200+ Legendary Nicknames for Co-workers

Is it right to use nicknames for co-workers?

You might have become accustomed to using nicknames such as Honey, Sweetie, Old Man among your friends, however, in the workplace, using any of these nicknames for co-workers can land you a meeting with the human resources department or worse.

For this reason, you need to learn how to use nicknames in the workplace without causing trouble with your human resource department.

In this article, you will learn the proper way to give nicknames to co-workers without getting into any trouble.

Nicknames for coworkers

Cute Nicknames For Co-workers

  • Angelic – The workplace savior.
  • Bambino – Are they the youngest in the office.
  • Bella – For a beautiful lady.
  • Bestie – Your most favorite co-worker.
  • Biggie – For the office giant.
  • Bossypants – Do they like to pretend they’re the boss when they definitely aren’t?
  • Brainy – For the one who knows everything.
  • Bubbles – As delicate as a bubble.
  • Chuckles – For the one who laughs the most.
  • Cinderella – For the office princess.
  • Crumbs – Always covered in their lunch.
  • Cupcake – They’re as sweet as the treat.
  • Dearest – Are they the most polite co-worker?
  • Diddums – Do they always seem confused?
  • Dotty – Do they have freckles?
  • Fix it – The co-worker who knows how to fix all situations.
  • Food Bringer – Do they always come by with snacks?
  • Frowny – They always look serious.
  • Fudge – Are they always eating delicious snacks?
  • Ginger – For the red-heads.
  • Gizmo – For the one who’s always playing with gadgets.
  • Grumper – They’re often in a grumpy mood.
  • Happy Birthday – Remembers everyone’s birthdays.
  • Hot Sauce – Are they a little troublemaker?
  • Jar Opener – For the co-worker who opens everything.
  • Joy – They brighten up the workplace.
  • Kitten – Very cute but with claws.
  • Lassie – Scottish nickname for a young girl.
  • Mommy – For the one that treats you like you’re her child.
  • My Twin – For your co-worker who is also your best friend.
  • Office Sweet-heart – Your office crush.
  • PG-13 – For the one who gets easily offended.
  • Pork Chop – Are they a little chubby?
  • Prego – The pregnant one.
  • Pup – Are you training someone young?
  • Sassafras – Are they super sassy?
  • Senorita – For a beautiful girl in the office.
  • Smirky – Always smirking at a private joke.
  • Snoopy – Do they remind you of the TV character?
  • Sparky – Do they have too much energy?
  • Struggles – Are they always panicking over little things?
  • Sugar and Spice – They can be the sweetest thing or the angriest.
  • Sunshine – Do they make work feel less dull?
  • The Cute One – For the one you think is the cutest.
  • The Generous One – They always have treats on offer.
  • The Thoughtful One – Do they always consider other people’s feelings?
  • Tyke – Do they act like a kid too often?
  • Uncle – A male co-worker who is older and is always willing to help out.
  • Winston – Are they well-spoken?
  • Workwife or Workhusband – The man or women you work with the most.

Cool Nicknames For Co-workers

  • Ass-saver – Do they always cover for your mistakes?
  • Blade – Are they a sharp thinker?
  • Boomerang – Do they always come back for more work?
  • Bro-worker – He’s not just your co-worker, he’s your bro too.
  • Client Calmer – For the one who always relaxes angry customers.
  • Code Master – For the computer genius.
  • Commission Impossible – For the co-worker who makes the most commission.
  • Don Draper – Character from Mad Men, the coolest guy in the office.
  • Energizer – Do they give you tons of energy to get through the day?
  • Fashionista – The most stylish co-worker.
  • Financial Wizard – Are they great at fixing financial problems?
  • Handyman – Is there no problem they can’t fix?
  • Hat Trick – Do they always impress you with new ways of doing things?
  • Hustler – For the best sales person.
  • Insider – They always know all the insider gossip about the company.
  • Kicking Assets – For the business expert.
  • Lucky – Do they always get out of trouble?
  • Lunachick – For a crazy female co-worker.
  • Multi-tasker – Do they somehow manage to do a million things at once?
  • Navigator – Do they always manage to lead the group through tough times?
  • No Problem – No matter what you need from them it’s never a problem.
  • No. 1 – What’s better than being No. 2? Being No. 1!
  • No. 2 – They’re the best after you.
  • Party Animal – For the one that always brings the ‘party’ to ‘work party’.
  • Pay roller – The person that pays you.
  • Prankster – The co-worker who is always causing trouble.
  • Rebel – For the one who always rebels against higher authority.
  • Risky Business – Do they take big risks that always pay off?
  • Speedy – Do they always get the job done fast?
  • Supreme Motivator – Do they make you want to work really hard?
  • The Almighty Leader – For a leader, you really trust and follow.
  • The Bringer Of Change – The one who made the workplace better.
  • The Crew – A nickname for your whole team.
  • The Earl Of The Office – For the real gentleman.
  • The Handsome One – The guy all the ladies have a crush on.
  • The Hero – For the one who always saves the day.
  • The Ideas Person – For the one you can always trust has some great ideas.
  • The Innovator – Do they always surprise everyone with their great ideas?
  • The Judge – For the one who has to make big decisions.
  • The Knowledge – The co-worker everyone goes to for help.
  • The Player – For the one that always gets the best out of every situation.
  • The Punk – For the one with the different sense of fashion.
  • The Specialist – Are they great at fixing one particular issue?
  • The Speech Maker – Do they know how to make a great presentation?
  • The Talent – For the most important co-worker.
  • The Trendsetter – Are they always ahead of everyone else on the new coolest thing?
  • The Upseller – Do they always manage to upsell more to customers?
  • Titanium – For the toughest co-worker in the office.
  • Troubleshooter – The one you go to when you can’t figure out what the problem is.
  • Zen – The calmest co-worker.

