30+ Hilarious Nicknames for Male Co-workers

If you need nicknames for male co-workers, keep reading.

Without a doubt, everyone has an office nickname; some have just never heard it.

During my internship, there was this guy with terrible breath, and everyone in the office called him – Dragon because his breath was devastating.

When someone spots him approaching, you would hear something like “here comes the dragon.”

Of course, the dragon never knew of his nickname. By the time, I concluded my internship; his nickname had evolved to Agon.

I always suspected I had a nickname as well because let’s face it; everyone has office nicknames.

So, if you need a nickname to call a male co-worker, here is a collection of different types of nicknames you can call a guy in your office.

nicknames for male co-workers

Appropriate Nicknames For Male Co-worker

Nicknames for male co-workers
  • Ass-saver For the guy who always finds a way to save the day.
  • Ass-Man – Short for “assistant manager.” Also, a good name for a spineless colleague.
  • Biggie – A fitting nickname for the office giant.
  • Bossypants – A good name for a bossy colleague.
  • Brainy – A good name for an intelligent male colleague.
  • Bro-worker A great nickname for a colleague who is like a brother to you.
  • Buddha – A cool nickname for a calm male co-worker.
  • Chuckles For a male colleague who giggles a lot.
  • Client Calmer – For the male co-worker who knows how to calm angry customers.
  • Don Draper – Character from Mad Men, the coolest guy in the office.
  • EOD – For a guy who doesn’t welcome other people’s ideas.
  • Frowny – For a stern-faced male colleague.
  • Ginger – For a red-haired male co-worker.
  • Fixer The guy the office calls on when the chips are down.
  • Hot Sauce – For a male co-worker that thrives on controversy.
  • Scooter – Someone who finds a way to slide into every conversation.
  • Yes Man – For a male worker who sucks up to the boss.

Inappropriate Nicknames For Male Co-workers

  • Boner – A cool nickname for a colleague that gets easily excited. You can also use the nickname literarily for a guy that once had a boner in the office.
  • Bum face – Literarily, it is a nickname for a guy with a skin graft from his butt cheek on his face – also, a good nickname for an ass.
  • Clock – “The guy with one hand bigger than the other…”
  • Dickweed – For a colleague who gets super horny when high.
  • Dozen – A guy with twelve fingers who dozen do anything
  • Dracula – This is more suited for people in the sports industry. Former England goalkeeper David James was once nicknamed Dracula because he was scared of crosses.
  • Fired Guy – For a colleague who was fired but found a way to keep his job.
  • Furious George – For a guy named George with serious anger issues, George can be changed to any name.
  • Home Depot – The perfect nickname for a tool because home depot is where you can find tools.
  • Ninja – The guy who stole other peoples’ lunches. We all knew who he was, but no one could ever catch him in the act.
  • Parts – A nickname for a guy named Tony Hancock because “toe,” “knee,” “hand”… OMG.
  • Pestilence – Someone who has a very contagious negative spirit towards everything.
  • Pothole – a clever name to call a colleague everyone avoids.
  • Romance – Use it sarcastically.

Now, it is your turn to add the fun nicknames used for the guys in your office. No one can get you here, therefore don’t hesitate to include the mean nicknames you can’t say to the faces of your male colleagues.

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  1. I am looking for two nicknames. I want very unique and to the point, but at the same time one of them need to be in Disguise. With that being said. One is for a really good guy, he works hard, always helpful, funny, and just down to earth.. the other one, piece of work, a girl, she smells up the bathroom we think it smells like a wet dog on its period, that rolled in its own urine, she doesn’t work, (at work) lazy. We need a name for her that won’t get us in trouble help


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