500+ Mannequin and CPR Dummy Names

If you are considering naming your mannequin or CPR dummy, you will find some of the best mannequin names below!

But first, what are mannequins, 

Mannequin is a French word known to mean “an artist’s jointed model,” “little man,” or “figurine.”

Mannequins have always served different purposes from as far back as World War II, and today, their usefulness is even more pronounced. It is used by various professionals (fashion designers, hairstylists, window dressers, medical professionals, car manufacturers, etc.) to imitate the appearance of a human body.

So, why the hell would you need to name an inanimate object?

If you’ve ever found yourself staring at a mannequin and feeling the need to name it, you’re not alone. 

There’s a delightful trend among fashion designers, hairstylists, window dressers, and even medical professionals to bestow these human-sized dolls with names that capture their essence.

Also, as humans, we love to name everything; cars, pets, and even mannequins. You’ve got to admit, it’s rather cute.

Ready to begin?

Here’s our collection of mannequin nicknames. Enjoy!

Mannequin Names

Funny Mannequin Names

Mannequin Head Nicknames

If you’d like a funny name for a mannequin or dummy, here are some funny mannequin names:

  1. Beanpole
  2. Debbie Downer
  3. Bubble Butt
  4. Luna Loony
  5. Mannie DumbDumb
  6. Busty Bun-Buns
  7. Frankie Stein
  8. Hedie-Heady
  9. JazzMan
  10. Plain Old Jane-O
  11. Rusty
  12. Jayne Mansfield
  13. Nervous Nelly
  14. Tardy Tammy
  15. Zany Zara
  16. Clumsy Clyde
  17. Breezy Betty
  18. Wobbly Willy
  19. Chubby Charlie
  20. Silly Sally
  21. Dizzy Danny
  22. Tipsy Tina
  23. Giggly Gus
  24. Quirky Quincy
  25. Wonky Wendy
  26. Silly Sue
  27. Goofy George
  28. Funky Fred
  29. Loopy Lily
  30. Dopey Dave
  31. Bumbling Bob
  32. Giddy Gabby
  33. Whacky Walter
  34. Nonsensical Nora
  35. Nutty Ned
  36. Laughable Larry
  37. Wacky Wanda
  38. Bizarre Bonnie
  39. Hilarious Henry
  40. Oddball Olga
  41. Jolly Jerry
  42. Playful Patty
  43. Daffy Doug
  44. Quirky Quinn
  45. Absurd Albert
  46. Kooky Katie
  47. Peculiar Pete
  48. Zesty Zelda
  49. Chuckle Charlie
  50. Whimsical Wilma
  51. Dippy Dora
  52. Zippy Zack
  53. Jittery Jack
  54. Dizzy Dottie
  55. Giggles Gertie
  56. Sassy Sid
  57. Nutty Nancy
  58. Zippy Zoe
  59. Bumbling Bert
  60. Jovial Jodie
  61. Zany Zane
  62. Funky Felicity
  63. Dopey Dean
  64. Giddy Gail
  65. Wacky Wayne
  66. Daffy Delilah
  67. Peculiar Percy
  68. Bizarre Bella
  69. Kooky Kevin
  70. Whimsy Wendy
  71. Absurd Andrew
  72. Laughable Lila
  73. Oddball Owen
  74. Playful Penelope
  75. Quirky Quentin
  76. Zesty Zara
  77. Chuckle Chad
  78. Hilarious Hailey
  79. Giddy Gary
  80. Sassy Sadie
  81. Nutty Noah
  82. Zippy Zoey
  83. Jittery June
  84. Dizzy Dan
  85. Giggles Grace
  86. Zany Zach
  87. Dopey Daisy
  88. Funky Frank
  89. Wacky Willow
  90. Daffy Dean
  91. Peculiar Polly
  92. Bizarre Bruce
  93. Kooky Kate
  94. Whimsical Walter
  95. Absurd Alice
  96. Laughable Liam
  97. Oddball Olivia
  98. Playful Pete
  99. Quirky Quin
  100. Zesty Zoey

Enjoy these funny and quirky mannequin names.