Funny Nicknames for Co-workers

  • B.O.Baracus – For a co-worker with body odor and also a wordplay on B.A.Baracus, a character from The A-Team.
  • Barely Managing – For a manager who does the absolute minimum.
  • Broken Arrow – A joke nickname for someone who doesn’t work but can’t be fired.
  • Bullet Points – Do they like everything listed for them in bullet points?
  • Business As Usual – For the co-worker that always just gets on with the job.
  • Caffeine – For the co-worker that drinks an insane about of coffee.
  • Class Clown – For the co-worker you can always rely on to make everyone laugh.
  • Coffee Zombie – Do they always seem like they’re half dead until they get their first sip of coffee?
  • Dad Jokes – For the co-worker you can always rely on to make corny jokes.
  • Danger-boss – Do you have a boss who is dangerous to anger?
  • Dishwasher – Do they always wash all the dishes for everyone?
  • Excel-arrator – Do they possess amazing Excel skills?
  • Five Minutes – Is never ready when they say they will be.
  • Four Eyes – Do they have huge glasses?
  • Google it – Do they always respond with ‘Google it’ whenever you have a question?
  • Houdini – Are they the most difficult person to find in the workplace?
  • I Don’t Get It – For the co-worker never gets the joke.
  • Inappropriate – For a co-worker who always makes edgy jokes or comments.
  • Influencer – Do they always make you do bad things?
  • Internet Explorer – Do they spend all day just surfing the web?
  • Keyboard Tapper – Are they still learning how to type, probably one finger at a time?
  • Memer – The co-worker that is constantly sharing memes.
  • Michael Scott – Lead character from The Office who is a terribly embarrassing manager.
  • Minion – For the co-worker that takes orders from you.
  • Minor – The co-worker so young they legally can’t drink yet.
  • Nagatha Christie – Do they spend every working day nagging you about your habits?
  • No-man or No-woman – For someone that never accepts responsibility.
  • Over Thinker – Do they overthink every part of their job?
  • Q-Tip – For someone tall with fluffy hair.
  • Screwball – Are they the goofiest co-worker?
  • Silence – Do they almost never make a sound all day?
  • Slippers – Do they have their own work slippers?
  • Slippy – For a co-work that mysteriously is never in trouble.
  • Son Of A Pitch – For the co-worker who makes the best idea pitches.
  • Star Tech – Are they your number one IT person?
  • Staying Late – Do they end up staying late at work all the time?
  • The Computer Wizard – For the IT person whose computer knowledge is limitless.
  • The Diseased One – The co-worker who is always sick.
  • The DJ – Are they constantly listening to music?
  • The Drudge – The co-worker that does absolutely everything.
  • The Incredible Sulk – For the co-worker who doesn’t stop crying.
  • The Jargonator – Do they often use big words that no one understands?
  • The Mind Wanderer – Do they always look like their mind is on another planet?
  • The Negotiator – The co-worker who always manages to negotiate with the boss.
  • The Vacationer – Does it seem like they are constantly going on holiday?
  • The Young One – For the baby-faced co-worker.
  • Timebomb – For the co-worker who looks at the breaking point and will explode at any minute.
  • Too much information – Do they always share far too much with you about their personal life?
  • Training Guide – The co-worker who trains everyone.
  • Trial and Error – Are they always fixing their mistakes?

