10 Most Popular Bukayo Saka Nicknames

Bukayo Saka is a young and talented Arsenal and England International with a growing list of nicknames.

People get their Nicknames from events, skills, friends, and sometimes, haters. Since Saka’s career is pretty young, you can expect his list of nicknames to grow over his career.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the current Nicknames of Bukayo Saka:

1. Little Chili

Little Chili is the most popular nickname Bukayo Saka is called in the England squad, fans, and the media. This nickname came about when Arsenal’s captain, Pierre-Emeric Aubameyang, gave him during a training session at London Colney.

According to Saka, “He said it in French. We were doing one finishing drill one time in training, and he kept saying it, and I kept scoring. I was shooting with so much power, and he was calling me little Chili in French.”

“I didn’t know what it was. I asked him after, and he told me it means little Chili. From then on he kept calling me it and then it became a thing, and now it’s a big thing, a lot of people call me it and make it my nickname.”

2. Sakinho

Sakinho is a nickname for Bukayo Saka originating from his early days in the Arsenal first team. Sakinho is a wordplay on “Ronaldinho.”

3. Petit Piment

Petit Piment is a French name for ‘Little Chili’, a popular nickname for Bukayo Saka. According to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Petit Piment is a little chili, meaning – he is small yet packed with so much energy.

4. Swimchili

French Forward Alexandre Lacazette, Bukayo Saka’s Arsenal teammate, nicknamed Saka, Swimchili. Lacazatte gave the name after Saka took part in a swimming session where he was being taught how to swim. Alexandre Lacazatte commented on the swimming post with ‘the swimchili can do everything.’

5. Joker

Coined from the novel ‘A joker in the pack’ by James Hardley Chase. Saka was described as a secret weapon Gareth Southgate concealed from his opponents at the UEFA Euro 2020. 

6. Charcoal

Manchester United fans in Uganda call Saka, Charcoal because of Bukayo Saka’s dark skin.

7. Star Boy

Star Boy is a name popularly associated with the Nigerian music artiste, WizKid. However, for football lovers, especially Arsenal fans in Nigeria, Star Boy is the nickname generally given to Bukayo Saka, who, according to them, shines his skills on the football pitch.

8. Child Prodigy

The word prodigy is given to individuals with exceptional intellectual capacities. This is no different for Bukayo Saka’s fans, who liken his ability to that of a prodigy.

9. Next Arjen Robben

Bukayo Saka has been called the next Arjen Robben on many occasions. His fans would hope he can live up to and surpass Arjen Robben’s legacy

10. Moin Moin Milner

Like Manchester United, Arsenal has a massive Nigerian following. Although Saka, now a full England international, was born and raised in London by his Nigerian parents, many Nigerian fans regard him as one of them. Now, to the nickname – Moin Moin Milner. Moin-Moin Milner is a slander nickname describing Bukayo Saka as a low-budget James Milner. Moin-moin is a local delicacy – steamed bean pudding.

Are there are Bukayo Saka nicknames we have not mentioned? Feel free to add the nickname and its origin in the comments.

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