100 Beautiful Nicknames for Charlotte

According to data from the Social Security Administration (SSA), Charlotte is the seventh most popular girl’s name in the United States, meaning you will need a nickname for a lady named Charlotte at some point in your life.

As a parent, if you are thinking of naming your daughter Charlotte, it makes sense to check out the popular Charlotte nicknames out there.

This article lists all the nicknames we could find for Charlotte, both popular pet names and occasional ones. Hopefully, you find a cute pet name to call your Charlotte.

Charlotte Nicknames

The Story behind the name Charlotte

Charlotte is of French origin and can be traced back to the 14th century. It is a name that was given to a small, diminutive female. The name’s literal meaning is “petite” or “free man.” The name is the female version of the French name “Charlot.” Although you don’t find men bearing Charlot today, you will find the derivative “Charles” more common

Many princesses have borne the name of Charlotte since the first princess was called Charlotte. History records that King Charles II of England loved the name so much that he gave the name to two of his illegitimate daughters. Since then, many renowned princesses and Queens have borne the name “Charlotte.” Below are some notable royalties with the name “Charlotte.”

  • Princess Charlotte of Cambridge
  • Archduchess Charlotte of Austria
  • Charlotte Amalie of Hesse-Cassel (or Hesse-Kassel) – The Queen of Denmark
  • Princess Charlotte – Duchess of Valentinois and also Princess of Monaco
  • Charlotte Casiraghi – Eighth in line to the Monegasque throne after her mother, Caroline, Princess of Hanover
  • Charlotte Stuart – Duchess of Albany
  • Charlotte – Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
  • Charlotte – Princess Royal, later Queen Charlotte of Württemberg
  • Charlotte of Belgium – Empress of Mexico
  • Charlotte of Bourbon – Queen of Cyprus (1388-1422)
  • Charlotte of Cyprus – The Queen of Jerusalem and Armenia who reigned from 1444-1487.
  • Charlotte FitzRoy – The Countess of Yarmouth 1650-1684
  • Charlotte Lee – Countess of Lichfield 1664-1718
  • Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz – The Infamous “Queen Charlotte” who was the Queen consort of George III during the “American Revolution.”
  • Charlotte of Savoy – who was the wife of Louis XI of France 1441-1483
  • Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales – The only legitimate child of George IV of the United Kingdom

Charlotte started becoming even more memorable when there were places named after it. The famous German princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz married George III in 1761 when she became Queen consort. She had these two towns, Charlottesville, Virginia, and Charlotte, North Carolina, named after her.

Famous People Named Charlotte

If you like to share a name with prominent people, here is a list of famous Charlottes. They changed their world and are known for their positive achievements. Also, you can bet these famous people were called some of the nicknames listed below.

  • Charlotte Bronte – The author of the famous classic novel “Jane Eyre.”
  • Charlotte Perkins Gilman – American Feminist and Sociologist who wrote a short story titled The Yellow Wallpaper
  • Charlotte Hawkins Brown – An activist and educator who started a school for black students called the “Palmer Memorial Institute” in North Carolina
  • Charlotte Mary Mew – An English Poet
  • Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana – The daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
  • Charlotte York – A fictional character in the popular series “Sex and the City.”
  • Charlotte Mason – Philanthropist, 1854-1946.
  • Charlotte E. Ray – Women’s rights activist and lawyer, 1850-1911
  • Charlotte Forten – Journalist, Educator and Activist – 1837- 1914
  • Princess Charlotte of Cambridge – The second child and only daughter of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Popular Charlotte Nicknames

For centuries past, Charlotte has been popular. It has always fluctuated between the number 50 and 150. In 1982, however, it plummeted to as low as 309. According to the United States Social Security Administration data 2013, the name ranked number 11 as the most popular girl name. In 2018, Charlotte became number 17 in the United Kingdom and 1 in Australia.

  1. Arla
  2. Arlie
  3. Arlo
  4. Arly
  5. Arnie
  6. Callie
  7. Carrie
  8. Carley
  9. Carlota
  10. Cat
  11. Cece
  12. Char – You pronounce the “Ch” as “Sh,” which sounds like Shar.
  13. Charl
  14. Charlie
  15. Charlsie
  16. Charly
  17. Chaz
  18. Cheri
  19. Harlie
  20. Harlo
  21. Lo
  22. Lola
  23. Lettie
  24. Lotta
  25. Lotte
  26. Lottie
  27. Lotty
  28. Olette
  29. Sharla
  30. Sharleen
  31. Tottie

Other Charlotte Pet Names

The names listed here may have you wondering how they relate to the name Charlotte. You find the puzzling, funny, weird, and crazy Charlotte nicknames in this category. We know you will find one that will have you nodding your head in agreement.

  1. Charlottean – Nickname for people from Charlotte, North Carolina, also used as a nickname for somebody named Charlotte.
  2. C-Baby
  3. Cae
  4. Candy
  5. Ceel
  6. Cha Cha
  7. Chat
  8. Charly pants
  9. Charcoal – If you have a Charlotte with a dark skin complexion
  10. Chara
  11. Charlemagne
  12. Cheetah
  13. Cheetie
  14. Chickie
  15. Chuckles
  16. Churro
  17. Coco
  18. Halo – picking the capital letters to form a nickname cHArLOtte
  19. Lilo
  20. Ocelot
  21. Omelette – It Rhymes beautifully with Charlotte
  22. Sharlee
  23. Sharkie
  24. Shy
  25. Spud – From Charlotte potatoes
  26. Totty
  27. Carl
  28. Carlo – Italian
  29. Carel – Dutch
  30. Carles – Catalan
  31. Carlinhos – Portuguese
  32. Carlito – Spanish
  33. Carlu – Corsican
  34. Carol
  35. Charles
  36. Chas
  37. Chip
  38. Kale
  39. Karcsi – Hungarian
  40. Karl
  41. Karel
  42. Kaarle – Finnish
  43. Karlo – Croatian
  44. Karolos – Greek
  45. Karolis – Lithuanian
  46. Searlas – Irish
  47. Siarl – Welsh
  48. Sjarel – Limburgish

Variants of Charlotte and Its Origins

Like other classic names, Charlotte has many diminutives and short forms in different languages. Some are so cute that they will make good nicknames. Here are a few for you to read and know. If anyone catches fancy, be the first to start using it as your nickname.

  1. Caleigh
  2. Carla – Catalan
  3. Carolina – Ancient Germanic
  4. Carolien – Dutch
  5. Caroline – Danish
  6. Carlotta – Italian
  7. Charline – French
  8. Charlize – Of Afrikaans origin, the name of an American actress of South African birth, Charlize Theron.
  9. Ina
  10. Lili
  11. Lina
  12. Liina
  13. Lien
  14. Line
  15. Liselotte
  16. Lieselot
  17. Karla – Croatia
  18. Kaja – Czech
  19. Karolina – Macedonian
  20. Karoline – German
  21. Searlait – Irish

There you go! All the beautiful forms and pet names for Charlotte.

Now, it’s your turn to tell us all the wonderful Charlotte nicknames not listed above.

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