390 Cute Baby Nicknames For Your Little One

Thankfully, baby nicknames are a thing, which is why we have compiled a massive list of cute and beautiful nicknames you can call your baby. So, if you need a cute nickname to call your baby, keep reading.

When we love someone, we are likely to give them a nickname, and many people believe that there is no love greater than that of a parent.

Your baby is your little human, and because of your love and affection for him or her, you will naturally want to give him/her a nickname.

However, finding the right pet name for a baby could be challenging, which is why we want to teach you simple methods for coming up with nicknames for your child.

How to Come Up With Cute Baby Nicknames

If you want a cute and adorable pet name for your little one, use any of these simple methods to come up with the best baby nicknames:

  1. Shortening a real name: A nickname can be created from your baby’s original name. For example, Elizabeth could be nicknamed Bessie or Betty. Allison could be called “Alliebear.”
  2. Name literally from movies or book characters: A name straight of your baby’s favorite cartoon series or characters from a movie or book you love.
  3. Your first thought on seeing your baby: The sight of a baby can evoke a lot of feelings; you could use that feeling and put it into words as a nickname for your baby
  4. The circumstances or the environment during birth: For example, if your baby was born during a heavy rainstorm, you could nickname her “storm.”

List of Baby Nicknames

Baby Nicknames

Also, we have compiled a huge list of baby nicknames to inspire you. You will find sections showing baby nicknames from another language, Spanish and Indian origins. Other sections highlighted funny, unique baby nicknames. Furthermore, we have sections that are baby nicknames inspired by Nature, food, and cartoon characters. We hope you get excited about some nicknames here for your baby and found some that you can call your miracle.

Unique Baby Nicknames

Unique Baby Nicknames

These nicknames are a mix of cool, unusual, diverse, and adorable. Some you don’t come across often. They are not all of English origin, but it sounds good and has excellent meanings. Other nicknames are short alternatives of real names that you have not thought of before.

  1. Aashi: Smile
  2. Ama: Amarachi
  3. Bao: Gem
  4. Bede: Obedience
  5. Buzz: Buzz Lightyear
  6. Cab
  7. Dewey: Dwight
  8. Didi: Diamonds
  9. Dolly: Dorothy
  10. Doc
  11. Dot: Dorothy
  12. Duke
  13. Dutch
  14. Ebony: Dark and Smooth
  15. Echo: A baby that looks exactly like you
  16. Fairy
  17. Fifi: Fiona
  18. Fitz: Fitzwilliams or Fitzgerald
  19. Franny: Frances
  20. Halo: Your little angel must have a halo
  21. Io: Short for Iolanthe or even Violet
  22. Isa: means “Iron” in German and a short form for Isabel
  23. Lady
  24. Lala: Tulip flower
  25. Lux
  26. Moe: Morris
  27. Nim
  28. Pax: Paxton
  29. Poppy
  30. Puss: Prudence
  31. Qiu: Season of fall
  32. Raf: Raphael
  33. Si: Cyrus or Josiah
  34. Sissie: Cecelia, Cecily
  35. Sol: Solomon
  36. Tex: Short for Texas
  37. Una: For your one and only baby
  38. Van: Savannah
  39. Wei: The only one
  40. Xiang: Good luck
  41. Zaina: Lovely

Baby Nicknames Inspired by Food

cute baby nicknames

Food is essential and it has different tastes that range from sweet, sour, spicy, fresh, or bitter. Therefore, it is unsurprising that parents give their babies pet names inspired by foods. Below are food-inspired baby nicknames:

  1. Almond
  2. Apple
  3. Banana
  4. Bean
  5. Biscuit
  6. Blueberry
  7. Bun
  8. Butter
  9. Buttercup
  10. Candy
  11. Cheese
  12. Cherry
  13. Chocolate
  14. Coco
  15. Creamy
  16. Cupcake
  17. Donut
  18. Dumpling
  19. Fruity
  20. Ginger
  21. Gummy
  22. Honey
  23. Jam
  24. Jellyfish
  25. Lemon
  26. Lentil
  27. Lollypop
  28. Maple
  29. Minty
  30. Muffin
  31. Mustard
  32. Munchkin
  33. Nutella
  34. Olive
  35. Orange
  36. Peach
  37. Peanut
  38. Pudding
  39. Pumpkin
  40. Sugar
  41. Sweetie
  42. Sweet Bun
  43. Sweet Cakes
  44. Tomato

Baby Nicknames inspired by Nature

adorable nicknames for babies

Every parent appreciates the season their baby is born. Even some real names have been birthed from the times of the year. Here are names inspired by Nature, flowers, plants, gemstones, and the weather. It could be the characteristics of the listed that created the name, like color, size, texture, and others.

