40+ Nicki Minaj Nicknames and the Story Behind Them

In this post, you will find the most popular nicknames for Nicki Minaj, the origins of the nicknames, as well as her fandom name.

Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty, popularly known as Nicki Minaj, is a professionally half Trinidadian-half American singer, rapper, actress, and model. She was born in Saint James, a city in Port of Spain, on 8th December 1983.

Nicki Minaj is noted for her versatility as an artist, her “sharp” lyrics and animated flow in her rapping, and her usage of alter egos and accents. Also, she is unarguably one of the most influential female rappers in the music industry. Birdman once described Nicki Minaj as the ‘Best Female Ever In Hip-Hop.’ Over the years, Nicki Minaj has earned different nicknames. In this post, we will list her nicknames and the origin of the names.

Popular Nicki Minaj Nicknames

Here are the most popular nicknames for Nicki Minaj:

1. Cookie 

One of the first nicknames or alter-egos was Cookie. According to the Nicki Minaj fandom page, the rapper created this personality for herself when she was still a child. Cookie, the alter ego was created because of her parents’ constant fights and arguments. Later, she created alter egos like Rosa and Nicole for entertainment purposes. Creating an alter ego may have helped Minaj deal with some of the struggles she faced during her younger years, her life now is a dream come true, but her childhood and teenage years were often marked with sadness. 

2. Chun-Li

Chun-Li is Nicki Minaj’s bad guy persona. She officially debuted as an alter-ego in the self-titled single, “Chun-Li,” off of “Queen.” Although her first appearance was in “Fireball.” She appears on several other tracks throughout “Queen” and proves to be a vital part of the album. Chun-Li was named after the video game character Chun Li, the first playable female character of any mainstream fighting video game franchise referencing Nicki’s impact on hip hop. Chun-Li performed on stage on SNL in 2018 and at the 2018 BET Awards.

3. Nicki Lewinski

In her song ‘ Itty Bitty Piggy, Minaj raps about Nicki Lewinski, another one of her well-known nicknames.’ Also known as the Mistress or simply Lewinsky retroactively called Old Nicki and Mixtapenika. It is one of her best-known alter egos. This alter ego was created when Minaj was an underground artist making mixtapes. This alter ego is also reportedly responsible for the sexually suggestive lyrics in many Nicki Minaj songs.

4. Roman Zolanski 

One of the most famous Nicki alter egos is Roman Zolanski, an outspoken homosexual male persona with a British accent. Minaj has frequently referred to Roman as her “twin sister” and has frequently mentioned her personality in her music. Her second studio album, released in 2012, was called ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. The first track from the album is called ‘Roman Holiday, in which Minaj sings that she is “Roman Zolanski.” Minaj also released the song ‘Roman’s Revenge’ featuring Eminem in 2010, in which she raps as the alter ego, Roman. At the end of the track, Minaj speaks in a British accent and reprimands the persona of Roman.

5. Martha Zolanski

Martha Zolanski appears in Minaj’s ‘Moment for Life’ music video, revealing herself to be Minaj’s godmother. Nicki Minaj fandom describes her as “strict and commanding.”

6. The Harajuku Barbie

Another of Minaj’s most famous alter egos is The Harajuku Barbie, often shortened to just Barbie. Minaj mentions this alter ego in her track ‘Itty Bitty Piggy,’ and she’s described as having a soft voice.

It is often shortened simply to Barbie or HB. It is one of Nicki Minaj’s longest-lasting and most famous alter egos. Nicki, the Harajuku Barbie, brings to the fore the qualities of an imaginative, energetic, filirty, girl-fashionista that loves pink. This is also the muse who ignites the transformation of Nicki’s performances as an R&B/Pop singer and future Rock Star Icon.

Minaj has often been seen wearing a Barbie necklace and has said that people get her confused with a “Real Barbie.”

7. Nicki the Boss

Again, described in Minaj’s ‘Itty Bitty Piggy’ soundtrack is the nickname Nicki the Boss, another one of Minaj’s alters egos adored by her fandom. Minaj’s “Barbs” describe her as an “ingenious austere businesswoman who always thinks outside of the box and is never afraid to assert herself.”

