100+ Awesome Nicknames for Charles

Do you need a cute, cool, funny or popular nickname for Charles?

The name Charles is said to have a German origin, which means “free-man” in most languages, and is known for being quite a popular name among males in all parts of the world.

Notwithstanding its popularity, it could sometimes be difficult to decide on the right nickname for someone named Charles.

If you’re having a hard time settling on a nickname for a Charles or you’re running low on ideas, here is our list of 100+ nicknames for Charles to choose from!

Nicknames for Charles

Popular Nicknames for Charles

Popular Nicknames for Charles

Looking for common nicknames that are widely accepted? Something simple but catchy? Here are some great Charles nicknames, if you or someone you know is named Charles

  1. Charlie – A popular and adorable Charles nickname.
  2. Charley – Something cute yet mature Charles nickname.
  3. Chuck – How Chuck became a popular pet name for Charles remains a mystery.
  4. Cholly – A German nickname for a manly and sweet fellow.
  5. Karly – Another German version of the name Charles, meaning “free man.”
  6. Chabby – For a cute and chubby-looking Charles.
  7. Chaps – One with a jovial and friendly nature.
  8. Charl – For a Charles with a stern and assertive nature.
  9. Cale – A nickname with a Hebrew origin, meaning “brave.”
  10. Char – A French-originated nickname for someone who makes a great “guide” or support system.
  11. Carl-E – For a sturdy and tough-looking man.
  12. Chad – A mature short form of Charles, with Anglo-Saxon/Welsh origins.
  13. Chara – A nickname for Charles which symbolizes joy and happiness.
  14. Chas – A very masculine nickname for someone named Charles.
  15. Chary – For a Charles with an overly serious and stiff personality.
  16. Charlil Someone with a stout, physical appearance.
  17. Carlie – For a person with a soft and gentle nature.
  18. Chaz – A Charles with a stylish and funky personality.
  19. Chakson A nickname for someone with very exciting traits.
  20. Harl – A nickname with old English origins for someone named Charles.
  21. Charlow – For a person with a cheerful and appealing aura.
  22. Charleson A nickname with a French origin for a gentleman.
  23. Lee – An old English nickname, for someone warm and protective.
  24. Cha-Cha – A cute nickname for a fun and playful person.
  25. Arlo – An old English name, for a Charles that’s tough and fortified.
  26. Ceorl – A German nickname, for an “old man” named Charles.
  27. Charlito – A nickname for a Spanish or Portuguese male.
  28. Chazy Deep – A fun and snazzy nickname for someone named Charles.
  29. Chaa – A fun nickname similar to something a Charles might bear in China.
  30. Char-licky – For a total sweetheart named Charles.
  31. Arly – An adorable nickname for a charming little Charles.
  32. Cale – A nickname for Charles with an Irish origin.
  33. Chorly An old English name for a free-spirited man.
  34. Char-icky – A silly name for a Charles with weird, “icky” behaviors.
  35. Cal – A simple and abbreviated version of Charles.
  36. Charlie Doo-Doo – A sweet nickname for a lovable little one named Charles.
  37. Chase – For one with a dramatic and irresistible aura.
  38. Charloman – For an easygoing guy named Charles.
  39. Charlie Choker – For a mischievous and somewhat annoying fellow.
  40. Charly – A simple nickname for a sweet-natured man.
  41. Chazzy Doodle – For a Charles with silly and awkward acts.
  42. Churls – A nickname with Old English origins, for a “nobleman.”
  43. Karl – Derived from an Old German name, for a manly being.
  44. Charlton – An Old English nickname for an eccentric man.
  45. Up-Chuck – A comical nickname for a Charles who’s always drunk or wasted.
  46. Carlo – A name with an Italian origin, for a tough-natured being.
  47. Carolus – Derived from a Medieval Latin origin, for a strong, free man.
  48. Charlie-hooch – A mischievous nickname for one who enjoys alcohol.
  49. Xarles – A unique nickname with an unusual twist for a Charles.
  50. Chucky – For someone with an infectious sense of humor.
  51. Chazzy – For a Charles with an energetic and ambitious nature.
  52. Cash – A wealthy and highly influential being.
  53. Chaddy – For a strong-willed male known for being independent.
  54. Chuckie – For one with a scary-looking face and personality.
  55. Les – A great nickname for a Charles with a meek
  56. Chu-Chu – A nickname with Chinese/Korean origin, for a cute fellow.
  57. C-Man – A nickname that represents the abbreviated version of “Charlie Man.”
  58. Chip – For a stout man with an averagely built height.

