Car Nicknames: 1300+ Good Car Names and Truck Names

Do you need car nicknames or ideas on names to call your car?

If you love your car, it’s only normal to have a great nickname for the car.

So, the answer to the question on your mind is – No, it is not weird to give your car a name.

However, in coming up with the best nickname for your car, you should consider things such as your experience with the car; is it constantly working well? Or does it break down all the time? Is it fast? How small is it? What about its design, is there something funny about it?

Asking and answering such questions will help you pick out the perfect pet name for your ride.

To help you in your search for a good car name, we have gathered a massive list of car names and nicknames. Also, we have included a few tips to help you come up with your own unique car name.

In this article, we use the terms nickname and names interchangeably.

Car Nicknames

How to come up with a creative nickname for your car?

fast car names

Need unique car name ideas? Choosing a cool name for your car or truck best can be quite tricky, but luckily we can help with that. Here’s are a couple of ways to choose an awesome nickname for your car:

  1. Give the car a nickname based on its overall appearance

Try to focus on a special/odd feature about your car’s design, think about its color, shape, wheels, rims, muffler, or maybe its head/tail lights. For example, if you own a Volkswagen Beetle that has some rust spots on its hood, you can call it “Rusty Beetle.”

  1. Think about how long you’ve owned this car

An easy way to go about this is to pick a name based on how long you had the car. For example, my dad had his current car for more than 8 years, and he calls it the mighty grandma. For example, my dad had his current car for more than 8 years; he calls it the “Mighty Grandma.”

  1. Nickname it after what’s under the hood

Another method to set a unique nickname for your whip is to address its speed, horsepower or performance. For example, you can always call a slow car “Turtle,” or a car with lots of horsepowers a beast.

  1. Give the car a nickname based on the funny experience you’ve had with it

You can easily come up with a cool name for your car if you can spot a funny or a unique experience you’ve had with this it. For example, if your car once survived hard weather conditions you can call it “Tough Girl” or maybe cops have been pulling you over for no reason all the time, then you can name the car –”Troublemaker.”

  1. Choose a nickname for your car based on what your close ones think of it

Friends and family will give you honest thoughts and comments about your ride, and you can easily use those thoughts to come up with the funniest nicknames ever. For example, let’s say that your best friend always makes funny comments about the smell of your interior; you can nickname your car – “The Stinky One.”

  1. Nickname your car according to its sentimental value

One of the simplest ways to nickname a car is to refer to the time where you bought it. Was it your first car ever? Did you spend all your savings on it? Or maybe you had a bang for your back and bought it for cheap? You can always use such details to pick a unique nickname. For example, if you bought this car in a deplorable condition and you had to fix and restore it yourself, you could call it – The Zombie.

  1. Nickname the car after its brand

Another thing you can do is to choose a creative nickname for your car based on its brand. For example, if you own a Mercedes-Benz, you can call it – The German masterpiece.

  1. Use all the above and come up with complex nicknames

So if your car has many unique features, you can always combine those and come up with a complex nickname that describes your ride the best. For example, you can have a car that is super-fast, yet people around you have been complaining about how loud it is, you can call it – Car Haters’ Magnet.

List of Car Names

The following list contains all sorts of car nicknames; some of them are funny car names, others sound mean car names, it all comes down to your car’s qualities. Also, these names can be used for other vehicles, so if you need awesome truck names, feel free to use any of these great names for your truck.

Car Names Based on Themes

You can also pick a name for your car based on themes. For example, you could go with a sexy car name, a cool name for your car, a funny name for your car, a badass name, a cute name, and if your car is pretty fast or if it’s a race car, you should definitely pick a race car name.

Cool Car Nicknames

cool car names

If you prefer a nerdy car name or any other cool nickname for your ride, the following are cool names for a truck, a car, a jeep, or any other 4-wheeled vehicle.

  1. 2Expensive4U – Only you can afford this car.
  2. Ace of Pace – You get everywhere fast in this car.
  3. Ace of Race – If you race some in this car, they’ll definitely lose.
  4. Aerocar – If this car had a pair of wings, it would be able to launch itself off the road and into the sky.
  5. Akane – Translates from Japanese as ‘deep red’.
  6. Atom Bomb – The whole city knows when this car is on the road.
  7. Baba Yaga – Are you a fan of John Wick?
  8. Big Boy – He’s huge!
  9. Billie Jean – A very cool name for a special
  10. Blink – This car is so fast if you blink you might just miss it.
  11. Bolt – Faster than lightning.
  12. Bombardier – A great name for a fancy, but lethal, car.
  13. Bullitt – After the classic film of the same name.
  14. Burning Rubber – That’s all you ever do with this car!
  15. Carzilla – Way tougher than Godzilla.
  16. Carzilla – Is your car’s engine really loud?
  17. Conquest – This car drive over anything.
  18. Corrupted Angel – This was once an innocence car, but then you came along, and it lost all its morals.
  19. Domino – This car is a real knockout.
  20. Drama queen – Does your car breakdown more often?
  21. Dust Spitter – When this car’s wheels spin, dirt flies everywhere.
  22. Eiji – Japanese for ‘second born son.’
  23. Fang – It eats up the road.
  24. Fast And Furious – After the film of the same name, part of The Fast and the Furious series.
  25. Fast Five – After the fifth installment of The Fast and the Furious film series.
  26. Fiery Wheels – Careful, these wheels spin so fast they’ll catch fire.
  27. Fireball – Don’t drive too fast, you might just set yourself on fire.
  28. Fugitive – This car is just meant to cause trouble.
  29. Ghost Rider – A stealthy car you only see at night.
  30. Gone in Sixty Seconds – After the film of the same name.
  31. Greaser – An awesome name for a finely tuned muscle car.
  32. GTA – After the video game franchise of the same name.
  33. Gunner – Shooting down the road faster anything you’ve ever seen.
  34. Haters’ magnet – Having trouble with people hating on your sick ride?
  35. Hercules – Have you ever come across a tougher car?
  36. Hot Rod – This car has been modified to make it super sturdy.
  37. Hot Wheels – After the awesome toy cars.
  38. Hulk – This is one Hench car.
  39. Ironhide – A badass character from the movie ‘’transformers’’.
  40. Ivory Fender – That’s one expensive
  41. Jailbait – Cops will definitely be interested in this car.
  42. James Bond – Great for a slick British-made car.
  43. Javelin – You’ll likely see this car shooting through the air.
  44. Kazuki – Another popular Japanese name.
  45. Kenji – Japanese for intelligent, strong and vigorous.
  46. Khaleesi – A reference to the character Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones.
  47. King Of The Road – All other cars are peasants.
  48. Knight Rider – After the famous 80s TV series.
  49. La machine – A cool French name for any car.
  50. La princess – A cool French name for a majestic girly car.
  51. Land Conqueror – There’s no terrain this car can’t handle.
  52. Light Speed – Moves faster than a space shuttle.
  53. Lightning McQueen – After the protagonist from the film Cars.
  54. Low Rider – For a super low car.
  55. Mad Max – After the film of the same name.
  56. Magneto – After the antagonist from X-Men.
  57. Maximus – A Latin word for ‘’huge’’.
  58. Most Wanted – After one of the games from the Need For Speed franchise.
  59. Need for Speed – After the video game franchise of the same name.
  60. Nitro – This car just has an extra boost other vehicles don’t have.
  61. Old Faithful – This car may be old, but it is way more reliable than any new car.
  62. One In A Million – A variation of the above.
  63. One of a Kind – This is a truly unique car.
  64. Optimus Prime – After the character from the Transformers franchise, great for a truck.
  65. Outlandish – This is one over the top car.
  66. Racing Addict – It just feels so good to drive this car fast.
  67. Raiden – The Japanese god of thunder and lightning.
  68. Rendezvous – This car always gets you where you need to be precisely on time.
  69. Retro – The coolest car from the past.
  70. Riders on The Storm – After the song of the same name by The Doors.
  71. Rims – This car has the coolest rims.
  72. Roadrunner – After the Looney Tunes character.
  73. Ronin – The name given to a master-less samurai in feudal Japan.
  74. Rusty dusty – are you dealing with a dusty old car?
  75. Samurai – Great for a slick Japanese-made car.
  76. Saucy – If this car could flirt it would be doing it to everyone.
  77. She-Hulk – The female version of the Hulk.
  78. Sick Ride – The sickest of them all!
  79. Sound – Everybody knows when this car is coming from its awesome sounding engine.
  80. Speedy Gonzales – Another reference to the Looney Tunes.
  81. Speedy – A super cool name for a fast car.
  82. Stealth – With a car this quiet, you can get away with anything.
  83. Stingray – Perfect for Corvette.
  84. Storm Chaser – This car drives you into trouble, not away from it.
  85. Stripe – For a car with a stripe down the middle.
  86. Tainted – This car has lost all of its innocence.
  87. The Beast – This car is an unruly
  88. The Chaser – No one can catch up to you when you drive this car.
  89. The creature – Is your car special in an odd way?
  90. The Demon – does it look evil?
  91. The Drifter – The best car to drift in.
  92. The Flash – After the superhero of the same name.
  93. The Flash – is it really fast?
  94. The Getaway Vehicle – It can get you away from anything and damn fast.
  95. The Green Hornet – After the film and TV series of the same name.
  96. The Missile – In this car, you can shoot off like a rocket.
  97. The Only Way To Travel – Walking is just unnatural.
  98. The Slider – This car drifts around corners smoother than any other car.
  99. The womanizer – Do ladies love it?
  100. Thunderbolt – A cool name for a fast car.
  101. Tokyo Drift – After the Fast & Furious film.
  102. Traffic Dodger – In this car, you can get through any traffic.
  103. Troublemaker – This car inspires you to do bad things.
  104. Truckenstein – This truck is a beast!
  105. Tuned Up – This car has been improved beyond recognition.
  106. V8 – This car has got some serious power.
  107. Vanquish – This is one special
  108. Voyager – If this car could move any faster it would shoot into space.
  109. Vroom Vroom – Keeping it simple guys.
  110. Warlock – This car processes some strange powers.
  111. Warp Speed – Are you sure this car isn’t a spaceship?
  112. Wheels – The only wheels that matter.
  113. Young Blood – Here to put old cars to shame.
  114. Zeus – After the Ancient Greek god of thunder and the sky.
  115. ZigZag – This is one quick
  116. Zorro – After the masked hero.

