45+ Popular Nicknames for Caroline

Do you need a nickname for the name, Caroline?

Nicknames are a great substitute for the original name, and finding the perfect nickname definitely feels good. However, it is not always easy finding the right nickname.

In this article, we’ve put together an extensive list of all the nicknames for Caroline we could find as well as helpful descriptions to make your selection process easy!

But first, what is the meaning of the name Caroline?

Caroline is the female variation of the name Carolus, or Charles (which means “freeman” or “full-grown man”). The name is also interpreted to mean “Beautiful woman” in Latin, “Music” and “Strong” in Italian, “Song of Happiness” in French, and “Joy” in American English.

The earliest use of the name Caroline dates back to the 18th century when Caroline of Ansbach, who was the German wife of English King George II answered the name.

Caroline remains a popular female name in the US and other English-speaking countries.

List of Nicknames for Caroline

Caroline Nicknames

Do you consider Caroline a mouthful and would rather go for a short and memorable nickname? Here are some excellent nicknames for the name, Caroline:

  1. Caro – The most common nickname for Caroline.
  2. Carol – If you think Caro is too out there or grownup, try Carol.
  3. Callie – Is Callie a nickname for Caroline? Hell Yeah! It is a nickname for Caroline.
  4. Caddie – Caddie Woodlawn was named Caroline – Caddie is an old nickname for Caroline.
  5. Cal – A shortened form of Caroline.
  6. Cali Cartel – A funny nickname for Caroline, inspired by Cali.
  7. Car – Short form of Caroline.
  8. Cara – A sweet short nickname for Caroline.
  9. Cara Curls – For a Caroline with naturally curly hair, which she’s super proud of.
  10. Care – A cute Caroline nickname.
  11. Care Bear – Perhaps, the sweetest Caroline nickname.
  12. Cari – A sweet nickname for Caroline.
  13. Carla – Another popular nickname for Caroline.
  14. Carly – A cool nickname for Caroline; iCarly made this nickname cooler.
  15. Carolien – A Dutch variant of Caroline.
  16. CaroMine – A cute nickname for a loved one named Caroline.
  17. CaroWine – A funny Caroline nickname. Suitable for a Caroline that cannot do without her bottle of wine.
  18. Carrie – Another common nickname for Caroline.
  19. Cat – Some consider this a stretch, but it is a legitimate Caroline nickname.
  20. Cathy – Another nickname considered a stretch, but it works.
  21. Cawol – Suitable for a baby girl named Caroline, because if she could talk, this is exactly how she’d pronounce her name.
  22. Caz – More popular in New Zealand and Australia.
  23. Cici/Cece/CC – A Caroline nickname that has become more common in the last few years.
  24. Coco – A cute or funny Caroline nickname, it depends on your tone.
  25. Cora – A less popular nickname for Caroline.
  26. Cori – Similar to Cara and Cora.
  27. Leena/Lina – From caro-LINE.
  28. Lennie – A cool nickname for Caroline, culled from Liney.
  29. Lila – Culled from the name Caroline and suitable for a sweet and innocent girl.
  30. Line – Not a very creative nickname, is it?
  31. Liney/Linney/Linnie – A sweet and playful nickname adapted from the original name Caroline.
  32. Lollie – Another example of how nicknames evolve.
  33. Lynn – A cool Caroline nickname; inspired by the “LINE” in Caroline.
  34. Ann – The last syllable of Caroline rhymes with Ann
  35. Ari – A shortened form of Caroline
  36. Arrow – From (c-ARROW-line)
  37. Ina – A nickname for Caroline with Danish origin.
  38. Joy – From the literal meaning of the name (interpreted as Joy in American English) for a happy soul named Caroline.
  39. KaroLie – A funny nickname for Caroline, especially if she knows how to spin a lie or two.
  40. Kay – A cute short nickname for Caroline.
  41. Olie – Another stretch, but it’s an adorable stretch.
  42. Ollie-Pie – For a Caroline with a delightful personality.
  43. Roe – If you have Caro, Carrol, Line, Liney, you are bound to have “Roe” as well.
  44. Rollie – Another example of how nicknames evolve.
  45. Roo-Roo – Culled from the name Caroline, and suitable for a cute little girl.
  46. Rorie – A cute Caroline pet name.
  47. Rosie – A long stretch?

Famous People Named Caroline

Another great place to look when you are trying to find a nickname for Caroline is to consider the names and nicknames of the notable public figures named Caroline. Here are some famous people named Caroline:

  • Caroline Catz – English film, television, theatre and radio actress.
  • Caroline Correa – Brazilian model, film and stage actress.
  • Caroline Kennedy – American author, attorney, and Diplomat.
  • Caroline Mohr Sunshine – American actress, dancer, singer, and political operative at the White House.
  • Caroline Burckle – American swimmer
  • Caroline Gilchrist Rhea – Canadian stand-up comedian, actress, and model.
  • Caroline Louise Flack – English television presenter.
  • Caroline Maria Winberg – Swedish model and actress.
  • Caroline Wozniacki – a Danish tennis player.
  • Caroline D’Amore – American DJ, actress, songwriter, and former model.

So, there you go – the best nicknames to give a Caroline!

Have you ever heard a nickname for Caroline that isn’t on our list? Be a sport and share them with us in the comments section below!

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  1. Everyone normally calls me Caroline, but I really want a new nickname! Any ideas of the above? I really like Linney, or Lennie. Not sure though how to get people to call me that! My little kid nickname was Pip, so not sure really how to change it, if people still call me Pip and Caroline! Comment if you have any ideas! Thanks for all of those pretty names!

  2. I got Cazza a lot growing up? The main one was always Caz (sometimes with a K or an s if they couldn’t spell it), and my swimming teacher called me Cads, but Cazza was always the more fun, playful version of Caz for some reason

  3. My name is Caroline, and some of my friends call me CaroFine, because I be fine ???? it’s mostly a joke nickname but if we’re all dolled up and ready to go out and we’re all looking amazing, they call me that. I also have nicknames for them in this way


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