Other Pet Names for Charles

Pet Names for Charles

Want a nickname that’s far from common? One with a significant origin or meaning behind it? Here are some more interesting nicknames for Charles

  1. Charlie Sheen – For someone with a hilarious personality, coined from Charlie Sheen’s name.
  2. The Prince – A nickname for one with a lot of grace and charm, originated from Prince Charles’ royal title.
  3. Prince Charles – A reference to Prince Charles.
  4. Prince of Wales Another Prince Charles reference.
  5. Peanuts – For a Charles with an adorable personality, culled from Charlie Brown’s Peanut Comic strip.
  6. Chazzy Jazzy – For someone with smooth and enchanting moves.
  7. Charmz – For the lady’s man with a lot of natural charm.
  8. Charles IV – One admired by all, culled from Charles The Fourth of France.
  9. Charley-Smalley – A funny nickname for a short guy named Charles.
  10. Charmander – For a Pokémon fan named Charles.
  11. Trickie Charlie – For one with a sneaky and crafty nature.
  12. Gnarly Charley – For a stubborn and increasingly difficult person.
  13. Charley Chilly – For one who easily gets a cold.
  14. Charlie Smiley – For one who is always in a great mood.
  15. Charlemagne – For a very popular person, originally a name for Charles The Great.
  16. Charley Marley – For a music lover who likes sounds similar to the great Bob Marley.
  17. Charley Hardy – Someone who’s uptight & ambitious, coined from the name of a well-known Irish Politician.
  18. Charly Boy – If you want to use this cool nickname for Charles as a stage name, it has already been taken by a famous Nigerian artist, but you can go ahead and use it as a pet name for a guy named Charles.
  19. Charlie Buk – For a lover of poems and books, originated from popular writer Charles Bukowski’s name.
  20. Charlie Chopper – For a Charles with excellent cooking skills.
  21. Charles The Good – A nickname for someone with a good and pure heart.
  22. Charley Chubby – For a round-looking and chubby man named Charles.
  23. Charles Chuckles – For one with an infectious smile or laughter.
  24. Sir Charles – A nickname for a well-respected gentleman.
  25. Charley Chuggie – For a Charles who always has a bottle of alcohol with him.
  26. C-Scotty – Someone who’s trustworthy and disciplined, coined from the name of George Washington’s Former Chief Intelligence, Charlie Scott.
  27. Big Daddy C – A nickname perfect for a grown and mature man.
  28. Chug Charles – For one who enjoys drinking a little too much.
  29. Darwin – For a Charles who enjoys science more than anything else.
  30. Charley-Lolly – For a sweet-natured and pleasant being.
  31. Pretty Boy Charles – Someone with incredibly attractive physical features.
  32. Charlie Choco – For a black man with beautiful skin.
  33. Lee – For a man of dignity, coined from the former U.S. Attorney General’s name – Charles Lee.
  34. Cha-riffic – A nickname for Charles with a “terrific” personality.
  35. Charles Chaplin – For one with a religious or God-conscious nature.
  36. Carlitos – An adorable nickname with a Spanish/Portuguese origin.
  37. Charley-Jolly – For a fun-loving and high-spirited being.
  38. Lord Charles – For a true gentleman with sophisticated manners.
  39. Saint Charles – For a Charles with an intriguing and pure aura.
  40. Baddie Charley – A cool nickname for a “bad boy” named Charles.
  41. Charlie Bark – For one who enjoys sports, culled from professional basketball player Charles Barkley’s name.
  42. Charlie Cheesecake – A cute nickname for someone who enjoys sugary treats like cake.
  43. Charley The G – For a brilliant and popularly known fellow.
  44. Charley Chuddle – For a total sweetheart that enjoys hugs and cuddles.
  45. Angel Charlie – For a peculiar but easy-going fellow.
  46. Charles Dicky – For a shy and introverted genius coined from the name of popular author Charles Dickens.
  47. Babbs – A nickname for a geek, derived from the famous Charles Babbage’s last name.
  48. Tiger Blood – A funny and cool nickname for a guy named Charles; extra points if he’s a lady man. In case you are wondering about the origin of this funny Charles nickname, it is what Charlie Sheen called himself during his famous episode.
  49. Oh, Charlie Another funny Charles nickname from the popular YouTube video.

And so there you have it – 100+ Charles nicknames.

If you know any good nicknames for Charles that are not on this list, please share them with us in the comments section!

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