30+ Fantastic Nicknames for Carlos

Are you trying to find nicknames for someone named Carlos?

Well, look no further as in this article, we will be providing you with an extensive list of nicknames you can pick from for the name Carlos.

But first, what’s the meaning and origin of the name Carlos?

Carlos, which means “Free man,” is the Portuguese, Spanish, and Tagalog cognate form of the name Charles, and by itself was derived from the North Germanic name Karl which means “Free man,” “Strong man,” or “Man.”

It was the name of three past Kings in Spain as well as one King in Portugal.

Popular Nicknames for Carlos

Carlos Nicknames

These are the most commonly used and widely accepted substitutes for the original name. They are, in many cases, diminutives of the name Carlos. Here are the popular nicknames for Carlos:

  1. Charlie: This is a diminutive of Charles, the name from which Carlos was derived.
  2. Carl
  3. Carly/Cali
  4. Caló
  5. Chuck/Chuckie
  6. C-los
  7. Carlín
  8. Carlinhos
  9. Chaz
  10. Carloz
  11. Charly

Cute Nicknames for Carlos

Cute nicknames are formed by attaching cute words/phrases or by tweaking the original name to make it sound endearing. Here are some cute nicknames for Carlos:

  1. Carlitos
  2. Cai
  3. Los
  4. C-boo
  5. Chaz
  6. Chuck
  7. The Great Khali

Nicknames from Famous People Named Carlos

Famous people and the nicknames that they’ve been given by their family, friends, or fans are also a good source of nicknames for those bearing the same or a similar name. Here are some nicknames from famous people named Carlos:

  1. Roberto Carlos: The legendary Brazilian left-back.
  2. Carlos Irwin Estévez (also known as Charlie Sheen): An American actor.
  3. Carlos Ray Norris (also known as Chuck Norris): An American actor and martial artist.
  4. Carlos Andres Dengler (also known as Carlos D.): American actor, filmmaker, musician, and writer.
  5. Carlos James (also known as The Assassin): A former American footballer.
  6. Carlos Alberto Valderamma Palacio (also known as El pipe or The Kid): A Colombian former footballer.
  7. Carlos Alberto Torres (also known as O Capitão do Tri or Capita): A Brazilian footballer and football manager
  8. Carlos Motta (also known as Tico): A retired Brazilian Judoka.
  9. Carlos Colón (also known as Carlito Carribean Cool or Carlito): A Puerto Rican wrestler and actor.
  10. Carlos Alberto Reutemann (also known as Lole): An Argentinian former racing driver.

Nicknames from Fictional Characters Named Carlos

Characters from books, movies, and television shows can also be great sources of nicknames. Here are some nicknames from fictional characters named Carlos:

  1. Carlos (also known as Hero of Justice): A character in the video game, Zero Time Dilemma.
  2. Carlos Vallerte (also known as Turbo Green Ranger): A character from the Power Ranger series, Turbo Rangers.

Variants of The Name Carlos

The variants of a name in other countries, cultures, or languages can be useful if you’re looking for a nickname that’s similar to the original name. Here are some variants of the name Carlos:

  1. Carolus: An Ancient German variant of Carlos.
  2. Carol: A Romanian variant of Carlos.
  3. Carlu: A Corsican variant of Carlos.
  4. Charles: An English variant of Carlos.
  5. Charlot: A French variant of Carlos.
  6. Kārlis: A Latvian variant of Carlos.

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