400+ Dancer Nicknames, Names, and Stage Names

The right dancer nickname or stage name can help a dancer stand out, but sadly, coming up with the right dancing name or nickname is not as easy as it seems; asides from the countless hours spent thinking about names, when you find a good one, there is the disappointment of it being taken by a popular dancer.

Today, we are going to share a huge list of nicknames for dancers, which could be equally used as a stage name. So, if you know a good dancer and you want to give the person a pet name, consider any of the dancer nicknames listed below.

Also, if you are a dancer in need of a stage name, these names would at the very least provide you with enough inspiration to come up with your own unique dancer name.

Scroll away and get inspired!

Dancer nicknames

List of Dancer Nicknames

As earlier promised, here is the huge list of dancer stage names, dancer nicknames, dancer names. It contains cool, cute, and funny nicknames for dancers. Also, we added nicknames for different types of dancers and a category for male dancer nicknames. Enjoy!

Cool Dancer Nicknames

Cool Dancer Names

If you need a cool nickname for a dancer or you are a dancer and you need a cool dancing stage name, check out these cool names for dancers:

  1. Flame – This dancer is always on fire!
  2. Trance – This dancer is in another world when they start dancing.
  3. Just Gotta Dance – And there is absolutely nothing that can stop them!
  4. Battle Royale – This dancer loves to challenge others to a dance-off.
  5. Flex – There’s no position this dancer can’t do.
  6. The Challenger – This dancer loves to challenge others to a dance-off.
  7. Steppintimes – They never get a move wrong, ever!
  8. Mirage – This dancer will do things you previously didn’t think were possible.
  9. Let’s Dans – And ‘Dans’ we shall!
  10. Move Buster – For a dancer who improvises great moves on the spot.
  11. Raindance – With insane moves like these, this dancer could literally change the weather.
  12. Smooth Operator – For the smoothest dancer you’ve ever met.
  13. Firefly – This dancer lights up the night sky.
  14. Bring It On – After the dance film of the same name.
  15. Strider – This dancer makes impressive strides.
  16. Dancer With Attitude – This dancer releases their anger on the dancefloor.
  17. Girl On Fire – She sets the dance floor on fire.
  18. Rhythmic – No dancer understands rhythm better than this dancer.
  19. Conqueror of The Dancefloor – When this dancer sets out on the dance floor, everybody knows to get out of the way.
  20. Dancefloor Slayer – Wiping the dancefloor with the competition.
  21. Shapes – This dancer throws the best shapes on the dance floor.
  22. The Influencer – This dancer is known for starting trends that everyone follows.
  23. Throwing Shapes – This dancer is inventing moves constantly.
  24. Dance Fanatic – If they’re not dancing, they’re not living.
  25. Spirit Dancer – This dancer seems to be possessed by spirits from beyond the grave.
  26. Split – For a dancer who can easily jump from one dancing style to another.
  27. One Step – This dancer is known for grabbing everybody’s attention from a single move.
  28. Gonna Be A Star – Everybody knows this dancer is going to be famous.
  29. Lethal – This dancer is deadly on the dancefloor.
  30. Iron Lass – This lady is formidable.
  31. Twilight Dancer – Because they dance all night long.
  32. Graduate of Dance-versity – They know everything there is to know about dancing.
  33. Born Dancer – Dancing since they left the womb.
  34. Unleashed – This dancer is just simply insane!
  35. In The Wings – For a dancer who always has their partners backs.
  36. Keep Calm and Dance – Because nothing else matters when they’re on the dancefloor.
  37. Shake It Up – It doesn’t matter what music is playing, this dancer can match it.
  38. Delirium – Is what they cause in everybody who watches them.
  39. Silver Steps – Those steps could be worth a lot of money.
  40. Dancing Around The Issue – There’s no issue this dancer can’t escape from.
  41. Stealth – Such a smooth dancer, you’ll hardly even notice how much effort they put into their moves.
  42. Moves Like Jagger – After the song of the same name by Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera.
  43. Instant Star – With moves this cool, this dancer is going to be famous in days.
  44. Black Dahlia – After the famous murder case, because you’re about to commit murder on the dancefloor.
  45. The Chosen One – Chosen to be the best dancer in the world.
  46. Demo – Everybody always wants to see more of this dancer.
  47. Voodoo Moves – There’s some strange magic in the air when this dance arrives.
  48. Jenny From The Block – In reference to the song of the same name by Jennifer Lopez.
  49. Phresh Stepper – The ‘phreshest’ steps you’ll ever see!
  50. Fresh Princess of Bel Air – Because the Fresh Prince of Bel Air is old news.