  1. Amber
  2. April
  3. Aqua
  4. Aster
  5. Autumn
  6. Beige
  7. Blossom
  8. Bubbles
  9. Calla
  10. Camellia
  11. Cloud
  12. Copper
  13. Crimson
  14. Daisy
  15. Delia
  16. Fern
  17. Flora
  18. Gold
  19. Gul
  20. Hazel
  21. Heather
  22. Holly
  23. Indigo
  24. Iris
  25. Ivory
  26. Ivy
  27. Jaai
  28. Jade
  29. Jas: from the word Jasmine
  30. June
  31. Kale
  32. Lily
  33. Mahogany
  34. Pearl
  35. Pebbles: For a cute small boy
  36. Peoni
  37. Poppy
  38. Pinky
  39. Precious
  40. Quill: As in feather
  41. Rosy
  42. Senna
  43. Shezmin: for a pretty boy
  44. Snow
  45. Sunshine
  46. Topaz
  47. Tulip
  48. Umber
  49. Violet
  50. Yasmin
  51. Zinnia or Zinni

Baby Nicknames from other languages

foreign baby nicknames

Every culture, language and race loves to give nicknames to their babies. The great thing about these nicknames is that they are transcontinental. The nicknames below all end in the letter “O.” Although each nickname originates from a particular language, they are versatile and can be used by any family on earth. Don’t restrict your baby names to the familiar, go international.

  1. Ado: Noble in German
  2. Aelo or Aello: Of Greek origin. It means “the stormy one.”
  3. Aiko: Love or Loved in Japanese
  4. Aino: My Only One in Finnish
  5. Alto: High in Latin. Perfect for a baby who cries in a high pitch
  6. Amio: Beloved in Latin. A good name for a boy
  7. Ano: Reverence, of Hawaiian origin
  8. Bado: Appropriate for a naughty child. From an African
  9. Bao: means “bud” in Chinese
  10. Bayo: Latin name for blessed.
  11. Chao: It means “One who surpasses others in Chinese
  12. Chelo: For the baby, you prayed for. It means “Consolation” in Spanish
  13. Cheyo: Japanese word for eternal
  14. Choko: Small child in Japanese
  15. Ciro: Spanish for your little Sun
  16. Cleo: Greek for Father’s glory
  17. Clo: It means “Young Green Shoot” in Irish
  18. Coro: Spanish Chorus for a singing baby
  19. Dodo: A cute name that means “Gift of God.”
  20. Doro: Greek for Gift of God
  21. Dydo: For the Queen of heart, a Latin name.
  22. Eco: Greek for Echo, for a baby that looks like you
  23. Eiko: Japanese for Poetry, The birth of a baby is a work of art.
  24. Elo: Armenian for God is Perfection
  25. Eloo: One with full of grace
  26. Feo: Greek name for Gift from God
  27. Fio: The Italian word for Flower
  28. Flo: Arrow/Blossom/Flower from Native America
  29. Gaho: For that sweet daughter that reminds you of your Mother, of Native American
  30. Glo: Short for Glory, an English name
  31. Halo: Cute Hawaiian name that means “Blessed.”
  32. Hao: Vietnamese for Perfectly Behaved
  33. Hyo: It means dutiful in the Korean language
  34. Kako: The word for “summer,” in Japanese
  35. Kiko: Blessed in Japanese
  36. Kito: An African Gem
  37. Klio: It means “Glory” in Greek
  38. Koko: A beautiful bird called Stork in Japanese
  39. Koto: It means harp in Japanese
  40. Lalo: Sing a lullaby in Latin
  41. Leo: For your little Lion of Latin origin.
  42. Lilo: A sweet German word with a great sound
  43. Mao: Diligent in Chinese
  44. Meko: For your slow dear. It means “Tortoise” in Japanese
  45. Mio: Greek word meaning, Triple Cord. It is a perfect nickname for the third baby
  46. Nalo: African word for lovable daughter
  47. Nao: Hebrew word for Charming
  48. Neo: An African name that means “Gift from God.”
  49. Nuo: Graceful woman in Chinese
  50. Oheo: It means beautiful in Native America
  51. Piro: Mapuche for your baby that is white as snow
  52. Rho: Field of roses in Greek
  53. Sao: The word means “Born at Night” in Japanese
  54. Tao: Instead of using the English version, call your sweetie the Vietnamese word for Apple
  55. Thao: Honor (Vietnamese)
  56. To: A short Latin name that means Priceless
  57. Tomo: Intelligence in Japanese
  58. Udo: Peace in African.
  59. Vero: doesn’t always mean Veronica. It means Victory in Greek.
  60. Xoco: Aztec Nahuatl for Younger Sister
  61. Yuko: Gracious in Japanese
  62. Zuo: A Chinese word for Outstanding

