100+ Cool and Popular Nicknames for James

Do you need a nickname or pet name to call someone named James? In this article, we share over a hundred nicknames for James, surely, you find the perfect nickname for your James.

The name James is a Hebrew name of Hebrew origins. It means “supplanter” or “the one who follows.” The dictionary definition of a Supplanter is “to trip up or to overthrow.” The name is pronounced like this “JAYMZ.”

Interestingly, the name James and Jacob share the same original Hebrew name “Ya’aqov.” The name James became popular in the first century BC among the Jewish community.

The first bearers of the name in the New Testament includes James the Just; he was the brother of Jesus Christ. Also, James the Great, the brother of John the Apostle who wrote the epistle of James in the New Testament. The third James is the son of Alphaeus, one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ.

From the 12th century, James became popular in Britain. There are at least ten towns with the name James.

Nicknames for James

Famous People Named James

Famous and notable James from the 12th century to the present day are:

  • James I – Known as the King of Aragon and often called the “Jaime the Conqueror” 1208-1276.
  • James II – Another King of Aragon known as “Jaime the Just” 1267-1327.
  • James Bond – Also known as 007; a character created by Ian Fleming.
  • James Cook – British navigator and explorer. The Captain of a Royal Navy who lived 1728-1779.
  • James Garner – American actor 1928 – 2014.
  • James Merrill – American poet 1908 -1997.
  • James Franco – American actor born in 1978.
  • James Grant – World War 1 Flying ace 1899 -1918.
  • James Dean – Another American actor 1931 -1955.
  • James Potter – The infamous wizard of the JK Rowling series, Harry Potter’s father.
  • James Franco – Movie Actor
  • James Harden – Basketball Player
  • James Rodriguez – Soccer Player
  • James Arthur – Pop Singer

Other notable James includes royalties and Heads of States as listed below:

List of James Nicknames

This list of James nicknames has been divided into three categories. Popular James nicknames, female James nicknames, unusual James nicknames and variations and nicknames of James from other cultures and languages across the world.

Popular James Nicknames

The name James is a popular name among English speaking countries. In 2013, James was number 2 on Scotland and Northern Ireland. That same year it was ranked number 9 in Wales and England. Even when spelled backward as Semaj, the name remains the top 1000 most popular name for boys in 2001 to 2014 in the United States.

  1. AJ
  2. Ciby
  3. Jae
  4. Jack
  5. Jas
  6. Jaikie
  7. Jaime
  8. Jake
  9. Jakey
  10. Jambo
  11. Jamie
  12. Jameith
  13. Jamesy
  14. Jammy boy
  15. Jay
  16. Jaylin
  17. Jayma
  18. Jem
  19. Jeb
  20. Jim
  21. Jimbo
  22. Jimps
  23. Jimmie
  24. Jimmer
  25. Jimmy
  26. Semaj – The reverse of the name James
  27. TJ
  28. Bond – A cool James’ nickname derived from James Bond
  29. Jamie Lannister – The Famous Game of Thrones Character

Other James Nicknames

The names in this category are funny, unusual and even subjective. The nickname has stories or jokes behind them which may not be visible outrightly. You can take a leaf from the book of these nickname creators and form yours. Better still, you can use it freely without worrying about piracy.

  1. Hyamez – Replacing the “J” with an “H” like most Spanish mythology allows
  2. Jag
  3. Jampot
  4. Jamon – This means Ham in Spanish.
  5. Jams
  6. Jamster Hamster
  7. Jamesina-Belle
  8. Jamo
  9. Jazza
  10. Jim Jam – Like the cartoon channel for kids
  11. “Jimmy” McGill – The popular TV show Breaking Bad character
  12. Saul Goodman – The popular TV show Breaking Bad character and Better Call Saul lead character.
  13. Jumblats
  14. PJs – Jammies is common slang for Pajamas. It shouldn’t be too difficult to connect Jammies to Jamie, and then, PJ as a nickname for James begins to make sense.
  15. Shimmer Jimmer

Female James Nicknames

Like most names, the name James have feminine versions that each language has used over the years. It will interest you to know that in the Middle Ages, James was used for both male and female. There are females today that bear James as middle names, usually to honor a loved one or to keep family tradition. Below are feminine nicknames that you will find appropriate for your girl.

  1. Bine
  2. Coba
  3. Gemma
  4. Giacomina
  5. Jaci
  6. Jackie
  7. Jaclyn
  8. Jacklyn
  9. Jacoba
  10. Jacobina
  11. Jacomina
  12. Jacobella – Roots from the name Iacobus
  13. Jacqueline – This is the French version
  14. Jacques
  15. Jamesina – Of Scottish origins
  16. Mina
  17. Zaklina
  18. Zhaklina – Serbian language

Variants of James and Its Origins

The variations, diminutives and short forms are drawn from all nations of the earth. Some of these are the names that James are called in these countries. Others are real nicknames from those names. Regardless of what they are, all of them make unique and outstanding nicknames for James. Pick the one that most suits you.

  1. Akiba – Hebrew
  2. Akiva
  3. Cobus
  4. Coos – Dutch nickname for James
  5. Diego
  6. Hagop – Armenian
  7. Hakob
  8. Hemi – Maori
  9. Iacobus – Biblical Latin
  10. Iakopa
  11. Iakobus – Biblical Greek
  12. Iacomus – Late Roman
  13. Iakovos
  14. Ib – Danish
  15. Jaco – Portuguese
  16. Jacopo – Italian
  17. Jacum – Friulian
  18. Jago – Cornish
  19. Jaagup – Estonian
  20. Jakab – Hungarian
  21. Jaak – Estonian
  22. Jaakko – Finnish
  23. Jaakob
  24. Jaakoppi – Finnish
  25. Jakes – Basque
  26. Jakov – Croatian
  27. Jakub – Czech
  28. Japik – Frisian
  29. Jaska – Finnish nickname
  30. Jaume – Catalan
  31. Jaumet – Also Catalan
  32. Jekabs – Latvian
  33. Jeppe – Danish nickname for James
  34. Jockel – German
  35. Jokubas – Lithuanian
  36. Kapel – Yiddish
  37. Kimo – Hawaiian
  38. Koos – Dutch
  39. Koppel – Yiddish
  40. Kuba – Polish
  41. Lapo – Italian
  42. Seamas – Irish
  43. Seamus
  44. Seumas – Scottish
  45. Sheamus
  46. Shamus
  47. Sjaak – Dutch
  48. Xacombe – Galician
  49. Xaime – Galician
  50. Yakiv – Ukrainian
  51. Yaakov – Biblical Hebrew
  52. Yakubu – Hausa
  53. Yakup – Turkish
  54. Yasha – Russian

There aren’t any rules when it comes to creating a nickname if it makes sense to you and the bearer, it is all good. Therefore there are endless nicknames you could call someone named James. If you know any cute, cool or funny James Nicknames, go ahead and add it below!

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