Cute Dancer Nicknames

Cute Dancer Names

If you need a cute nickname for a dancer or you are a dancer and you need a cute dancing stage name, check out these cute names for dancers:

  1. Starry Eyed Dancer – For a dancer who’s eyes really dazzle.
  2. Bonbon – Because they’re as sweet as candy.
  3. Pumpkin – Ideal for a dancer who loves Halloween.
  4. Cupid – This dancer is shooting arrows of love all around the dance floor.
  5. Cherub – This dancer has the cutest baby face.
  6. The Hip Hopper – Because they’re totally in love with hip hop music.
  7. Bugaloo – No real worlds can be used to describe how cute this dancer is.
  8. Sugar Plum Fairy – For a dancer with a gigantic dress.
  9. Cheerleader – With this dancer cheering you on, you’re sure to feel motivated.
  10. The Twirler – They love to be spun around.
  11. The Doll – So cute you can’t quite get your head around the fact that they’re not a doll.
  12. Dolly – Similar to the above.
  13. Doll Face – Similar to the above.
  14. The Diamond Doll – Similar to the above.
  15. Stepper – This dancer makes the most elegant moves.
  16. Lil’ Stepper – This dancer makes the most delicate moves.
  17. Baby Steps – For a cute dancer that is still trying to learn the basics.
  18. Tomato – Because this dancer is so shy when they dance that their face goes bright red.
  19. Pink Princess – Because you’ve never seen her wear any other color.
  20. Nibbler – She’s so shy she always bites her fingernails.
  21. Lady Bird – For a dancer who always wears dresses with dots on them.
  22. Tiny Dancer – So small most people don’t even see her when on the dancefloor.
  23. Tootsie – For something old-fashioned sounding.
  24. Toots – A shortened version of the above.
  25. Grace – As gracious as a dancer can be.
  26. Poofball – Another cute nickname for a dancer with a big dress.
  27. Broadway Beauty – Everybody knows this dancer is destined to perform on Broadway.
  28. Schnookums – You just want to go over to her and give her a bit hug.
  29. Serendipity – For the luckiest dancer, you know.
  30. Pixie – For a dancer who likes to dress like a pixie.
  31. The Bunny Dancer – If this dancer was an animal, it would definitely be a bunny.
  32. The Easter Bunny – Taking the above one step further.
  33. Lil’ Hopper – This little dancer loves to hop around.
  34. Shoogie Woogie – Her moves are too cute to describe with normal words.
  35. Dancing Queen – The queen of the dancefloor.
  36. OXOX – Because she deserves plenty of hugs and kisses.
  37. Tulips – After the beautiful flower.
  38. Glitter – This dancer never leaves without some sparkly glitter.
  39. Glitter Fairy – Like the above only fancier.
  40. Bambi – For the most delicate dancer, you know.
  41. Sparkle – She puts the shine into everybody.
  42. Dancing Girlie – She dances in the girlish way possible.
  43. Skippy – For a dancer that always incorporates skipping into their dances.
  44. That Dancing Girl – This cutie pie never takes a break.
  45. Orange Crush – For a dancer who loves the color orange.
  46. Wiggle Bear – Her dancing style is closer to wiggling.
  47. Dandelion – After the plant.
  48. Buzzing Bee – Because she can always be seen hovering around the dancefloor.
  49. Bella – She’s the most beautiful dancer you’ve ever met.
  50. The Fairy Godmother – She makes dreams come true.