Female Mannequin Names

Here are some funny and cute female mannequin names:

  1. Sparkle
  2. Blushie
  3. Twirl
  4. Glitter
  5. Dreamy
  6. Lovely
  7. Petal
  8. Enchant
  9. Radiant
  10. Adore
  11. Breeze
  12. Lush
  13. Grace
  14. Charm
  15. Darling
  16. Sweets
  17. Serene
  18. Bloom
  19. Cupcake
  20. Delight
  21. Honey
  22. Whimsy
  23. Flair
  24. Bliss
  25. Dazzle
  26. Flutter
  27. Jovial
  28. Sweetie
  29. Gleam
  30. Harmony
  31. Glimmer
  32. Posie
  33. Sprinkle
  34. Amore
  35. Radiance
  36. Cuddle
  37. Petunia
  38. Angelic
  39. Serenade
  40. Tinker
  41. Cozy
  42. Bubbly
  43. Dainty
  44. Tinsel
  45. Gracie
  46. Harmony
  47. Breeze
  48. Whimsie
  49. Frolic
  50. Wink
  51. Flossie Fiasco
  52. Perky Penelope
  53. Whimsy Winnie
  54. Bubbly Bonnie
  55. Jazzy Josie
  56. Zany Zelda
  57. Dizzy Delilah
  58. Kooky Kendra
  59. Silly Selena
  60. Giggly Gracie
  61. Zippy Zoey
  62. Breezy Beatrice
  63. Dopey Darcy
  64. Jittery Jolene
  65. Daffy Dahlia
  66. Wacky Wendy
  67. Nutty Nyla
  68. Quirky Queenie
  69. Funky Fiona
  70. Sassy Sadie
  71. Wobbly Willow
  72. Oddball Olive
  73. Giddy Giselle
  74. Playful Piper
  75. Zesty Zara
  76. Dimples Dora
  77. Giggles Greta
  78. Dizzy Danika
  79. Bizarre Beatrix
  80. Whimsical Whitney
  81. Flapper Flo
  82. Daisy Dapper
  83. Betty Belle
  84. Lottie Lou
  85. Gloria Gatsby
  86. Millie Mae
  87. Josephine Jazz
  88. Mabel Marlowe
  89. Rosie Roxie
  90. Edith Elegance
  91. Beatrice
  92. Edith
  93. Agnes
  94. Mildred
  95. Ethel
  96. Florence
  97. Gertrude
  98. Hazel
  99. Minnie
  100. Marion

Cute Mannequin Names 

Cute Mannequin Names 

How would you like a cute mannequin name for a new addition to your clothing store or your budding fashion business? Here are some of the cutest mannequin names to consider:

