Alf Nickname Meaning: “ALF” is short for “Alien Life Form. It is a nickname inspired by the ugly, short, and smart-mouthed creature ALF. It can be used for someone with these characteristics or a weirdo. Alf is also short for Alfie.

Alf Literal Meaning: ALF is a character from the American sitcom “Alien Life Form, which is also the meaning of the name.

Popularity: Low.

Origin: English.


Allen: Paul, I just saw Rosie’s new boyfriend.

Paul: So, why are you smiling?

Allen: He seems like a proper ladies’ man, a real upgrade on the ALF she was dating earlier.

Paul: ALF?

Allen: Ugly, short, and he has a big mouth on him. So, ALF, like the cartoon character.

Paul: You cow shit!

Allen: There goes the “mouth on him.”

Paul: You’re a jerk.

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