15 Most Popular Cristiano Ronaldo Nicknames

This article lists the most popular nicknames of Cristiano Ronaldo, how he got these nicknames, and the meaning of the nicknames.

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro is a 37-year-old footballer who hails from Portugal and currently plays for Manchester United F.C. and the Portuguese National team.

Cristiano is well-known for his prowess in front of goal, evidenced by the numerous goal-scoring records he has broken.

FIFA currently recognizes Cristiano as the highest goal scorer in men’s professional soccer history after surpassing Josef Bican’s record of 805 recognized goals. Ronaldo broke the record by netting a hat-trick in Manchester United’s win over Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford, which took his talk to 807 goals.

Due to his successful career, Ronaldo has amassed several nicknames in his long career, some more popular than others.

Popular Nicknames for Cristiano Ronaldo

Here are some of the most popular nicknames for Cristiano Ronaldo:

1. CR7

It is one of the most recognizable nicknames in football and sports. The nickname is simply a combination of Ronaldo’s initials and his favorite shirt number. Cristiano Ronaldo plus the number 7.

2. C Ronaldo

The C is short for his first name. It is one of Ronaldo’s most famous nicknames.

3. G.O.A.T.

The acronym G.O.A.T. means “Greatest of All Time.” The G.O.A.T. title belongs to the best football player to ever play the sport, and a considerable number of people believe Ronaldo is the rightful owner of this title.

4. The Little Bee

Ronaldo earned this nickname because he was small yet swift when he was younger.

5. El Bicho

This nickname directly translates to ‘bug’ in Spanish, but the most accurate translation in this context is – ‘beast.’

6. El Comma Donte

Sepp Blatter (FIFA President – 1998 – 2015) at the Oxford Union in 2013 admitted that he prefers Lionel Messi to Cristiano Ronaldo. He mocks Ronaldo, saying Ronaldo behaves “like a commander on the field of play.” Ronaldo celebrated his next goal with a military-style salute, a dig at Blatter’s mocking claim.

7. Ronnie

Ronnie was coined from his last name Ronaldo; it’s slightly easier to pronounce.

8. Rocket Ronaldo

The rocket refers to the ferocity at which Ronaldo strikes the ball.

9. Cris

Cris is a shorter version of his first name Cristiano.

10. Ron

To make his name even shorter, “Ronaldo” was changed to “Ron.”

11. C.R.

His initials – Cristiano Ronaldo 

Funny Cristiano Ronaldo Nicknames

Ronaldo’s rivalry with Lionel Messi, his sometimes petulant body language, and let’s be honest, he has broken many of his opponent’s dreams. All of these and more have earned Ronaldo, some not-so-friendly nicknames.

12. Cry-baby

Ronaldo earned the Cry-baby nickname because he loved to win and cried whenever he didn’t.

13. Ororo (Oil)

Nigeria has a huge Manchester United fan base, and Ronaldo was a huge player for Manchester United, where he won his first FIFA World Player of the Year in 2008. During his first stint at Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo earned the nickname “Ororo” – the local Yoruba language word for cooking oil.

Cristiano Ronaldo was nicknamed Ororo as a reference to his slick and unstoppable style of play.

14. The Other Ronaldo

Earlier in Cristiano Ronaldo’s career, if we had written an article on Ronaldo’s Nicknames, everyone would have assumed we meant the famous Brazilian Legend Ronaldo Luiz Nazario de Lima. Today, it is arguable.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s choice of ‘Ronaldo’ as his shirt name and Jersey No. 9 was somewhat surprising at the time, given that Brazilian striker Ronaldo was synonymous with that name and number, which inspired his nickname – R9 while Cristiano Ronaldo answered – The CR7 nickname.

When you hear the “Other Ronaldo,” which of these legends comes to mind? CR7 or R9?

15. The Sultan of Stepovers

As a youngster, dribbling was a big part of Ronaldo’s game. The famous Ronaldo stepovers inspired the nickname “Sultan of Stepovers.”

This sums up the list of Cristiano Ronaldo nicknames. Not all of Ronaldo’s aliases made our list; some are too vulgar, and others are uncommon. However, if you know any good or funny Cristiano Ronaldo nickname we missed, be a dear and tell us the nickname and meaning in the comments section.

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