  1. Jingles – For a mannequin known for outfits that would remind one of Christmas morning.
  2. Minnie The Mannequin – For a short or tiny-looking mannequin.
  3. Dolly – For a mannequin with a picture-perfect face and frame, like a doll.
  4. Sonny – For a smallish mannequin with adorable features.
  5. Chippy – For a short or tiny-looking mannequin.
  6. RayMann – A male mannequin that’s like a ray of sunshine.
  7. Pretty Woman – Suitable for a feminine mannequin with an attractive style.
  8. Lili – For a sweet & innocent-looking mannequin.
  9. Long Daddy – Suitable for a mannequin with long legs and a fabulous style.
  10. Muchacha – For a mannequin with a sweet Spanish look.
  11. Lumpy – For a chubby-looking mannequin.
  12. Charmaine – For an incredibly charming masculine mannequin.
  13. Black Swan – For a mannequin with unusual and charming looks.
  14. Charlotte – A mannequin that reminds you of the popular Chinese Frozen Charlotte dolls.
  15. Black Barbie – For a dark-colored mannequin with a banging body.
  16. Lil Missy – A name for a smallish but cute mannequin.
  17. Miss Chic Choc – For a very chic-looking mannequin.
  18. Eye-Candy Mandy – For an attractive & preppy mannequin named Mandy.
  19. Babette – Suitable for a mannequin that looks like a total babe.
  20. Mannie Quinn – Probably the cutest & most popular mannequin pun name you’d ever find.
  21. FairyGodmother – For a mannequin with white hair, a round body & charming looks.
  22. Penny The Pooh – If Disney character Winnie The Pooh was a girl, this would be her.
  23. Juliet – For a mannequin that looks like she walked out of Shakespeare’s book.
  24. Flora – A mannequin that’s always dressed up in pretty floral outfits.
  25. Chica – For a mannequin dressed up like a little Spanish girl.
  26. Misty Dawn – For a mannequin with the sweetest and purest look ever.
  27. Rosy – Perfect for a mannequin with rosy cheeks and a precious face.
  28. My Fair Lady – For a white mannequin.
  29. Romeo – For a mannequin that looks like he just walked out of Shakespeare’s book.
  30. Dreamie – For an absolutely dreamy mannequin.
  31. Bambi – For a mannequin that reminds you of a cute Italian girl.
  32. Babelicious – For an inanimate version of an adorable baby girl.
  33. Poppy – For a mannequin with gray hair and warm eyes.
  34. Cloudie – A mannequin with ash-colored “skin.”
  35. Beanie Boo – For a tiny but insanely adorable mannequin.
  36. Twinky – For a mannequin that serves charming looks.
  37. Emerald – For a female mannequin with eyes that remind you of emeralds.
  38. Chipmunk – For an odd-looking but adorable mannequin.
  39. Honey Child – For a smallish mannequin with gorgeous golden locks.
  40. Kitty – For a trim & super attractive mannequin.
  41. Minion – A name for a short but cute mannequin.
  42. Jewel Lee – For a mannequin with the most exotic & expensive necklaces constantly adorning her neck.
  43. Bella Bon Bon – A feminine mannequin with an exotic French look.
  44. Queen Ouu La La – For a mannequin with an absolutely charming style.
  45. CoCo – For a brown-colored female mannequin.
  46. Silvie – Suitable for a mannequin known for being adorned with silver accessories.
  47. MiLady – For a beautiful and sophisticated-looking mannequin.
  48. Tinkerbella – A trim mannequin that reminds you of Disney’s Tinkerbell.
  49. Penelope Peaches – For a mannequin with a peach-shaped booty & an adorable face.
  50. Meggy Mugpie – For the sweetest-looking mannequin, you know.
  51. BarbieCakes – For a very chic & flashy-looking mannequin.
  52. Christabel Charms – For a mannequin with a charming & exotic style.
  53. Luna-Loo – For a mannequin with the vibe of a goddess.
  54. Miss Knickers – For a mannequin that models mostly undergarments.
  55. Miss Fancy Tart – For a sweet and stylish mannequin.
  56. Lil Miss Sunshine – Suitable for a mannequin that’s smallish but very attractive.
  57. Desiree – For a stunning and enchanting mannequin.
  58. Teeny Willy – For a mannequin named Willy with a very portable body.
  59. Empress Mannequin – For the most exotic-looking mannequin you’d find.
  60. Lulabelle – Perfect for a miniature mannequin dressed in princess-like outfits.
  61. Valentina – For a mannequin that’s always covered in red or white.
  62. Blossom – For an adorable little mannequin with the cutest style ever.
  63. Sapphire – For a mannequin always adorned with bright blue jewelry.
  64. Choco Pop – Suitable for a dark-colored mannequin, whether male or female.
  65. Venus – For an astonishingly beautiful mannequin.
  66. Angelita – For a mannequin with angel-like features.
  67. Lacey – Perfect for a lingerie store doll.
  68. Flower Child – For a mannequin that’s always dressed in bright-colored outfits, giving off a funky or playful vibe.
  69. Coco Swirl – For a mannequin with a captivating swirl-like pattern on its surface.
  70. Duke Dapper – Suitable for a dashing and elegant male mannequin.
  71. Goldilocks – For a mannequin with beautiful golden hair.
  72. Posey – For a mannequin that always strikes the perfect pose.
  73. Adora – For a mannequin with an adorable and endearing presence.
  74. Graceful Gretel – For a graceful and elegant female mannequin.
  75. Maverick – For a mannequin that breaks the conventional norms with its unique style.
  76. Ocean – For a mannequin with captivating blue eyes and an oceanic vibe.
  77. Ruby Rouge – For a mannequin with a striking and bold red fashion style.
  78. Enchantia – For a mannequin that enchants everyone with its beauty and charm.
  79. Sparky – For a lively and energetic mannequin that catches everyone’s attention.
  80. Thunderbolt – For a mannequin with electrifying looks and style.
  81. Jazzie – For a mannequin with a jazzy and flamboyant fashion sense.
  82. Apollo – For a mannequin with a strong and masculine presence.
  83. Stardust – For a mannequin that shines and glimmers like stardust.
  84. Divina – For a divine and ethereal female mannequin.
  85. Rusty – For a mannequin with a warm and rustic fashion style.
  86. Tango – For a mannequin that exudes passion and sensuality in its poses.
  87. Nemo – For a mannequin with a captivating and unique appearance, just like the clownfish.
  88. Celestia – For a celestial and heavenly-looking mannequin.
  89. Sunny – For a mannequin that brightens up any display with its sunny personality.
  90. Queen Bee – For a mannequin that rules the fashion world with its commanding presence.
  91. Zephyr – For a mannequin with a breezy and carefree fashion style.
  92. Apollo – For a mannequin with a strong and masculine presence.
  93. Monarch – For a regal and majestic-looking mannequin.
  94. Seraphina – For a mannequin with an angelic and serene demeanor.
  95. Neo – For a mannequin that represents modern and cutting-edge fashion trends.
  96. Twilight – For a mannequin that looks mesmerizing in low lighting or at dusk.
  97. Posh Pixie – For a small and stylish mannequin that embodies elegance and charm.
  98. Roscoe – For a mannequin with a cool and contemporary fashion style.
  99. Starlet – For a mannequin that shines like a star on the runway.
  100. Zenith – For a mannequin that reaches the highest point of fashion excellence.

