30+ Famous Frank Sinatra Nicknames and Their Origins

What are the nicknames of the great Frank Sinatra?

Famous American actor and singer Francis Albert Sinatra, commonly known as Frank Sinatra, was one of the best-selling music artists of all time, having sold about one hundred and fifty million records worldwide.

Through a very public personal life and a long career, he became one of the most sought-after performers in the entertainment industry; Frank was often addressed as the greatest American actor and singer of the 20th-century.

This article talks about Frank Sinatra’s nicknames – both those he was commonly called and the lesser-used nicknames. Continue reading to learn about all the nicknames of Frank Sinatra and their origin:

List of Frank Sinatra Nicknames

We have ranked all Frank Sinatra’s nicknames according to their popularity, starting with his most famous nickname, “Chairman of the Board.”

1. Chairman of the Board

Where did Frank Sinatra get the nickname “Chairman of the Board”? William B. Williams(the famous Radio Personality) is widely credited as the person who gave Mr. Sinatra the nickname “Chairman of the Board.” The story behind the nickname is that Frank Sinatra launched his record label, Reprise, hence his nickname Chairman of the Board.

2. Ol’ Blue Eyes

Why was Frank Sinatra called “Ol’ Blue Eyes”? Ol’ Blue Eyes is probably Frank’s most obvious nickname. ‘Ol’ Blue Eyes’ was gotten from his eye color. Frank was well known to have very stunning bright blue eyes that could seemingly take your breath away. He also seemed to appreciate the nickname because when he came out of retirement in 1973, his album was titled “Ol’ Blue Eyes Is Back.” Blue Eyes, Old Blue Eyes, and Ol’ Pretty Eyes are sometimes used as variations of this nickname.

3. The Voice

Why was Frank Sinatra called “The Voice”? There are varying accounts on how Sinatra was nicknamed “The Voice.” One theory is that Sinatra was nicknamed “The Voice” by his talented PR agent George B. Evans. In the book Frank Sinatra, My Father Hardcover by Nancy Sinatra (the elder daughter of Frank Sinatra, she claimed his popularity earned him the nickname “The Voice That Thrills Millions,” which was later shortened to “The Voice.” Also, some sources assert that his dreamy voice earned him the nickname “The Voice.” However, one thing is clear; Frank Sinatra got the nickname “The Voice” due to his unique swooning voice.

4. Sultan of Swoon

Why was Frank Sinatra called “Sultan of Swoon”? The popularity of Frank Sinatra was described as “reaching its hysteria status,” and this massive popularity alongside Sinatra’s dreamy baritone earned him the nickname “The Sultan of Swoon.”

5. Swoonatra

Why was Frank Sinatra called “Swoonatra”? Frank Sinatra’s popularity and his dreamy baritone voice also earned him the nickname Swoonatra.”

6. La Voz

Why was Frank Sinatra called “La Voz”? La Voz is the Spanish translation for Sinatra’s famous nickname, “The Voice.”

7. Mr. Swooning

Mr. Swooning is a variation of Sinatra’s “Swoonatra, “Sultan of Swoon” nicknames.

8. King Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was often called King Sinatra by his fans.

9. Scarface

Why was Frank Sinatra called “Scarface”? Due to Frank’s difficult childbirth, he had scarring on his face, which earned him the nickname “Scarface.”

10. Frankie

Frank Sinatra was called Frankie by his mom. Also, Frankie is a popular nickname for someone named Frank.

11. Slacksey

Frank Sinatra was so well-tailored in his younger days that his neighborhood nickname changed from “Scarface” to “Slacksey.”

12. The Sultan with The Silky Voice 

“The sultan with the silky voice” is another of Frank’s nicknames. The only source of this nickname is The Refried Audio Hour S02 Ep06 w/ The Liftoff, around the “11:21” time mark, “Um we have the voice, Old Blue Eyes, the Sultan with the Silky Voice, Frank Sinatra, would have been 106 years old today…”

13. King of Swing

The “King of Swing” nickname is inspired by Sinatra’s dominance of the Swing Era (also popularly called the big band era) – the period (1933–1947) when big band swing music was the most popular music in the United States. However, this nickname is a bit controversial because “King of Swing” is usually reserved for Benny Goodman.

