10 Most Popular Conor McGregor Nicknames

It is no surprise that a famous and divisive fighter like Conor McGregor has earned some nicknames over his career.

There is arguably no MMA fighter more accomplished or polarising than Conor McGregor. The Irishman has built an impressive 22-6 professional MMA record and is arguably one of the most iconic fighters in UFC.

Thanks to his trash-talking antics backed by a ruthless and efficient fighting style, Conor McGregor has gained a cult-like following and an army of critics.

Most Popular Conor McGregor Nicknames

In this post, we examine the most popular nicknames for Conor McGregor:

1. Notorious

McGregor’s most commonly used nickname is ‘Notorious.’ Conor McGregor has incorporated the name into his social media handles and brand properties. 

‘TheNotoriousMMA’ has two significant meanings.

First, one of McGregor’s coaches labeled him ‘Notorious’ because he was a notorious troublemaker, and the name has stuck ever since.

Secondly, McGregor is a massive fan of rapper ‘The Notorious BIG.’ McGregor has used many of the rappers’ songs as he has strolled to the octagon. The nickname ‘Notorious’ is dedicated to the rapper out of his respect for the rapper.

2. Unicorn

McGregor was famously called the ‘Unicorn’ by UFC supremo Dana White.

White’s comments revolved around McGregor’s insistence to fight anyone at any time. It wasn’t just empty words. It was something that McGregor was willing to act on. This attribute made McGregor special in the eyes of White, earning him the nickname – Unicorn.

3. One-Punch

When at his brilliant best, McGregor has the striking ability to knock out many of his opponents through just one punch. His most famous knockout is when he knocked out rival Jose Aldo in just thirteen seconds with one devastating punch. ‘One Punch’ is a nickname befitting McGregor’s hard-hitting fighting style.

4. Fighting Irish

The Fighting Irish nickname was first coined for the Irish immigrant soldiers who fought for the Union during the Civil War. It describes the indomitable spirit of the Irish.

The ‘Fighting Irish’ nickname has followed McGregor throughout his career. McGregor uses the nickname on all of his own branded clothing. McGregor is a proud Irishman, so the nickname’s origin is not farfetched.


A nickname becoming more in sports is “GOAT.” GOAT means the Greatest of all Time. McGregor doesn’t have the best overall fighting record, but he has set records for Pay Per View sales and has been the face of the sport for years. McGregor is still the biggest draw in the UFC. His reputation has seen him compete in the boxing ring against Floyd Mayweather. Also, the rumors of McGregor making an appearance in the WWE have not gone away.

6. El Chapo

In the build-up to his fight against Brazilian Rafael dos Anjos, McGregor wore similar clothes to ex-Mexican drug lord El Chapo to one of the press conferences.

In his words, “I’m speaking Spanish, I’m dressed like El Chapo in his prime,” McGregor shouted. “I’m running this company like half a wise guy. I’m up here verbally destroying this man. I am a multi-cultured individual. I do whatever I want.”

El Chapo is a nickname that references McGregor’s popularity in the UFC.

7. Silverback

McGregor has a giant gorilla tattooed on his chest. The gorilla is the logo of the club (Straight Blast Gym – Ireland), where he learned to fight. Silverback is a nickname he’s been called due to this connection.

8. Mystic Mac

Mystic Mac is a self-titled nickname McGregor has called himself for his successful predictions of the outcomes of his fights. One of such predictions was when McGregor predicted he would knock out Jose Aldo in the first round of their fight. McGregor called it right as he knocked Aldo out in just thirteen seconds!

9. Pay Per View Monster

McGregor is the biggest draw in the sport, and his Pay Per Views event earnings are the highest within the UFC. McGregor knows he is one of the most popular fighters in the UFC, and this nickname seems befitting of his global status.

10. McJacked

The most recent of McGregor’s nicknames is McJacked. This nickname is inspired by McGregor’s workout videos ahead of his eagerly-awaited return to the UFC later in 2022. McGregor, who broke his leg in his last fight, has been sharing workout videos of him in the gym, and it’s fair to say the Irishman looks in great shape. Many fans have flocked to praise the Irishman’s conditioning fuelling further talk of who will be McGregor’s next opponent.

We hope you have enjoyed our article on Conor McGregor’s nicknames. Are there any we have missed? Tell us about all the Conor McGregor nicknames you have heard.

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