300 Popular Police Nicknames From Around The World

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Coming up with a nickname, whatever the reason, can sometimes be tough. A nickname may be funny or exotic, but if people don’t instantly see the meaning behind it, it probably won’t stick.

But coming up with a nickname for a police officer doesn’t have to be so hard. All you need is a massive list of ideas, and you’ll get those creative juices flowing in no time!

Whether you’re looking for funny cop nicknames, street cop nicknames, or street cop names from around the world, we’ve got them all! Scroll away and take a look at our huge list of nicknames for police officers!

Nicknames for Police Officers

Police Nicknames

If you need a list of funny cop nicknames, street names for police, or international police nicknames, check out the following names:

Funny Cop Names

Funny Cop Names

How many funny cop names do you know?

  1. Bacon – In most cases, people love bacon, just not this specific kind of bacon.
  2. Bacon Breath – There’s a bacon addiction epidemic among police officers, it’s very serious.
  3. Officer Bacon – You can guess what this officer’s diet mostly consists of.
  4. Pigs – Definitely one of the most common ways to refer to the police and boy do they love it!
  5. Piggy – This cute nickname will drastically increase your chances of screaming “police brutality! Police brutality!”
  6. Swine – For a police officer who really screwed you over.
  7. Hogs – Especially for fat and hairy officers.
  8. Sow Crate – Another word for a ‘gestation crate,’ where female pigs are kept for breeding, mostly used for a police car with female officers in it.
  9. Oink – When they’re talking to you, and all you hear in your head is ‘oink, oink.’
  10. Pork – What police officers live for.
  11. Pork Chops – Especially good for an overweight police officer.
  12. Pork Products – A great nickname for items that belong to police officers.
  13. Pork Delivery – Great for when the police are walking in your direction.
  14. Blue Flamer – A nickname for a rookie police officer who is too keen to make arrests.
  15. The Blue Man Group – After the Las Vegas performance group who cover their skin in blue.
  16. Blue Canary – What firemen call police officers who run into flaming buildings without any training or protection.
  17. Robocop – A rookie police officer who enforces the law a little too harshly without properly assessing the situation.
  18. Boogerman – He’s out to get you!
  19. RALB – Stands for ‘rolling around looking badass,’ a term police officers like to use when they think they’re being cool.
  20. Cop A. Feel – For a police officer who comes across as a bit of pervert.
  21. Donut – You know, they love their donuts!
  22. Donut Patrol – For police officers out on patrol
  23. Donut Muncher – A variation of the above.
  24. Donut Squad – Used by Tony Soprano in the TV series The Sopranos.
  25. Do-do Nutters – Also related to the stereotype that police officers eat donuts.
  26. The Do-dos – Also related to the stereotype that police officers eat donuts.
  27. Officer D.O.Nut – Potentially a really unfortunate name.
  28. Officer Don Uts – Similar to the above.
  29. Occifer – ‘Officer’ spelled incorrectly, to be used as a joke when they assume you’re drunk.
  30. Ossifer – Another variation of the above.
  31. Bluefoot – For an officer who’s ridiculously tall.
  32. Hot Cop – For an officer you find really attractive.
  33. Dicks – Short for detectives, unfortunately.
  34. Officer Krupke – In reference to the character of the same name for the musical West Side Story.
  35. Headache Man – You’re going to need some aspirin after getting berated by this cop.
  36. Adam Henry – A word cops use to call someone an asshole without actually saying it.
  37. Smokey – Perfect for police officers who wear hats like Smokey Bear.
  38. Smokey Bacon – An excellent combination, Smokey the Bear and bacon!
  39. Bear – Also from Smokey Bear.
  40. Bear Report – In trucker slang, this when a trucker, via a radio, asks other truckers coming the other way if there are police in the direction they are traveling.
  41. Han Kuff – Because they’re going to cuff you!
  42. Code Brown – What police officers say when they need the bathroom before responding to a call.
