68 Beautiful Nicknames for Lauren

Nicknames remain one of the best ways to show affection towards someone; be it a friend, lover, sibling, parent or even a co-worker, nicknames reign supreme.

For someone named Lauren, a name which is derived from the Latin word Laurentum – wreath with laurel i.e. laurel trees. Laurentius was the masculine form while Laurentia was the feminine form. Today, Lauren is most commonly used as a feminine name.

In this article, we provide you with beautiful Lauren nicknames, asides the common Lauren nicknames like Laurie and Laura.

Nicknames For Lauren

Famous People Named Lauren

First, we start with a list of notable personalities named Lauren, remember, notable personalities are a common source of nicknames. For example, A guy named Donald could easily be nicknamed Trump Jr. In the case of Lauren, here are some famous people named Lauren:

  • Lauren Bacall – American actress, Betty Joan Perske, made the name famous in 1924 in a film she starred in with Humphrey Bogart.
  • Lauren Ackerman – American physician and pathologist who was born in 1905 and died around 1993.
  • Lauren Anderson – An American model and Playboy Playmate born in 1980.
  • Lauren Zander – An American author born in 1970.
  • Lauren Worsham – An American singer and actress born in 1982.
  • Lauren Winfield – An English cricket player born in 1990.
  • Lauren van Oosten – A Canadian competitive swimmer, Olympic athlete, and Pan American Games gold medalist born in 1978.
  • Lauren Terrazzano – An American journalist born in 1968 and died in 2007.
  • Lauren Alaina – An American singer and former American Idol10 contestant born in 1994.

Now we move on to different categories of nicknames for Lauren such as Cool Nicknames for Lauren, Clever Nicknames for Lauren, Cute Nicknames for Lauren, and Funny Nicknames for Lauren. Fingers crossed; you will find a good nickname to call your Lauren.

Cool Nicknames for Lauren

If you are looking for a name that sounds good to the ears and also fits in with your circle of friends, one that is trendy and in vogue, don’t look beyond the following cool pet names for Lauren:

  1. Laurie – A popular Lauren nickname.
  2. Laddie – Someone so young at heart.
  3. Larry – A sweet person to be with at all times.
  4. Ren – A compassionate person with a rare streak.
  5. Aura – Someone whose light shines on those around her.
  6. Lolo – A Lauren that is beautiful in and out.
  7. Lulu – A lady so named for her pleasant personality.
  8. Loraine – A lady that possesses a big heart; one who loves to look out for others.
  9. Lorybear – She loves to give and receive a hug in return.
  10. Laur-laur – A fitting nickname for someone called Lauren. Every Lauren can’t miss out being called by this beautiful name.
  11. La – A sweet short form of Lauren.
  12. Lo – Someone who loves to interact with everyone in her vicinity.
  13. Laurenza – A person who means so much to you.
  14. El – Someone who is not afraid to speak her mind and also quite stubborn.
  15. Renny – A talented and caring individual.

Clever Nicknames for Lauren

Do you prefer nicknames with clever puns and references? Check out some of these clever Lauren nicknames:

  1. Lorin – Someone who is savvy and headstrong.
  2. Laren – Someone humble and sweet.
  3. Larentia – A girl that loves to take risks.
  4. Lila – A strong and beautiful Lauren.
  5. Lola – She is always filled with excitement and surprise.
  6. Lozano – For a sexy and romantic personality who is also outgoing.
  7. Loie – For a fantastic person.
  8. Rory – An attractive person always drawn to the opposite sex.
  9. Lobo – For someone who is always negative in thinking.
  10. Lauralena – For someone who is the life of the party.
  11. Aurie – A cute and nice lady but very sensitive.
  12. Rie – Any Lauren called Rie is a very rare breed indeed.
  13. Lorena – For an elegant and timeless lady.
  14. Loreen – A clever variation of Lauren.
  15. Lau – For someone who loves with the whole of her heart.
  16. Laurie-Paurie – The perfect nickname for a fun person named Lauren.
  17. Ell – For someone who is happy and trustworthy.

Cute Nicknames for Lauren

If you prefer a cute and adorable pet name for Lauren, these cute Lauren nicknames will make you happy:

  1. Lala – She is everybody’s best friend and no one’s enemy.
  2. Rennie – A Classy person with finesse.
  3. Rinny – For a creative and talented individual.
  4. Lauro – For someone who loves fashion.
  5. Laurain – Someone who is loved by everybody
  6. Laure-re-rain – Someone that loves to pick up dollars thrown at dancers in a club.
  7. Laurrren – A cooler version of spelling Lauren but with a double ‘r.’
  8. Loza – For a lover of alcohol or someone that loves to get drunk easily.
  9. Lu – For a loving personality called Lauren.
  10. Li – It is commonly pronounced as L-e-e.
  11. Laurenitis – Someone we all fall in love with and can’t resist.
  12. Lawryn – Someone classical and easily misunderstood.
  13. Laurz – For a complicated person who is abrasive at times.
  14. Laurex – For a Lauren who can’t seem to let go of the past.
  15. Lore – Someone with an amazing body.
  16. Lozbang – A Lauren that does things with a bang that calls for attention.
  17. Laurinaitis – For someone who loves to dance always.
  18. Laurengitis – A Lauren who is awesome in all areas of life.
  19. Lolly Legs – A tall person with long legs.

Funny Nicknames for Lauren

A lot of Nicknames are not just crazily funny, but with a great meaning behind them – some of these really do make sense. Find below a selection of funny Lauren nicknames:

  1. Laurenweed – A lady who is a perfectionist in all her activities.
  2. Yves Saint Laurent – A reference to the iconic fashion brand, and a funny name for someone named Lauren.
  3. Lanny – For someone who thinks she is cute but in actual fact is plain.
  4. Lozza-dozz – A Lauren that grows to be daddy’s pet.
  5. Lozzy – For a Lauren that is extremely attractive.
  6. Lau Lau – For a cute and short Lauren.
  7. Laurinda – She grew to become a thin and tall girl referred to by everyone as Laurinda.
  8. Lauriesue – For a lady who is beautiful but does not revel in it.
  9. Lawrentina – For a sexy lady with beauty and brains.
  10. Larryn – For a Lauren destined to make a man happy.
  11. Laurene – For a lover of animals.
  12. Lozzie – A hilarious and intelligent person.
  13. Lozz – A clever Lauren.
  14. Lozza – A person good at conversations.
  15. Lols – Someone who is not easily amused
  16. Lor – For a comical Lauren that finds amusement in stuff around her.
  17. Laur – She reminds you of the need to find pleasure in water.

As long as you put your creativity to work, nicknames and pet names are practically infinite.

So, if you come across any good (or even crazy) nickname for someone named Lauren, be a dear and add it in the comments section. Cheers!

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