14. The Sultan of Swing

Asides from the “King of Swing,” he was also called the Sultan of Swing, another nickname is inspired by Sinatra’s dominance of the Swing Era.

15. Swing Machine

Regardless of who the “King of Swing” is, Sinatra’s image as a ‘swinger’ cannot be argued.

16. The Voice of The Century 

Frank Sinatra was also referred to as the voice of the century due to the dominance of his era.

17. King of New York

In the Empire State of Mind song featuring Alicia Keys, Jay Z donned himself “The New Sinatra.” The “King of New York” refers to Frank Sinatra being the king of New York.

18. King of the Hill

“King of the hill, top of the heap” is from Sinatra’s famous song “New York New York.”

19. One-Take Charlie

One-Take Charlie is from Sinatra’s acting career. Sinatra preferred an intuitive approach to his role, which earned him the nickname “One-Take Charlie” in Hollywood.

20. Mr. Baldy

If you have been waiting for some unflattering or funny nicknames Frank Sinatra was called, you would like the story behind “Mr. Baldy.” Frank Sinatra wasn’t just a great musician; he was also an actor. Marlon Brando Jr. was considered one of the most influential actors of the 20th century, and Frank Sinatra co-starred in 1955’s ‘Guys and Dolls.’ Sinatra allegedly wanted Marlon Brando’s role in the movie and referred to his co-star as “Mr. Mumbles.” Marlon Brando Jr. didn’t like Frank Sinatra either, and he nicknamed him “Mr. Baldy.” You can read about the story of Sinatra and Marlon Brando.

21. The Big Guy

Some of his fans refer to him as the “big guy,” a name reserved for a God-like person.

22. Nancy’s Dad

Nancy is Frank’s eldest child and first daughter. Hence, the nickname “Nancy’s dad.”

23. Chairman

Some fans prefer to call “Chairman” instead of saying “Chairman of the Board.”

24. Bony Baritone

You wouldn’t find this Frank Sinatra’s nickname in any publication; you are more likely to hear it as a bar or during a game of Trivia.

25. Sweet Baby Franz

This is a nickname some of Sinatra’s fans call him.

26. The Legendary star

This is how a lot of Sinatra’s fans view him.

27. The Best of the Best

Many music fans regard Frank Sinatra as “The best of the best.”

28. The Crooner’s Crooner

When they say Sinatra was a Crooner’s Crooner, they aren’t exaggerating; such was the dominance of Mr. Sinatra at the time.

29. The Greatest

Some view Sinatra as the “Greatest” to ever do it.

30. The Bones

A Frank Sinatra nickname based on his appearance at the time.

31. The ComeBack Guy

Sinatra has a pretty dramatic fall in popularity in the early 1950s. Only for him to come back into the limelight in what, at the time, publications regarded as “the greatest comeback since Lazarus.” Sinatra won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the 1953 film, From Here To Eternity, and soon after, his recording career blossomed again.

What Were Frank Sinatra’s Fans Called?

Right around the time, Frank Sinatra earned nicknames such as “Swoonatra” or “The Voice” his fans also earned themselves the nickname “Sinatratics” because of their behavior which the Guardian described as a “phenomena of mass hysteria.” The press called this behavior “Sinatramania.”

What are Frank Sinatra’s Most Popular Nicknames?

Frank Sinatra’s most popular nicknames to date are:

  1. Chairman of the Board
  2. ‘Ol’ Blue Eyes
  3. The Voice.

We hope you found this helpful. Now, it is your turn to answer to tell us your favorite Frank Sinatra nickname from our list. Also, do you know any great Frank Sinatra nicknames we haven’t mentioned? Kindly share them in the comment section below.

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