Creative Names for Mannequins

Creative Names for Mannequins

How about unleashing your creative side with super-clever mannequin names or spin-offs of actual names? Here’s are some imaginative options for you to pick from:

  1. Manne Everest – For a very tall and strong-looking mannequin.
  2. Man-Nickin – The laziest name for a masculine mannequin.
  3. Angelina Jolly – For a mannequin with popping cheekbones and a super attractive smile.
  4. Miss Crazy Eyes – For a feminine mannequin with scary eyes.
  5. Isaac Muteton – The only difference is that sadly, this Isaac Newton is incapable of speaking.
  6. Couture Countess – For a very exquisite and fashionable mannequin.
  7. Thomas Headison – A Thomas Edison look-alike with a rounder or bigger head.
  8. Jewelled Jezebel – This mannequin has very expensive taste, and it shows.
  9. Red Riding Hood – For a mannequin that’s always covered in red.
  10. ManneKim – A mannequin that probably resembles what a Kim Kardashian-inspired life-sized doll would look like.
  11. Indiana Bones – Definitely for a hungry-looking version of Indiana Jones.
  12. MaGrammy – For an old-looking female mannequin.
  13. Whitey Houston – If late Whitney Houston was white, this mannequin could easily pass off as her sculpture.
  14. Mary Scary-Poppins – Mary Poppins’ evil twin sister in the body of a mannequin.
  15. Scary Potter – A mannequin that would easily pass off as a scarier version of Harry Potter.
  16. ManniGrim – For a very gloomy or serious-looking mannequin.
  17. 49 Cents – For a mannequin, you would consider a knock-off version of rapper 50 Cent.
  18. Mister Mustard – Suitable for a mannequin with a weird yellow body color.
  19. Fiddlesticks – For a mannequin with fragile-looking legs.
  20. Eye-riana Grand – For a much taller version of Ariana Grande with the sexiest pair of glasses.
  21. The Maniak – For a mannequin with a scary look, similar to that of a maniac.
  22. Dorleen Dummy – For the most plastic-looking mannequin you’d ever see.
  23. Boretastic – For a very boringly dressed female mannequin.
  24. Morgan FreeWoman – If there were a female version of Morgan Freeman, this mannequin would definitely be her.
  25. Gandalf – A mannequin with white-colored hair.
  26. Buffy McLarge – For a huge and “well-built” mannequin.
  27. Daffy The Doofus – For a silly and goofy-looking mannequin.
  28. Queen Frostine – For a regal and icy-looking female mannequin.
  29. Handsome Hank – For a male mannequin with striking good looks.
  30. Whimsy Willow – For a playful and whimsical-looking mannequin.
  31. Captain Classy – For a mannequin that oozes sophistication and elegance.
  32. Calamity Jane – For a rugged and adventurous-looking female mannequin.
  33. Zara Zephyr – A stylish and airy mannequin that evokes a feeling of freedom.
  34. Mr. Dapper Dandy – For a sharply dressed and refined male mannequin.
  35. Lady Lavender – For a feminine mannequin with a touch of grace and charm.
  36. Hunky Hanky – For a well-built and muscular male mannequin.
  37. Viola Velvet – For a luxurious and opulent female mannequin.
  38. Mr. Suave – For a debonair and charming male mannequin.
  39. Serene Sahara – For a calming and peaceful-looking female mannequin.
  40. Dash Daring – For a daring and adventurous male mannequin.
  41. Bella Boheme – For a bohemian and free-spirited female mannequin.
  42. Sterling Steele – For a mannequin with a strong and sturdy presence.
  43. Willow Whisper – For a delicate and ethereal-looking female mannequin.
  44. Mr. Cool Breeze – For a relaxed and effortlessly cool male mannequin.
  45. Duchess Delight – For a regal and elegant female mannequin.
  46. Casanova Charm – For a suave and charismatic male mannequin.
  47. Lady Seraphina – For a heavenly and angelic-looking female mannequin.
  48. Charming Chester – For a lovable and charming male mannequin.
  49. Miss Moxie – For a spirited and feisty female mannequin.
  50. Maverick Max – For a rebellious and adventurous male mannequin.

