30+ Awesome Nicknames for Austin 

Have you been searching for an excellent nickname for Austin?

Whether Austin is a new friend, your favorite cousin, a new pet, or even yourself, finding a nickname isn’t always easy.

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In this article, we’ll be sharing an extensive list of Austin nicknames and helpful descriptions to make picking the most suitable nickname even faster!

But first, what is Austin?

The name Austin is an English diminutive developed from the masculine Roman/Latin name Augustine, meaning “Dignity,” “Great,” or “Magnificent.”

Austin was first used in the United States in 1880 and has grown in popularity ever since, as over 300,000 baby boys in the United States alone have been named Austin since then.

Austin is also a popular name in countries such as France and Rome and in English-speaking countries worldwide.

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Popular Nicknames for Austin

Austin Nicknames

Have you ever wondered what the most popularly used nicknames for the name Austin are? Well, you’re in the right place! Here are some of the most popular nicknames for Austin:

  1. Aust ‒ A simple nickname for someone named Austin.
  2. Auss ‒ A popular abbreviation suitable for the name Austin.
  3. Astin ‒ A short diminutive of the name Austin.
  4. Auzzy ‒ A cool nickname for someone named Austin.
  5. TinTin ‒ A cute nickname inspired by the cartoon character Tintin from the Belgian comic book albums.
  6. Austyn ‒ A nickname suitable for Austin with a similar pronunciation to the original name.
  7. Tex/Texas ‒ A clever nickname for someone named Austin, inspired by the name of the state capital of Texas – Austin.
  8. Tinny ‒ A cute nickname for someone with a tiny body frame named Austin.
  9. Ossi/Ozzy ‒ A nickname for a little Austin boy still learning to pronounce his name right.
  10. Austie ‒ A sweet nickname for someone named Austin.
  11. Austin-Boston ‒ A fun nickname suitable for someone named Austin who lives in Boston and enjoys traveling or learning about countries.
  12. Austini ‒ A simple nickname culled from the original name for an Austin.
  13. Auston ‒ A nickname suitable for Austin, interpreted as “great” or “magnificent.”
  14. Osten ‒ A brilliant nickname with a similar pronunciation to the name, Austin but a different spelling.
  15. Stone Cold – From Stone Cold Steve Austin.
  16. Austin Powers – Almost everyone named Austin has been called Austin Powers.

Other Nicknames for Austin

Would you like to browse through some more nicknames for the name Austin? Here’s our list of other great nicknames for Austin:

  1. Tin Man ‒ A nickname for a mean/cold-hearted Austin, inspired by Tin Woodman, a character in the fictional cartoon Land of Oz who wanted a heart.
  2. Moon ‒ A cute nickname for a weird fellow named Austin, inspired by the character Austin Moon from Disney Channel’s Austin and Ally.
  3. Oz ‒ A short nickname suitable for the name Austin, pronounced “Aus.”
  4. Ausome ‒ A nickname for an “awesome” person named Austin.
  5. Austina ‒ A nickname suitable for someone named Austin with feminine features.
  6. Austy Rusty ‒ A nickname suitable for a mediocre named Austin, who can be called a “jack of all trades, master of none.”
  7. Dusti ‒ For someone named Austin who has terrible hygiene.
  8. Aussie Waussie ‒ A sweet nickname for a little child named Austin.
  9. Mister Powers ‒ A nickname suitable for a silly but incredibly brilliant Austin, inspired by the fictional character Austin Powers in the American spy-action comedy series Austin Powers.
  10. Austhin ‒ For a skinny-looking person named Austin.
  11. Austar ‒ A nickname suitable for an exceptional person named Austin.
  12. Saucetin ‒ For a round-looking male named Austin with a weakness for food.
  13. Aussie Amore ‒ A sweet nickname for a lover named Austin.
  14. Prince Charming ‒ A nickname inspired by the fictional character Austin Aimes, played by Chad Michael Murray in A Cinderella Story, for a real sweetheart.
  15. Malone Jr. ‒ A nickname for someone named Austin who enjoys making music and considers American singer/songwriter Austin Malone a role model.
  16. Tinny Tot ‒ A nickname for a smallish person named Austin.
  17. Million Dollar Man ‒ A nickname inspired by fictional character Steve Austin, an action hero from the iconic 1970s television sci-fi, The Six Million Dollar Man, and suitable for a badass named Austin.
  18. Borestin ‒ A clever screen-name/username for an incredibly dull person named Austin
  19. Austeam: A nickname for Austin, who’s always in a bad mood.
  20. Magnificent ‒ From the interpretation of the name Austin, which means “magnificent” or “great.”
  21. Aussy Bossy ‒ For an Alpha male named Austin.
  22. The Wizard ‒ A nickname for a unique or gifted person named Austin, inspired by the name of American actor Jake T. Austin, known for his role in the Disney movie “Wizards of Waverly Place.”

So, there you have it – a list of excellent nicknames for the name Austin!

Is there a nickname for someone named Austin that’s not on our list? Something you’ve been called in the past or a name you came up with?

Be a dear and share them with us in the comments section below!

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