  43. Mister Meanor – For a police officer getting you in trouble over something really small.
  44. Stool Pigeon – A funny way to refer to an undercover cop.
  45. Buzzkill – Because they ruin people’s fun.
  46. NOOSE – In reference to the game GTA, a law enforcement agency based on a SWAT team. The name is in reference to the knot used to hang people.
  47. I.B. – In reference to the game GTA, a wordplay on FBI which makes them sound like liars.
  48. Federal Boobie Inspector – Yup, we’ve all seen it on people’s shirts!
  49. First Bunch (Of) Idiots – Another one in reference to the FBI.
  50. F****** Bunch (Of) Idiots – A more offensive version of the above.
  51. F****** Big Idiots – Variation of the above.
  52. Roach – As in cockroach.
  53. Lou Tennant – Anyone with a name like this should resist the urge to become a police officer.
  54. Lightning Strikers – Because they use tasers.
  55. Penelope’s – Originating from the San Francisco Bay area.
  56. J-CAT – A term cops use to refer to someone who’s crazy.
  57. 5150 – Police code for someone who’s crazy.
  58. Gun Wizards – Because they have this amazingly magical ability to shoot people, even when they haven’t done anything wrong.
  59. Poo – When Po-Po isn’t quite enough.
  60. Pope-A-Lope – Po-Po taken to another level.
  61. Bad Boys – In reference to the film of the same name.
  62. Demolition Man – In reference to the film of the same name.
  63. Starsky And Hutch – In reference to the film and TV series of the same name.
  64. Barney – In reference to the dimwitted character Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith Show.
  65. Concrete Beater – For officers a little too eager to get into a brawl.
  66. Pavement Pounder – A variation of the above.
  67. Local Yokel – For officers in a small town, definitely not the smartest officers you’ve ever met.
  68. Town Clown – Similar to the above.
  69. Walker – For that cop who got you into trouble for jaywalking.
  70. Deuce Hunters – Officers that go out looking specifically for drunk drivers, referred to as ‘deuces.’
  71. Cowboy – For rural country cops.
  72. Fuzz Muppets – These officers just can’t do anything right.
  73. Fee-Graber – They’re a little too eager to fine you over the smallest things.
  74. Police Academy – In reference to the films.
  75. Badge Bunny – A woman who is attracted to police officers.
  76. Holster Humper – A variation of the above.
  77. Holster Sniffer – Another variation of the above which is also used to refer to people who say they were going to be a cop.
  78. Fishers Of Men – Because they catch you!
  79. Officer Barbrady – In reference to the character from South Park.
  80. Dick Tracy – After the comic strip and film of the same name.
  81. Dickless Tracy – This officer hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing.
  82. Dirty Harry – After the film series of the same name, this one rotten cop.
  83. Columbo – After the TV of the same name, this officer has the ability to make big conclusions based on small circumstances.
  84. Sherlock – After everybody’s favorite detective, Sherlock Holmes.
  85. No Shit Sherlock – For an officer who makes really obvious observations.
  86. Chief Wiggum – After the character from The Simpsons.
  87. Walker Texas Ranger – After the TV series of the same name starring Chuck Norris.
  88. Axel Foley – After the protagonist in the film Beverly Hills Cop.
  89. City Kitties – Slang for local city cop.
  90. Major Johnson – For an officer you really, really dislike.
  91. Captain Morgan – After the rum Captain Morgan’s.
  92. Beagle – After the dog, no one can take this officer seriously at all.
  93. Pup – Often used to refer to new police officers who have just joined the force.
  94. Crook – This officer is more of a criminal than the people he arrests.
  95. The Darkside – In reference to Star Wars, these cops are more evil than the Sith Lord.
  96. The Evil Empire – Another Star Wars reference and a great way to refer to the entire police force.
  97. Drones – Also in reference to Star Wars, these officers have no brains and just follow orders.
  98. Peace Officer – For officers who are ‘just trying to keep the peace.’
  99. Po-lease Officer – When you’re begging them to let you off the hook.
  100. Wee-Wooh Wee-Wooh – After the sound the siren makes.

