100+ Awesome Nicknames For Andrew

Andrew is a popular English name derived from the Greek variant – Andreas and usually means “manly,” “brave,” “strong,” “courageous,” and “warrior.”

Notable people named Andrew include Saint Andrew from the Christian Bible, King Andrew of Hungary, Prince Andrew – Duke of York and second son of Elizabeth II, Actor Andrew Garfield, Comedian Andy Griffith, Actor Andrew McCarthy, etc.

Despite the popularity of the name Andrew, finding a good nickname for a guy named Andrew isn’t always easy.

Even after considering factors like personality traits and physique, the perfect pet name could remain elusive, which is why we have compiled a list of the best Andrew nicknames we have ever heard.

This list contains funny Andrew pet names, cool Andrew pet names, cute Andrew nicknames and clever names you could call a guy named Andrew.


Nicknames For Andrew

Cool Nicknames for Andrew

Looking for a nickname with a chill tone, or just something that’s got an interesting and appealing meaning to it? Here are some cool nicknames for an Andrew:

  1. Andy – Hands down the most popular Andrew nickname
  2. Drew – Probably the most popular Andrew nickname you’d find.
  3. Daddy-Drew – Because what girl wouldn’t want him to be Daddy?
  4. Andre – If he’s dreamy or he’s French, Andrè would be a great fit.
  5. Drey – Culled from the name Drew.
  6. Andrea – A Greek word for a manly being.
  7. Andro – Andy with a “ro.”
  8. Andrez – Andrew with the Old Greek spelling.
  9. Andreios – For a tough and manly Andrew.
  10. Andriy – For an Andrew with Ukrainian roots.
  11. Andrzej – The Polish form of Andrew.
  12. Anndra – Andrew in its Scottish form.
  13. Aindriú – For a masculine man with Irish descent.
  14. Andras – For an Andrew with a Greek background.
  15. Andraž – The Slovene variant of Andrew.
  16. Andreu – For one who is manly, strong and courageous.
  17. Andris – A Greek variant for a “manly warrior” named Andrew.
  18. Andreo – For a brave Andrew with Spanish roots.
  19. Andrii – A Ukrainian version, for one who is manly and tough.
  20. Anderz – Anders with a slight twist.
  21. Anderson – A nickname with a simple and mature tone.
  22. Androcles – Meaning “glory of a man.”
  23. Andronicus – A Classical Greek name for an Andrew, meaning “male victor.”
  24. Drel – Drew, but without the “w.”
  25. Da-Drew – The one and only.
  26. Andrius – A nickname for an Andrew with Lithuanian origin.
  27. Andrewski – A Greek variant of Andrew.

Clever Nicknames for Andrew

Want a nickname with a catchy background story? Something witty or thoughtful? Here are some clever nicknames for Andrew:

  1. Astro Andy – For an astrologist or an astronomy lover.
  2. Scooby-Drew – He’s definitely the underdog of his gang.
  3. Mean-drew – He’s the meanest Drew you’d ever meet.
  4. Mandrew – For a sturdy and manly Andrew
  5. Drew-D-Dreamer – Our modern-day Joseph named Drew.
  6. Drewbacco – This Andrew and Tobacco are like 5 and 6.
  7. Drewpiter – Jupiter’s very own.
  8. Deja Drew – Perfect if he’s got a striking man resemblance
  9. Andrewed – Andrew wasn’t the name his folks had in mind, but Andrew he became.
  10. Dread-D-Drew – The Andrew that everyone else avoids.
  11. Anjew – Fits just right if he’s Jewish.
  12. And – “Rew” won’t be necessary for this one.
  13. Hunky-Drewy – For a sexy-looking Drew.
  14. Digi-Drew – For a digital guru or a tech wizard named Andrew.
  15. Andrioosha – Andrew like a Russian would say it.
  16. Angrew – For an Andrew growing at an incredibly fast rate.
  17. An-Doo – Andrew with a couple of letters replaced.
  18. Kanga-Drew – For an energetic and hyperactive Drew.
  19. Peek-a-Drew – For a kid who loves playing Peek-a-boo more than anything.
  20. Androminator – What Terminator would have been nicknamed if he was Andrew.
  21. Andyhood – For a quiet and introverted Andrew who enjoys being around a small circle of people.
  22. Hamdrew – For a ham lover bearing Andrew.
  23. Drew-me-in – If he’s a lover boy who enjoys being all touchy, here’s a name for him.

