60+ Beautiful Nicknames for Sarah

Do you need a good nickname for a lady named Sarah or Sally? In this article, you will find a lot of wonderful Sarah nicknames. But first, what is the origin of the name, Sarah and why is Sally a nickname for Sarah?

Sarah is a name of Hebrew origin. The name has strong religious connections in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The Old Testament Matriarch, Abraham’s wife, was called Sarah.

Sarah has several meanings; Its Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian meaning is “woman of high rank, which is best translated as “Princess.” In Modern Hebrew, Sarah means “woman minister,” and in Islam, Sarah means “Purity.”

Sarah nicknames

Famous People Named Sarah

Here are some famous people named Sarah:

  • Sarah Louise Palin – American Politician.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker – Actress famous for her role in the movie “Sex and the city.”
  • Sarah Lois Vaughan – American Jazz legend
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar – American actress who starred in Buffy the vampire slayer and Cruel Intention
  • Sarah Hyland – Actress in TV series “Modern Family.”
  • Sarah Silverman – Comedian and actress

Why is Sally from Sarah?

Sally is a common diminutive for Sarah. No one knows exactly how Sally came from Sarah but its unusual for English names to have pet names that aren’t exactly straightforward to decipher. For example, Molly is a nickname for Mary,  Bob is a nickname for Robert, and Bill is a nickname for William.

Today, it isn’t uncommon to find Sally as a standalone name.

List of Sarah Nicknames

Sarah nicknames are classified in popular, unusual and language interpretation sections in this article.

Popular Sarah Nicknames

The following are popular Sarah pet names:

  1. Ara
  2. Airy
  3. Essie
  4. larah
  5. Que Sarah Sarah – From the saying, Que sera sera, which means “whatever will be, will be”
  6. Rah rah
  7. Sadie – originally a diminutive of Sarah
  8. Sahara
  9. Sal
  10. Sally
  11. Sam Sam
  12. Sammie
  13. Sar
  14. Sare-Bear
  15. Sarah bear
  16. Sarah Connor – A funny nickname for Sarah, especially among the Geek crowd. Sarah Connor is a popular fictional character in the Terminator.
  17. Sarah munchkin
  18. Saracha
  19. Sarena
  20. Sari
  21. Sarita
  22. Sarrie
  23. Saroo
  24. Sarry
  25. Sarsar
  26. Saroo
  27. Sasha
  28. Shara
  29. Sierra
  30. Sookie
  31. Soso
  32. Susie Q
  33. Swalalala

Unusual Sarah Nicknames

Here are some out-of-the-box nicknames for Sarah. Unusual nicknames can be formed as you like. There are no rules behind the creation of nicknames in this section. Pick any you like or be inspired to make an unusual Sarah nickname just for you.

  1. Itsy litsy sitsy
  2. Sara ray
  3. Sarah Beara Boo
  4. Sarabel
  5. Sareair – Pronounced similar to “derriere” which means a person’s behind
  6. Sarsoura
  7. Sarahah
  8. Sarahnator
  9. Sarahtron
  10. Sassy
  11. Say
  12. Sa Shou
  13. Syrup

Sarah language variations

Sarah in many other languages is known as “Sara.” This is still the most popular variation of the name Sarah. Highlighted are the variations of Sarah in other languages around the world. These variations can be used alternatively as nicknames.

    1. Capa – Bulgarian
    2. Cara – Tamil
    3. Hara – Maori
    4. Kala – Hawaiian
    5. Saara – Finnish
    6. Saija
    7. Sala – Korean
    8. Salcia – Polish
    9. Salli
    10. Sarea – Khmer
    11. Sari
    12. Sara – Dutch, Danish, Bosnian, Latin, German, Creole and many others.
    13. Sarai – Malayalam
    14. Saraa – Balochi
    15. Sarra – Biblical Greek
    16. Saraha – Gujarati
    17. Sarka – Russian
    18. Shala – Chinese
    19. Sirke – Yiddish

Sarah nicknames are as beautiful as the name itself. Don’t be afraid to come up with your own unique pet names for Sarah, and when you do, remember to share them in the comments section below.

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