Street Names For Cops

Street Names For Cops

There are different names used for police officers on the street; these are some of the most popular street names for cops:

  1. 5-O – Pronounced ‘five-oh’, this is a name is often shouted in a neighborhood to warn criminals that the police are coming.
  2. Cop – Definitely the most used nickname for a police officer.
  3. Copper – A variation of the above.
  4. Staties – A nickname mostly used in the New England area for state troopers.
  5. Stater – Similar to the above.
  6. PO-PO – A highly popular nickname for police officers, particularly among young people.
  7. PO – A shortened variation of the above.
  8. PO-9 – A variation of ‘PO-PO’ used mostly in the south of the US.
  9. Hi-Po – Short for ‘Highway Police.’
  10. Anger Squad – Let’s face it, there are a lot of cops out there who are way too aggressive.
  11. Cherry Toppers – For police cars that have red lights on their roofs.
  12. Cherry Tops – A variation of the above.
  13. Cherries – A variation of the above.
  14. CHIPS – Stands for ‘California Highway Patrol Officers.’
  15. 6 Up – Usually said as a warning when a police officer or police officers are nearby.
  16. FEO – Another warning police are near, used mostly by Puerto Rican and Dominican communities in Philadelphia.
  17. Cop Shop – Slang for ‘police station.’
  18. The Mayor’s Army – When there’s trouble in the neighborhood, the mayor sends in his own private army.
  19. Bird – Slang for a police helicopter.
  20. Ghetto Bird – A variation of the above.
  21. Ghetto Crow – A variation of the above.
  22. Ro-Slo – A nickname for city police.
  23. Tyre Biters – For police officers who often find themselves in car chases.
  24. The Boyz – A way police officers refer to each other.
  25. Boys In Blue – In reference to their blue uniforms, in certain states.
  26. Blues – Shortened plural form of the above.
  27. Blue Force – A slang word for the police that’s mostly used in Florida.
  28. Blueberry – Also in reference to blue police uniforms.
  29. Berry – A shortened version of the above.
  30. Uni – Used to refer to a uniformed officer.
  31. Hard Striper – An officer promoted to corporal or sergeant.
  32. Justins – For officers that have a high moral standing.
  33. The Justice Project – These officers have big ideas on how to make the streets safer.
  34. Wax Collectors – For highway patrol officers in Florida as most of the violations they deal with involve seniors.
  35. The Man – Popular among hippies, particularly in the 1960s and 1970s.
  36. ACT – In Philadelphia, this means ‘Anti Crime Team.’
  37. Elephant Ears – Because they do a lot of listening.
  38. Whoop-Whoop – Used mostly in the Southern US states, it refers to the sound a siren makes.
  39. Meter Maid – An officer that gives tickets to illegally parked cars.
  40. Paddy Wagon – Refers to a police van.
  41. Meat Wagon – Variation of the above.
  42. Black Maria – Pronounced ‘Mariah,’ also a variation of the above.
  43. Collar – Because they catch you by the collar.
  44. Chota – Spanish American term for ‘police officer.’
  45. Jake The Snake – A nickname for the police originating from the Bronx.
  46. Snippers – A nickname mostly used by African Americans.
  47. Rollers – A nickname mostly used by African Americans in the 1970s.
  48. The Thin Blue Line – In reference to the area police officers cordon off from the public, also in reference to a number of TV shows and films of the same name.