Funny Dancer Nicknames

Funny Dancer Nicknames

If you need a funny nickname for a dancer or you are a dancer and you need a funny dancing stage name, check out these funny names for dancers:

  1. The Mighty Amazonian – She’s terrifyingly huge!
  2. The Jolly Green Giant – She’s tall and seems to love the color green.
  3. Gina Giant – She’s a lovable giant.
  4. Candy Bar – This dancer is always a treat to be around.
  5. The Medium Of Dance – Best explained by Paige Arden as ‘Dance isn’t something that can be explained in words. It has to be danced.’
  6. Discoball – This dancer looks like a disco ball straight out of the 1970s!
  7. Waltzing Wilma – Because she reminds you of Wilma from the Flintstones.
  8. Still Learning – That’s why she’s so bad.
  9. Captain Crunch – For a dancer, no one can take seriously.
  10. Krystal Ball – This dancer is too so shiny she blinds everyone else on the dancefloor.
  11. Cumbersome Gawker – This dancer has no idea how to coordinate themselves.
  12. Smelly Feet – The dance floor always smells like cheese when this dancer arrives.
  13. Grumpy – For a dancer who always has a moody look on their face.
  14. The Ministry Of Silly Walks – In reference to the sketch by Monty Python’s Flying Circus.
  15. Stanky Legs – For a dancer with very unappealing legs.
  16. Scrambled Legs – This dancer just can’t seem to coordinate themselves.
  17. The Frog – Because their big legs remind you of a frog.
  18. Leapfrog – In reference to the kids’ toy brand.
  19. The Graceless One – Elegance is not something this dancer is capable of.
  20. Sugar-Free – For a dancer with a very serious personality.
  21. Cake – For a dancer who always wears ridiculously frilly dresses.
  22. The Saboteur – Because they’re always sabotaging other dancers on the dance floor.
  23. Miss Long Legs – She’s got the longest legs you’ve ever seen on a woman.
  24. Two Left Feet – Some people just weren’t born to dance.
  25. Club Foot – They have a lot of trouble moving their feet together.
  26. Straight Up Awkward – Social skills are for losers.
  27. The Gyrator – They should probably tone down all that hip movement.
  28. Butt Stuff – It’s all about the butt with this dancer.
  29. Butt Shaker – This dancer can shake their butt in ways most people didn’t know was possible.
  30. Butt Gravity – Everybody on the dancefloor is slowly drawn to this butt.
  31. No Introduction Needed – For a dancer who always makes over-the-top entrances.
  32. Uncoordinated Monkey – Quite clearly this dancer belongs in a zoo.
  33. Scary – For a dancer who always freaks out everybody else with their weird moves.
  34. Scary Mary – Everybody’s too scared to dance with this girl.
  35. Hairy Mary – Either she should shave her armpits or refrain from lifting her arms.
  36. Lex Dance – A clever wordplay on ‘let’s dance’.
  37. The Alien Girl – She dances as if she’s from another planet.
  38. Girl Who Always Goes Last – For a dancer that always enters the stage last in any performance.
  39. Jumping Jacks – For a dancer whose moves haven’t changed much since kindergarten.
  40. Clumsy – This dancer is always causing accidents.
  41. Wookierocker – For a dancer with a love of Star Wars.
  42. The Jester – They always make a fool of themselves, no matter how hard they try.
  43. The Clown – Similar to the above.
  44. Calamity Jane – Because she’s a calamity waiting to happen.
  45. The Grandma – They dance more like an 80-year-old than an 18-year-old.
  46. The Grandpa – Male variation of the above.
  47. The Drunk – They can only dance after they get reasonably drunk.
  48. The Alcoholic – Similar to the above.
  49. Lumbering Idiot – This dancer has no idea what they are doing.
  50. The Buffoon – This dancer is always looking to make everybody laugh.