Funny Car Nicknames

funny car names

Need some funny car names? Check out these hilarious car names. These names are also funny truck names, so don’t hesitate to use them for your truck or jeep.

  1. Avalanche Starter – This car is so loud you really need to be careful when driving in the mountains.
  2. Banana-Mobile – This car is a horrible yellow color.
  3. Barely Working – You’ve got to work hard to keep this one alive.
  4. Blazing Saddles – After the comedy film of the same name.
  5. Braking Bad – Wordplay on the TV series Breaking Bad.
  6. Breathe In Here – Related to the above.
  7. Bumpy – Smooth surfaces are overrated.
  8. Buses Are More Convenient – When you get in this car, you never know if it will start or not.
  9. Chainsmoker – This car really couldn’t pump more smoke into the sky.
  10. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – In reference to the film of the same name.
  11. Clown Shoe – This car just looks ridiculous.
  12. Comedic Act – Nobody can take this car seriously.
  13. Craigslist – That’s why it’s so cheap.
  14. Crawler – Babies move at a faster pace than this.
  15. Crumpled Face – This car has been rammed a little too much at the front.
  16. Damsel in Distress – This car always needs saving.
  17. Dead Horse – Heavy and doesn’t want to move.
  18. Dead Man Walking – Or in this case, driving.
  19. Dented – Symmetrical cars are overrated.
  20. Diddly Squat – This car isn’t worth anything anymore.
  21. Dilapidated – This car has seen far better days.
  22. Dirty Sanchez – Perhaps the filthiest car on the road?
  23. Drama Queen – Treat her nicely, or you’ll regret it.
  24. DUI – The only way you’ll drive this car is drunk.
  25. Dump Truck – Should really be used to haul garbage.
  26. El-Retardido – A modified variation of the word “retarded.”
  27. Family Truckster – Definitely not a cool car.
  28. Fart – Got problems with the exhaust pipe?
  29. Fatty – Sometimes size does matter.
  30. Gargoyle – This car was not designed to be beautiful.
  31. Geriatric – This car is so old it has no idea what it’s doing.
  32. Goofy Luffy – A funny name for a mediocre car.
  33. Gramps – This car is as old as your grandparents.
  34. Grumpy grandpa – Is your car really old?
  35. Junkyard – Where it will be going soon!
  36. La puta – A hilarious name for a lousy
  37. Lackadaisical At Best – This car really couldn’t care less that you need to drive it.
  38. Last Legs – Every day is a struggle to keep this car alive.
  39. Lazy Bones – This car really doesn’t want to work.
  40. Loca – Stands for ‘’crazy’’ in Spanish.
  41. Loony Balloony – A hilarious name for a small and vibrant car.
  42. Miss Daisy – After the film Driving Miss Daisy.
  43. Model-T – This car seriously could not be any older.
  44. Mother Trucker – You can probably guess what this one rhymes with.
  45. Moving Antique – To be fair, not many antiques can move.
  46. unlucky charms – Have you experienced a bunch of unfortunate events in this car?
  47. Muddy Bottom – You really need to clean it, but it’s just not worth the time.
  48. My Other Car Is A Tank – You wish!
  49. My Other Car Is An F1 Car – Similar to the above.
  50. New Noise – New day, new noise.
  51. Nimrod – This car definitely isn’t a hotrod.
  52. Noise Pollution – Avoid urban areas in this car, or you’ll probably get fines.
  53. Not Symmetrical – This car has seen a few too many accidents.
  54. Ogre – Big and ugly.
  55. Oil Leak – You always leave a long trail after you wherever you go.
  56. Paid In Cash – The only way someone would sell this car.
  57. Patches – This car has plenty of different colors on different parts of its body.
  58. Patience – You’ll need it when you drive this slow one.
  59. Peanut – For a small car.
  60. Peeling Away – It seems like every day a new piece of this car falls off.
  61. Porker – Too big and hard to move around in.
  62. Pre-Owned – Of course, it is.
  63. Rattlesnake – Perfect for a car with a shaky exhaust pipe.
  64. Retired Demon – She was once a beast, now she barely works.
  65. Retired Satan – A super funny car name for a stubborn old car.
  66. Roadkill – This car has had a few unfortunate accidents with animals on the road.
  67. Rusty N’ Dusty – Dirty and in need of some maintenance.
  68. Saidak – A goofy Pokémon character.
  69. Scrapyard Wannabe – It doesn’t want to live anymore.
  70. Sex on Wheels – Most likely this car isn’t as sexy as you want it to be.
  71. Slow and Steady Wins the Race – This car may be slow, but you still love it.
  72. Slowpoke – If you drive too fast you’ll miss out on all the scenery.
  73. Slugger – This car really could not move any slower.
  74. Smoke Monster – When you drive this car, the whole street gets eaten up by smoke.
  75. Smokey And No Bandit – Wordplay on the film Smokey and the Bandit.
  76. Soon-To-Be-Retro – Who knows, maybe in 20-30 years you can sell it to a museum.
  77. Spare Parts – This car is worth more to you as scrap metal than as a whole car.
  78. Spare Some Change? – You’ll need it if you want to fix this car up.
  79. Spicy Mustard – Something about this car always rattles your senses… and not in a good way.
  80. Squeaker – You need to be a really calm person to drive with the sounds this car makes.
  81. Stepchild – You don’t love it as much as your own child.
  82. Swamp Monster – It doesn’t make particularly healthy sounds when you drive it.
  83. That Noise Is Normal – What you say to your friends when they’re freaked out by all the weird noises coming from your car.
  84. The Car Of Yesteryear – Even your grandparents never drove something so old.
  85. The cow – Does your car sound funny?
  86. The Drug Dealers Car – This car really looks like it has been used for illegal activity.
  87. The Flying Brick – This car spends a lot of time in the air.
  88. The Ghetto Cruiser – When you park it next to other busted cars it doesn’t look so bad.
  89. The Heap – Somehow this hunk of metal still manages to operate as a car.
  90. The living dead – A cheesy name for a restored car.
  91. The Mystery Machine – All you need is a Great Dane, and you’re all set to solve mysteries.
  92. The Old Testament – This car is so old it was around before Jesus.
  93. The Snail – Similar to the above.
  94. The Thing – Words cannot describe it.
  95. The Toad – This car has a remarkable resemblance to the bumpy amphibian.
  96. The Turtle – This car is tough, but boy is it slow.
  97. The Undertaker – Literally days away from becoming scrap metal.
  98. The Wreck Mobile – People are amazed that this car is still capable of moving.
  99. Time Machine – Driving this car is like going back in time.
  100. Tin Lizzy – In reference to the band Thin Lizzy.
  101. Too Expensive To Fix – A darn shame.
  102. Traffic Jam Starter – You’ll annoy a lot of other drivers in this car.
  103. Truckenstein – A funny name for an old truck.
  104. T-Wrecks – Like T-Rex, but just not as terrifying.
  105. Ugly Betty – An American comedy-drama movie about an ugly girl named Betty.
  106. Unwashed – It’s been so long since you cleaned this car you’ve forgotten what it used to look like.
  107. Used and Abused – This poor car has had some tough times.
  108. Vlad the Impala – Perfect for a Chevy Impala.
  109. Wheezy – If this car had lungs it would have the most terrible cough.
  110. Will Get Pulled Over – Police always look at your car suspiciously.
  111. Won’t Start – It’s not like you need to go anywhere, right?
  112. Yosemite Sam – After the cartoon character.
  113. Zoolander – This car may look good, but has issues turning left.

