an entirely different language family group than the others, despite being geographically close.

Maori: tīaka

Maori is the indigenous language of New Zealand and there are several ways to say, mother, depending on the context. Tiaka generally means an animal mother, so, if you and your siblings were absolute tearaways, perhaps this one is perfect for your mom!

Other international terms for mother, all making use of the ‘m’ sound, include:

Bosnian: Majka

Brazilian Portuguese: Mãe

Gaelic (Scotland and Ireland): Mathair or Mam

Czech: Matka

Dutch: Moeder or Moer

French: Mère or Maman

German: Mutter

Greek: Màna

Italian: Madre or Mamma

Polish: Matka or Mama

Russian: Mat’

Spanish: Madre or Mamá or Mami

Swahili (Eastern Africa, Great Lakes Area): Mama or Mzazi or Mzaa

Hebrew (Israel): Ima

Yiddish (Eastern European Jewish Language): Muter

Tok Pisin (Papau New Guinea): Mami or Mama

Urdu (Pakistan): Maan or Ammi

Hindi (India): Maan

Catalan (North-Eastern Spain): Mare

Farsi (Iran, Persia): Maadar

Afrikaans (South Africa): Moeder

Slovenian: Mati

Burmese: Mihkain

Slang Nicknames for Mom

Generally speaking, among the English speaking countries, Mom is an Americanism while Mum is British English. Mum is also used widely outside of Britain in post-colonial English speaking countries like Australia, New Zealand, India, and Canada, where British English retains aspects of its pronunciation. Interestingly, it is really only the USA which uses Mom.

Drawing from the international English-speaking community yields a wide range of slang terms for mothers and parents in general. Some of these might be appreciated more than others so proceed with caution when you first test them out on your own mother, or someone else’s for that matter.

Some of these, like Mamadukes, are fine as nicknames for your mom, others should perhaps be reserved for when you refer to her only!

Examples of Slang Nicknames for Mom

The Olds

Literally meaning the old ones, this Australian slang term is used when referring to one’s parents.

The Rents, The Parentals

Like the above, this antipodean slang term is in wide use in Australia and New Zealand. And just like ‘the olds’, it is used when talking about your parents.


North American slang term for mom. Can be used to both refer to your mom and address her directly. This nickname plays on the name Marmaduke.

Old Dear

This a Northern England term for mother: ‘me old dear”.

The Old Girl or The Old Lady

A slightly derogatory way to refer to your mom, she may not like this one!

Other slang terms for mothers include:

  • Baby Momma
  • Big Momma
  • Hockey Mom
  • Soccer Mom
  • Mitty
  • Tiger Mom
  • T-Jones
  • T-Lady
  • MILF – Not to be applied to your own mother!
  • Yummy Mummy – As above, not for your own mom!
  • Yo Mama
  • Trailer Mom
  • Sheila – An Australian mother
  • The Folks – Used to refer to both your parents
  • Mother Hen
  • BM – short for baby momma
  • Brummy Mummy – A yummy mummy from Birmingham UK

Unique Nicknames for Mom

None of the above floating your mom-nicknaming boat? No worries, perhaps it’s time to consider something a little more unique.

You can also come up with an absolutely new and novel nickname for your mom, who knows, perhaps it’ll catch on and you’ll be the proud inventor of a neologism (a brand new word). Try combining her first name with words and concepts that you think apply to her or suit her. For example, if your mother is called Jo and she is a bit of a tyrant, you could nickname her ‘Jozilla’ or perhaps ‘Momzilla’!

Examples of Unique Nicknames for Mom


Yiddish for ‘little mother’, this word is also used to refer to small female children. As a nickname for your mom, it’s fun to say and you can bet it’ll be unique, too!

Patrino or Panjo

These nicknames for moms come from the invented language, Esperanto. No one actually spoke Esperanto until it was designed to facilitate European communication. It is not a naturally occurring language and as such, is not widely spoken at all. Try Panjo on for size, it’s cute and unique.

Her First Name

While it might seem a little strange at first, some people do just call their mothers by their first name. It’s a very grown-up thing to do and while some moms might not like it so much, others will love it.

Change Language Variety

Go against the grain: if you live in a country that says normally says Mum, try saying Mom instead, and vice versa, too.


This unique nickname for moms combines the Russian word for an older woman, Babushka, with mom. Perfect if she wears a headscarf!