Dancer Nicknames for Guys

Dancer Nicknames for Guys

If you need a good nickname for a male dancer or you are a guy and you need a good dancer name, check out these awesome male dancer nicknames:

  1. The Boy – For that guy who’s always surrounded by women.
  2. That One Boy – For that one guy who’s part of a female group.
  3. Stiff Pete – For a guy who is totally stiff when dancing.
  4. Badass Stepper – This guy has the best steps.
  5. Disco Stu – After the character from The Simpsons.
  6. Otto Mann – After the character from The Simpsons.
  7. Side Show Bob – After the character from The Simpsons.
  8. Refuse To Move – For a guy who’s hard to convince to dance.
  9. Billy No-Rhythm – This guy doesn’t even know what rhythm means.
  10. Doug Harder – No one dances harder than this guy.
  11. Dad At A Wedding – You haven’t seen someone dance like this in decades.
  12. Nitrous – He moves at lightning speed
  13. BuffFreak – He’s huge and well-built.
  14. The Grinder – This dancer loves to grind with the ladies.
  15. The Perv – Women, keep away from this dancer!
  16. Nice Men Marry Dancers, Real Men Become Dancers – A famous phrase.
  17. Prince Charming – For the most charming dancer, you’ve ever met.
  18. The Charmer – This dancer can charm anyone into dancing with them.
  19. Fabulous – The most fabulous guy on the dancefloor.
  20. Bruh – Because this guy is your bro whenever on the dancefloor.
  21. Hightower – After the character from the Police Academy film series.
  22. Blond – After the character from the film Pulp Fiction.
  23. King Of Bass – This guy loves bassy music.
  24. Patrick Swayze – After the actor who was made famous from the film Dirty Dancing.
  25. John Travolta – After the actor famous for starring in Grease and Saturday Night Fever.
  26. Tony Manero – John Travolta’s character in the film Saturday Night Fever.
  27. Eugene Felnic – In reference to the character from the musical film Grease.
  28. Menace To The Dancefloor – Here just to cause trouble.
  29. Thanksgiving – He’s a very giving dancing.
  30. Charisma – For a guy who oozes charisma when he dances.
  31. Astaire – After famous dancer Fred Astaire.
  32. Jack Hammer – In reference to a ‘jackhammer’, a tool used to drill or hammer the ground.
  33. The Muscles From Brussels – One of the nicknames of Jean-Claude Van Damme.
  34. Sundance – In reference to the Sundance Kid.
  35. Preacher Man – He’s here to show you what you’re doing wrong.
  36. Singin’ In The Rain – After the famous musical.
  37. Knight Moves – For a gentleman who only comes out to dance in the evening.
  38. Puppet Boy – Because he moves like someone is pulling his strings.
  39. The Running Man – A dance move
  40. Top Gun – After the film of the same name.
  41. The Guns – His arms are huge.
  42. Arms – Similar to the above.
  43. The Dancing Madman – Quick, someone call the asylum!
  44. Stretch Armstrong – After the stretchy toy.
  45. Man In Tights – For a male professional dancer who performs on stage.
  46. Dude In Tights – A variation of the above.
  47. The Body – For a guy with the body of an athlete.
  48. Bruce Forsyth – A British TV presenter who used to present dancing shows well into old age.
  49. The Invisible Man – Because women rarely seem to notice him.
  50. The Male Stripper – Because he dances in a way that makes you think he’s about to rip his clothes off.

Hip-hop Dancer Nicknames

Hip-hop Dancer Nicknames

If you need a good nickname for a street dancer, a breakdancer or a hip-hop dancer, check out these nicknames for hip hop dancers:

  1. Crazy Legs – This dancer’s legs have a mind of their own.
  2. The Redefiner – This dancer changes the way we perceive everything.
  3. Break Dat Bass – Dat bass is about to fall apart.
  4. Break Beats – This dancer’s favorite kind of beats.
  5. The Groove – For a highly adaptable dancer.
  6. Arabiq Flavor – For a dancer that brings Arabic dancing styles into the mix.
  7. Ninja – So smooth you’d think they were trained in ninjutsu.
  8. Break Da Bank – Banks are about to go bust.
  9. The Magician – Every move is like sorcery with this dancer.
  10. Surviving By All Means – For a street dancer who knows how to hustle.
  11. BBojack – Combination of ‘Bboy’ and ‘Bojack’, as in Bojack Horseman.
  12. BBubble – A great nickname for a girl breakdancer.
  13. Beat Freak – This dancer is always looking for the freshest beats.
  14. Dab Dancer – Is dabbing still a thing?
  15. Simple System – They make everything look so easy.
  16. Wanted – Because their dance moves are criminal.
  17. B-Boy Poe One – This nickname is based on Edgar Allan Poe and is a real dance name.
  18. Sizzle And Stomp – The best way to describe this dancer’s style.
  19. Soulja Boy – After the musician of the same name.
  20. Two Steps – In two steps they’ll blow your mind.
  21. House Of Vogue – The name of a real dance group.
  22. NappyTabs – A combination of the names of Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo, two famous choreographers.
  23. Breakerholic – This dancer is addicted to breakdancing.
  24. Black Illusion – You won’t believe what you just saw is real.
  25. am.me – Inspired by musician Will.i.am.
  26. Suga Pop – They make everything look so ‘sweet’.
  27. Serve On – Everybody on the dancefloor is about to get served.
  28. What’s Kickin’? – This dancer always knows the answer to that question.
  29. Aaliyah – Another musician known for having awesome moves.
  30. Gravity Defier – Gravity seems to stop when this dancer performs.
  31. BBoy Gravity – A special kind of gravity only available to bboys.
  32. New Gravity – This dancer changed gravity’s rules.
  33. MC Hammer – After the legendary musician of the same name.
  34. Unique Styles – No one can replicate this dancer’s style.
  35. Electric Slider – The only way to describe their moves is electric.
  36. Popin’ Pete – He always knows what’s popin’.
  37. Headspinner – This dancer is known for performing amazing headspins.
  38. Floor Breaker – They break dance so hard the floor won’t be flat anymore.
  39. Diversity – This dancer’s style is a diverse combination.
  40. Dance-Versity Founder – They invented all the coolest moves.
  41. Breakdown Inc. – This dancer is so great all other dancers immediately suffer from a lack of confidence.
  42. B-Boy King – Lord of the bboys.
  43. B-Block – Everybody on the block knows this dancer.
  44. The Bouncer – No dancer can rival their energy.
  45. Synergy – They can connect to any musical style.
  46. Doctor Ice – You can’t get cooler than this dancer.
  47. Fresh Format – Everything they do is always fresh.
  48. Expression – Dance is their no. 1 way to express themselves.
  49. The Innovator – Known for making up moves on the spot.
  50. The Clean Up – For a dancer that spends a lot of time on the floor.

Ballet Dancer Nicknames

Ballet Dancer Nicknames

If you need a great ballet dancer nickname or you are a ballet dancer and you need a good dancing stage name, check out these cool ballet dancer nicknames:

  1. The Ballet – This Ballet dancer defines what ballet is.
  2. Perfect Ballerina – You cannot find anyone better than her.
  3. Toes – Because she spends an awful amount of time on her toes.
  4. Twinkle Toes – Because she has the sweetest toes.
  5. Little Miss Twinkle Toes – Too cute to be taken seriously!
  6. Tippy Toe Dancer – She’s mastered dancing only on the tips of her toes.
  7. On Your Toes – Always and forever.
  8. Toe Walker – She walks so much on her toes she forgets she has soles.
  9. Bruised Toes – She puts a lot into her performances.
  10. Broken Toes – Now that’s dedication!
  11. Bloody Toes – Her feet are covered in plasters.
  12. Bloody Dancing Shoes – She has a lot of red ballet shoes…
  13. Swan Princess – For the most sophisticated ballerina, you know.
  14. The Nutcracker – After the famous ballet performance.
  15. The Black Swan – After the film of the same name.
  16. Bun Head – In reference to how most ballerinas have their hair tied up into a bun.
  17. Bunhead4Life – There is no other life for this ballerina!
  18. True Bunhead – She’s no faker!
  19. Sleeping Beauty – She has a very dreamy approach to her dancing.
  20. Ballet Princess – She dances so eloquently you’d think she was royalty.
  21. The Ballerina – That one person who always comes to mind when you think of ballet.
  22. Tutuchick – Her tutu is her most valued possession.
  23. Hotforpointe – Everything this ballerina does is on point.
  24. Enpointe – Because she’s always on point.
  25. Pointe Princess – She rules pointe!
  26. Princess Of Pointe – Variation of the above.
  27. Dancing On Pointe – She’s known for her precision.
  28. Pointe Break – In reference to the film ‘Point Break’.
  29. Pointe Of No Return – This ballet dancer never regrets her decisions.
  30. Pointeless – The only thing that matters to this ballerina is ballet!
  31. Pink Pointer – You’ll never catch this ballerina in any other color but pink.
  32. Pointed Toes – She’s done so much ballet it’s changed the shape of her feet.
  33. On My Toes – When are they not?
  34. Self Appointed – Because she’s awesome and she knows it.
  35. Giselle – After the romantic ballet of the same name.
  36. Tutugirly – For a ballerina who takes pride in their girly nature.
  37. Tutustightsnshoes – Ballerina costume summed up in three words.
  38. Tutucute4you – As tutu cute as they come.
  39. Tutusnpointeshoes – All you need to start dancing ballet.
  40. Ballet Lover – Ballet is her life.
  41. Ballet Babe – For an incredibly beautiful ballerina.
  42. Bubbly Ballerina – For a ballerina with a great personality.
  43. Ballet Gurl – She’s a little bit bigger than the other ballerinas.
  44. Blood, Sweat, And Ballet – Would make a hell of a book!
  45. Blood, Sweat, And Broken Toes – For a hardcore ballerina.
  46. Angelina Ballerina – You can never remember her name, so this will have to do instead.
  47. Brunette Ballerina – For a ballet dancer with amazing brown hair.
  48. Blochdancer – She takes great pride in her ballet shoes.
  49. Bloch-babe – She looks amazing in her ballet shoes.
  50. Blochgirl – Her ballet shoes define her.