Badass Car Names

Badass Car names

Need a badass name for your ride? Check out the following badass names for cars, trucks and any other badass vehicle you own.

  1. Agony – Don’t get in trouble with the owner of this car or you’ll suffer unbelievable pain.
  2. Armageddon – This car is so loud passersby can be forgiven for thinking the end of the world is coming.
  3. Behemoth – This car is unbelievably huge.
  4. Big Britches – There’s a lot of space inside this car.
  5. Blitz – This car pummels the streets like missiles.
  6. Bone Cruncher – There’s little this car can’t destroy.
  7. Brute Force – This car can do anything with brute force alone.
  8. Bulldog – This car is ferocious.
  9. Capone – After the notorious gangster Al Capone.
  10. Car Crusher – Careful, you may destroy a few other cars by accident in this beast.
  11. Chucky – A famous character from a horror movie.
  12. Clint Eastwood – Perhaps Hollywood’s biggest badass?
  13. Corrupted angel – A badass name for a tuned/powerful car.
  14. Crazy diamond – Are you a fan of Pink Floyd?
  15. Crossbones – Everyone who sees this car knows that it is out to cause trouble.
  16. Daredevil – This car makes you want to do risky things.
  17. Death Race – This car pushes you to the limits when you drive it.
  18. Death Row – This car will get you in trouble beyond your imagination.
  19. Deathstalker – Anyone driving this car must have a death wish.
  20. Dementor – All who drive this car lose their minds.
  21. Demon – This car is clearly an offspring of the Devil.
  22. Deranged – It doesn’t work like a regular
  23. Desert Eagle – After the deadly handgun.
  24. Deviant – This car doesn’t follow social norms.
  25. Diablo – Spanish for Devil.
  26. Dirty Harry – After Clint Eastwood’s most badass character.
  27. Disenchanted – This car is strictly for nihilists.
  28. Dominatrix – She completely dominates you in every way.
  29. Doomsday – This car brings destruction with it wherever it goes.
  30. Drunk Drive – Why on Earth would you want to drive sober?
  31. Earth Destroyer – Terrain doesn’t look the same after this car has driven over it.
  32. Earthquake – Cracks start to appear on the ground when this car rolls past.
  33. Egomaniac – Your ego reaches new levels when you get in this car.
  34. El Grande – Spanish for big.
  35. Exterminator – Everybody on the road makes way for this car.
  36. Extinction – This car will still be standing firm at the end of the world.
  37. Fearless – Fear is not a concept you understand when you drive this car.
  38. Forged By the Devil – This car is pure evil.
  39. Fossil Fuel Eater – Yum, this car loves fossil fuels!
  40. Gorilla – Big, hairy and aggressive.
  41. Grave Crusher – Dark enough for you?
  42. Ground Shaker – If you put your ear to the ground, you would be able to hear this car coming miles away.
  43. Grunt – When this car gets moving it sounds as angry as hell.
  44. Hades – After the Ancient Greek God of the dead and king of the underworld.
  45. Hannibal Lecter – Literally eating other cars alive.
  46. Hazzard – This car is dangerous to all other vehicles around it.
  47. Heavy Metal – There’s only one genre of music welcome in this car.
  48. Hercules – How strong is your car’s engine?
  49. Heroin – This car is just too addictive.
  50. High Voltage – One touch of this car could kill you.
  51. Indestructible – No amount of damage can stop this car running.
  52. Invincible – A sick name for a solid
  53. Julius Caesar – After the Roman dictator.
  54. King Kong – Letting this car loose in the city can only end badly.
  55. La Brune – The French word for brunette.
  56. Lightning Wave – This car sends shivers down people’s spines.
  57. Like The Devil Is Chasing You – Drive…
  58. Like You Stole It – Drive…
  59. Machete – After the lethal knife.
  60. Malevolence – The most hostile looking car around.
  61. Maximus – After a number of different Roman generals.
  62. Mr. Blonde – After the character from Reservoir Dogs.
  63. Murder – You drive this car like you’re wanted for murder.
  64. Necromancer – This car is so loud it wakes up the dead.
  65. Nihilist – This car believes in nothing.
  66. Offroad Ranger – Drives over mountains as if they were hills.
  67. Orchid – A rare type of flowers.
  68. Ozone Killer – This car is tearing up the environment and couldn’t care less.
  69. Perpetrator – When something bad happens, the police will always look for this car first.
  70. Phantom – Is your car elegant and fast at the same time?
  71. Plutonium – This car radiates badassness.
  72. Pulverizer – Another word for a grinder.
  73. Rambo – After the Rambo film series.
  74. Redlight Ignorer – Rules are meant to be broken.
  75. Road Rage – This car has a temper.
  76. Road Wrecker – Road infrastructure will need to be repaired after driving around in this car.
  77. Rocky-B – A shorter version of the name “Rocky Balboa” from the famous boxing movie.
  78. Sabertooth – A scary prehistoric mammal predator.
  79. Saboteur – Your ideal getaway vehicle.
  80. Scarface – After the film of the same name.
  81. Schizo – This car is just insane.
  82. Schwarzenegger – After Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  83. Serial Speeder – You get a lot of speeding tickets in this car.
  84. Sharkteeth – A badass name for a fast and powerful car.
  85. Shotgun – Everybody wants to drive upfront in this car.
  86. Skull Crusher – This car is merciless.
  87. Slaughter – This car may have killed a few animals on the road in its time… by accident, of course.
  88. Speed Demon – Slow is not a welcome word in this car.
  89. SpeedX – When speed alone is not enough.
  90. Steel Forge – This car is made from the most robust steel around.
  91. Stormbreaker – No storm is strong enough to take down this car.
  92. Street Demon – No one feels safe on the streets when this car is around.
  93. Street Punisher – The streets don’t look the same after this car has driven on them.
  94. Street Thrasher – This car doesn’t like to just drive in a straight line.
  95. Subversion – Nobody can tell you what to do when you drive this car.
  96. Sythe – After the Grim Reaper’s weapon of choice.
  97. The Darth Vader – a famous character from “Star Wars.”
  98. The Duchess – A badass name for an elegant car.
  99. The Executioner – It is not advised to get in trouble with this car.
  100. The Exorcist – Nothing can kill this car.
  101. The Ex-wife – A funny yet badass name for a special
  102. The Four Wheels of The Apocalypse – The end of the world is nigh.
  103. The General – Everybody on the road knows this car is the boss.
  104. The Grim Reaper – When this car is around, it’s a sign for many that death is around the corner.
  105. The Hornet’s Nest – Rattling this nest could be one of the worst things you ever do.
  106. The Intimidator – This car strikes fear into people’s hearts.
  107. The Mammoth – A badass name for a truck/big car.
  108. The Meat-Grinder – This car makes mincemeat of all other vehicles on the road.
  109. The Monster Truck – Perfect for a huge truck.
  110. The Sinner – The list of sins this car has committed is never-ending.
  111. The Tank – If this car was any bigger it would be sent to war.
  112. The Terminator – After the Terminator film series.
  113. Trencher – This car is so heavy it forges trenches in the street.
  114. Unstoppable – Don’t even try to stop it.
  115. Venom – An Iconic villain from “Spiderman.”
  116. XXL – A super large car.

