90+ Awesome Nicknames for Joshua

Joshua is a popular Biblical name derived from the Hebrew name “Yehoshua” which means “Yahweh is salvation.”

Joshua gained popularity among Jewish people before the 17th century, while one of its most popular variance, Josh, gained its popularity in the United States in the late 1900s.

Notable people who have been named Joshua include – Joshua from the Bible who was the leader of the Israelites, Anthony Joshua (a British professional boxer,) Josh Beckett (former Major League Baseball pitcher,) American football Josh Cooper, Actor Josh Peck, etc.

Giving someone a nickname remains an excellent way to show affection towards someone and for a popular name like Joshua, you are going to need some good Joshua nicknames.

So if you’re looking to be inspired or want a nickname that fits a particular Joshua just right, here’s our list of amazing nicknames for a guy named Joshua.

Joshua Nicknames

Cool Nicknames For Joshua

Want a nickname that speaks of confidence and style? One befitting for the coolest friend you know? Here are some cool nicknames for Joshua:

  1. J-Breezy – Chris Breezy’s got nothing on him.
  2. Yeho-Shua – A Hebrew variance of Joshua.
  3. Alpha-J – For one who is confident and a natural leader.
  4. Don Josh – For a well-respected boss.
  5. Jo-The-Champ – For one who’s always a winner.
  6. Super Dupa’ Joe – One who impresses every single time.
  7. Masta Jo’ – Everyone else looks up to him.
  8. J-Papi – Probably the hottest Papa ever.
  9. Jozua – A Hebrew derivation, meaning “Jehovah is salvation.”
  10. J-Dawg – Perfect for a member of your inner circle named Joshua.
  11. Joe – A popular short version of Joshua.
  12. Hosh – Pronounced like “osh” in Joshua.
  13. Josue – From the Hebrew name, meaning “God is Salvation.”
  14. J-Man – For the realest man you know.
  15. Shua – A Hebrew name, meaning “Prosperity.”
  16. Jeshua – The Hebrew name for Joshua.
  17. Jo-Money – For a lavish giver or spender.
  18. Joshers – For a Josh who enjoys silly or ridiculous banters.
  19. Yahoshua – For a Hebrew descent, interpreted as “Yahweh will be Salvation.”
  20. Joshy Jay – From the name of the famous American Stage Magician, Ricky Jay.

Clever Nicknames For Joshua

How about a nickname that’s pure genius or crafty? Something that shows a high level of thoughtfulness? If you’d like a smart nickname for a Joshua, here are some clever nicknames for Joshua:

  1. Bon-shua – Coined from the French greeting “Bonsoir”, for one with French descents.
  2. Jo-Spank – A Joshua who’s form and ruthless when upset.
  3. Giggly-Joshy – He’s got the silliest, most contagious laugh you’d ever hear.
  4. Jovy Josh – For a free-spirited, jovial person.
  5. Jawsh – One with well-sculptured Jaws that are hard to miss.
  6. Joe-Walker – For a rebellious and fast-paced Joshua.
  7. Jorshie – For a Josh, that’s as fast as a horse.
  8. Josh-you-ah – “Joshua”, with the pronunciation stretched.
  9. Jo-Buzz – He’s the happening guy, and everybody knows.
  10. Casano-shua – For a Casanova bearing Joshua.
  11. Jo’ Lo – J’Lo has got nothing on him. He’s a natural talent at the entertaining.
  12. Vegito-Jo – For a vegetarian named Joshua.
  13. Joshington – For a Joshua from Washington D.C.
  14. Bomb-shua – For a ridiculously hot man.
  15. Jua Simba – From Simba in Lion King, for the most respected Josh you know.
  16. Jo-Hop – For the most talented sprinter, you’ve ever seen.
  17. Jo-shoe-a – Pronounced as “Joshua”, for a footwear lover.
  18. J-heetah – For one that runs as fast as a Cheetah.
  19. Jigga Joe – For a dark-skinned Joshua.
  20. Jo-shhh – For a Joshua with a quiet personality.
  21. Jo’ Cena – Coined from John Cena, for an excellent fighter.
  22. Josy-Boss – For a go-getter who’s good at what he does.
  23. J-Cole – For a Joshua who’s a major J-Cole fan.
  24. Jo-lean – For a very slender man.

