82 Lovely Nicknames for Ryan

Nicknames can be awesome, and they can be annoying. Some people are lucky to get cute nicknames or even cool nicknames, while the rest of us have to deal with mean and horrible nicknames. For a popular name like Ryan, you are going to need a couple of good nicknames, which is why we have compiled a list of all the good nicknames for Ryan we know.

But first, where did the name Ryan come from?

Though more common in the English language, Ryan has its root in Irish folklore. The name may pass for ‘illustrious,’ or ‘king.’ Little wonder it is a very common surname – even though much more people bear it as a first name. Ryan is said to have originated from the old Gaelic word Ó Maoilriain, which is translated loosely to mean “descendant of the follower of Rian.”

Pet names for a guy named Ryan

Famous People Named Ryan

Tom Clancy’s stars Jack Ryan as a gun-toting, bulletproof wearing superhot protagonist in the series. That is just one; there are quite a lot of other famous people named Ryan too.

Many people got their nicknames from famous people or famous characters, so these famous names could inspire some good nicknames for your buddy named Ryan.

  • Ryan Giggs – He is, no doubt, one of the greatest soccer stars who ever donned the Manchester United jersey. If you want your baby to love soccer and the outdoors – and perhaps become another Messi soon, Ryan might be a perfect name.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick – this is another NFL quarterback god. An American footballing hero, indeed.
  • Ryan Gosling. No list of famous Ryan’s can ever be complete without this gorgeous actor.
  • Ryan Seacrest – Talk of beautiful in and out and you are referring to this Ryan. A radio host and production executive in Canada that your newborn son can look up to.

We could go on and on, creating a very long list of some of the most handsome men named Ryan. Dudes gifted with talents ranging from sports to television, and more.

So far, we’ve seen that this unique name is associated with strength, with forthrightness, and with fame. But then, what do their buddies and family call people named Ryan, just old Gaelic-Irish Ryan?


Ryan is so common it’s got dozens of nicknames associated with it. Some for the joke and others for the love they help spread around.

Cute Nicknames for Ryan

If you love cute nicknames, you will love these cute Ryan nicknames:

  1. Ry – The most affectionate Ryan variant used every day in a close-knit family
  2. Ry-Ry – Cute baby Ryan usually pronounced ‘Ree-Ree.”
  3. Ryan the lion – A Ryan that is strong and commanding
  4. Rail Donkey – Common among boys born in Texas and named Ryan
  5. Ry-Guy – Party loving Ryan
  6. Ry-yeet – Big guy so plump it looks like he eats yeast
  7. Rybo – Robots-loving Ryan
  8. Ryanasaurus Rex – Excitable Ryan named after the great T-Rex
  9. Rhino – A true Ryan-royal, a rock friends and family can depend on
  10. Ry Bread – Ryan named after the popular bread
  11. Rizza – This Ryan probably works at the pizza delivery chain
  12. Rynator – Loyal buddy like the Terminator, but not Arnold, this one is Ryan
  13. Ry-Dog – This Ryan loves his dog to a fault
  14. Rydog – Another spelling for Ry-Dog
  15. Ryno – Another variant of Rhino
  16. Rye – Ryan named after the cereal grain (His parents are definitely farmers)
  17. Rye-Pie – Ryan that loves food so much
  18. Lion – Ryan leading the pack
  19. Rynasorus – A dinosaur freak
  20. Rynocerous – Ryan that loves the outdoors
  21. King Ryan – Of course, all Ryans are little kings
  22. Rhion – He’s powerful and a leader
  23. Ri – A Ryan excellent in math
  24. River – A nice guy named Ryan that is nice to a fault
  25. Renzo – It’s a code Ryan and friends use when they speak ‘parsley’ – snake language
  26. Ryham – Ryan with Abraham as a middle name
  27. Ry Cry – No doubt, Ryan is mama’s baby
  28. Grumpy – A Ryan that is demanding
  29. Ryfan – A Ryan that is tech savvy
  30. Ru-Ru – A cute nickname for Ryan
  31. Ry guy – A cute pet name for an outgoing guy named Ryan.
  32. RyLion – A Ryan with a very commanding voice that roars so loud in the room
  33. RianMuyin – An ancient version of Ryan, straight from Gaelic
  34. Brian – My boss, cannot remove the ‘B’ from Ryan. Many others can’t either.
  35. Ry Fry – His friends, changed his name from Ryan to Ry Fry because he often fries his computer hard drive
  36. RyPie – So named for a Ryan that works in a doughnut storefront
  37. Cute Ryan – This Ryan is always the most handsome in the room
  38. Ryandien – His colleagues think he’s too fat
  39. Ryandson – An actual legal variant for Ryan
  40. Cryin Ryan – Definitely mommy’s boy
  41. Roro – Fierce, never-say-die Ryan
  42. RyanLove – Mom’s special nickname for Ryan
  43. Rybee – For a Ryan that is known to be a jerk
  44. Ryan the tyrant – For sure, this Ryan is tough; he could just be a Ryan with an unforgiving hear
  45. The Ryster – That kind of Ryan that lights up the room once he walks in