  49. The Beast – Can be used negatively to refer to the whole police force.
  50. Gumshoe – A slang word for a ‘detective.’
  51. Kojak – For a detective, in reference to the TV series of the same name.
  52. Hawkshaw – Another word for a ‘detective.’
  53. Sleuth – Also another word for a ‘detective.’
  54. Cannon-Shooter – An old word which means a detective who arrests pickpockets.
  55. The Boys Of 911 – They’re only around when ‘there’s an emergency.’
  56. Vics – Often used in the 1990s and 2000s in reference to the commonly used Ford Crown Victoria at the time.
  57. Jailstuffers – These officers won’t be happy until the whole neighborhood is behind bars.
  58. Prowler – Slang term for a police car.
  59. Slick-Top – For a police car without a lightbar.
  60. Cruiser – Commonly used when referring to a police car.
  61. Lizzy Lice – A slang word for police officers that patrol in cars.
  62. Lizzie Lousie – A variation of the above, specifically for small cars.
  63. Narc – Nickname for a narcotics agent.
  64. Nark – Variation of the above.
  65. AO – Can either stand for arresting officer, assisting officer or assigned officer.
  66. Flatfoot – In reference to a police officer on foot.
  67. One Time – Because you shouldn’t look at them more than once or you’ll look suspicious.
  68. Bulls – These officers are total brutes.
  69. UC – It stands for ‘undercover cop.’
  70. Plainclothesman – A police officer who doesn’t wear a uniform.
  71. Uniforms – Obviously in reference to how they usually wear uniforms, unless undercover.
  72. Buttons – An old one that refers to the large buttons on their uniforms.
  73. Badge – Based on the fact that they wear a badge on their uniform.
  74. Bronzes – Also in reference to the police badge.
  75. The Brass – Can be used to refer to police officers, though it is usually reserved for those with a high rank.
  76. Weed Snatchers – For cops that cease cannabis or other drugs.
  77. Cinder Dick – A nickname for a railroad police officer.
  78. DRC – Stands for ‘Dirty Rotten Copper.’
  79. Alphabet Police – Any federal agency.
  80. Men In Black – Also can be used to refer to federal agents.
  81. Feds – Short for ‘federal agent.’
  82. Federales – Mexican words for ‘federal police,’ frequently used also in the US.
  83. G-Men – Slang for ‘government men.’
  84. The Little Presidents – These officers think they run the world.
  85. Scorcher – After the word scorch, which means to arrest someone.
  86. DRE – Stands for ‘Drug Recognition Expert,’ which is someone who determines if someone is intoxicated or not.
  87. Law Lizards – These officers have a really slimy personality.
  88. The Law – Well, technically, they are the ones who enforce it.
  89. The Heat – Because they put the heat on you.
  90. Hot Boys – Similar to the above.
  91. Laws – Specifically used in Houston, Texas.
  92. Beak Runner – A police officer who is attempting to find information on someone or something, mostly used in the 1800s.
  93. 830 PC – A code for ‘police officer.’
  94. ADAM 12 – A code for ‘the police.’
  95. Leos – Stands for ‘Law Enforcement Officers’.
  96. County Mounty – Trucker slang for county sheriff or deputy.
  97. Folks – From Louisiana, though it is declining in popularity.
  98. Tha Folks – A variation of the above.
  99. Johnny Law – Another well-known phrase used to refer to the police.
  100. Book’em Joes – Another nickname for cops who are too eager to make arrests.