Mannequin Head Names

Mannequin head names

For professionals like hairdressers & hair stylists, mannequin heads are definitely the norm, and attaching a name to one can be quite fun to do! Here are some pretty interesting names to go with:

  1. Becky – Yes, the Becky with the Good Hair Beyoncé told us about.
  2. Fat Cat – For a round-headed mannequin that reminds you of a pussycat.
  3. Goldie – A name for a mannequin with golden hair.
  4. Don – For the biggest mannequin head you’ve ever seen.
  5. Green Goblin – For a mannequin head with the greenest pair of eyes ever.
  6. Bobby – For a mannequin with a fragile bobbing head.
  7. Ginger – For a mannequin head covered with ginger-colored hair.
  8. Baddie Baldie – For a bald-headed but super-attractive mannequin.
  9. Geminita – For a mannequin with the most precious looking face.
  10. Goldilocks – For a mannequin with gold-colored hair.
  11. Fred The Head – Just because Fred is probably the perfect name to rhyme with Head.
  12. Dracula – Suitable for a mannequin with the scariest face you’ve ever seen.
  13. Ruby – For a feminine mannequin with red-colored hair.
  14. Lagoona – For a mannequin with enticing blue eyes that reminds you of the sea.
  15. Elizabat – A mannequin named Elizabeth, with a face or eyes that remind you of a Bat.
  16. Mickey Mann – For a mannequin with weirdly shaped ears that reminds one of Mickey Mouse.
  17. Fifi – A French name for a mannequin with a pretty face.
  18. Cherry Cherubie – For a round-faced and cheerful-looking mannequin.
  19. Meggy Muffin – For a mannequin with chubby and adorable cheeks that remind you of muffins.
  20. Cranium
  21. Apex
  22. Dome
  23. Crown
  24. Pinnacle
  25. Noggin
  26. Cap
  27. Vertex
  28. Topper
  29. Helm
  30. Cerebrum
  31. Rooftop
  32. Coconut
  33. Headpiece
  34. Cranial
  35. Pineapple Head
  36. Acme
  37. Mango
  38. Capstone
  39. Cherry
  40. Peak
  41. Crowned
  42. Lemonhead 
  43. Zenith
  44. Watermelon
  45. Apricot
  46. Crownlet
  47. Elevation
  48. Headland
  49. Papaya
  50. Topknot
  51. Mountaintop
  52. Pinnacle
  53. Apex
  54. Capitulum
  55. Headland
  56. Melon Mindy
  57. Cranial Croissant
  58. Noggin Nectarine
  59. Head Cheeseley
  60. Cerebral Cheesecake
  61. Dome Donut
  62. Thinker Toffee
  63. Cranium Cupcake
  64. Headstrong Honeydew
  65. Mentat Muffin
  66. Temper Tapioca
  67. Cortex Cappuccino
  68. Headzilla
  69. Topopotamus
  70. Craniumopolis
  71. Nogginator
  72. Dome-o-saurus
  73. Pinnaclehead
  74. Apexinator
  75. Brainiacus
  76. Melonator
  77. Cerebruhaha
  78. Headsterix
  79. Crownosaur
  80. Smartsquash
  81. Gigglygrape
  82. Noodle-noodle
  83. Cranialicious
  84. Pineapplodeon
  85. Hilarisphere
  86. Jesterjuice
  87. Coco-laugh
  88. Silly-skull
  89. Chucklesmirk
  90. Hoot-noggin
  91. Loco-lemon
  92. Nutty-noodle
  93. Hilarity-helmet
  94. Top-tater
  95. Headly-ha-ha
  96. Funky-noggin
  97. Crazy-crown
  98. Gigglesaurus
  99. Whimsical-wig
  100. Laughing-lid

CPR Dummy Names

CPR Dummy Names

Would you like to find a meaningful name for a CPR dummy? Something that everyone would remember while learning with it? Here are some life-saving ideas for you to select from:

