30+ Creative Nicknames for Lauren

Do you need a good pet name for someone named Lauren?

Nicknames remain one of the best ways to show affection towards someone; be it a friend, lover, sibling, parent, or even a co-worker, nicknames reign supreme.

For someone named Lauren, a name which is derived from the Latin word Laurentum – wreath with laurel i.e. laurel trees. Laurentius was the masculine form while Laurentia was the feminine form. Today, Lauren is most commonly used as a feminine name.

In this article, we provide you with beautiful Lauren nicknames, asides the common Lauren nicknames like Laurie and Laura.

Fingers crossed; you will find a good nickname to call your Lauren.

Nicknames for Lauren

Popular Nicknames for Lauren

Here are some popular Lauren nicknames:

  • Lon
  • Lonny
  • Laurie
  • Laura
  • Lolo
  • Lulu
  • Rennie
  • Ren

Cool Nicknames for Lauren

If you are looking for a name that sounds good to the ears and also fits in with your circle of friends, one that is trendy and in vogue, don’t look beyond the following cool pet names for Lauren:

  • Lau
  • Lu
  • El
  • Rinny
  • Lorne
  • Auren
  • Aura
  • Loraine
  • Laurenza
  • Laurain

Cute Nicknames for Lauren

If you prefer a cute and adorable pet name for Lauren, these cute Lauren nicknames will make you happy:

  • Laur-laur
  • Lorybear
  • Laury-Boo
  • Laury-Dear
  • Lolly Legs
  • Lau Lau

Funny Nicknames for Lauren

A lot of Nicknames are not just crazily funny, but with a great meaning behind them – some of these really do make sense. Find below a selection of funny Lauren nicknames:

  • Yves Saint Laurent – A reference to the iconic fashion brand, and a funny name for someone named Lauren.
  • Laurenweed
  • Laurenitis
  • Lorry
  • Lauro
  • Laurinaitis
  • Laurengitis
  • Laurene
  • Laureno

Famous People Named Lauren

Lastly, If all fails, the names of famous people named Lauren can be excellent sources of nicknames for someone named Lauren. For example, A guy named Donald could easily be nicknamed Trump. In the case of Lauren, here are some famous people named Lauren:

  • Lauren Bacall – an American actress, Betty Joan Perske, made the name famous in 1924 in a film she starred in with Humphrey Bogart.
  • Lauren Ackerman – American physician and pathologist who was born in 1905 and died around 1993.
  • Lauren Anderson – An American model and Playboy Playmate born in 1980.
  • Lauren Zander – An American author born in 1970.
  • Lauren Worsham – An American singer and actress born in 1982.
  • Lauren Winfield – An English cricket player born in 1990.
  • Lauren van Oosten – A Canadian competitive swimmer, Olympic athlete, and Pan American Games gold medalist born in 1978.
  • Lauren Terrazzano – An American journalist born in 1968 and died in 2007.
  • Lauren Alaina – An American singer and former American Idol10 contestant born in 1994.

As long as you put your creativity to work, nicknames and pet names are practically infinite.

So, if you come across any good (or even crazy) nickname for someone named Lauren, be a dear and add it in the comments section. Cheers!

30 thoughts on “30+ Creative Nicknames for Lauren”

  1. These are the nick names I get called:

    -Lozzter as in lobster idk my friend just calls me it lol
    But ngl I hate the name Lauren and all of these nicknames. I kinda want people to call me Ren or Rennie 🙂

  2. My family and a lot of my friends have just always nicknamed me Lol, which I love and I used to get Loz quite a lot in school, but I’m not keen on that. I’m so surprised these weren’t on the list.

    • I’m called Lauren, and I have a illestomy bag due to chrones disease. I call “her” Eve (although I should spell it Yves) as in Yves St Laurent. I bit of a pun on my name and that I have my own special “designer bag” ????????
      My nick names growing up were little lozzie, Laurie London and Loz. As an adult I mostly get called Wren, as I’m short, and most think I have hippy parents who named me after the bird. I was infact, names after a “bird” (UK slang for woman) as my dad had a crush on Lauren Bacall. He also liked Blondie, AKA Debbie Harry, so I could have been a Deb!

    • my names lauren
      im changing it after reading these nicknames
      ik that my friends will bully me with these
      i dont want to be called lozano or laurengitis
      they sounds like uncommon stds
      so im officially changing it
      thanks findnicknames.com for ruining my life


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