Street Names For Cops From Around World

other names for police

How about street names used for police officers around the world?

  1. Casspir – South Africa, refers to the armored vehicle used by the police during the 1980s.
  2. Maréchaussée – France, used in rural areas to refer to the Gendarmerie.
  3. Les Flics – France, an inoffensive French term for ‘cops.’
  4. Cogne – France, French for ‘to beat up.’
  5. Poulet – France, it means ‘chicken’ and is as equally offensive as calling a police officer a pig.
  6. Les Keufs – France, another French word for police officers.
  7. Babylon – Jamaica, originates from Rastafarian culture and refers to the state in a negative way.
  8. Probinsyano – Philippines, in reference to the TV show Ang Probinsyano.
  9. Parak – Philippines, slang word for police.
  10. Pikachu – Vietnam, refers to the yellow suits worn by traffic police.
  11. Mata – Singapore and Malaysia, it means ‘eye’ in Malay.
  12. Okami – Japan, an impolite way to refer to a police officer.
  13. Ducks And Geese – UK, cockney rhyming slang for ‘police.’
  14. Johnny Hooper – UK, cockney rhyming slang for ‘copper.’
  15. Dibble – UK, mostly used in the city of Manchester in reference to the character Officer Dibble in the cartoon Top Cat.
  16. Bizzies – UK, specifically used in the city of Liverpool in reference to them being too busy to help people.
  17. The Fuzz – UK, has numerous possible origins, one being to refer to a woman’s private parts.
  18. Hot Fuzz – UK, in reference to the comedy film of the same name.
  19. Rashers – UK, in reference to bacon rashers, effectively referring to them as ‘pigs.’
  20. Rozzers – UK, originates from East London from the word ‘rozz,’ which is slang for ‘roast,’ also effectively referring to them as ‘pigs.’
  21. The Rozz – UK, a variation of the above.
  22. Squealers – UK, after the sound a pig makes.
  23. Stench – UK, because they smell like pigs.
  24. Bobby – UK, in reference to Robert Peel’s name, the founder of modern British policing.
  25. Peeler – UK, and Republic of Ireland, also in reference to Robert Peel.
  26. Sweeney – UK, a shortened version of the cockney rhyming slang ‘Sweeney Todd,’ which means ‘flying squad,’ a branch of the Serious and Organised Crime Command.
  27. The Bill – UK, numerous possible origins, though most relate it to the TV series of the same name.
  28. The Old Bill – UK, a variation of the above.
  29. PC Plod – UK, implies that they are dim-witted.
  30. Tit Head – UK, in reference to a police officer’s helmet, which looks like a woman’s breast.
  31. Tits – UK, a pluralized and shortened version of the above.
  32. Scum – UK, implies that they are the lowest of the low.
  33. Filth – UK, similar to the above.
  34. Panda – UK, an old one in reference to their black and white cars, the same color as a panda.
  35. Boxer Briefs – Greece, also in reference to a police car.
  36. Lump – Greece, another one in reference to a police car.
  37. Smurfs – Greece, and Poland, due to their blue uniforms.
  38. Po Po – Canada, short for ‘Ontario Provincial Police’.
  39. Mounties – Canada, short for ‘Royal Canadian Mounted Police.’
  40. Horsemen – Canada, another word for ‘Mounties.’
  41. Queen’s Boys – Canada, also another word for ‘Mounties.’
  42. Member – Canada, a word Mounties use to refer to each other.
  43. Gravel Road Cops – Canada, also in reference to Mounties, as they patrol in rural areas.
  44. Chien – Canada, French for ‘dog.’
  45. Bœuf – Canada, French for ‘ox.’
  46. Khaki Kutta – India, it means ‘khaki dog’ in reference to police officer’s khaki colored uniforms.
  47. Maatia Kukura – India, a variation of the above used in the state of Odisha.
  48. Mama – India, a Hindi word for uncle.
  49. Mamam – India, a variation of the above used primarily in the south of the country.
  50. Thulla – India, implies they are slow moving and have a big gut.
  51. Tholo – India, a variation of the above used in the Gujarati language.
  52. Ponda – India, used in the region of Kashmir where it is believed the origin goes back to colonial times and bribing British police in pounds, the currency at the time.
  53. Tombo – South America, slang for ‘button.’
  54. Gura – Spanish language, a slang word for police used throughout much of Latin America.