Cute Car Nicknames

cute car names

Need cute names to call your car or maybe you need a cute name for your truck? Here are some of the cutest car names around:

  1. Aurora – After the Northern Lights.
  2. Bae – For when ‘babe’ is just too long.
  3. Baby – How much do you love your car? How much do you spend to keep it running?
  4. Beauty Queen – This car is so cute it should be winning awards.
  5. Beeper – No one can take this car’s horn seriously.
  6. Betsy – A common cute name for a girl’s car.
  7. Betty – Steady and reliable, you can always trust a Betty.
  8. Big girl – A popular cute name for a truck or a reliable
  9. Billie Jean – The only music worth playing in this car is Michael Jackson.
  10. Bonbon – One last tasty candy to name your car after.
  11. Brum – After the kid’s TV show of the same name.
  12. Bubbles – This car is full of so much love; only bubbles come out of the exhaust pipe.
  13. Buttercup – No one can resist the cuteness of this car.
  14. Care Bear – After the kid’s TV show Care Bears.
  15. Cherry Bomb – After the firework.
  16. Chrome Queen – For a cute car with a beautiful shine.
  17. Chug-A-Long – The only car you can safely say sounds cute.
  18. Cinderella – This car is bound to attract a few princes.
  19. Cosma – You could travel the universe in this car.
  20. Cute as A Button – Nothing can surpass how cute this car is.
  21. Cutie Pie – This car is undeniably cute. A commonly used name for small cars.
  22. Daffodil – After the gentle flower.
  23. Dandelion – Similar to the above.
  24. Diamond – This car really sparkles.
  25. Dinky – This car is super small.
  26. Dorothy – After the protagonist in the film The Wizard of Oz.
  27. Duchess – This car is truly radiant and royal.
  28. Ecstasy – Nothing tops driving this car.
  29. Faith – This car makes you feel like anything is possible.
  30. Fun Size – If it were any bigger or smaller, it just wouldn’t be the same.
  31. Gaga – You love this car so much you talk to it like a baby.
  32. Giggles – You always have a fun time driving this car.
  33. Goddess – A word used to describe a female who symbolizes love, care, and passion. A cute name for a super elegant car.
  34. Goldilocks – Great for a gold-colored car with curves.
  35. Grandma – Who doesn’t love their Grandma?
  36. Gummy Bear – After the tasty candy.
  37. Herbie – After the Herbie film series.
  38. Hippy Mobile – Perfect for a Volkswagen Type 2, otherwise known as ‘the hippy van.’
  39. Hubcap – Perhaps the cutest sounding part of a car?
  40. Jalopy – It’s old and a bit broken, but you can’t help but love it.
  41. Jelly Bean – This car always makes you think of candy.
  42. Jigglypuff – A cute Pokémon character.
  43. Juicy – This car just looks delicious.
  44. Karma – When you get in this car, your karma becomes immediately balanced.
  45. Kisses – This car loves you just as much as you love
  46. Kitten – What could possibly be cuter than a kitten?
  47. Kittie – Just for an extra splash of cuteness.
  48. Koala – The cutest bear of all. A charming name for a relatively slow car.
  49. Lemonade – If this car was a fruit juice, it would definitely be lemonade.
  50. Lil beasty – An Ideal name for medium sized yet fast cars.
  51. Little Miss Sunshine – After the film of the same name.
  52. Little one – How small is your car?
  53. Love Bug – This car only gives off feelings of love.
  54. Love Machine – If machines had feelings this car would only feel love.
  55. Lovely poney – A cute name for any girl’s car.
  56. Lucky – This car always gets you out of trouble.
  57. Ma-car-oni Cheese – Definitely one of the most creative ones.
  58. Malibu – In reference to Malibu Barbie or the town in California.
  59. Melody – The engine of this car sounds so sweet when it hums along.
  60. Mini – This car really could not be any smaller.
  61. Miss Piggy – After the character from The Muppets.
  62. MOMobile – When you use this car almost entirely for taking kids back and forth from school.
  63. Munchkin – Potentially the cutest name ever?
  64. My Baby – You’d never let anybody harm this car.
  65. My Crush – You were in love with this car for a long time before you owned it.
  66. My Little Pony – After the franchise of the same name.
  67. My Love – You’d dump your partner for this car.
  68. My Royal Carriage – You feel like the queen when you ride this car.
  69. Pearl – This car shines just like a pearl.
  70. Penny – A very posh name for a car.
  71. Peppermint – Perfect for a green car.
  72. Pickle – Too tasty!
  73. Pinkie Pie – A pink car deserves a cute name like this one.
  74. Pinky Winky – This pink car is too cute to have a name that uses real words.
  75. Pippa – Bet there’s no way you can come up with a cuter name than this one!
  76. Piston Pony – Way more enjoyable to ride than any pony.
  77. Pixie Dust – This car can grant wishes.
  78. Poetry in Motion – This car gets your creative juices flowing.
  79. Polly The Polo – Great for a cute Volkswagen Polo.
  80. Pooh Bear – After the lovable kid’s cartoon.
  81. Pookie – Similar to the above.
  82. Poppy – Another beautiful flower to name your car after.
  83. Princess – You better drive this car like a real lady/gentleman.
  84. Purr – Its engine sounds so gentle, just like a cat.
  85. Radiant – This care just glows with beauty.
  86. Rainbow Rider – For a car with many colors.
  87. Road-punzel – Wordplay on Rapunzel.
  88. Ruby – A beautiful and aesthetic stone.
  89. Sacagawea – After the Native American explorer.
  90. Sassy – This car is full of spirit.
  91. Serenity – You feel so calm inside this car.
  92. Shelby – She’s so cute you get worried about leaving her on the street alone.
  93. Shelly – Good Ol’ Shelly, she’ll never let you down.
  94. Soulmate – No one can come between you and this car.
  95. Speedie – Cute and fast!
  96. Star – She shines so brightly.
  97. Sugar Rush – Whenever you think of driving this car, you always get super excited.
  98. Sunshine – This car always brightens up your day, even the worst ones.
  99. Sweet Home Alabama – After the song of the same name.
  100. The Dream Mobile – It’s like the car just flew out of your dreams and into reality.
  101. The Good Witch Of The North – Another character from The Wizard of Oz.
  102. The Hot mess – An Ideal name for a small yet powerful car.
  103. The Little One – Maybe the smallest car you’ve ever driven?
  104. The Swan – How fast is your car in traffic?
  105. Tiddlywink – You think of this car as your child.
  106. Tinkerbell – After the fairy companion of Peter Pan.
  107. TLC – Stands for Tender Loving Car(e).
  108. Too Cute for Words – Words aren’t needed to show how much affection you have for this car.
  109. Toto – After Dorothy’s dog in The Wizard of Oz.
  110. Uni-Car – Better than a unicorn.
  111. Zephyr – This car plows along the road at a gentle pace.

Race Car or Fast Car Nicknames

Race Car names

If you have a fast car or race car, here are some awesome names for fast cars:

  1. Ace of Race – A solid name for a fast car.
  2. Angry bull – Does the engine come with lots of horsepowers?
  3. Bigfoot – An ideal name for big trucks.
  4. Crazy bullet – Is your car, crazy fast?
  5. Firebird – A unique name for a race/fast car.
  6. Lightning bolt – A badass car name for a fast racing car
  7. Mechanical beast – A unique name for a classic car.
  8. Nitro – A commonly used name for race cars.
  9. Quick Lil freak – An Ideal name for small cars with a powerful engine.
  10. Race machine – A common name, especially for racing cars.
  11. Sonic – A famous cartoon character.
  12. Speedy – Do you drive your car that fast?
  13. The flash – A famous DC Comics character.
  14. Wildcard – A unique name used for simple cars with a modified engine.
  15. Windrunner – Can your car go really fast?

Car Names Based on Color

The following are car and truck names based on the color of the vehicle:

Silver Car Names

Silver Car Names

The following are silver car names, I haven’t seen many silver trucks around, but if you have one, these names are perfect names for a silver truck, SUV.

  1. Armor – You always feel safe in this car.
  2. Ash – Is what this car leaves on the road after it tears through the street.
  3. Blade – This car can be lethal.
  4. Bling Grillz – A more gangsta approach to the above.
  5. Chrome Sweet Chrome – Wordplay on the phrase ‘home sweet home’.
  6. Coinage – This car shines like money.
  7. Cutlass – Another cool sounding blade.
  8. Glitter – This car has a fantastic
  9. Iron Man – After the superhero of the same name.
  10. Knife – Similar to the above.
  11. Metalhead – Every part of this car is metallic.
  12. Metallic – Perfect for a silver car.
  13. Metallica – After the band of the same name.
  14. Mist – A super cool car name.
  15. Misty – No one can see past this beautiful car.
  16. Moonlight – A romantic name for a silver car.
  17. Mystic – Perfect for the spiritually-minded.
  18. Old Silver – This car has aged gracefully.
  19. Phantom – This is one stealthy
  20. Quartz – Another rare mineral.
  21. Quicksilver – After the superhero/villain from Marvel.
  22. Reflection – So shiny you can see yourself in this car.
  23. Rock N’ Roll – This car knows how to party.
  24. Roman Silver – Super valuable.
  25. Shrapnel – Maybe this car needs a bit of maintenance.
  26. Silver Bullet – Werewolves beware.
  27. Silver Chalice – Driving this car is like driving a moving trophy.
  28. Silver Edge – Sounds super sharp.
  29. Silver Fox – This car is a bit old, but it’s still going strong.
  30. Silver Grills – For a car with fantastic silver grills at the front.
  31. Silver Lightning – Car you think of anything more striking.
  32. Silver Sand – Yup, it does exist.
  33. Silver Sonic – After the character from Sonic the Hedgehog.
  34. Silver Streak – For a car with a silver streak going down it.
  35. Silver Stripe – Similar to the above.
  36. Silver Surfer – After the superhero of the same name.
  37. Silverware – You only bring this car out for special occasions.
  38. Specter – This is one ghostly car.
  39. Stainless Steel – This car will never rust.
  40. Steam – This is one hot car.
  41. Steely – This car looks like it has been forged out of solid steel.
  42. Sterling – After the Pound Sterling, the currency used in the UK.
  43. Sylvia – A clever name for a silver car.
  44. The Iron Giant – In reference to the film of the same name.
  45. The Shine – No shine is more fabulous.
  46. Thunderbolt – This car is flashy and loud.
  47. Titanium – The strongest of all metals.
  48. Tron – After Tron the silver hedgehog.
  49. Umbra – This car has a ghostly shadow.
  50. Wraith – This car stalks the streets like a poltergeist.

