100+ Fantastic Nicknames for John

Do you need a cool nickname to call a guy named John? In this article, we share a huge list of fantastic nicknames for John. But first, what is the origin of the name, John?

John is pronounced “Jahn.” The name John dates back to Bible times. The origin of the name is from the Hebrew sentence Yehohanan, which means Yahweh is gracious. A short form of the name is Yehanan. The Greek derivative “Ioannes” came from the Hebrew origin. The name then became “Joannes” in the Ecclesiastic Late Latin.  Finally, the familiar “John” was derived.

John Nicknames

Famous People Named John

The name John is not a favorite with the British Royal family and can we blame them? Two Princes named John died quite early; one at birth and the other at the age of thirteen. Also, King John had a troublesome personality and a turbulent reign.

However, it is not all bad news for the name. Many famous and positive people named John have accomplished great things. Among them are:

  • John the Baptist – The forerunner of Jesus Christ.
  • Apostle John – Close disciple of Christ and author of several books in the New Testament.
  • John Cena, Jr. – Professional wrestler, actor, and rapper currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).
  • John Charles Daly – Born 1914, news commentator, moderator of the show, “What’s My Line?”
  • John “Johnny” Depp – American actor, famous for his role in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean.” His son is also named John Depp but goes by Jack.
  • John Green – Author.
  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917-1963) – The 35th President of the United States of America.
  • John Grisham – Mystery and thriller author.
  • John Singer Sargent – American portrait painter and Impressionist.
  • John Ronald Reuel (J.R.R.) Tolkien – Famous fantasy author and poet, philologist, and professor.
  • John Lennon (1940-1980) – British musician (The Beatles, Plastic Ono Band).
  • John Mayer – American musician.
  • John O’Callaghan – Member of the band “The Maine.”
  • Jon Walker – Former bassist of the band “Panic at the Disco.”
  • John Spencer MacPherson – Canadian actor.
  • John Entwistle (19442002) – Bassist, singer, and songwriter from the British rock band “The ”
  • John Bonham (1948-1980) – Drummer and songwriter from the British rock band Led Zeppelin. He is considered one of the greatest rock drummers.
  • John Deacon – Bassist and songwriter from the British rock band “”
  • John Philip Sousa (1854-1932) – American march composer.
  • John Flanagan – Australian Author of the “Brother band Chronicles and Ranger’s Apprentice Series.”
  • John Tavares – A professional ice hockey player of the New York Islanders.
  • John David Linch – Born 2007 son of American legal commentator and television journalist Nancy Grace.
  • John Phillips – Born 2009, Son of American actress and model Julie Bowen.
  • John Rocco Falconetti – Born 2009, Son of American former artistic gymnast Shannon Miller.
  • John Connor – a fictional character in Terminator series of movies and a spin-off series “Sarah Connor.”

Now let’s address the most common John nickname – Jack!

Why Is Jack a nickname for John

With a name that can be traced back to Bible days, John became evolved and altered during the medieval times in the Germanic tongues to Jankin or Jackin. This new variation birthed the common nickname Jack.

Another theory states that In Medieval England, John was generically and that is why an unidentified person even till this day is called a “John Doe.” On the other hand, the French use “Jacques” in the same way. The secondary meaning of Jacques is a young man. You can see the use in the phrase, “Jack of all trade.” So, Jack was derived from Jacques and has been used interchangeably which is why Jack became a popular John nickname.

List of John Nicknames

Nicknames for John

Below are John Nicknames in sections that include the following: popular, funny, female version and language interpretation of John.