Finger and thumb

This is cockney rhyming slang, a dialect from London, for mum as in: ”the ol’ finger and thumb”. Fathers are called ‘the ol’ pot and pan’ for old man.


This is a Czech dialect term for mom.

Other unique nicknames for mothers include:

  • MeMom
  • MomMom
  • MumMum
  • NotherMother
  • MayMay
  • Mimsey
  • Memah or Meema
  • Mooma
  • MuNu
  • Mummers
  • Mumica
  • OtherMother
  • Moo Moo
  • Numero Uno – Italian for number one, but used to mean the most important person
  • Mumbassa
  • Momette
  • THE Mom
  • MM – for my mom
  • Uddermudder
  • Ompa

Cute Nicknames for Mothers

If your mom is cute and sweet and kind you’ll want a nickname that matches the nurturing nature she possesses, or perhaps her cutesy style.

Remember, too, that nicknames often have an element of irony to them, so these cute nicknames could also work if your mom is the complete opposite!

Examples of Cute Nicknames for Mom


This cute nickname for a mother makes use of a diminutive form. Perfect if your mom is little and sweet.


This nickname carries connotations of upper-class British society. Try saying it in your finest posh English accent!


A cute nickname for moms and one that sounds great, too: ”Oh, Mom-O”!


This is a very cutesy and sweet nickname for your mom. It’s the Scottish and Irish Gaelic version of mommy.


This affectionate nickname comes from the mother character in Louisa May Alcott’s ‘Little Woman’. Is your mom basically the perfect mother like Mrs. March is? If so, this could be the perfect cute nickname for her.

Other cute nicknames for moms include:

  • Sweetheart
  • Dotty
  • Sugar or sugie
  • Minny
  • Mamacita
  • Honey
  • Lovey
  • Lulumom
  • M’dear
  • Lolly
  • Snug-a-mom
  • Snuggles
  • Tinks
  • Muffy
  • Mermie
  • Mamoo or Mumoo
  • Darling
  • Dear
  • Dearest
  • Sunny
  • Mumpy
  • Bubbles

Funny Nicknames for Mothers

Whether your mom is a superstar ‘momtrepreneur’ (mom entrepreneur) or a classic Southern ‘Maw’, taking elements of her personality or style and adding them into a nickname produces some great nickname ideas.

Try an element of sarcasm out, too. Maybe your mom is a ‘Mother Dearest’ or simply ‘Your Highness’ or perhaps she is ‘She Who Must Be Obeyed’.

Have fun with your mom’s nickname,  test out a few on her to see which she reacts best to, or worst, if that’s your intention!

Examples of Funny Nicknames for Mom


This fun nickname for a mom comes from the Italian phrase ‘Mamma Mia’ which literally means ‘my mother’. However, it’s used as an interjection expressing surprise or shock, similar to the usage of ‘my gosh!’

The Momager

This in an awesome nickname for a mother who is organized and perhaps a little bossy! This nickname combines Mom with Manager.


Is your mom a really tough cookie? Try this nickname for her. It is also the name of a notoriously difficult obstacle course, so it’s perfect if it’s hard to get anything past her!


For the mom who can be a bit of a tyrant! Combines Mom with Godzilla

Ma Ma Ma

For the mom who is a bit of a bleater, or nags a lot, this nickname is perfect. It combines an element of repetition with a sound akin to that a goat makes. Try saying it with a monotonous tone!

Other examples of funny nicknames for moms include:

  • The Chef
  • The dishwasher – Stand back when you say this one!
  • Yo Mama – In reference to the numerous jokes starting with this
  • Fo Ma or Faux Ma – For step-mothers
  • Top Mom
  • Ann Mummers – Not for your own mother!
  • Domestic Manager or Household CEO
  • The Law
  • Angry Bird
  • The mother land
  • The mothership
  • Domestic Engineer
  • Protector of the progeny
  • Mombles
  • Gin o’clock
  • Darth Vader
  • Birthgiver
  • Professor Mcgonagall
  • The Momster – for a mom who is a bit of a gangster

Hopefully, you’ve had fun coming up with a few new nickname ideas for your own mother-dearest.

Whether you have the sweetest cookie-baking mom ever or a hard-nosed business woman, as a mother: your mom is likely to be one of the greatest and most important influences in your life.

Perhaps that’s why we have so, so many different ways to say, mom. From Mammy to Ma and Meema to Mommy, what will you call your mom?

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