Top 10 Famous LeBron James Nicknames

This article examines the most famous nicknames that people use for LeBron James, how LeBron James got his nicknames and LeBron James nicknames from high school.

LeBron James is, without doubt, one of the most popular basketball players and one of the most successful sportsmen in the entire world. James, who plays for the world-renowned L.A. Lakers, is a four-time N.B.A. Champion. He has won world titles with the Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Lakers. He is a 4 x Finals M.V.P. and is widely considered one of the greatest basketball players to have ever played the game

Due to James’s success, he has become a polarising figure both on and off the court, with some fans switching their allegiances to follow whatever team he plays for while others quite simply can’t stand him!

Popular Nicknames for LeBron James

LeBron James Nicknames

Here are some of the nicknames that LeBron James is often called. Whether you love or hate him, you probably have heard someone use one of these names for LeBron James:

1. King James

King James is the most popular LeBron James nickname and is a name that the man himself has adopted. LeBron’s official Twitter handle is @KingJames, so it’s a nickname he likes. There are plenty of rumors about how this nickname first came into existence. Some believe James first started calling himself “The King,” while others claim the nickname originates from LeBron’s high school paper. Either Way, it’s a nickname befitting LeBron James’s legendary standing in the game.

2. G.O.A.T.

G.O.A.T. is an acronym for “Greatest of all time.” For many N.B.A. fans, it’s a title fit for Michael Jordan, who many believe is the greatest to have ever played the sport. On the other hand, several people argue that LeBron is the greatest player of all time. Even though he hasn’t won as many championships as Jordan, James is ranked 3rd all-time for scoring, 7th in assists, 4th in overall free throws made, and 1st in total turnovers. James is the complete all-court player, and these stats back that up.

3. The ‘Chosen One’

James was born in Ohio, which is home to the Cleveland Cavaliers. When James finished high school, the Cavs had the number one pick in the draft. The Cavaliers drafted James straight out of high school rather than electing to go to college (where many players are drafted from). He was quickly anointed as the “Chosen One,” as many believed it would be James who would be the one to guide the Cavs to an elusive first world championship. James did eventually capture a world title for the Cavs, but it was in his second stint with the franchise rather than his first as initially hoped.

4. The Akron Hammer

James was born in Akron, Ohio, and this nickname is credited to SportNation’s co-host Michelle Beadle to denote the ferociousness of Lebron’s slam dunks.

5. L Train

L Train is another nickname that dates back to James’s early years in the N.B.A. The nickname was created by fellow Cleveland Cavalier Austin Carr, who called James the L Train. It is inspired by how fast LeBron was when accelerating up the court for a runaway slam dunk.

6. Bron Bron

Bron Bron is a nickname from when James moved to the L.A. Lakers. L.A. is famously known as La La Land, and with James moving to the City of Angels, fans of the Lakers were quick to adapt La La Land to Bron Bron Land. Bron Bron signifies the excitement and thrill LeBron James brings to the court every time he plays.

7. L.B.J.

L.B.J. – LeBron James’ initials.

8. Bron

Often when talked about in the media or by pundits, LeBron’s name is shortened to Bron. Shannon Sharpe on the American sports debate show ‘Undisputed’ mainly refers to LeBron as Bron. 

Funny LeBron James Nicknames

Due to LeBron being such a divisive figure in the N.B.A., several nicknames have been created and used to discredit his legacy. These nicknames are usually used by Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant fans, who believe their Favorite owns the title of “G.O.A.T.”

9. LeFlop

LeFlop is a nickname often labeled at James, and it comes from rival fans who think that James goes down easy after contact as a deliberate attempt to influence the referee. Flopping is when footballers feign to be injured or try to con a referee.

10. LeBrick

LeBrick is another harsh nickname for LeBron James from rival fans. James got this nickname due to his tendency to miss open jump shots and shots from the three-point line. Brick refers to a player that is heavy-handed with his shots. It is a mindboggling nickname name considering the greatness of James, but it is a nickname that is still used nonetheless.

This vast range of nicknames shows what a polarising player James truly is. From being called the King to LeBrick, no player divides opinion like LeBron James.

We hope you have enjoyed our article on some of LeBron James’s famous nicknames. Are there any we have missed? We would love to hear the funny and awesome LeBron James nicknames you know or have overheard from his stans and haters.

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