Blue Car Nicknames

Blue Car nicknames

Need a name for your blue car? The following are great blue car nicknames, blue truck names, and blue jeep names:

  1. Aqua Machine – This car may have an amazing blue color, but don’t underestimate it! A very cool name for a blue car.
  2. Azure – Spanish for blue.
  3. Azure – Stands for the term “Sky Blue.”
  4. Beryl – After the blue gemstone.
  5. Big whale – Is your car/truck massive?
  6. Blastoise – After the Pokémon of the same name.
  7. Blue charms – A cool name for a beautiful blue car.
  8. Blue Flame – In certain conditions, it is possible to happen.
  9. Blue Moon – How often do you see one of those?
  10. Blue Orchid – An extra special
  11. Blue Strawberry – Do they even exist?
  12. Blueberry – A cute name for a small blue car. Just yum!
  13. Bombay Sapphire – After the gin of the same name.
  14. B-shark – A short version of the term “blue shark.”
  15. Cobalt – A solid shade of blue.
  16. Cookie Monster – Everybody knows the cookie monster!
  17. Crystal – One of the most beautiful stones out there
  18. Davy Jones – A famous and badass villain from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean.”
  19. Diva Plavalaguna – In reference to the iconic blue singing character from the film Fifth Element.
  20. Dory – In reference to the character from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.
  21. Dr. Manhattan – After the character from the Watchmen.
  22. Eeyore – After the lovable grumpy character from Winnie-The-Pooh.
  23. Flying Dutchman – A famous ship from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean.”
  24. Gonze – Another character from The Muppets.
  25. Grover – And one extra character from The Muppets.
  26. Grumpy Bear – After a Care Bear character.
  27. Ice queen – A cute name for a blue car.
  28. Lagoon – Great for a car to be driven in comfort.
  29. Larimar – After the rare blue gemstone.
  30. Lilac – Also a car with a slight hint of purple.
  31. Mr. Freeze – After one of Batman’s primary antagonists.
  32. Mystique – That’s one sexy name – in reference to the X-Men character.
  33. Navy Blue – Everybody knows this shade of blue.
  34. Neptune – After the blue planet in our solar system.
  35. Night Sky – For a darker shade of blue.
  36. Ocean Blue – A great name for a car with an excellent ocean blue color.
  37. Papa Smurf – After the character from The Smurfs, great for an old car.
  38. Peacock – This is one fantastic
  39. Plum – For a car with a slight hint of purple.
  40. River – There’s a lot of life in this car.
  41. Sapphire – A saturated shade of blue.
  42. Sea – Similar to the above.
  43. Sea-monster – A badass name for a car with lots of horsepowers.
  44. Sini – Finnish word for blue.
  45. Sky – Looking at this car is like looking at the sky.
  46. Smurfette – After the character from The Smurfs, great for a feminine looking car.
  47. Smurfy – A famous cartoon series.
  48. Sonic The Hedgehog – The fastest blue thing you’ve ever seen.
  49. Squidward – After the character from SpongeBob SquarePants
  50. Squirtle – After the Pokémon of the same name.
  51. Stitch – After the character of the same name from the film Lilo & Stitch.
  52. Sully – After the big blue character from the film Monsters, Inc.
  53. Teal – Another great shade of blue.
  54. The Big Whale – An awesome name for a massive blue car, a perfect name for a blue truck.
  55. The Blue Man Group – After the performance group.
  56. The missile – A cool name for a blue car with fast acceleration.
  57. Topaz – A beautiful blue mineral.
  58. Turquoise – For a car with a slight hint of green.
  59. Wave Rider – An excellent name for a car that belongs to a surfer.
  60. Wave rider – A cool nickname for any blue car.
  61. Yale – Another iconic shade of blue.
  62. Zazu – After the character from The Lion King film.

Red Car Names

Red Car Names

Red is a bold and energetic color, so here are some sexy names and nicknames for a red car or truck:

  1. Bloody wheels – A badass name for a red car.
  2. Dragonite – A famous Pokémon character.
  3. Fireball – do you own a red car with an explosive acceleration?
  4. Firebird – A common car name for muscle cars.
  5. FireFox – A great, beautiful red fox.
  6. Ghost ride – The name is inspired from the movie “Ghost Rider.”
  7. Hell ride – A badass name for a great car.
  8. Hellcat – A commonly used name for classic/muscle cars.
  9. Hot cherries – A cool name for a regular red car.
  10. Hot Rod – A famous classic car with a powerful engine.
  11. Le Diable rouge – A term that stands for “the red devil” in French.
  12. Naughty Santa – A funny and cool name for a fast red car.
  13. Phoenix – A legendary red bird.
  14. Red bullet – A common car name used for muscle cars.
  15. Daredevil – A famous Marvel character.

Green Car Names

Green Car Names

Green is the coolest and hippest car color. When you paint a car green, it’s almost like it becomes environmentally friendly and adds a couple of years. If you own a green truck, a green car or a green jeep, the following are names you could call your green vehicle:

  1. Alien – A good name for a truck or car that is out of this world.
  2. Aluwyn – Is your car a Speed demon?
  3. Avocar-do – A funny green car name. A wordplay on “Avocado.”
  4. Beasty Boy – A fitting name for your green beast. A good name for a truck.
  5. Ben 10 – Inspired by the popular
  6. Benjamin – A nickname used for Dollar, which makes it a good name for a green car.
  7. Big Green – A good name for a green truck.
  8. Big Green Machine – The perfect name for a green truck or a green car with a high-performance engine.
  9. Blanka – Street Fighter character. A good name for a green truck or a green racing car.
  10. Chick Hicks – From the movie “Cars.” A fitting name for a fast green car.
  11. Doctor Doom – A marvel fictional supervillain. A good name for a powerful green car.
  12. Dragonfly – This name is reserved for a car moves like it’s about to take off.
  13. Drax the Destroyer – Did you just restore your green car? Or does it have a powerful engine?
  14. Emerald – The perfect name for a green vehicle
  15. Envy – Does your car make others green with envy?
  16. Evergreen – The best nickname for a classic green car
  17. Fiona – Princess Fiona from Shrek.
  18. Frog Eyes – Does your car have fog eye lights?
  19. Gamora – A fictional marvel character. A badass green car name.
  20. Godzilla – A cool name for a big green truck or a powerful green car.
  21. Green Goblin – One of the coolest nicknames for a green car.
  22. Green Hornet – Perfect name for a sexy green car.
  23. Green Lantern – If you think Green Lantern is too cheesy, name your car “Alan Scott.”
  24. Green Machine – Another cool name for a green vehicle.
  25. Green monster – A ferocious beast on the road.
  26. Greenback Boogie – A cute pet name for an expensive green car.
  27. Grinch – A badass green car.
  28. Jade – Green ornamental mineral
  29. Kermit – Kermit the Frog
  30. Little Monster – A badass name for a fast green car.
  31. Loki – A deceptively fast green car.
  32. Luigi – From Super Mario.
  33. Lyra – She-Hulk. If you prefer a feminine name for your green car, this is the perfect name.
  34. Mean Green Beast – How powerful is your car?
  35. Metallic Green Bee – This is for the most beautiful green finish.
  36. MJ – The color of weed is Green. A good name for a smokey car.
  37. Green – Pretty obvious, isn’t it?
  38. Oscar the Grouch – For an old beat-up green car.
  39. Peter Pan – A nerdy nickname for your green car.
  40. Poison Ivy – Let’s just say this car’s engine is far from green.
  41. Rango – For a car that stands out.
  42. Rex – Short for T-rex
  43. Robin Hood – If you have a green car that always needs repairs, he is your robin hood.
  44. Rosemary – A green vegetable.
  45. Sage – A good nickname for a classic green car.
  46. The Green Goddess – Is this your beautiful green goddess?
  47. The Hulk – An excellent green truck name.
  48. Weedie – If you are a stoner, it’s the perfect nickname for a green car (your car should be green).
  49. Yoda – Small in size but a beast on the road and it never breaks down.
  50. Yoshi – a fictional dinosaur from Super Mario World

