10+ Most Famous Joe Burrow Nicknames

Joseph Lee Burrow, who plays for the Cincinnati Bengals in the National Football League and has been dubbed in some sections of the media as ‘the toast of Cincinnati,’ has already amassed several nicknames in his short career.

Born on December 10, 1996, Burrow led his team to their first playoff in over 30 years in 2021. Burrow currently holds the Bengals’ records for passer rating, completion percentage, and single-game passing yards.

Did you know that Burrow’s favorite artist and childhood idol is rapper Kid Cudi?

Burrow revealed that he listens to Cudi’s music every single game day. Before he takes to the field, he plugs in to “New York City Rage Fest.”

So, back to Joe Burrow’s most famous nicknames.

Popular Joe Burrow Nicknames

Here are the most popular Joe Burrow nicknames and the origin of these nicknames:

1. Joe 

Apart from being the shortened form of his name, Joseph, Burrow has personally asked fans to call him “Joe.” According to ESPN, Burrow has said he’s indifferent to the many nicknames fans call him.

“Just call me Joe,” Burrow said during a virtual news conference. “Whatever anybody wants to call me is OK with me.”

2. Joe Shiesty

“Joe Shiesty” is a nickname Burrow got from a Tik-Tok account, Traphouse Sports. In a viral post by the handler of the account, there’s a running commentary in which Burrow is described as Joe Shiesty. Although the term’s origins are a bit hazy, there are suggestions that it is a play on the name of American rapper Pooh Shiesty. Any links between Burrow and Shiesty may be tenuous at best, but one thing is clear — the nickname is a fan’s favorite.

Another explanation is that Burrow is called Joe Shiesty for his gameplay in defenses. It shows how inconsiderate he is to the opposing defenses. The Bengals even referenced it on their social media account in a clip of the quarterback. 

3. Joe Brrr

From the same viral clip where Joe Shiesty originated, the moniker “Joe Brrr” can also be heard. Although not much can be made from it, one possibility is that it is an ad-lib the rapper Pooh Shiesty used in his songs, the “brrr” sound.

Another theory is that the nickname references Burrow’s jewel-encrusted “JB9” chain. When quizzed if the diamonds were real, Joe Burrow responded: “They’re definitely real. I make too much money to have fake ones.”

4. JB9

“JB9,” which is what is encrusted on Joe Burrow’s diamond necklace represents his initials and jersey number, nine.

5. Joe Cool

Burrow is also called “Joe Cool” by fans, a nickname he shares with NFL icon Joe Montana. In a commentary by CBS analyst Trent Green, he notes: “Joe Montana had the nickname ‘Joe Cool’ because of the way he was able to perform in big moments in big Super Bowls, but I think Joe Burrow is going to have to take on that name as well because of the way he conducts himself.”

6. Joe Chill 

Like “Joe Cool” above, “Joe Chill” references the calm demeanor of Burrow even when the stakes are high, forging a reputation for being calm under pressure. That said, the roots of this name come from a fictional character Joe Chill—the name of the criminal who killed Batman’s parents.

7. Jackpot Joey

The origin of this moniker is unclear. Some reports claim that American football tight end C.J Uzomah first gave him that alias. However, according to WCPO, the name “Jackpot Joey” came from a Cincinnati Bengals fan, Matty Meyer, who was happy about his team’s selection of Joe Burrow in the 2020 NFL draft. As Meyer puts it, “The night they drafted him, I’m like, the guy’s a jackpot for the city of Cincinnati, he’s Jackpot Joey.”

Meyer didn’t stop there, though. He hired a lawyer to trademark the nickname while turning it into a business venture by designing shirts and other related merchandise he shipped for sale to 45 states. Top marks for a business-savvy fan who truly hit the jackpot.

8. Joey Franchise

The story behind this nickname is relatively straightforward. Bengals fans began labeling the young quarterback “Joey Franchise” after he was named Cincinnati’s starting quarterback as a rookie.

9. Smokin’ Joe

While this nickname originally belonged to legendary boxer Joe Frazier, “Smokin’ Joe” seems to have caught on as a nickname for Burrow, who fittingly happens to fancy the cigar, especially after a win.

10. Tiger King

Tiger King is a popular Netflix series whose central character bears the first name, Joe. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, “Three days after the show was released, Fox Sports personality Sal Iacono became the first person to tweet about the connection between Joe Burrow and Tiger King. Burrow was one of the best college quarterbacks in NCAA history, and a Bengal is a type of tiger.”

The rest, as they say, is history. Joe Burrow cemented his status as the “Tiger King.”

11. Joey B

This doesn’t require much explanation. “Joey B” is derived from the initials of Burrow’s name. Joey B is also Joe Burrow’s Twitter handle, which suggests that it is a moniker he endorses. 

12. Bonanza Joey

Following the victory of the Bengals over the Chiefs, a video of Burrow smoking saw him earn the nickname “Bonanza Joey.” The footage was reportedly also subtitled with the tag “Bonanza Joey.”

There you have it. Are there any other Joe Burrow nicknames we may have missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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