Though different, these personalities all come together to form the absolute force that the world knows as Nicki Minaj. Her other Alter egos include Da Kid, Dr. Minaj, Black Hannah Montana, Sexy Chocolate, Super Snatch, and Mermie.

8. Sexy Chocolate

Okay, so we know that Nicki Minaj’s nickname is Sexy Chocolate. She made this known via her Twitter handle. According to her, she’s got a stripper name, and it’s Sexy Chocolate.

9. Nickiana Cat

Nicki Minaj was given the nickname Nickiana Cat because of Doja Cat’s song, Say So, which features Nicki Minaj. The hit song is recorded by the Guinness World Record as the first female rap duo to hit No 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100

10. Nicki the Ninja

Nicki The Ninja is an alter ego of Nicki Minaj who mainly appeared in Minaj’s mixtapes when she was an underground artist. Ninja is described as a hip-hop lyrical assassin, sometimes very naughty, whose appearances in songs are due to Ninja’s homicidal lyrics with a rude and tough verse that mostly dismiss other people, commonly haters of Minaj. 

11. Da Kid

Known for her usage of accents, she has earned a nickname reflective of how  she pronounces “Da Kid” 

12. Dr. Minaj

For the music video, “Out of My Mind,” Minaj created a character for the video called “Dr. Minaj,” who falls in love with her patient B.o.B

13. Super Snatch

Beam Me Up Scotty is the third mixtape by Nicki Minaj. During the photoshoot for the mixtape project, Nicki said she was dress up as her alter ego, Super Snatch. When quizzed about “Super Snatch,” Nicki responded “Super Snatch is coming soon.” 

14. The Queen of Rap

In a genre where men dominate the uppermost echelons, and only one woman typically thrives at a time, Nicki has been described as the Queen of Rap. Nicki Minaj has indelibly changed the landscape for artists in hip hop for the past decade.

15. The Generous Queen

Nicki Minaj, in one of her singles, ‘No Frauds’, which featured Lil Wayne and Drake, included a rather ambiguous line: “I am the generous queen! Ask Ms. Ellen.”

16. The Young Madonna

Nicki, among many things, has been compared to the American Singer and actress Madonna. The duo featured on ‘”Bitch, I’m Madonna.”

17. The Female Eminem

Being a female rapper who’s made a name for herself in the American music industry, Nicki is regarded as the female version of the American rapper – Eminem.

18. Black Hannah-Montana

Hannah Montana is a nickname she gave herself. Hannah Montana was a popular character in an American sitcom played by Miley Cyrus. 

19. DNA

Earned from a music video by Doja Cat featuring Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande.

20. The One and Only Nicki

21. The Nickster

22. Nicki The Undefeatable

23. The Empress of Rap

24. Nickisbabyy

24. Nicki The Harajuku Hipster

25. Roman and Barbie

26. Rapping Barbie

27. Nicki The Undefeatable

28. Nicki The Unbeatable

29. Nicki The Powerful

30. Nicki The Great

31. Nicki The Machine

32. Nicki The Bulldozer 

33. Nicki The Tank

34. Nicki The Indestructible

35. Nicki The Barbarian

36. The Nicki Minaj of Hip-Hop

37. The Nicki Minaj of Music

38. The Hip-Hop Honey

39. Queen Nicki

40. The First Lady of Hip-Hop

41. Nicki Minaji

What is Nicki Minaj’s Fandom Name?

Nicki Minaj’s fandom name is “Barbz.” A barb is a Nicki Minaj Fan, while “Barbz” refers to her fanbase as a whole. Nicki’s male fans are sometimes called ‘Ken Barbz,’ inspired by Barbie and Ken dolls. Ken doll is Barbie’s boyfriend.

Nicki’s fandom name, “BARB,’ is inspired by Nicki’s alter ego, Harajuku Barbie, which is often shortened to Barbie or HB. HB is best described as an imaginative, fun, flirty, girly fashionista that loves pink.

To summarise,

Nicki Minaj’s Fandom Name: Barbz

A Nicki Minaj Fan is called: Barb

Nicki Minaj’s Male Fans are called: Ken Barbz

A true fan of Nicki Minaj probably knows some of her nicknames we didn’t mention, be a Barbz and add more Nicki nicknames in the comments.

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