Popular John Nicknames

The popularity of the name John is widespread. You can consider it one of the most masculine names in the United Kingdom. It remained among the top 50 names in England and Wales until 2004. It was the 20th most common name on the Social Security Administration’s list in 2006

  1. Chumbo
  2. Jack
  3. Jackin
  4. Jacko
  5. Jay
  6. Jimbo
  7. Jimmy
  8. Jimmy-John
  9. Jimmy-Johns
  10. Jo
  11. Jo-Jack
  12. Jock
  13. Jocko
  14. Jojo
  15. Joe
  16. Joey
  17. Johnnie
  18. Johnny
  19. John-John
  20. Juan

Another way of getting unique nicknames for John is to use the initials of the first name “John” and any middle name. Below are some examples:

  1. JD – John Daniel
  2. JJ – John Junior
  3. JP – John Patrick
  4. JR – John Raymond
  5. JT – John Thomas
  6. JW – John Williams

Funny John Nicknames

We didn’t find a lot of funny John nicknames but, the ones we listed are not terrible. Most of the names are not obviously funny, but the nicknames are weird and strange.

  1. Johaganny
  2. Johnica
  3. John Bon
  4. Johnny Bravo
  5. Johnny Casino
  6. LJ – Little John
  7. Lumbo
  8. Mini John
  9. Ohh Johnny
  10. Cousin John – US slang for Toilet.
  11. Piss Place – A funny or should we say, an insulting John nickname derived from the toilet slang – John (As Above)
  12. Papa John

Female John Nicknames

Almost every masculine interpretation of the name John has a female version. If we have to list all, this article will not be able to contain it. However, we highlighted cool names that a girl can bear with pride. These names make a very good pair with masculine names and nicknames. Your twins will be excited to be called any of the combo.

  1. Gianna
  2. Giannina
  3. Giovanna
  4. Hanne
  5. Hanna
  6. Hannah
  7. Iva
  8. Ivana
  9. Ivanka – Croatia
  10. Jana
  11. Janae
  12. Jane
  13. Janelle
  14. Janet
  15. Janke
  16. Janneke – Dutch
  17. Janice
  18. Janina – Lithuanian
  19. Janine
  20. Jean
  21. Jeanette
  22. Joan
  23. Joanne
  24. Joanna
  25. Joannah
  26. Johanna
  27. Johnella
  28. Jolene
  29. Jondee
  30. Jonnalee
  31. Jovana – Macedonian
  32. Luan
  33. Nina
  34. Shany
  35. Siobhan – Irish
  36. Siwan – Welsh
  37. Vania
  38. Xoana

Language Interpretations of John

Because of the religious undertones the name John has, there are variations and interpretation of it in almost all languages on the face of the earth. We have listed some that will make great nicknames as well. It will be cool to tell the others about the language source of the nicknames.

  1. Chang – Chinese
  2. Changi
  3. Changy
  4. Chuan – Aragonese
  5. Dzon – Vietnamese
  6. Evan
  7. Evandro
  8. Evaristo – Brazilian
  9. Everton
  10. Ganix – Basque
  11. Ghjuvanni – Corsican
  12. Gian – Portuguese
  13. Giovanne
  14. Giovani
  15. Giovany
  16. Gjin – Albanian
  17. Gjoni
  18. Gjovalin
  19. Gjovan
  20. Gjovanin
  21. Gwanni – Maltese
  22. Hampus – Swedish
  23. Hans – Danish
  24. Hannes – Dutch
  25. Hermes
  26. Hone – Maori
  27. Iban
  28. Ivan – Bosnian
  29. Iyahiya – Bengali
  30. Jan – Polish
  31. Janis – Lavian
  32. Jonas – Lithuanian
  33. Juan – Spanish
  34. Juwam – Sinhala
  35. Manez – Basque
  36. Ohannes – Armenian
  37. Sione – Tongan
  38. Xhoni
  39. Xuan – Asturian
  40. Yahya – Quranic name of Arabic origins
  41. Yane – Bulgarian
  42. Yann – Breton
  43. Yannig
  44. Yoan – Bulgarian
  45. Yohan – Sinhala
  46. Zvan – Emiliano-Romagnolo

Still, haven’t found the perfect John nickname? Read our guide on how to come up with pet names for anybody, and then, go ahead and come up with a unique John nickname.

Lastly, if you know any good nickname for John that isn’t on this list, be a dear and add it in the comments section.

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