White Car Names

White Car names

Need a name for your white car? Check out the following white car nicknames and white truck names:

  1. Akira – Japanese for ‘the light coming from the sun.’
  2. Alaska – Can’t get more beautiful than this.
  3. Arctic – After the great white region that surrounds the North Pole.
  4. Blight – This car can inflict a lot of damage.
  5. Blizzard – Get ready for a storm!
  6. Bright – You’ll need sunglasses just to look at this car.
  7. Casper – For a ghost-white
  8. Chalky – You’ve never seen anything paler.
  9. Cocaine – White and addictive.
  10. Crowd pleaser – A cool car name for a white car.
  11. Dove – After the pure white bird.
  12. Frostbite – Spending too much time in this car may have adverse
  13. Frosty – Pretty cute.
  14. Full Moon – Driving this car can make you a little crazy.
  15. Ghost Buster – In reference to the film franchise Ghostbusters.
  16. Ghost – Can’t get much whiter. A common cool name for a white car.
  17. Great White – If this car could drive in the sea, it would be the deadliest thing around.
  18. Ice – Careful not to slip!
  19. Ice Pick – That’s pretty deadly.
  20. Ivory – The expensive car you’ve seen in white.
  21. Jaws – After the film of the same name.
  22. Jaws – How loud is your car?
  23. Le Blanc – French for ‘The White One.’
  24. Light at The End of the Tunnel – You’ll be lucky if this car is the last thing you ever see.
  25. Marshmallow – It is so soft inside this car.
  26. Milky – Whiter than white.
  27. Moby dick – A legendary white whale.
  28. Mr. Brightside – An excellent name for a car that fills you with positivity.
  29. Phantom – A badass name for an elegant white car.
  30. Polar bear – does your car have a powerful engine?
  31. Salt – If you don’t treat this car right, it can get bitter.
  32. Siberia – This car is perfect for conquering any vast landscape.
  33. Snow Leopard – Snow has never been more dangerous.
  34. Snow white – After the fairytale by The Brothers Grimm. A cute name for a beautiful white car.
  35. Snowball – A common nickname for a white small/smart car. It is also perfect for a white truck.
  36. Solar Flare – A burning white light on the sun’s surface.
  37. Sub-Zero – What’s cooler than sub-zero? Nothing!
  38. Sugar – Everybody loves this sweet car.
  39. Sun Flare – A variation of the above.
  40. The bride – Is your ride your better half? A good pet name for a car that you spend a lot of money to keep running.
  41. Tundra – This car looks like it just arrived from the coldest place on Earth.
  42. Walter White – After the character from Breaking Bad.
  43. White hawk – After the bird of prey. A badass name for a mediocre white car.
  44. White Heat – This car is so hot it burns white.
  45. White knight – A super funny name for a white car.
  46. White Lightning – Have you ever seen anything cooler?
  47. White Noise – You’ll remember the sound this car makes.
  48. White paws – This beast feels at home in cold environments. Another cute name for a small white car.
  49. White Rhino – This white car can batter its way through anything.
  50. White Russian – An excellent cocktail.
  51. White shark – A Badass name for a fast/race car.
  52. White Tiger – Beautiful and dangerous.
  53. Winter – This car has an icy feel to it.
  54. Yang – The white half of the Yin Yang symbol.
  55. Yang – A Chinese word for ocean.

Black Car Names

Black Car names

Got yourself a classy black ride? Here are some great names for black cars, black trucks, black jeeps and any other black ride you may own:

  1. Abyss – There is nothing darker than this car.
  2. Ace Of Spades – After the legendary song by the band Motörhead.
  3. Batmobile – A famous car from DC comics.
  4. Black beauty – A badass name for any beautiful black car.
  5. Black cat – The coolest of all the cats. A great name for any black car.
  6. Black Cougar – A little scarier than a cat.
  7. Black Diamond – For a car with real glamour.
  8. Black Hole – The darkness of this car is enough to swallow entire solar systems.
  9. Black Hornet – You don’t want to get stung by this little monster.
  10. Black Mamba – The only name you need for a slick black car.
  11. Black pearl – A famous ship from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean.”
  12. Black Swan – After the film of the same name.
  13. Black Widow – Another excellent name for a black car.
  14. Blackhawk – Perfect for a deadly black car.
  15. Blackjack – Cool in a number of different ways. A badass name for any black car.
  16. Café Noir – This black car has a sexy hint of coffee brown to it.
  17. Charcoal – This slick car is a result of somebody or something getting burned.
  18. Dark Elegance – No other car can pull off such a formal look in black. A cool name for an elegant black car.
  19. Dark Knight – A popular name for a black car.
  20. Deathly Hallow – In reference to the Harry Potter book and film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. A dark name for a black muscle car.
  21. Ebony – This dark car has a beautiful gloss to it.
  22. Edge Of The Universe – The darkest car in the known universe.
  23. Jet Black – Can’t get much blacker than this.
  24. Magical Smoke – The dark beauty of this car is a real enigma.
  25. Melanite – A black rock that just happens to have an awesome name.
  26. Midnight Terror – The car of your rival’s nightmares.
  27. Nebula – Inspired by the interstellar phenomenon.
  28. Night Fury – This car is most aggressive at night.
  29. Nightcrawler – Driving this car at night is always a ride.
  30. Nightshade – This car is a lot deadlier than it looks.
  31. Noir – The French word for black.
  32. Onyx – Perhaps the coolest ever name for a black car?
  33. Outer Space – The dark color of this car reminds you of the sky at night.
  34. Panther – This is one ferocious car.
  35. Raven – The most badass bird you could name your car after.
  36. Seraphinite – A dark rock that often has a hint of green.
  37. Shadow – Do you ever get the feeling that this car is following you?
  38. Shady Ride – You probably wouldn’t get in this car if it belonged to a stranger, which makes it the perfect truck name. Also, an awesome name for a black car with a unique engine sound.
  39. Slate – Another rock usually found in a dark color.
  40. Soul Ride – This beast has claimed your soul. Another spooky yet cool name for any black car.
  41. Spooky Shadow – Way scarier than just your regular A dark name for a fast black car.
  42. Starry Night – Great for a dark car that shines in the evening.
  43. Sweet Nightmare – That’s one sexy black car.
  44. The Batmobile – Villains! Beware!
  45. The Beetle – For a car that’s also sturdy and big.
  46. The Black Pearl – After the ship in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.
  47. The Dark Knight – After the Batman film of the same name.
  48. The Killer Whale – After the species otherwise known as an Orca.
  49. The widow – A badass name for any black muscle car.
  50. Tinted – This car has unbelievably dark windows.
  51. Turbo Zebra – Forget horsepower, this car has zebra power!
  52. Umbreon – After the Pokémon of the same name.
  53. Venom – After one of Spiderman’s arch-rivals.
  54. Yin – The dark half of the Yin Yang symbol.

Car Names Based on Gender

Another great source of car name ideas is to give your car a gender-based nickname. For example, you could name your truck a feminine name.

Car Names for girls

Car Names for girls

If you have a sexy car or truck, you should try any of these girl car names and girl truck names:

