40+ Fantastic Nicknames for Christian

If you are reading this, then you must be looking for a great nickname for someone named Christian.

No worries, we are here to help you with your search, which is why we have carefully compiled a list of all the good nicknames for Christian we know.

But first, what is the origin of the name, Christian?

Christian is from the Medieval Latin word called “Christianus,” meaning “follower of Christ.” In the middle ages, Christian became popular as a female name “Christiana.” In England, since the Middle Ages, Christian was used by both males and females; it, however, did not gain popularity until the 17th century.  In the 17th and 18th centuries, it became a popular first name in Scotland.

Female variants of the name include Christine, Christina, Christiane, Kristen. Christian. There are other variants for the name Christian in other languages. They include:

  • Christiaan (Afrikaans, Dutch)
  • Cristian (Galician)
  • Krisztian (Hungarian)
  • Kristijona (Lithuanian)
  • Creestee (Manx)
  • Kristijan (Croatian)
  • Krystian (Polish)
  • Cristiano (Italian and Portuguese)
  • Kristian (Albanian)
  • Karsten (German, Dutch)

Christian Nicknames

Famous People Named Christian

As in medieval times, Christian remains a popular name. There are several famous people named Christian, although we have to note a lot of footballers can also be found in this list. Here are a few people named Christian:

  • Christian Obodo (Nigerian footballer)
  • Christian Karembeu (French footballer)
  • Christian “Flake” Lorenz (German musician)
  • Christian Pander (German footballer)
  • Christian Panucci (Italian footballer)
  • Christian Soucy (Canadian ice hockey player)
  • Christian Vieri (Italian football player)
  • Christian Wuff (German politician)
  • Christian Worns (German footballer)
  • Christian Ziege (German footballer)
  • Christian VII of Denmark (King of Denmark and Norway from 1776 to 1880)
  • Chrisitian Klien (Austrian Formula One racing driver)
  • Christian Dior (French fashion designer)
  • Christian Fremont (French Ambassador)
  • Christian (Show name of professional wrestler and actor Jay Reso)
  • Christian Finnegan (American stand-up comedian)

Famous Characters Named Christian

Just like among people, Christian is also popular among fictional characters, both in the past and now in the 21st century. Here are popular fictional characters named Christian:

  • Christian (The Pilgrim’s Progress)
  • Christian Shephard (Lost)
  • Christian Troy (Nip/Tuck)
  • Christian Grey (50 Shades of Grey)
  • Christian (Black Maria)
  • Christian (Moulin Rouge)
  • Christian (21st Century Breakdown)

Short Nicknames for Christian

For a straightforward pick, you can choose from among these short nicknames for Christian to find a quick nickname for Christian. These names are gotten directly from the name Christian and are easy to create.

  1. Chris – First four letters of Christian.
  2. Tian – Last four letters of Christian.
  3. Ian – Last three letters of Christian.
  4. Chi – First three letters of Christian.
  5. Stian – Last five letters of Christian.
  6. Cris – A from various letters in Christian.
  7. Tris – An interesting nickname from the name Christian.
  8. Ris – Another nickname from the name Christian.
  9. Stan – from the name Christian.
  10. Rish – Ris in Christian spelled with an “H.”
  11. Risa – A mix of letters from the name Christian.
  12. Cee – C in Christian spelled as pronounced.

Cool Nicknames for Christian

Just like every cool person, a cool Christian also needs a cool nickname. This is why we have created a list of cool nicknames that would be a great fit for anyone Christian.

  1. Christer – A cool Christian.
  2. Xtian – A variant for Christian spelled with an X.
  3. Cristian – Another variant for the name Christian.
  4. Christian Ripper – A Christian who loves going to the gym (A Jack the Ripper reference).
  5. Crix – Cris spelled with an X.
  6. Xian – A cool name for Christian.
  7. C-Dawg – A Christian who is a really good friend.
  8. Kris – Cris spelled as Kris.
  9. Chet – A cool Christian.
  10. Xris – “Ch” in Chris replaced with an x.
  11. C-Man – A Christian who can be trusted.

Funny Nickname for Christian

This list of funny nicknames for Christian is also a great choice if your Christian is just as exciting.

  1. Critter – A young Christian.
  2. C-Low – A very Tall Christian.
  3. Nutty Christian – A naughty Christian.
  4. Chris Bob – A reference to the Sponge Bob Square pants.
  5. Big Chris – A chubby Christian.

Cute Nicknames for Christian

Christian is a really cute name, but this list of cute Christian nicknames is guaranteed to get your feelings mushy, take a pick from any of them, we want you to.

  1. Kit – A adorable Christian.
  2. Chrissy – Chris spelled with Sy.
  3. Chin – A cute name from various letters of the name Christian.
  4. Tia – A female Christian.
  5. Ann – A great nickname for a woman named Christian.
  6. Hi-C – An adorable name for a tall Christian.
  7. Chrissyboo – A Christian who is your boo
  8. Gummy-C – A Christian who loves gummy bears.
  9. Christito – A cute Christian.
  10. Chrissybear – An adorable Christian.
  11. C-Bear – A Christian that’s as cuddly as a bear.
  12. Ceelo – A Christian who likes music (A Jenifer Lopez reference).
  13. Christy – An adorable name for a female Christian.
  14. Risty – A lovely Christian
  15. Chrissy Bug – A Christian who is as cute as a ladybug.

Finding a nickname for Christian might be tricky, especially with limited resources. We have specially curated these lists of nicknames to help you with your search for a perfect nickname for your perfect Christian.

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  1. My bestfriend’s name is christian and i call him chris or christy to piss him off but i think both could be a nickname.

  2. My favorite is “Chrissy” for a male Christian.
    My favorite famous person is Christian Bale. I missed Him in the list.


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