  1. Sleeping Beauty – A name for a pretty-looking CPR dummy inspired by the Disney Cartoon Sleeping Beauty, as a humorous reference used to describe how CPR administration works on an unconscious person.
  2. Resusci Anne – One of the most famous names for a CPR doll (inspired by a real person), it can also be called Rescue Anne, Resusci Annie, or CPR Annie.
  3. Bob The Blower – For a dummy named Bob used to train on how to blow air into a victim during CPR.
  4. CeeCee – For a CPR mannequin with built-in lights that allow one “see” even in dark conditions.
  5. Kate Kare Kit – This mannequin can be nicknamed KKK and is a suitable name for a dummy that doubles as a first-aid kit box.
  6. Ann The Aid – For a CPR dummy.
  7. Rapid Regina – For a CPR dummy named Regina that teaches quick and efficient CPR measures.
  8. Queen Quick-Fix – For a CPR mannequin with detachable & fixable body parts.
  9. Harpey To Help – For a dummy named Happy, used to illustrate how to confidently and calmly help someone needing CPR
  10. Tender Talia – For a CPR dummy with weak body parts used for illustrating how CPR works.
  11. CPR Chuck
  12. Resus-Riley
  13. Medic Max
  14. Doc Drifter
  15. Revive Ruby
  16. StethoSteve
  17. Medix Mobile
  18. Cardi-Buggy
  19. Defib Dash
  20. Resus-Racer
  21. HeartStart Hank
  22. Cardio-Cabbie
  23. Revival Wally
  24. Medi-Moto
  25. AED Annie
  26. Suture Sam
  27. Scalpel Sue
  28. Lab-Coat Larry
  29. Pulse Penny
  30. Gauze Gus
  31. IVy the IV Trainer
  32. Bonesy Buddy
  33. Bandage Ben
  34. Bedside Betty
  35. Stethoscope Stella
  36. Scrubsy Scott
  37. Nurse Nala Nudge
  38. Skele-Tom
  39. Aorta Arnold
  40. Oxy-Ollie
  41. Checkup Chuck
  42. Casty the Caring Companion
  43. Scrubbed-Up Sam
  44. Suture Sheila
  45. Buzzy Buddy
  46. IVan the Infusion Pal
  47. Scrub Sue
  48. Medic Mandy
  49. Lab-Coat Lucy
  50. Flexi Fred
  51. Pulse Pat
  52. Casty Cassidy
  53. Nurse Nikki Nudge
  54. Nurse Nala Nudge
  55. Instructable Ingrid
  56. Demonstrate
  57. Cardiopulse Carl
  58. Replaceable Rita
  59. Speedy Suture
  60. Nurse Navigator Nelly
  61. MedSim Maxine
  62. PulsePal Peter
  63. ReviveRonda
  64. Resuscito Rex
  65. Lifeline Leona
  66. Cardiomy Cara
  67. SalvageSam
  68. CodeCallie
  69. ReanimateRay
  70. DocDemo Darcy
  71. AEDAddie
  72. NurseNaviga
  73. Medixi Mia
  74. MenderMax
  75. HealthHero Hector
  76. PulsePacer Polly
  77. DefibDolly
  78. RhythmRon
  79. HeartBeatrice
  80. SimulateStan
  81. Cardiopatrol Penny
  82. RestorerRuth
  83. SalvageSid
  84. RevitalizedRuby
  85. PulsePaladin
  86. NurseNavi
  87. CardiacCleo
  88. MendyManny
  89. ResusRover
  90. HeartSavior Harry
  91. MedixMelody
  92. CodeCrusader
  93. HealHero Hank
  94. PulsePepa
  95. HeartHelp Hattie
  96. ResilientRhys
  97. Cardiomatic Carla
  98. CodeCassius
  99. ReviveRaquel
  100. MendMateo

Funny Names for Medical Mannequins

Funny Names for Mannequins

Are you looking for names for medical dummies that are funny and witty? If you’re looking to med class fun & memorable, here are some of the most humorous names you’ll find:

  1. Adrena-lina – For a mannequin with high blood pressure or too much adrenaline.
  2. Madam Perry – A mannequin used to explain Perineal care to nursing students.
  3. Drew Blood – A mannequin with IVs all tied up to him, and needles being poked into him 24/7.
  4. McRibbs – What better name could med students use for a sick & dying mannequin?
  5. Fiona Fatts – For a mannequin named Fiona with an obese look.
  6. Missy-Behavin’ – A medical mannequin with a cry-baby face.
  7. Justin Bleeder – For a mannequin who could easily be a Justin Bieber lookalike, but with a bleeding body part.
  8. Stiffany – For a cold & stiff-looking mannequin.
  9. Kevin Heart – A pun on the name of popular comedian Kevin Hart for a mannequin with a heart condition.
  10. Bony-ta – For a mannequin named Bonita with a very bony structure.
  11. One-Eyed Bonny – For a medical mannequin with one good eye.
  12. Who Nose What – For a mannequin without a nose or with a broken or weirdly disfigured nose.
  13. Bloody Mary – A medical mannequin covered with fake blood.
  14. Mister Sockets – Suitable for a medical mannequin with bulging eye sockets.
  15. Daddy DryBones – For a lean and sick-looking mannequin.
  16. Nurse ISeeU – A medical mannequin portrayed as a nurse in an ICU unit.
  17. BonaLisa – For a very skinny mannequin that reminds one of Monalisa.
  18. Miss Stitchy – A medical mannequin with visible stitches and cuts.
  19. Bob BeerBelly – For a mannequin with a ridiculously large stomach.
  20. Limbful – For a medical mannequin with visible “limbs.”
  21. Scapula – For a mannequin used to explain the bone structure of the human body.
  22. BoneHead – For a medical mannequin with an unusually small head.
  23. Miss Ahfil Pane – Suitable for a mannequin depicted to have been involved in some form of accident, hence the name “I feel Pain.”
  24. Benny Brainiac – A medical mannequin with an open head that shows a “brain.”
  25. Suzie Suture – For a mannequin with surgical stitches.
  26. Groaner Greg – A mannequin that lets out groans and moans to simulate patient responses.
  27. Fracture Felix – For a mannequin with visible bone fractures.
  28. Patti Palpitation – A medical mannequin with a simulated irregular heartbeat.
  29. Wounded Wendy – For a mannequin that portrays various types of wounds and injuries.
  30. Oliver Organ – A medical mannequin with detachable organs for educational purposes.
  31. Patty Phantom – For a mannequin with a transparent overlay to visualize internal organs.
  32. Coughing Charlie – A mannequin that simulates coughing to teach respiratory care.
  33. Skele-Tina – For a mannequin that features a detailed skeletal structure.
  34. Bloaty Betty – A medical mannequin with a distended abdomen to teach abdominal conditions.
  35. Rodney Rash – For a mannequin with skin conditions and rashes to aid in diagnosis training.
  36. Ollie Ophthalmic – A medical mannequin with realistic eyes for eye care training.
  37. Weezy Wheezer – For a mannequin that simulates wheezing and breathing difficulties.
  38. Tender Tom – A mannequin with sensitive pressure points to practice tender care techniques.
  39. Freddy Fibrillation – For a mannequin that simulates cardiac arrhythmias for emergency response training.
  40. Gutfeelin’ – A medical mannequin with palpable abdominal organs to practice abdominal examinations.
  41. Rattlin’ Rina – For a mannequin that simulates rattling breath sounds to teach respiratory assessments.
  42. Squealin’ Sally – A medical mannequin with simulated vocalizations for communication training.
  43. Cranky Carl – For a mannequin that exhibits irritable behavior to train in handling difficult patients.
  44. Peggy Pulseless – A medical mannequin with no detectable pulse for CPR training.
  45. Sidney Splint – For a mannequin that teaches proper splinting techniques for fractures.
  46. Wanda Wound – A medical mannequin with realistic wounds for wound care training.
  47. Droopy Dora – For a mannequin that simulates drooping facial muscles to teach neurological assessments.
  48. Gassy Garry – A medical mannequin with simulated flatulence for ostomy care training.
  49. Itchy Izzy – For a mannequin that simulates itching to teach proper skin care.
  50. Fainting Faye – A medical mannequin that demonstrates fainting episodes for first aid training.