Pole Dancer Nicknames

Pole Dancer nicknames

If you need a nickname for a stripper or a pole dancer, check out these awesome exotic dancer nicknames:

  1. Delicious Dancer – They’ll leave a taste in your mouth.
  2. Gumdrop – She looks amazing when she lowers herself down on that pole.
  3. Spanky Seville – She’s clearly begging for a spanking.
  4. Dancin’ For Money – Well, they’ve got to make a living somehow.
  5. Luscious – She’s absolutely ravishing.
  6. Cashmere – She’s high class or at least wants to pretend to be.
  7. Cinnamon – After the spice that makes so many desserts so tasty.
  8. Sweet Chili – The best kind of chili.
  9. Devine – She’s from another world.
  10. Destiny – It’s their destiny to dance for you.
  11. Destinee – More ghetto version of the above.
  12. Champagne – Spending too much time with her will get you drunk.
  13. Chardonnay – Similar to the above.
  14. Tittie Winks – They may accidentally expose themselves at times.
  15. Melisandre – After the character from Game of Thrones.
  16. Fantasia – Because she is your fantasy.
  17. Anastasia – After the musical of the same name or after the princess.
  18. Patty Peaks – Her peaks are huge!
  19. Infinity – She can dance forever.
  20. Imotion – Cooler than ‘emotion’.
  21. Mink Mirkin – In reference to the fake pubic patches and nipple covers worn by strippers in the 1930s and 1940s.
  22. Lay Tex – Sounds like ‘latex’.
  23. Classi – A reference to a character from South Park.
  24. Heaven – Your own little taste of heaven.
  25. Tangerine Dream – You’ll be thinking about her for the rest of your life.
  26. Desiree – Perhaps one of the most common stripper names?
  27. Ginger Snap – After the ginger flavored biscuit.
  28. Frisky Fontagne – Everybody wishes they could touch her, though they all know they’d be in big trouble if they did.
  29. Rhapsody – You’ll never see this dancer on the stage unless there’s some dramatic music to accompany her.
  30. Hips Don’t Lie – After the song of the same name by Shakira.
  31. Essence – One scent of her and your heart will jump out of your chest.
  32. Nirvana – She’ll take you to a higher place.
  33. Boobascious Bootang – Her backside is tremendous.
  34. Bootylicious – The most delicious booty ever.
  35. The Hip Grinder – She’ll hypnotize you with those hips.
  36. Honey Rider – She’ll ride you good!
  37. Jezebel – Have you ever met someone with this name who wasn’t an exotic dancer?
  38. Precious – She is certainly something rare.
  39. Loonuh Eclipse – She’s got a booty so big it can block out the sun.
  40. Moonlight – In the evening she’s the only thing to watch.
  41. Moondance – Similar to the above.
  42. Genesis – For a dancer that’s so old they remember when the Old Testament was new.
  43. Busty Rhodes – A twist on ‘Dusty Rhoades’.
  44. Paris – After the city of love.
  45. Epiphany – She’ll inspire you!
  46. Trixie – She’ll play mind games with you.
  47. Stormy Daniels – After the pornstar that was allegedly paid off by Donald Trump.
  48. Jewel – She’s expensive!
  49. Misty – She’s shrouded in mystery.
  50. Roxy – She’ll rock your world.

