20+ Popular Nicknames for Addison

Addison, a popular unisex name, is a great name option for parents looking for non-binary names for their kids.

If you would love to know the nicknames associated with the name Addison, maybe because you want to use it as a baby name or you want a nickname for someone named Addison, we have compiled a list of cute, cool, funny, and popular nicknames for Addison.

Origin and meaning of the name Addison.

To start, let us trace the origin and meaning of the name Addison.

Addison is an Old English name meaning “Son of Adam.” Addison also has Scottish origins; it is a popular surname meaning “son of Addie.” Addie is a nickname for Adam from the Scottish Lowlands.

Today, Addison is now being used as a name for babies of all genders.

Popular Nicknames for Addison

Nicknames for Addison

Popular nicknames are often short forms or modifications of a name. The following are popular nicknames for Addison:

  • Addie
  • Addy
  • Ads
  • Ad
  • Ada
  • DD/Didi
  • Dyson
  • Dida

Cute and Funny Addison Nicknames

One way to personalize a person’s name is by using cute nickname variations of that name, and Addison is not left out. These are some adorable nicknames for anyone named Addison:

  • Addiesaurus: A nickname for Addison inspired by dinosaurs.
  • Addiebear
  • Addieboo
  • AdiBug
  • Addie Sweetie
  • Baddie
  • Daddie
  • Adidas
  • Dissy/Dizzy
  • Dizzee
  • Addy Daddy
  • Addie the Baddie
  • Arson

Variants of Addison

When looking for nicknames for a name, consider other language and sound-alike variants of the name. Here are some variants of the name Addison: 

  • Addyson
  • Addeson

Fictional Characters Named Addison

The fictional world is another great place to look when searching for nicknames for a name. The names of fictional characters in books, TV shows, movies, and songs could help you figure out a nickname. Here are some fictional characters named Addison:

Celebrities and Famous People Named Addison

Addison is just as popular as the first name for many famous people. Knowing how your favorite celebrities with the first name Addison could inspire good nicknames for Addison. These are some famous people named Addison: 

Now, it is your turn to tell us any other cool nicknames for Addison we might have left out.

Name Generator: Find Unique Addison Nicknames

Discover creative and unique nicknames for Addison using our name generator. Enter “Addison” or your Addison’s full name below to generate personalized nickname ideas!

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