Spanish Baby Girl Nicknames

Spanish baby nicknames

These nicknames are of Spanish origins and can be used for baby girls. Some are unisex. You will find most nicknames are endearment that will melt your baby’s heart and any other person that hears the way you call her. If you put the word “mi” which means “My” in front of these names, it will make it even more personal.

  1. Alma: My soul
  2. Amada: Loving
  3. Amante: My love
  4. Amor: Put the “mi” in front, and you have my love
  5. Angelita: A guardian angel
  6. Azucar: Sweet as sugar
  7. Bebe: Baby
  8. Bombon: A literal sweetie
  9. Bonita: Pretty
  10. Caramela: One who is sweet as candy
  11. Carina: Darling
  12. Chiquilla: My little girl
  13. Chiquita: Little one
  14. Cielito: My little sky
  15. Corazon: Sweetheart
  16. Empanada dulce: Sweetie pie
  17. Enamorada: A woman you love
  18. Estrella: Star
  19. Hermosa: Beautiful
  20. Maravillosa: Prettier than all others
  21. Mariposa: Little Butterfly
  22. Mi media Naranja: My half orange
  23. Muneca: Doll
  24. Nene: Another word for baby
  25. Preciosa Mio: My Precious
  26. Princesa: Princess
  27. Querida: Beloved
  28. Querina: Darling
  29. Reina: Queen
  30. Sol: Sun
  31. Teroso: Treasure
  32. Vilda: Life

Funny Baby Nicknames

funny baby pet names

This section refers to the nicknames that originate from real names of twins. So in case, your twins happen to bear any of these names, you can choose to call them the corresponding nicknames. You can shorten the names the way you like. There is no end to this section, but we just listed fifteen, so you can have an understanding of how to derive your twin’s nicknames.

  1. 5-dollar bill
  2. A-little-bit: For your tiny bundle of joy
  3. Bubs
  4. Chatterbox: Talkative all the time
  5. Chicken: You can call her “chick” as well.
  6. Chubster: A chubby baby
  7. Destructobaby: For one who destroyed anything in his path
  8. Doofus: A goofy kid
  9. Dork: For a nerdy baby
  10. Elsie Otter: You can use any name as the prefix
  11. Firecracker: A baby that gets angry quickly
  12. Half Pint: For your cute shorty
  13. Rug-Rat
  14. Miss independent: The baby that thinks she can do things like an adult
  15. Penny
  16. Pipsqueak: tiny but adorable
  17. Pocket size: Small and cute
  18. Shortcake: referring to her height
  19. Smartypants
  20. Twitch: For a baby that can stay still

Baby Nicknames based on Cartoon characters

pet names for babies

Babies love cartoons, even before they understand the stories or characters. The following are baby nicknames inspired by cartoon characters. If you are not sure who they are, we have highlighted the cartoon series these characters were drawn from. You can check it out before nicknaming your baby.

