40+ Nicknames for Sophia, Sophie, or Sofia

Sophia was one of the most popular baby girls’ names in the last decade (2009-2019). Yet, finding good nicknames for someone named Sophia can be a struggle.

For anyone struggling with nicknames for someone named Sophia/Sophie/Sofia, this post contains a long list of popular, cute and funny Sophia nicknames to make your search easier.

But first, what is the origin and meaning of Sophia?

The name Sophia, also spelled as Sofia, is a female name of Greek origins which means “wisdom.” Records of the name Sophia dates as far back as the fourth century. Over the years, the name has become a popular female name.

Popular Nicknames for Sophia, Sophie, or Sofia

A great way to shorten any nickname is to find a suitable nickname from the name. This is why we have created a list of some short, funny, cute nicknames for anyone named Sophia. Here are some popular nicknames for Sophia:

  1. Sofi
  2. Fifi
  3. Soph
  4. Sophs
  5. Sophie – The most popular variant of Sophia.
  6. Sophy – A spelling variant or Sophie.
  7. Pia
  8. Phia
  9. Fia
  10. Sof
  11. Phi
  12. Phi-Phi
  13. Popa
  14. Pepa
  15. Sophis
  16. Pey
  17. Pea
  18. Big S
  19. Foffy
  20. Phier
  21. Sofia the First – Inspired by the Disney animated series.
  22. Soso
  23. Fifers
  24. Slow-phie
  25. Sophistry
  26. Sophomore
  27. Sophie-sticated (Sophisticated)
  28. Sopeeah
  29. Sofa
  30. Pee Girl
  31. Sophiewophie
  32. Sophie Bug
  33. Soph-a-loaf
  34. Sophie Lopie
  35. So-Pooh
  36. Soapy/soapie/Soap – A funny Sophia nickname.
  37. Tophie/Toffee
  38. Saffi/Safi
  39. Sia – (Reference to famous American singer Sia).
  40. Sophie Buns – A nickname for an adorable Sophia (A Bugs bunny reference).
  41. S.O – From the first two letters of Sophia. It also means Special One.
  42. Snowpea – An adorable nickname that rhymes with Sophia.
  43. Sweet Pea – A sweet Sophia pet name.
  44. Sophey – A spelling variant or Sophie.
  45. Sofie – A spelling variant or Sophie.
  46. Sofia – A Spanish variant for Sophia.
  47. Soficita – A Greek Variant for Sophia.
  48. Sofka – A Bulgarian variant for Sophia.
  49. Sofya – A Russian variant for Sophia.

Famous People named Sophia, Sophie, or Sofia

When looking for nicknames, an easy way to find the perfect name is to consider famous people who bear that name.

Famous people have nicknames of their own coined from their name, which would help you find a nickname. Also, famous people’s names can be good nicknames.

Here is a list of some famous people named Sophia:

  • Queen Sofía of Spain – Queen consort of Spain.
  • Saint Sophia Legendary mother of the virgin martyrs’ Faith, Hope, and Charity.
  • Princess Sofia, Duchess of Värmland – Wife of Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Värmland
  • Sofía Vergara – Colombian model and actress. She is best known for her role as Gloria in the ABC sitcom, Modern Family.
  • Sofia Milos – Swiss-born Italian/Greek actress. She is best known for her role as Yelina Salas on CSI: Miami.
  • Sofia Vassilieva – American actress. She is best known for her role as Ariel DuBois in the Emmy-winning TV series, Medium.
  • Sophie Turner – English actress. She is best known for her role as Sansa Stark on the HBO fantasy television series, Game of Thrones.
  • Sophia Bush – An American actress, activist, director, and producer. She is best known for her role as Brooke Davis in The WB/CW drama series, One Tree Hill.
  • Sophia Vossou – Greek singer
  • Sofia Wylie – An American actress and dancer. She is best known for her role as Buffy Driscoll on the Disney Channel series, Andi Mack.
  • Sophia Yan – American classical pianist.

Famous Fictional Characters Named Sophia, Sophie, or Sofia

The name Sophia has also gone viral in the art world. It is a popular name used for fictional characters in books, movies, and even songs. This list of famous fictional characters named Sophia would also help you with ideas for the best fictional characters named Sophia.

  • Sophie Amundsen – The Main character from the novel Sophie’s World.
  • Sofia Constantinas – From the comic Wonder Woman.
  • Sofia Curtis – From the TV series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.
  • Sofia Dupre – A character on the American soap opera The Young and the Restless.
  • Sofia Lamb – From the video game BioShock 2.
  • Sofia Petrovna – A character from the novel, Sofia Petrovna, written by Russian author Lydia Chukovskaya.
  • Sofia Sartor – From the video game Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.
  • Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres – Daughter of Callie Torres, Mark Sloan, and Arizona Robbins from Grey’s Anatomy.
  • Sophia Aubrey – From the Aubrey-Maturin series of novels by Patrick O’Brian.
  • Sophia Esteed – From the video game Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.
  • Sophia Hapgood – From the video game Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.
  • Sophia Peletier – From the TV series and comic books The Walking Dead.

We have carefully selected some of the best nicknames for Sophia. If there is any Sofia nickname we missed, be a dear and share it in the comments section.

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42 thoughts on “40+ Nicknames for Sophia, Sophie, or Sofia”

  1. Chofi for Sofia in Spanish. This was my aunt’s nickname and it sounds very cute and warm.

    To my daughter Sophia she came out with Pia, and I love it! she’s my sweet Pia

  2. she-she (this is what i called myself when i was little)
    phia (remove the first two letters)
    soph (remove the last two letters)
    sophi (remove the last letter)
    soma (first two letters of my first and middle name)

  3. Sophia the 3rd

    I have two other Sophie/Sophias in my class! It’s a nightmare. I go by S, Phi, Phia, Phiso (switching the syllables), Philly, and Saliya!

  4. When I was a little girl my dad would call me, and still does, Sossie-Liz (my middle name is Elizabeth)

    By friends and family I get called Sos or Sossie ????

  5. Our cats are Chava and Sofie. We call Chava Chavita and Sofie Sofrita—after “Sofrito.” It’s silly, but we like it!

  6. Sophie Trophy…she is the BEST prize for us.
    Eihpos – Sophie spelt backward (=eftpos)
    Coast to coast Soph – very sporty.
    Soph send her mother over the edge

  7. I actually have many nicknames:
    Literally, everyone from my family has a nickname for me and when they call me ‘Sophia’, it’s because they’re mad LOL.

    • Same. Like you said, the only reason they would call me Sophia is if their mad. I pretty much just have:
      And some others that I have only been called like once.

  8. My sister will be having a boy within 4 weeks and i have wanted him to call me taunty for the longest! but i have finally decided on foofy???? that is what my younger sisters called me when they couldn’t pronounce my name right and i thought it would be prefect! but im pretty sure he will just call me what he wants????

  9. Great nicknames. How about S.E? It could work for both Sophias and Sophies. For Sophias it could be like S but make it sweet and add an ‘ee’ sound to the end. For Sophies it could be the first and last letters in their name.

  10. People call me Soph. I’m surprised you didn’t have Sonia on there, or Sonya. People also tease me and call me Soapie or Sofa. I hope no one I know ever finds out about Soph-a-loaf.

  11. Good nicknames, but you said they were all for sophia’s And that excludes sofies and Sophie’s even though some of them are much better for sofies and Sophie’s so make sure you stick to your title cuz it kind of hurt only seeing u care about Sophia’s


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