  55. Puerco – Mexico, Spanish for ‘pigs.’
  56. Tira – Mexico, a slang term for a police officer or police car, which translates as ‘strap.’
  57. Rati – Argentina, Spanish for ‘rat,’ but also said to be a variation of ‘tira,’ mentioned above.
  58. Gorra – Argentina, Spanish for ‘hat.’
  59. Paco – Chile, in reference to the national police, the Carabinéros.
  60. Pasma – Spain, used to refer to the police in general.
  61. Bullenschwein – Germany, German word for ‘pig.’
  62. Schmier – Switzerland, German with a dual meaning either referring to ‘dirt’ or ‘bribe money.’
  63. Bófias – Portugal, Portuguese for ‘pigs’.
  64. Walloper – Australia, an old term used to refer to a police officer who carries a truncheon.
  65. Ecilop – Australia and UK, ‘police’ spelled backward, in reference to how you would see it spelled in a rearview mirror of a car.
  66. Divvy Van – Australia, a slang term for a police van.
  67. Rat Bag – Australia, an undercover police officer.
  68. Jack – Australia, also used for an informant or unreliable person.
  69. Soggies – Australia, slang for ‘Special Operations Group.’
  70. Blue Heeler – Australia, in reference to the Australian Cattle Dog, and a police TV series of the same name.
  71. Monarch – Australia, mostly used by the Aboriginal community in Western Australia.
  72. The Guard – Republic of Ireland, in reference to the Garda Síochána, the Irish name of the police.
  73. The Gardaí – Republic of Ireland, a variation of the above.
  74. Shickaloney – Republic of Ireland, based on a mispronunciation of ‘Síochána’ from Garda Síochána.
  75. Shades – Republic of Ireland, in reference to the hats worn by the Garda Síochána, which shade their faces.
  76. La Madama – Italy, slang for police officer.
  77. La Pula – Italy, a shortened way of saying ‘Polizia,’ Italian for police.
  78. Fakabát – Hungary, it means ‘wooden coat,’ in reference to the brown jackets worn by the police in the socialist era.
  79. Fízl – Czechia, a negative Czech word for ‘police officer.’
  80. Polda – Czechia, slang way of saying ‘Policista,’ the Czech word for ‘police officer.’
  81. Murija – Serbia and Croatia, originates from the Italian word ‘muro,’ which means ‘wall.’
  82. Kuka – Bulgaria, Bulgarian word for ‘hook,’ because they catch you.
  83. Militia – Various ex-communist European countries, originally used refer to the secret police.
  84. Party Van – Russia, in reference to a police car or van.
  85. Legawye – Russia, translates as ‘gundog’.
  86. Pharaoh – Russia, an old term that was used to refer to how they would stand at their posts without emotion, not paying attention to anything around them.
  87. Musora – Russia, translates as ‘garbage’.
  88. Kosmonavt – Russia, specifically when police officers wear riot gear and they look like an ‘astronaut.’
  89. Purken – Norway, literally translates as ‘the sow.’
  90. Purk – Norway, a shortened version of the above.
  91. Snut – Norway and Sweden, a slang term used by teenagers.
  92. Slaktarbussen – Sweden, translates as ‘butchers van,’ used in reference to a police van.
  93. Byling – Sweden, an old slang word for a patrolling officer.
  94. Kyttä – Finnish, a slang term that comes from the word to ‘watch’ or ‘lurk.’
  95. Asfalt Kovboyu – Turkey, it translates as ‘asphalt cowboy.’
  96. Ayna – Turkey, it means ‘those without a mirror,’ implying that they have too much shame to look at themselves in the mirror.
  97. Japsae – South Korea, Korean slang term for police.
  98. Karao – Kenya, a derogatory way of referring to the police.
  99. Kollegen mat den Rallysträifen – Luxembourg, translates as ‘colleagues with the rally stripes,’ and is in reference to the stripes on their cars.
  100. Tiáozi – China, translates as a strip or note.

Was that an insane list or what? You probably have a mouthful of nicknames you can call police officers now, right?

What did you think of our list? Did it capture your imagination? Or do you feel that we missed some major obvious ones? Or did you make up a few unique ones yourself while reading it?

Let us know! Comment in the section below along with what the nickname means to you. We always love to hear what our readers think.

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