  1. Affection – You’ve never felt more loved than by this car.
  2. Aphrodite – This car is a goddess of beauty.
  3. Athena – After the Ancient Greek goddess of wisdom and war.
  4. Barbie – You’ve wanted a car like this since you were playing with Barbies.
  5. Bella – After the Italian word for beautiful.
  6. Booty – Everybody loves the back of this car.
  7. Bootylicious – The backside of this car is delicious!
  8. Car-rera – Too clever?
  9. Chardonnay – You better not be drinking when you drive this car!
  10. Cleopatra – After the legendary empress of Ancient Egypt.
  11. Eve – Such an elegant name.
  12. FAB1 – After the car driven by Lady Penelope’s butler in the original Thunderbirds.
  13. Femme Fatale – For a feisty feminine car.
  14. Foxy Lady – Unbelievably attractive.
  15. Goddess – This car descends from the gods.
  16. Gold Digger – Only a gold digger would drive a car like this.
  17. Golden Girl – The perfect name for a golden car.
  18. Heather – An excellent English name.
  19. Her – She is definitely a she.
  20. Highway Diva – You look like a real diva when you drive this car down the road.
  21. Hoe – This car does need no pimp.
  22. Junk In the Trunk – And proud of it.
  23. Kid Mover – The primary purpose of this car is to take your kids from point A to point B.
  24. Lady Luck – Only good things happen when you drive this car.
  25. Lady Penelope – With a name like this, this car should only be driven by royalty (also can be used as a reference to the Thunderbirds).
  26. Little Lady – A perfect name for a small and elegant car.
  27. Lola – This name originates from the Spanish name Dolores and means ‘sorrows’.
  28. Ma-car-ena – In reference to the song ‘La Macarena’ by Los Del Rio.
  29. Mademoiselle – This car is a real darling.
  30. Malibu Stacy – After The Simpson spoof of Barbie.
  31. Mama’s Mercedes – You better treat that Mercedes with care!
  32. Man Eater – Men won’t leave this car alive.
  33. Miss – This car will never settle down.
  34. Naughty Boy – A great car for a girl.
  35. Poison Ivy – After the Batman villain.
  36. Queenie – For when ‘queen’ is just not cute enough.
  37. Rhonda The Honda – The name you need for your beautiful Honda.
  38. Scarlett O’Cara – Wordplay on the character Scarlett O’Hara from the film Gone with the Wind.
  39. Sexy Personality – A feature any good car should have.
  40. Shirley – Originates from Old English and means bright or clear.
  41. Sophia – Originates from Greek and means wisdom and skill.
  42. Sporty Spice – After the Spice Girl, perfect for a sports car with lots of energy.
  43. Stella – A lovely car name, it is also a great girl truck name.
  44. Super-Charged Fire Pony – That’s one very special pony.
  45. The Good Listener – You could talk for hours in this car.
  46. The Motherwagon – You think of this car as your mother.
  47. The Other Half – Forget your husband; all you need is this car.
  48. Veronica – For a classy, grown-up woman who’s got her stuff together.
  49. Wonder Woman Wagon – Alliteration makes this name a real winner.
  50. Xena Warrior Prius – Wordplay on Xena Warrior Princess, perfect for a Prius owner.

Car Names for guys

Car Names for guys

If your car is a bro for life, then you should consider using a male car name. Same applies for truck names:

  1. Anger Management – The perfect car to blow off some steam when you’re angry.
  2. Back Seat Fun – Hilarity always ensues in the back seat of this car.
  3. Badman – There’s no way you should ever trust someone who drives this car!
  4. Bass – The bass from this car can be heard from miles away.
  5. Better Than My Wife – Looks like a divorce is in order.
  6. Big Ole Nasty – Huge, old and nasty.
  7. Billy Bob – Perfect for a hillbilly-looking truck.
  8. Boss Man – This car demands respect.
  9. Bromobile – This car is only for bros.
  10. Buddy – Your best pal.
  11. Buster – This car is known for hustling.
  12. Chick Magnet – Women just feel strangely drawn to this car.
  13. Curvy Babe – The best kind of babe.
  14. Dirk Diggler – After the character from the film Boogie Nights.
  15. Flintstones-style – This car has been around since the time of the dinosaurs.
  16. Furious – This car has a real temper.
  17. General Lee – After the car from Dukes of Hazzard.
  18. God King – A king believed to possess godlike power.
  19. Golden Stud – An excellent name for a masculine golden car.
  20. James Brown – The funkiest car around.
  21. John – Another totally normal guy name.
  22. Jump Start – Getting this car working takes a lot of physical effort.
  23. Junker – This car is a real piece of crap.
  24. King of Kings – All must bow down to this car.
  25. Lady Killa – This car is perfect for seducing any woman.
  26. Lancelot – After one of the knights of the roundtable.
  27. Motorhead – This car is unbelievably fun to drive.
  28. My Bro – This car is your best friend.
  29. Nasty – If you don’t know how to drive this car, your experience is about to be horrible.
  30. Naughty Girl – A great car for a guy.
  31. Noah – This car can part the sea.
  32. Pharaoh – The term used for the ruler of ancient Egypt.
  33. Pimped Out – This car has been modded to the max.
  34. Pimp-Mobile – The only way you could get women in this car is if you pay them.
  35. Popeye – Great for a muscle car.
  36. Pornstar – People will literally pay to see this car.
  37. Pussy Wagon – In reference to Kill Bill.
  38. Radio Pounder – The radio is always on in this car.
  39. Risky Business – After the film of the same name.
  40. Sex Machine – After the song of the same name by James Brown.
  41. Sound System – No sound system is superior.
  42. Steve – A totally normal guy name.
  43. Temptation – Trouble awaits you.
  44. Testosterone on Wheels – That’s one angry car.
  45. The Girlfriend – Perhaps the longest relationship you’ve ever had?
  46. The Mistress – If your partner knew how much you loved this car, you’d be in a lot of trouble.
  47. The Widowmaker – You may not live long driving this demon.
  48. The Wife – You love her… and sometimes you hate her.
  49. The Womanizer – This car always grabs woman’s attention.
  50. Xerxes – After the king of Ancient Persia.

Find More Nicknames300+ Creative, Funny, and Badass Jeep Names

Real Car Names

Now, we have to mention the original and real car names. Unlike car nicknames, most of these names were scrutinized at several organizational levels before they were approved. These original car brand names from all over the world may be the inspiration you need to come up with your own unique car name.

American Car Names

American Car Names

The following are American vehicle brand names:

  1. AC Propulsion
  2. Ajax
  3. AM General
  4. Ambassador
  5. AMC
  6. American
  7. American Underslung
  8. Anteros Coachworks
  9. Apollo
  10. Apperson
  11. Arnolt
  12. Auburn
  13. Aurica Motors
  14. Austin Car Company
  15. Avanti
  16. Baker Motor Vehicles
  17. Biddle Motor Company
  18. Brammo
  19. Brewster
  20. Brisco
  21. Brush
  22. Buick
  23. BXR
  24. Cadillac
  25. Carroll Shelby
  26. Case
  27. Chadwick
  28. Chandler
  29. Checker
  30. Chevrolet
  31. Chrysler
  32. Comet
  33. Commuter
  34. Continental
  35. Cord
  36. Corvette
  37. Cunningham
  38. Dagmar
  39. Davis
  40. De Soto
  41. DeLorean
  42. Detroit Electric
  43. Devon Motorworks
  44. Diana
  45. DMC
  46. Dodge
  47. Dort
  48. Du Pont
  49. Duesenberg
  50. Durant
  51. Duryea
  52. Eagle
  53. Edsel
  54. Elcar
  55. EMF
  56. Eshelman
  57. Fageol
  58. Falcon Motorsports
  59. Faraday Future
  60. Fiat Chrysler
  61. Firestone-Columbus
  62. Fisker Automotive, Inc
  63. Fitch
  64. Flint
  65. Ford
  66. Franklin
  67. Gardner
  68. GEM
  69. General Motors
  70. Geo
  71. GMC
  72. Graham
  73. Grant
  74. Gray
  75. Griffith
  76. HAL
  77. Hennessey
  78. Hertz
  79. Hudson
  80. Hummer
  81. Imperial
  82. Jeep
  83. Jordan
  84. Kaiser
  85. Karma
  86. Keller
  87. Kenworth
  88. Kissel
  89. Knox
  90. LaFayette
  91. La Salle
  92. Lexington
  93. Lincoln
  94. Locomobile
  95. Lozier
  96. Lucid
  97. Mack
  98. Marmon
  99. Martin
  100. Maxwell
  101. Mercer
  102. Mercury
  103. Merkur
  104. Mitchell
  105. Mohs
  106. Mosler Automotive
  107. Muntz
  108. Mustang
  109. Nash
  110. National
  111. Navistar
  112. Oakland
  113. Oldsmobile
  114. Overland
  115. Packard
  116. Paige
  117. Panoz
  118. Paterson
  119. Pennsylvania
  120. Peterbilt
  121. Phantom Corsair
  122. Pierce-Arrow
  123. Piontek
  124. Playboy
  125. Plymouth
  126. Polaris
  127. Polaris Industries
  128. Pontiac
  129. Pontiac
  130. Qvale
  131. Ram
  132. Rambler
  133. RCH
  134. Revere
  135. Rezvani
  136. Rickenbacker
  137. Roamer
  138. Rossion
  139. Sainte Claire
  140. Saleen
  141. Saturn
  142. Saxon
  143. Scripps-Booth
  144. Shelby
  145. Shelby
  146. Shelby American
  147. SRT
  148. SSC
  149. SSC North America
  150. Stanley
  151. Stearns Knight
  152. Stephens
  153. Studebaker
  154. Stutz
  155. Superformance
  156. Tesla
  157. Trion
  158. Tucker
  159. Twombly
  160. Vector Motors Corporation
  161. Velie
  162. Viper
  163. Waltham
  164. Wills
  165. Willys
  166. Woodill
  167. Zimmer

Japanese Car Names

Japanese Car Names

The Japanese are global leaders in car manufacturing, and their names aren’t bad either.

