100+ Awesome Nicknames for Daniel

Daniel is a popular name worldwide, probably because of its Christian origin, yet coming up with a nickname for someone named Daniel could be challenging.

The name Daniel originated from the Hebrew etymology. In Hebrew, it is written as “Daniyyel,” which means “God is my judge.”

In the Bible, Daniel was a prophet of God, under captivity in Babylon. After interpreting the King’s dream, he served in the king’s court. He served many other royal regimes, and one led him into the lion’s den from which God saved him.

Daniel was used in England as early as the Middle Ages. It became less prevalent in the 15th century but regained popularity during the Protestant Reformation.

Notable Daniels in history include:

  • Daniel Boone (1734–1820) was an American Pioneer, Fur Trader, Explorer, and Adventurer.
  • Daniel Mendoza (1764–1836), was an English Heavyweight Boxer
  • Daniel Webster (1782–1852), American Statesman
  • Daniel Day-Lewis, the famous English Actor
  • Daniel Tosh, American Stand-Up Comedian and Television Presenter
  • Daniel Craig is a famous James Bond actor.

So, aside from the usual Daniel nicknames such as Dan and Danny, what can you call someone named Daniel?

Nicknames For Daniel

List of Daniel Nicknames

Here is a list of good Daniel Nicknames. Fingers crossed that you will find a befitting nickname for your Daniel.

Popular Daniel Nicknames

So let’s start with the most popular Daniel nicknames:

  1. Dan
  2. Danny
  3. Daneal
  4. Danial
  5. Danilo
  6. Dannie
  7. Danyal
  8. Danyel
  9. Danny
  10. Danny boy
  11. Dee
  12. Niel
  13. DJ – Another way of getting unique nicknames for Daniel is to use the initials of the first name, “Daniel,” and the person’s middle name or last name. For example, DJ would be a great nickname for a person named Daniel with a middle name that starts with “J.”

Funny Daniel Nicknames

Here are some funny nicknames you can call someone named Daniel:

  1. Dancer
  2. Dang
  3. Dangle
  4. Danibetes
  5. Danisnotonfire
  6. Danko
  7. Danno
  8. Danny Kinz
  9. Danny Whammy
  10. Danny Whizz-Bang is a character on the UK TV show The Peaky Blinders.
  11. Danny-annie
  12. Dant
  13. Dan-U-Be – The name is a full sentence that says “Dan-U-Be-Quiet.”
  14. Danyer
  15. Danzilla
  16. D-Dog
  17. Dizzy
  18. Grand Dan
  19. Kiss Daniel – From a Nigerian Afrobeat musician. You could use words such as Love Daniel, Kick Daniel, Thin Daniel, etc.

Cute Daniel Nicknames

Here are some cute pet names you could call your Daniel:

  1. Baby Dan
  2. Big D
  3. Dan the Man
  4. Dandy Dan
  5. Dane
  6. DanE
  7. Danicake
  8. Daniel-San – From the movie “The Karate Kid.”
  9. Danielson
  10. Dannay
  11. Dannio
  12. Dannyboo
  13. Dan-O – Like Jello
  14. Danone
  15. Dazzle
  16. Dee
  17. Dizzle
  18. D-Nice
  19. Little Dan
  20. Tali-Dan – A reference to the Taliban.

Clever Nicknames For Daniel

Wordplay, movie references, and other popular sources of witty puns inspire these clever Daniel nicknames. Also, there is a mix of cool Daniel nicknames:

  1. Boone – After the famous “Daniel Boone.”
  2. Dan Shan
  3. Danarchy
  4. Danchuco
  5. Daniamals
  6. Daniel Craig – James Bond
  7. Daniel Saurus Rex – For dinosaur fanatics
  8. Daniel the Maniel
  9. Danielboom
  10. Daniellon – Similar to the flower known as the Dandelion.
  11. Dannibal – Wordplay on Hannibal.
  12. Danny from the block – Mimicking the sentence” Jenny from the block” attributed to Jenifer Lopez.
  13. DannyDroiid – like an android
  14. Dannystroyer
  15. Dannywho
  16. Danosaur
  17. Dantastic
  18. D-Dawg
  19. Dirty Dan
  20. Double N
  21. LaRusso – Reference to Daniel LaRusso in the Karate Kid movie.
  22. Lieutenant Dan – Reference to Lieutenant Dan Taylor in Forest Gump
  23. Manual Danual
  24. PakisDani – Rhymes with Pakistani
  25. SuperDan

Feminine Pet Names For Daniel

You can use these feminine Daniel pet names for a lady named Daniel or to taunt a guy named Daniel.

  1. Daenerys
  2. Dana
  3. Danette
  4. Dani
  5. Dania
  6. Daniela
  7. Daniella
  8. Danielle
  9. Danita
  10. Danitza
  11. Danjiela – Slovene
  12. Danka – Slovak origin
  13. Danuse
  14. Danushka
  15. Danuska – Of Czech origin
  16. Dranka – Slovak or Serbia origin
  17. Naniela
  18. Nelida – Spanish-related name to Daniel. It is like a scramble of the letter’s creation.

Language Variations of Daniel

The name Daniel has different variations in other languages; however, for the most part, the pronunciation is similar, but the spellings differ.

  1. Daan – Dutch
  2. Daan – Dutch
  3. Danail – Bulgarian
  4. Dancho – Bulgarian
  5. Danco – Macedonian
  6. Danel – Spanish
  7. Danielek – Polish
  8. Danielius – Lithuanian
  9. Daniels – Latvian
  10. Danihel – Biblical Latin
  11. Daniil – Russian
  12. Daniilu – Old Church Slavic
  13. Danilo – Italian
  14. Daniyehl – Czech
  15. Daniyyel – Biblical Hebrew
  16. Danjal – Faroese
  17. Danya – Russia
  18. Danyal – Arabic and Urdu
  19. Danylo – Ukrainian
  20. Deiniol – Welsh
  21. Deniel – Breton
  22. Taneli – Finnish
  23. Taniel – Armenian
  24. Tatu – Finnish

Now, it is your turn to add a good nickname for Daniel to the list.

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