Cute Nicknames for Andrew

Does the Andrew in your life deserve a nickname that’s adorable and sweet? Something that he might even be embarrassed about when he’s around his crush or his boys? Here are cute Andrew nicknames:

  1. Candy – For an Andrew that is as sweet as candy.
  2. Pandrew – For a Drew that reminds you of a cute and cuddly Panda.
  3. Dru – A simple and sweet version of Drew.
  4. Drew-Bear – For a tall, dark and handsome Andrew.
  5. Andyroo – For a tough man with a sweet nature.
  6. Rew – Drew with a “D.”
  7. Dreamy – For a ridiculous attractive Drew.
  8. Drowsy-Drewy – If he’s always got a tired face, he’s asking for this nickname.
  9. Andy-Bunnyboo – For a sweet and loving Andrew.
  10. Andy-Dandy – For a stylish and sophisticated man.
  11. Sugary-Dewy – For the sweetest Andrew alive.
  12. Roo – “Rew,” but with a different spelling.
  13. Drew Woo – Something cute for an adorable Andrew.
  14. Andee – For an Andrew that’s girly but virile.
  15. Dew – Drew with an “r.”
  16. Drewster – For an unusual and special kind of Drew.
  17. Merry-Rew – For a cheerful and energetic being.
  18. Lil-Rew – For a smallish yet adorable-looking Andrew.
  19. Andrello – A nickname with an Italian twist.
  20. Druww – With a lot of emphasis on the “w.”
  21. Drew-Boo – For a real sweetheart.
  22. Mountain Drew – Your very own Mountain Dew in real life.
  23. Drew-Boi – For a little Andrew.
  24. Drewby – Something playful and adorable for a Drew.
  25. Dy’ – (Pronounced ‘Dee’) Simple and short.
  26. Dewey – For an Andrew, that’s gentle as the morning dew.
  27. Big-A – If Andrew’s got a huge bod, here’s a befitting nickname.
  28. Drewd – Drew with a D.
  29. Andie – A modern English variant for an Andy
  30. Drewberry – For a total sweetheart that’s yummier than berries.

Funny Nicknames for Andrew

If Andrew’s got a very healthy sense of humor (or you do!), and you’d love some fresh ideas for a quirky nickname, here are some funny nicknames for a guy named Andrew:

  1. Mandy – A feminine sounding version of Andrew, which makes it a hilarious or mean nickname for a guy named Andrew.
  2. Sandy – Similar to Sandy, but it could also be used to mock a dirty guy named Andrew.
  3. Eww – An Andrew with an irritating personality.
  4. Andi-Candi – If he’s twice as sweet as candy, he earned this nickname.
  5. Drewby-Booby – For a chubby looking Andrew.
  6. Andi-Dip – For an Andy who’s into stargazing and constellations.
  7. Drewmingo – For an Andrew with long and lanky-looking legs that remind you of a flamingo.
  8. Drewbin – Culled from the popular travel blogger Drew Binsky, for a Drew who loves to see the world.
  9. Andy-Bandy – For an Andrew who’s always having accidents and getting bandages and casts.
  10. Jungle-Drew – If he’s wild and adventurous, we think he’d like this.
  11. Ant-Rew – For a bite-sized or an adorable-looking Andrew.
  12. Handy-Mandy – If Andrew is a handyman or just exceptionally good with odd jobs, here’s a befitting name.
  13. Sand-Rew – For a filthy, unkempt being.
  14. Dr-ewwwy – For the most disgusting Andrew in your life.
  15. Andy-Gandhi – If he’s an old man stuck in a young body; he deserves this pet name.
  16. An-Drool – If he drools in his sleep, he literally asked for this nickname.
  17. Doobie-Doobie – If Andrew’s a smoker, he’d be pretty stoned about this nickname (pun intended!).
  18. Andy-iana – If he’s got a feminine nature, why not?
  19. Droopy Drew – This is for the weakest or laziest Drew in your life.
  20. Randy Andy – For the freakiest Andy you know.
  21. Dodger-Drew – If he’s the sneakiest person you know, you’ve found the perfect nickname.
  22. Scandy – For a troublesome & scandalous young man.
  23. Andy-Nutz – For an odd fellow with peculiar behaviors.
  24. Drewpanzee – For a goofy and weird-looking Andrew.
  25. Demandy – An Andy who is so demanding.

Dear Andrews and Andrew lovers, did we leave out any popular Andrew nickname? or can you come up with better pet names for a guy named Andrew? Please go ahead and share all the nicknames for Andrew you know in the comments section!

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