Insulting Nicknames For Co-workers

  • Adobe Updater – For someone constantly asking you to make a decision.
  • Attitude – For the least polite co-worker.
  • Boss – For someone who isn’t your boss but likes to pretend they are.
  • Brute – The co-worker who bullies everyone else.
  • Buster – The co-worker that gets you in trouble.
  • Catch 22 – The co-worker who always finds themselves in difficult dilemmas.
  • Chatterbox – Do they never stop talking?
  • Claws – For the co-worker who needs to cut their nails.
  • Clueless – Do they often ask the most obvious questions?
  • Control Freak – For the co-worker who tries to tell everyone else how to work.
  • Corpse Breath – Do they always have foul breath?
  • Drama Queen – For the most dramatic co-worker.
  • E-nagger – For someone who is constantly nagging you with their emails.
  • Furious – For the co-worker with the worst temper.
  • Glutton – Do they like to have big lunches?
  • Goody Two Shoes – The co-worker who always does exactly what they are told.
  • Gossip – Do they constantly talk about all the latest workplace gossip?
  • Hygiene Freak – Do they demand that everything be always clean?
  • Idea Crusher – Do they always crush your ideas with negativity?
  • Jock – Do they constantly talk about sports?
  • Keyboard Destroyer – Do they type like a monster?
  • Screech – For someone who often makes irritating noises.
  • Screensaver – For a co-worker who stares at the compute whilst doing nothing all day.
  • Scruffy – The co-worker who doesn’t dress well.
  • Shoulderbeast – For a manager who watches you closely from behind.
  • Sir Schmooze-a-lot – Are they constantly schmoozing with other co-workers?
  • Slob – Do they make a mess wherever they go?
  • Social Media Monster – For the co-worker that’s always on social media.
  • Soundtrack – Can you always hear the music they are listening to?
  • Special Treatment – The one the boss likes the most.
  • Spy – The co-worker that spies on everyone and tells the boss.
  • Stephen Root – A shy character from the film Office Space.
  • Technophobe – For the co-worker who can barely use a computer.
  • The Alcoholic – Do they always go crazy when they drink?
  • The Android – Do they work non-stop like a machine?
  • The Bathroom Grunter – Do they make strange noises in the bathroom?
  • The Bitter One – For the co-worker who never lets a grudge go.
  • The Complainer – Do they complain about everything?
  • The Excused – Do they always have excuses for not doing something?
  • The Inside Joker – Are they always laughing to themselves?
  • The Kid – For the young co-worker whose name you can’t remember.
  • The Office Troll – For the co-worker who spends all day trolling everyone else.
  • The Sarcasm Provider – When you ask a question, do they only reply sarcastically?
  • The Scrawler – Do they have notoriously bad handwriting?
  • The Slacker – For the co-worker who does the least work possible.
  • The Suck Up – Do they always compliment the boss?
  • The Thief – For the co-worker who steals from everyone.
  • Trailer Trash – For co-workers with absolutely no matters.
  • Vandal – Do they always destroy equipment and furniture?
  • Yes-man or Yes-woman – For a co-worker that says ‘yes’ to absolutely everything.

Is it wrong to use nicknames for co-workers?

As long as the nickname is not demeaning or offensive to the person, it is OK to use nicknames for your colleagues in the workplace. However, there are still a few things to note:

  1. Ensure your co-worker does not find the nickname offensive: Unlike the rules of nicknames on your high school playground, where no one is allowed to love their nicknames, at the office, you have to make sure nicknames are not offensive because your job could depend on them. The best way to know if someone is okay with a nickname is to ask if they are OK with such a nickname.
  2. Ensure using nicknames is not against the company’s policy: If your company’s policy is against any form of nicknames in the workplace, you should avoid using nicknames for co-workers.
  3. Ensure the nickname is not discriminatory or racist: In the United States, The Civil Rights Act of 1964 forbids discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Although using a nickname for co-workers does not directly violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it can be used to establish precedence in a lawsuit. Therefore, you must ensure the nicknames you call your co-workers are not discriminatory. As a boss, the rules are a bit more complicated. Shortening Daniel to Dan or calling Ottovordemgentschenfelde to Otto is fine. However, nicknames such as Sweetie, Honey, Blackie, and other names could lead to an uncomfortable workplace environment for your workers, or worse, it could be perceived as a form of discrimination in the workplace.

Benefits of using nicknames in the workplace

After reading the sort of trouble you could get into for using nicknames in the workplace, you might be rethinking the whole nicknames for co-workers’ thing.

However, nicknames are not a bad thing in the workplace. The following are some benefits of using nicknames in the workplace.

  1. Nicknames help improve the bond among co-workers: One of them is that Nicknames signify closeness and could help people develop better relationships with co-workers.
  2. Nicknames are linked to pay and compensation: Secondly, several studies have found that people with nicknames or shorter names are likelier to earn more than those with longer names. Good luck with that pay rise if your name is Rajaonarimampianina.
  3. Nicknames can reduce friction in a diverse workplace: Another benefit is that they can reduce friction caused by long or difficult-to-pronounce names. For example, Otto is more straightforward to pronounce than Ottovordemgentschenfelde.

Now that we have covered all the bases let us see what people think of their office nicknames.

Need more nicknames for co-workers? Check our articles on Nicknames for male co-workers and Nicknames for female co-workers.

Now, it is your turn to share the fun nicknames used in your workplace.

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  1. The Blister, for someone that shows’ up after all the hard work has been done.
    The lantern, that person you have to carry and isn’t very bright.
    The Motion Light, that person that only works when there is someone around.


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