Safety Mannequin Names

Crash Dummy Names

Safety mannequins are perfect for teaching safety precautions, whether at work, school, home, or anywhere else. If you’re looking to attach a name to your safety mannequin, we’d got some interesting ideas for you:

  1. Bob-D-Builder – For a dummy named Bob, that is used to explain workplace safety ethics.
  2. Safety Sammie – For a safety mannequin that depicts the ideal worker – smart & safety-conscious.
  3. Diligent Diana – A safety dummy that shows workers how to stay safe while performing work duties optimally.
  4. Grumpy Gabby – For a safety mannequin with a grumpy face.
  5. Oh-Onika – A female safety dummy that illustrates how irresponsible or careless acts at the workplace can have terrible consequences.
  6. Safelee – A name for a safety mannequin that teaches how to perform work tasks “safely.”
  7. Carly Careless – For a dummy used to depict disorderly manners of approach to work.
  8. Fredo The Deado – Suitable for a dummy used to illustrate safety hazards.
  9. Lady B. Kerful – For a Safety Dummy used to demonstrate safety measures at work, to encourage workers to “be careful.”
  10. Warden Ward – A safety mannequin that promotes a safe working environment, acting as a workplace guardian.
  11. Cautious Casey – For a dummy that showcases cautious behavior to avoid workplace accidents.
  12. Safety Stella – A safety mannequin that emphasizes the importance of safety in the workplace.
  13. Hazard Hank – For a safety dummy used to educate workers about potential hazards.
  14. Safe Sid – A safety mannequin that exemplifies safe practices in various work situations.
  15. Prudent Peggy – For a dummy that portrays prudent decision-making in workplace scenarios.
  16. Alert Andy – A safety mannequin that promotes vigilance and awareness on the job.
  17. Safety Sage – For a dummy that imparts wisdom and knowledge about safety procedures.
  18. Careful Carmen – A safety mannequin that emphasizes careful handling of equipment and materials.
  19. Secure Stan – For a dummy that focuses on maintaining a secure and hazard-free workspace.
  20. Watchful Wendy – A safety mannequin that encourages workers to be vigilant and observant.
  21. Prepared Pete – For a dummy that demonstrates preparedness in emergency situations.
  22. Safety Scout – A safety mannequin that acts as a scout for identifying potential safety risks.
  23. Mindful Maya – For a dummy that emphasizes the importance of mindfulness in the workplace.
  24. Safety Sentinel – A safety mannequin that serves as a guardian of workplace safety.
  25. Alert Amelia – For a dummy that promotes being alert and attentive to workplace conditions.
  26. Cautious Carl – A safety mannequin that embodies cautious behavior to prevent accidents.
  27. Secure Sandra – For a dummy that showcases the importance of maintaining a secure environment.
  28. Wise Wilbur – A safety mannequin that imparts wisdom and knowledge about workplace safety.
  29. Safety Sherpa – For a dummy that guides workers safely through various work tasks.
  30. Prudent Penelope – A safety mannequin that encourages prudent decision-making on the job.
  31. Careful Cody – For a dummy that exemplifies careful handling of tools and equipment.
  32. Safety Sentry – A safety mannequin that keeps a watchful eye on workplace safety.
  33. Prepared Patty – For a dummy that demonstrates preparedness for emergencies.
  34. Safety Scribe – A safety mannequin that provides written guidance on safety protocols.
  35. Watchful Walter – For a dummy that encourages workers to stay watchful and aware.
  36. Alert Abigail – A safety mannequin that promotes staying alert in the workplace.
  37. Cautious Claire – For a dummy that emphasizes cautious behavior to avoid workplace incidents.
  38. Secure Samson – A safety mannequin that promotes maintaining a secure and safe workspace.
  39. Mindful Maxine – For a dummy that highlights the importance of mindfulness in workplace tasks.
  40. Safety Shepherd – A safety mannequin that guides and protects workers from potential hazards.
  41. Alert Arnold – For a dummy that encourages workers to be alert and attentive at all times.
  42. Prepared Priscilla – A safety mannequin that exemplifies preparedness for any workplace situation.
  43. Safety Savant – For a dummy that imparts expert knowledge on workplace safety practices.
  44. Careful Carter – A safety mannequin that showcases careful handling of machinery and equipment.
  45. Secure Sylvia – For a dummy that emphasizes maintaining a secure and hazard-free work environment.
  46. Watchful Wallace – A safety mannequin that encourages workers to stay vigilant and observant.
  47. Alert Adriana – For a dummy that promotes staying alert and responsive in the workplace.
  48. Cautious Caleb – A safety mannequin that embodies cautious behavior to prevent workplace accidents.
  49. Safety Sentinel – For a dummy that acts as a vigilant guardian of workplace safety.
  50. Prepared Penelope – A safety mannequin that encourages preparedness and quick response in emergencies.

So, there you have it – a compilation of only the funniest mannequin names for you to select from!

Listen, we know you named your mannequin, but we don’t know what you named it, so why don’t you fess up and tell us what name or nickname you gave your mannequin.

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