Salsa Dancer Nicknames

Salsa dancer nicknames

If you need a great nickname for a salsa dancer, or you are a Salsa dancer and you need a good Salsa dancing stage name, check out these cool Salsa dancer nicknames:

  1. Legs-In-The-Air – For a salsa dancer who loves to perform difficult stunts.
  2. Born 2 Salsa, Forced 2 Work – Sadly true for most salsa dancers.
  3. The Mexican Delegation – For a salsa dancer of Mexican origin who outdoes all the competition.
  4. The Hot Sauce – What a lot of people associate with the word ‘salsa’.
  5. Chili And Salsa – Can’t have one without the other.
  6. Spicy Salsa – This salsa dancer may be too hot for most.
  7. Mild Salsa – For a salsa dancer who likes to take it easy.
  8. Salsa Verde – A green salsa served cold.
  9. Salsa Swings – They have the best ‘swinging’ moves.
  10. Salsa Sauce – A great sauce to any dish.
  11. Salsa Taste – The taste everybody loves.
  12. Salsa Dip – This nickname works in two ways, firstly as a dance move, secondly as a dip for food.
  13. Doctor Dip – For the best diper you’ve ever met.
  14. Manhandler – For a female salsa dancer who shows men that she is the boss.
  15. I Have Salsa In My Taco – A funny phrase some women use to say they’ve just had their period.
  16. El Washing Machine – They’ll spin you dry!
  17. Dips And Drops – A very clever salsa dancing nickname.
  18. The Mama – This lady always leads.
  19. The Mamba – After the highly venomous snake, which sounds like a feminized version of ‘Mambo’.
  20. The Mambo – A variation of salsa dancing.
  21. Cha-Cha-Cha – After the variation of salsa of the same name.
  22. Son Of Son – For a ‘son’ salsa dancer.
  23. Cubanita – For a female salsa dancer of Cuban origin.
  24. Last Tango In Paris – After the film of the same name.
  25. Last Tango In Cabo – After the name of an episode of the erotic TV series ‘Hotel Erotica Cabo’.
  26. Last Tango In Halifax – After the British romantic comedy TV series of the same name.
  27. The Reckless One – For a salsa dancer who is very dangerous to dance near.
  28. El Lento – The slow one
  29. Swings Both Ways – They can lead or follow amazingly.
  30. I Lead, You Follow – That’s an order!
  31. Salsage – Because they love all things to do with salsa dancing.
  32. Bella The Ballroom – For a salsa dancer so huge she takes up most of the dance floor.
  33. The Whole Enchilada – There’s nothing this salsa dancer can’t do.
  34. Cuban Pete, King of The Latin Beat – A combination of two of the nicknames of famous Mambo dancer Pedro Aguilar.
  35. Tabasco – After the famous hot sauce.
  36. The Jalapeño – After the super spicy pepper.
  37. Chipotle – After the spicy seasoning made from Jalapeños.
  38. Sriracha Sauce – Another super spicy sauce.
  39. Another Bloody Day In Paradise – The name of an incredibly spicy salsa sauce.
  40. Cajun Hot Sauce – A great name for a salsa dancer of Cajun background.
  41. Wasabi – Arguably way hotter than any salsa.
  42. Cumbia – After the Colombian style of salsa dancing.
  43. Casino Gambler – In reference to Miami style or Clasico Cubano salsa called Casino.
  44. The Shines – They always take the opportunity to dance alone and ‘shine’.
  45. Copa – In reference to the move where you bring your partner in and then lead them out.
  46. The Arm Ripper – Their partner’s arm may be dislocated by this dancer.
  47. The Arm Breaker – Their partner’s arm may be broken by this dancer.
  48. The Shoulder Breaker – Their partner’s shoulder may be broken by this dancer.
  49. The Weaponizer – Because they turn their partner into a weapon by forcefully swinging them around.
  50. Spaghetti – Because they are so limp, they can be put in any position.

