17 Most Popular Joe Biden Nicknames

Almost everyone will acquire a nickname during their lifetime. While some nicknames can be terms of endearment, some can be downright humorous and even brutal in the extreme. If there’s one general principle with a nickname, it’s this — try not to fight it. The harder you fight, the longer it sticks.

For this article, we’ll be shedding light on the nicknames of Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., America’s 46th and current President. As you can imagine, being the leader of the free world comes with loads of perks — including a plethora of nicknames. Let’s dive into the ten most popular ones without wasting much time.

Popular Joe Biden Nicknames

Nicknames for Joe Biden

Here are the most popular nicknames of President Joe Biden:

1. Joe

While the President’s birth name is Joseph, “Joe” is the common short form of the name, and it has become the de facto name – one he readily answers. Much like former presidents William “Bill” Clinton and Abraham “Abe” Lincoln before him.

2. Sleepy ‘Creepy’ Joe

The 2020 presidential election saw Biden pitted against the incumbent President at the time, Donald Trump. Trump originally coined the term “Sleepy Joe”—among many other disparaging names—to attack the main contender to his presidency. While it stuck, it’s unclear if it had the desired outcome, with some noting that its potency as an insult has waned while others say that Trump’s nicknames have had a devastating effect.

3. Amtrak Joe

It is not uncommon for one’s nickname to be associated with a quirk or an unusual event. This one, however, was inspired by tragedy. In 1972, Biden was involved in a car accident that claimed his wife and daughter, Neilia and Naomi. Fortunately, his sons, who were also involved in the crash, survived. That same year he was sworn into the Senate representing Delaware. In the aftermath of the tragedy, he promised to always be with his sons and took the Amtrak to and from Washington D.C every day for 36 years, earning him the nickname “Amtrak Joe.” The corporation formed in 1971 counts the President as its biggest fan as Biden has provided infrastructural and financial support to revamp the country’s railways over the years.

4. Let’s go, Brandon!

The phrase “Let’s go, Brandon” is an epithet used by American conservatives to mock President Biden. It first came into use in October 2021 at a car rally in Talladega, Alabama. At the time, NBC reporter Kelli Stavast was having an interview with the winner Brandon Brown when some expletives were hurled against Biden. Stavast, who was on live TV, tried to deflect from the cussing by telling Brown that the crowd was applauding him with shouts of “Let’s go, Brandon.” Just like that, a meme was born. Later that year, at a White House Christmas event, a caller taunted an unwitting Biden with that exact phrase.

5. Moneybagg Joe

In March 2021, when President Biden signed the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, many Americans took to social media to express their happiness following the disbursement of relief checks. The nickname “Moneybagg Joe” was trending at the time, a play on the alias of American rapper Megan Thee Stallion’s ex-boyfriend, Moneybagg Yo. While the hype around that has since faded out, you might still hear it in use infrequently. If you do, you at least know why.

6. Diamond Joe / Uncle Joe

Readers of the satirical online blog, The Onion may be accustomed to the moniker of the fictionalized Biden character known as “Diamond Joe” or “Uncle Joe.” The character created by The Onion’s editor Chad Nackers was based on President Biden, and it predates his time as President. Although Diamond Joe differs greatly from real-life Biden, the nickname gained much traction in popular online culture. In 2019, The Onion retired the character.

7. Sippy Cup Joe

Coined by Fox News host Sean Hannity, “Sippy Cup Joe” is a nickname that came about following difficulty in settling on one that stuck. Hannity has previously had a flurry of monikers for Biden, including “Sleepy Joe,” “Quid Pro Joe,” “Hidin’ Biden,” “Sleepy Quid Pro Joe,” “Appeasement Joe,” “Basement Joe,” and “the Big Guy.” Much of Hannity’s barbs at Biden have centered around the GOP claim that the President suffers from cognitive decline.

8. Uncle-in-Chief

Following the departure of Obama and Biden from the White House in 2017, a host of memes flooded the web, particularly of then Vice-President Biden or, as he was fondly referred to, “Uncle-in-Chief.” As it turned out, Uncle Joe’s departure was temporary as he would later return to become President. Still, the memes make for great humor.

9. Middle-Class Joe

Among the several nicknames of President Biden, “Middle-Class Joe” is perhaps the one that he is most attuned to, notably referencing it ahead of his 2017 campaign trail. However, in a release of his financials in May 2021, it was revealed that Biden was anything but middle-class and is, in fact, a millionaire, with Forbes estimating that he has a net worth of over $9 million. It may very well be time to retire that nickname for good.

10. Celtic

While technically not a nickname, “Celtic” is the codename assigned to the President of the United States. It takes its place here because while the Secret Service often assigns codenames, Presidents and vice presidents can also choose for themselves. Biden chose Celtic while his wife Jill went with Capri—codenames maintained from his tenure as Vice-President. Biden went with Celtic because it reminded him of his Irish roots.

This sums up the list of popular nicknames of President Joseph Biden. While not exhaustive, not all of the names make our list either because they are too vulgar or not as common.

Other notable monikers ascribed to President Biden include:

11. Upper-Class Joe

12. Capitalist Joe

13. Stuttering Joe

14. Millionaire Joe

15. Dementia Joe

16. Mr. Rogers

17. Herbert Hoover 2020

Tell us the Joe Biden nicknames you know, flattering or otherwise, in the comments.

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