Green Car Names: 80+ Names for a Green Car

Do you need a good name for a Green car?

The color green is associated with nature, life, renewal, freshness, and the environment. Green is also traditionally associated with money in paper form and on the opposite end of the spectrum, green is associated with envy.

Green has been the buzzword for a couple of years, and that’s because is it has become a synonym for eco-friendly products. Of course, painting your car green does not make it good for the environment but at least no one can say your heart isn’t in the right place.

What Should I Name My Green Car?

Names for a Green Car

If you own a green car; whether its an environmentally friendly car or a car painted green, you obviously don’t care much about what others think of you. So, let’s take it a step further and find your green car a name.

A good name for a green car can be the name of something green or something that signifies or is associated with green or nature. For example, the Incredible Hulk is a good name for a green car.

Here are some creative green car names:

  1. Alien
  2. Aluwyn – a fictional demon sorceress, also known as Saga Vasuki.
  3. Avocado
  4. Ben 10a fictional character.
  5. Benjamin
  6. Big Green
  7. Big Green Machine
  8. Blanka – Street Fighter character.
  9. Booger
  10. Chameleon
  11. Chick Hicks – From the movie “Cars.”
  12. Christmas
  13. Clover
  14. Compost
  15. Crocodile
  16. Doctor Doom/Victor von Doom – A marvel fictional supervillain.
  17. Dragonfly
  18. Drax the Destroyer
  19. Eco
  20. Emerald
  21. Envy
  22. Evergreen
  23. Fiona – Princess Fiona from Shrek.
  24. Flubber
  25. Frog
  26. Frog Eyes
  27. Frogger
  28. Gamora – A fictional Marvel character
  29. Godzilla
  30. Green
  31. Green Almighty
  32. Green Apple
  33. Green Arrow
  34. Green Giant
  35. Green Goblin
  36. Green Hornet
  37. Green Lantern – If you think Green Lantern is too cheesy, name your car “Alan Scott.”
  38. Green Machine
  39. Green Monster
  40. Green with Envy
  41. Greenback
  42. Greenback Boogie
  43. Green-eyed Monster
  44. Greenroom
  45. Grinch
  46. Gumby A fictional Marvel character
  47. Holly
  48. Inkberry
  49. Jade
  50. Kermit – Kermit the Frog
  51. Kiwi
  52. Leaf
  53. Lime
  54. Loki
  55. Luigi – From Super Mario.
  56. Mantis a fictional superhero
  57. Marijuana (MJ)
  58. Mean Green
  59. Mean Green Beast
  60. Metallic Green Bee
  61. Mike Wazowski – a fictional character from Monsters.
  62. Minty
  63. Ninja Turtle
  64. Olive/Olivia
  65. Oscar the Grouch
  66. Parrot
  67. Pasture
  68. Pea
  69. Peter Pan
  70. Pickle
  71. Pine
  72. Poison Ivy
  73. Rango
  74. Recycled
  75. Rex –Short for T-rex
  76. Robin Hood
  77. Rosemary – A green vegetable.
  78. Sage – A good nickname for a classic green car.
  79. Shrek
  80. Slime
  81. Spring
  82. Swamp Thing
  83. The Green Goddess
  84. The Hulk/Incredible
  85. The Lizard King
  86. Toad
  87. Weedie
  88. Yoshi – a fictional dinosaur from Super Mario World
  89. Zombie
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