Tap Dancer Nicknames

Tap Dancer Nicknames

If you need a great nickname for a tap dancer, you are a tap dancer and you need a good tap-dancing stage name, check out these awesome tap dancer nicknames:

  1. The Pursuit of Tappyness – In reference to the film The Pursuit of Happiness.
  2. Tappy Feet – In reference to the film Happy Feet.
  3. 50 Shades of Tap – In reference to the book and film 50 Shades of Grey.
  4. Tap Man – For a guy tap dancer.
  5. Tap Woman – For a girl tap dancer.
  6. Graboff – After the tap-dancing phrase.
  7. The Clog Dancer – An old-fashioned term for a tap dancer.
  8. The Clog – A shortened version of the above.
  9. Hop Clog – Another old-fashioned way to refer to tap dancing.
  10. Clogging – Sometimes used to refer to someone who is tap dancing.
  11. Just Cloggin’ – A cool variation of the above.
  12. Just Jazzin’ – Because they love jazz music to tap to.
  13. Jazz Feet – This tap dancer has great jazz dance moves.
  14. Jazz Hands – Because they move their hands a little too much.
  15. Jazz Moves – This tap dancer encompasses everything about jazz.
  16. Hoofer – A word that is sometimes used to refer to a tap dancer.
  17. Hoofing It – For a tap dancer with a lot of energy.
  18. Purely Tappin’ – It’s the only dance they do.
  19. Tappin’ Tiger – They’ll pounce on you!
  20. Tap Dat – You know you wanna…
  21. Tapz – That ‘z’ at the end makes it super cool.
  22. Clapper – A word that is sometimes used to refer to a tap dancer.
  23. Got The Clap – A hilarious choice for a tap dancer.
  24. Spread The Clap – A funny variation of the above.
  25. Clapa Dap – For a fun sounding nickname.
  26. Happy Tappa – They’re always smiling when their tappin’.
  27. Tappin’ Cutie – For the cutest tap dancer ever!
  28. Double Irish – A well-known tap-dancing phrase.
  29. Scruffy – In reference to the tap-dancing term ‘scruff’.
  30. Cake Walk – Another tap-dancing related phrase.
  31. Jump Click – This tap dancer has mastered that move.
  32. Tapped Into Something Good – A very clever option.
  33. Double Jump Click – Two times better than a regular jump click.
  34. Heel Click – Another tap-dancing phrase.
  35. Tap – Everything he does involves a tap or two.
  36. The Active Foot – A tap dancing phrase.
  37. Tappin’ Away – This tap dancer is so addicted to dancing, they’ve forgotten how to walk normally.
  38. Tap Off – When they get angry, they start tapping.
  39. The Tapping King – No one can out tap this tap dancer!
  40. Tapped Into Perfection – The only word to describe this tap dancer is perfect.
  41. Quick Step – Another well-known tap-dancing phrase.
  42. The Cincinnati Kid – Wordplay on a tap-dancing phrase.
  43. United Taps – For a tap dancer that knows all the moves.
  44. Coffee Grinder – Another common tap-dancing phrase.
  45. One For The Money, Two For The Tap – Money means nothing to this tap dancer.
  46. Soft-Shoe – A specific kind of tap dance performed on soft soled shoes.
  47. Tapped Your Sole – This tap dancer does something special for you.
  48. Step In Time – They always do.
  49. Tap To The Future – In reference to the film Back To The Future.
  50. Buck And Wing – One last tap dancing phrase to name a tap dancer after.

Didn’t that list just blow you away?! What did you think of it? Did it give you the inspiration you needed to come up with an awesome and unique dancer nickname of your own? Or did we miss some major nicknames that everyone knows?

Let us know! We always love to hear what our readers think of our lists and what ideas they came up with.

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