Cute Nicknames For Joshua

Looking for a name that’s simple and sweet? One that compliments that adorable Joshua in your life? Here are some cute Joshua nicknames:

  1. Jorsh – Josh with an “aww” sound in the middle.
  2. Hu-ha – Coined from the “Hua” in Joshua.
  3. Jo-Muffin – For a sweet-natured Joshua.
  4. Jah-Shoo – Pronounced as “Joshu”.
  5. Hua – From Shua, meaning “flower” in Chinese.
  6. Joshiekins – A cute and endearing munchkin.
  7. Jo-Jo – For an adorable little Joshua.
  8. Jayyy – A frequently used English name for a Joshua.
  9. Oshy – Culled from Joshy.
  10. Joo – Pronounced as “Joe,” from Joshua.
  11. Daddy Joshy – Because who wouldn’t want to call this fine gentleman Daddy?
  12. Lush Jush – For a Joshua that always looks good and smells even better.
  13. J-Luv – Perfect for a lover.
  14. Glowshua – For one with the cleanest and clearest skin.
  15. Shwa – Sounds just like “Shua.”
  16. Joe-swa – For a pretty cool “Joe.”
  17. J-Shua – Sounds like “Jayshua.”
  18. Yosy – For a young Josy.
  19. Osh Posh – For a sleek and sophisticated “Josh”.
  20. Jay Jay – Pronounced “JJ”.
  21. Jumpy Jo – He knows how to use those long legs when he’s on track.
  22. Hoshea – A Hebrew name meaning “Salvation.”
  23. Joshy – An adorable nickname for a Joshua.
  24. Jossy-Jeezy – For an extroverted and fun-loving Joshua.
  25. Joshlyn – One with a very feminine side to him.
  26. Joshi Woshi – For a cute little boy named Joshua.
  27. Joshie – The cuter version of Josh.
  28. Jo Wa-Wa – For the most adorable little boy that bears Josh.

Funny Nicknames For Joshua

Does Joshua have a fun and playful personality or a healthy sense of humor? If he’d be delighted with a teaser nickname, here are some funny nicknames for Joshua:

  1. Shua & Tell – For a ‘shua that kisses and tells.
  2. Joso-Choco – For an extremely handsome dark-skinned man.
  3. J-Drizzle – For a little Joshua that still pees on himself.
  4. Jush-too-fine – He’s gorgeous being, and everyone knows.
  5. Jolly Josh – Never a dull moment around this Joshua.
  6. Joshy-Clutchy – For the stingiest Joshua in your life.
  7. Shush Jush – A Joshua that cannot keep a secret.
  8. Tushy Joshy – For a Joshua with usually large buttocks.
  9. Mushy Joshy – For a Joshua who knows how to get the ladies swooning.
  10. Smoochy-Joosy – For a Joshua who loves to lock lips whenever he can.
  11. Douchey – A Joshua that’s a total douche-bag.
  12. Bumpy-Shuu – For a ‘shua with the craziest mood swings.
  13. Jelly Josh – For a soft and fragile Joshua.
  14. Holy Josy – For the most hypocritical Josh you’ve ever found.
  15. Slo’ Jo’ – One who is always sluggish and slow.
  16. Jiggley Jo – For a chubby Josh.
  17. Hoe-shua – He’s a flirt, and he’s quite shameless about it.
  18. Lump-a-Josh – He’s got the biggest and roundest lump called a stomach.
  19. Jokeshua – For a hilarious Josh.
  20. Jah-Sa-Wa – A caricature of the name Joshua.
  21. Jo Mo’Fo’ – Perfect for a homeboy.

Know any other great Joshua nickname that you’d love to see on this list? Maybe a nickname you’ve called a friend or one you’ve heard somewhere else? Do share them in the comments section!

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