  1. Toyota
  2. Toyota Crown
  3. Toyota Supra
  4. GT-R
  5. Scion
  6. Ohta Jidosha
  7. Honda
  8. Lexus
  9. Suzuki
  10. Mazda
  11. Datsun
  12. Nissan
  13. Nissan Leaf
  14. Daihatsu
  15. Mitsubishi
  16. Prince Motor Company
  17. Acura
  18. Hino
  19. Subaru
  20. Infiniti
  21. Mitsuoka
  22. Isuzu
  23. UD Trucks
  24. Nismo
  25. Autobacs
  26. Gorham

German Car Names

German Car Names

For brute force, class, and a diplomatic feel, you should definitely go German. These German car names are some of the most powerful car names around:

  1. Porsche
  2. Mercedes-Benz
  3. BMW
  4. Audi
  5. Volkswagen
  6. Opel
  7. Maybach
  8. Smart
  9. AMG
  10. Daimler
  11. Brabus
  12. Alpina
  13. TechArt
  14. Mansory
  15. 9ff
  16. Borgward
  17. Gumpert
  18. Wiesmann
  19. Carlsson
  20. RUF
  21. Artega
  22. Apollo
  23. ABT
  24. MAN
  25. Bitter
  26. Setra
  27. EDAG
  28. Melkus
  29. BharatBenz
  30. Isdera

Other Real Car Names

British Car Names

There are car manufacturers from around the world, and some of them have great names. So, here are a couple of cool-sounding car names from around the world.

  1. Amuza (Australian)
  2. Bullet (Australian)
  3. Python (Australian)
  4. Shrike (Australian)
  5. Trackson (Australian)
  6. Trevethan (Australian)
  7. Zeta (Australian)
  8. Denzel (Austria)
  9. Acadian (Canada)
  10. Amherst (Canada)
  11. Asuna (Canada)
  12. Brock (Canada)
  13. Clinton (Canada)
  14. Derby (Canada)
  15. Dominion (Canada)
  16. Duplex (Canada)
  17. Dynasty (Canada)
  18. The Knight XV (Canada)
  19. LeRoy (Canada)
  20. Manic GT (Canada)
  21. Queen (Canada)
  22. Aero (Czech Republic)
  23. Aspa (Czech Republic)
  24. Avia (Czech Republic)
  25. JAWA (Czech Republic)
  26. Kaipan (Czech Republic)
  27. Praga (Czech Republic)
  28. Tatra (Czech Republic)
  29. Zenvo (Denmark)
  30. Alma (France)
  31. Alpine (France)
  32. Arista (France)
  33. Ballot (France)
  34. Bugatti (France)
  35. Citroën (France)
  36. Gregoire (France)
  37. Lombard (France)
  38. Lorraine (France)
  39. Matra (France)
  40. Mega (France)
  41. Monica (France)
  42. Microcar (France)
  43. Panhard (France)
  44. Peugeot (France)
  45. Renault (France)
  46. Simca (France)
  47. Talbot (France)
  48. Tracta (France)
  49. Vaillante (France)
  50. Venturi (France)
  51. Vespa (France)
  52. Zédel (France)
  53. ABC (UK)
  54. Adams (UK)
  55. AJS (UK)
  56. Andre (UK)
  57. Aster (UK)
  58. Astra (UK)
  59. Austin (UK)
  60. Batten (UK)
  61. Bentley (UK)
  62. Berkeley (UK)
  63. Bond (UK)
  64. Bristol (UK)
  65. Brooke (UK)
  66. Buckler (UK)
  67. Caparo (UK)
  68. Caterham (UK)
  69. Clan (UK)
  70. Connaught (UK)
  71. Cooper (UK)
  72. Costin (UK)
  73. Crossley (UK)
  74. CSC (UK)
  75. Daimler (UK)
  76. Davrian (UK)
  77. De Lorean (UK)
  78. Dellow (UK)
  79. Diva (UK)
  80. Dutton (UK)
  81. Elva (UK)
  82. Gnome (UK)
  83. Grinnall (UK)
  84. Guy (UK)
  85. Healey (UK)
  86. Hillman (UK)
  87. Humber (UK)
  88. Invicta (UK)
  89. Iota (UK)
  90. Jaguar (UK)
  91. Jowett (UK)
  92. Land Rover (UK)
  93. Lea-Francis (UK)
  94. Leader (UK)
  95. Leidart (UK)
  96. Lightning (UK)
  97. Lola (UK)
  98. Lister (UK)
  99. Lotus (UK)
  100. Marauder (UK)
  101. Marendaz (UK)
  102. Maudslay (UK)
  103. McLaren (UK)
  104. Mini (UK)
  105. Noble (UK)
  106. Ogle (UK)
  107. Panther (UK)
  108. Paramount (UK)
  109. Peel (UK)
  110. Peerless (UK)
  111. Perry (UK)
  112. Radical (UK)
  113. Railton (UK)
  114. Rapier (UK)
  115. Reliant (UK)
  116. Riley (UK)
  117. Rochdale (UK)
  118. Rolls-Royce (UK)
  119. Rover (UK)
  120. Scott (UK)
  121. Singer (UK)
  122. Spectre (UK)
  123. Squire (UK)
  124. Sunbeam (UK)
  125. Tamplin (UK)
  126. Thames (UK)
  127. Tornado (UK)
  128. Turner (UK)
  129. Trojan (UK)
  130. Vale (UK)
  131. Vauxhall (UK)
  132. Vegantune (UK)
  133. Warwick (UK)

Popular Car Model Names

Popular Car Model Names

We shouldn’t just mention manufacturers’ names. Some of the coolest car names are model names, as they are more recent and trendy. The following model car names can inspire you to come up with a great pet name for your car.

  1. Quattro
  2. C-Max
  3. Capri
  4. Cougar
  5. Eifel
  6. Escort
  7. Fiesta
  8. Focus
  9. Fusion
  10. Granada
  11. Köln
  12. Kuga
  13. Orion
  14. Puma
  15. Rheinland
  16. Sierra
  17. Taunus
  18. Adam
  19. Admiral
  20. Agila
  21. Ampera
  22. Antara
  23. Arena
  24. Ascona
  25. Astra
  26. Bedford Blitz
  27. Blitz
  28. Calibra
  29. Campo
  30. Cascada
  31. Chevette
  32. Combo
  33. Commodore
  34. Corsa
  35. Diplomat
  36. Frontera
  37. GT
  38. Insignia
  39. Kadett
  40. Kapitän
  41. Manta
  42. Meriva
  43. Mokka
  44. Monterey
  45. Monza
  46. Movano
  47. Olympia
  48. Olympia Rekord
  49. Omega
  50. P4
  51. RAK
  52. RAK2
  53. Regent
  54. Rekord
  55. Senator
  56. Signum
  57. Sintra
  58. Speedster
  59. Super 6
  60. TigraVectra
  61. Vivaro
  62. Zafira
  63. 918 Spyder
  64. Boxster
  65. Carrera GT
  66. Cayenne
  67. Cayman
  68. Panamera
  69. Macan
  70. Amarok
  71. Beetle
  72. Caddy
  73. Corrado
  74. Dasher
  75. Eos
  76. Fox
  77. Golf
  78. Jetta
  79. Karmann Ghia
  80. Lupo
  81. New Beetle
  82. Passat
  83. Quantum
  84. Phaeton
  85. Polo
  86. Scirocco
  87. Sharan
  88. SP2
  89. Tiguan
  90. Touareg
  91. Touran
  92. Transporter
  93. Routan
  94. Vento

Now, we want to hear some great car names from you. What do you call your car (Please don’t say “car”), or what is the coolest car nickname you’ve heard.

31 thoughts on “Car Nicknames: 1300+ Good Car Names and Truck Names”

  1. i have a 1958 nash metropolen what name do you think fun size or bun size thank you or could i use both names somehow

  2. Black Rose (dark colored japan/european tuner), Midnight Runner (again dark colored fast car), Karma Fighter (no idea), T-Rex (massive truck/SUV (please don’t use on chevy silve…)), Hellraiser, HellStorm (both for extremely over powered cars), Prypiat (SOVIET car in rat style), Zygra (smaller but extremely controlable car)

  3. I have a black 99 Jeep Wrangler TJ. Needs a name please. 🙂 I have tan soft top for it and a black hard top. It’s great condition. A little loud. Mud tires. etc.

  4. My daughters green car is named Wasabi!! Her older Mini Cooper was called Ricochet…Shadow is good for dark gray black cars, and Snow White should always be a white mini van or large suv because it carries the queen and her 7 minions 🤣

  5. I have a new 2020 Black on top and orange on the body Nissan Sentra she needs a name any suggestions please help?


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