70+ Cool and Popular Nicknames for James

Have you been trying to find a nickname for James?

In this article, we’d be sharing a list of useful nicknames for the name James, as well as helpful descriptions to help you select the perfect nickname!

But first, what is the meaning and origin of the name James?

Meaning and Origin of James

James (which is primarily a masculine name but has occasionally been given to females) is of Hebrew origins. It means “supplanter” or “the one who follows.” The dictionary definition of a Supplanter is “to trip up or to overthrow.”

Interestingly, the name James and Jacob share the same original Hebrew name, “Ya’aqov.” The name James became popular in the first century BC among the Jewish community.

The first bearers of the name in the New Testament include James the Just; he was the brother of Jesus Christ. Also, James the Great, the brother of John the Apostle who wrote the epistle of James in the New Testament. The third James is the son of Alphaeus, one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ.

Today, the name James has gained popularity, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom. In 2018, James ranked as the 4th most popular name in the United States given to baby boys.

James Nicknames

Why Is Jim A Nickname for James?

The name Jim (a shortened version of Jimmy) has been considered a commonly used nickname and an alternative to James since the early 1800s.

While there is no definitive reason for this, it should be noted that the name Jim/Jimmy is interpreted to mean “Supplanter” or “Held by the heel,” which are similar to the literal meanings of James’s name.

This makes it a popular and suitable substitute for the name James.

Popular Nicknames for James

Popular nicknames are usually shortened or modified versions of the original name. Here are some popular nicknames for the name James:

  1. Jae/Jay
  2. Jamie/Jamey
  3. Jem
  4. Jim/Jims
  5. Jimmie/Jimmy
  6. Jay/JayJay
  7. Jas
  8. Jemmy
  9. Jimbo
  10. Jambo
  11. Jaime
  12. Jameson/Jamison
  13. Jamo
  14. Jamsie/Jamesie
  15. Jayma

Cute Nicknames for James

If you’re looking for a nickname suitable for someone with a sweet personality, here are some cute nicknames for the name James:

  1. Jam
  2. Jimi/Jimmie
  3. Jamesy
  4. Jame
  5. Jams
  6. Jimmer
  7. Jim Jam: Like the cartoon channel for kids.
  8. Jammy/Jammy boy
  9. Jamster Hamster
  10. Shimmer Jimmer
  11. Jamboslice
  12. Jimps
  13. Jamboree: A combination of James and the word Jamboree, which means “lavish gathering/celebration.”
  14. Jimothy: From the TV series, The Office.

Cool Nicknames for James

Cool nicknames are usually formed by adding certain suffixes or cool phrases to the original name. Here are some of the cool nicknames for the name James:

  1. Jameith
  2. Jayman
  3. Jammer
  4. Bond: A cool James’ nickname derived from James Bond.
  5. Jake/Jakey: Derived from the name Jacob, which is believed to be a diminutive of James.
  6. LeBron: From LeBron James, the famous NBA star.

Feminine Nicknames for James

Like most names, the name James has feminine versions that each language has used over the years. Back in the Middle Ages, James was used for both males and females. There are ladies today who bear James as their middle name. It is usually given to honor a loved one or to keep family traditions. Below are feminine nicknames that you will find appropriate for a female named James.

  1. Jamesetta
  2. Jaime
  3. Gemma
  4. Giacomina: A Latin name which means “Supplanter, Held by the heel, Heel-grabber, Leg-puller.”
  5. Jacqueline: The French equivalent of James/Jacob.
  6. Jamesetta
  7. Jamesina: A feminine nickname with Scottish origins.
  8. Jacoba
  9. Jacobina
  10. Jacomina
  11. Jacobella
  12. Jaci
  13. Jackie
  14. Jaclyn/Jacklyn

Famous People and Fictional Characters Named James

Famous people and fictional characters from tv and books can be a great source of nicknames. Here are a few of such personalities (as well as their nicknames) who bear the name James:

  1. James Bond: A character created by Ian Fleming, also known as 007.
  2. LeBron James: The famous NBA star.
  3. Jamie Lannister: The famous Game of Thrones Character.
  4. James Harden: American professional basketball player, also known as Step Daddy, No D Harden, and The Beard.
  5. James Potter: The infamous wizard of the JK Rowling series and Harry Potter’s father.
  6. “Jimmy” McGill: A character from the popular TV show Breaking Bad.
  7. James I: Also known as the King of Aragon and often called “Jaime the Conqueror” (1208-1276).
  8. James II: Another King of Aragon, known as “Jaime the Just” (1267-1327).
  9. James Arthur: English singer and songwriter also known by his childhood nickname Raff.
  10. James Rodríguez: A Colombian professional footballer also known as James Bond of Banfield and El Diez.
  11. James Garner: American actor, producer, and voice artist, also known as Slick Jimbo Jim Jimmy.
  12. James Ingram Merrill: An American poem, also known as JM.
  13. James Cook: British navigator/explorer and Captain of a Royal Navy who lived from 1728-1779, also known as Limeys and Lieutenant Cook.
  14. James John Grant: World War 1 Flying Ace, also known as J.

Variants of James

The variations, diminutive, and short forms of the name James are drawn from different languages and nations on the earth. Some of these are names that James is called in these countries, while others are nicknames derived from the original name. Regardless of whichever they are, all of these make unique and outstanding nicknames for James. Here are some variants of the name James:

  1. Seamus: The Irish variant of the name James.
  2. Jayme/Jaymes
  3. Diego: A Spanish variant of the name James.
  4. Jacques: A French variant of the name James.
  5. Jaume/Jaumet: The Catalan variant of the name James.
  6. Jaco: A Portuguese variant of the name James.
  7. Jacopo: An Italian variant of the name James.
  8. Jacum: A Friulian variant of the name James.
  9. Jago: A Cornish variant of the name James.
  10. Jakab: A Hungarian variant of the name James.
  11. Jaak: An Estonian variant of the name James.
  12. Jaakko: A Finnish variant of the name James.
  13. Jaakob
  14. Jaakoppi: A Finnish variant of the name James.
  15. Jakes: A Basque variant of the name James.
  16. Jakov: A Croatian variant of the name James.
  17. Jakub: A Czech variant of the name James.
  18. Japik: A Frisian variant of the name James.
  19. Jekabs: A Latvian variant of the name James.

There aren’t any rules for creating a nickname; if it makes sense to you and the bearer, it is all good.

Do you know of any other great nicknames for James that we didn’t include in this list? Kindly share them with us in the comments section!

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