  1. Archie: Archie Comics
  2. Bambi: The beautiful deer
  3. Bambino
  4. Birdie
  5. Blaze: Blaze and the Monster Machine
  6. Buck
  7. Bunny: Bunny Rabbit
  8. Chimp
  9. Chip: The Chipmunks
  10. Chipmunk: Alvin and the Chipmunks
  11. Chunkey
  12. Clover: Sophia the First
  13. Cubs
  14. Dale: The Chipmunks
  15. Dora: Dora the Explorer
  16. Dove
  17. Duckling: Peking Duckling
  18. Goofy: Mickey and the Roadster racers
  19. Goose: Barney
  20. Gus: Cinderella
  21. Hera: Hercules
  22. Kitty
  23. Mickey: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  24. Mimi
  25. Minnie: Minnie Bowtunes
  26. Mowgli: The Jungle Book
  27. Munchkin
  28. Panda: Kungfu Panda
  29. Pluto: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  30. Pooh: Pooh, the honey bear
  31. Popeye: Popeye and friends
  32. Puppet
  33. Rex: Toy Story
  34. Roli: Puppy dog pals
  35. Richie
  36. Scooby or Scooby-Doo: The Great Dane
  37. Simba: The Lion Guard
  38. Squirrel: Paw Patrol
  39. Tarzan: The Legend of Tarzan
  40. Teddy: Animated series of Mr. Bean
  41. Tigger/Tigress/Tigger: Tigger and Pooh
  42. Tinker Bell: Tinkerbell and the Secret of the Wings
  43. Turtle
  44. Tweet: Ruff- ruff, Tweet, and Dave

Indian inspired baby nicknames

Indian baby nickname

Indians are particularly fond of nicknames. In many houses, the real name is almost forgotten because of the popularity of the person’s nickname. These names have real meanings and are not the usual common mashups of the parent names that are also common in the country.

  1. Aan: The Sun
  2. Aar: Light Bringer
  3. Aara: Light Bringer
  4. Aayu: Span of life
  5. Abhi: Fearless
  6. Adi: First
  7. Aish: Delight
  8. Aksa: Soul
  9. Anbu: Love
  10. Anya: Limitless
  11. Apu: Breath
  12. Archi: Ray of light
  13. Arth: Meaningful
  14. Arya: Noble
  15. Aura: Wind
  16. Avi: Air
  17. Baaz: Eagle
  18. Bani: Earth
  19. Belli: Silver
  20. Bhanu: The Sun
  21. Bhuv: Heaven
  22. Chaah: Love
  23. Chain: Peace
  24. Champa: Flower
  25. Chand: The Moon
  26. Chann: Beloved
  27. Charu: Beautiful
  28. Daav: Uncontrollable Fire
  29. Darsh: Handsome
  30. Dev: God
  31. Dhan: Wealth
  32. Dhun: Tune
  33. Dia: Divine
  34. Dipu: Shine
  35. Dira: Splendor
  36. Dwan: Voice
  37. Ela: The earth
  38. Eva: Life
  39. Freya: Goddess of Love
  40. Geet: Song
  41. Gnya: Famous
  42. Gur: Young lion
  43. Hans: Swan
  44. Harsh: Happiness
  45. Harvi: Battle worthy
  46. Heera: Diamond
  47. Hem: Gold
  48. Ichaa: Desire
  49. Indu: The Moon
  50. Irya: Powerful
  51. Jaan: Beloved
  52. Janu: Soul
  53. Jay: Conqueror
  54. Jeev: Life
  55. Jenya: Truth
  56. Kaal: Time
  57. Kank: Lotus scent
  58. Karv: Love
  59. Keya: Flower
  60. Kira: The Sun
  61. Kuj: Planet Mars
  62. Lav: Rama’s son
  63. Lavy: Love
  64. Megha: Cloud
  65. Mothi: Pearl
  66. Nabh: The Sky
  67. Neel: Champion
  68. Pahi: Flower Petal
  69. Pal: Guardian
  70. Raj: King
  71. Raja: King
  72. Rani: Queen
  73. Rishi: Feather
  74. Ritu: Season
  75. Roja: Red
  76. Roop: Blessed with beauty
  77. Sana: Radiance
  78. Sani: Gift
  79. Saru: Wonderful
  80. Sasi: The Moon
  81. Seera: Light
  82. Shal: Spear
  83. Sheel: Character
  84. Shev: Fortune
  85. Shuk: Parrot
  86. Som: The Moon
  87. Soni: Beautiful
  88. Swasa: Breath
  89. Tanu: Body
  90. Tara: Star
  91. Teju: Light Bringer
  92. Tuka: Young Boy
  93. Unni: To Lead
  94. Ved: Knowledge
  95. Yash: Victory
  96. Zev: Wolf

Have fun and choose your baby nicknames out of love and fondness.

Remember, there is no rulebook on nicknames, and for babies, they do not even understand the meaning of the nickname. So as long as it is not a name, the child would grow to resent, you are fine.

Is there any cute baby nickname we have omitted? Be a sweetheart and tell us in the comment section.

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