Cool Nicknames for Ryan

Do you need a cool nickname to call your Ryan? Try these cool Ryan nicknames:

  1. Rainman – Ryan born on a rainy day
  2. Rian – Pronounced Ri-An because his mom’s name is Ann
  3. Rien – Common spelling of Ryan among the Scots
  4. Rion – A blend of Ryan and Leon. His middle name is Leon
  5. Ryen – Common spelling of Ryan among the Saxons
  6. Targaryen – Game of Thrones reference.
  7. The Right Ryan – Coolest Ryan Instagram username, ever
  8. Ryna – Although it looks feminine, this Ryan is the twin brother of a girl named Rihanna
  9. Redwine – Ryan with beautiful flocks of red hair

Clever Nicknames for Ryan

If you prefer a witty or clever nickname, try these clever Ryan nicknames:

  1. Ryanical – A Ryan that is very strategic and tactical in reasoning
  2. RyanIon – A good man with a very endearing spirit
  3. Ryan Pagan – Could he be pagan?
  4. Ryan Air – Cheap guy, just like the budget carrier – RyanAir
  5. Ryan To The Rescue – Ryan always to the rescue
  6. Ryansdal – A new dad whose son is named Ryan, after himself
  7. Ryun – A guy named Ryan who is always drunk on rum
  8. Giggsy  – Reference to Ryan Giggs, a good nickname for a Ryan that can play football.
  9. Ryan Silver – Perfect for Ryan online username
  10. Ryan Snow – His friends think he looks like Jon Snow
  11. Ryantest ­– Ryan flunked his geometry test and earned himself a cute nickname
  12. RyanUpgrade – Ryan with the latest gist in town.
  13. ShuiRyan – A unisex version of Ryan
  14. SkienRyan – Lanky tall guy named Ryan
  15. Ryannity – This Ryan has got you covered, always
  16. Ryan and Dine – A wordplay on “wine and dine.”
  17. RayRyan – Best friends Ray and Ryan who folks think are inseparable
  18. Ryanilit – Ryan born outdoors, perhaps in a barn or somewhere that has no roof
  19. Ryan Krispies – Fashioned after the cereal, Krispies
  20. Iranic – Spelt and pronounced like ‘ironic.’

Funny Nicknames for Ryan

If you prefer to call people by funny nicknames, you will love these funny nicknames for a guy named Ryan:

  1. French Fry – Ryan became Ry, Ry became French Fry.
  2. RyanGazette – A Ryan with long skinny legs that runs like a gazelle
  3. Ginger Ryan ­– A red-haired Ryan
  4. Ryangocy – Ryan, the grocery store brand that has become a household name
  5. Serenity Ryan – A sarcastic nickname for a crazy Ryan.
  6. Seacrest – After the actor.

Think we missed any funny or crazy Ryan nickname, or maybe you know a fictional character with a Ryan nickname not included here? Let’s see your version in the comments section!

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13 thoughts on “82 Lovely Nicknames for Ryan”

  1. My name is Ryan and childhood nicknames that stuck was Ryo (pronounced like Rye-oh) and some friends called me Fry and a few others called me Arie (pronounced like R E) from my first letter R in my name and th E from the E in my middle name Edward.

  2. cryan.

    is indeed a unique version of the aforementioned firstname Ryan..if you look closely, this specific variant actually has what appears to be a “letter c” in front of the normally unaltered “ryan” very unique, yes, very exotic, indeed, I do say , if I do say so myself. hmm.yesss.indeed.

    be it noted that it not shall toith beith confusith within the commonly misconceived “cryin` man” from that one show where Jerry O`Connell goes into different dimensions of what earth could have been like.its ok, could have been great though..shame…….SLIDERS! THE SHOW WAS CALLED SLIDERS!

    ……….where am i…….??

  3. Ryadical: A Ryan that is Radical. Fuck with Ry-and-Die: A gangster Ryan that will always have his friends back. Hey girl you thirsty? Have a Ry-Tye: A Ryan trying to get filacio from a thot. Ry-Nuy the science guy: A Ryan that is interested in the sciences. Aye girl let’s kick it, kick it like Ry-bow: A Ryan tryin to make a beautiful girl smile and agree to hang out. You dont need a ticket to the gun and reptile show I got my Ry-thons right here: A Ryan that is buff AF.


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