20+ Popular Nicknames for Dylan

Dylan is an excellent baby name, but finding the perfect nickname for the name, Dylan, isn’t always a beautiful experience, which is why we have put together a list of popular and creative Dylan nicknames.

But first, what is the origin and meaning of the name Dylan?

Dylan is a Welsh male name meaning; Son of the sea, son of the ocean, born from the ocean. The popularity of the name in the modern era sprang from its use by a poet called Dylan Thomas.

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Popular Nicknames for Dylan

Dylan Nicknames

Each nickname on this list is an excellent fit for anyone named Dylan. Here are some cute, cool, funny, and, creative nicknames for Dylan:

  1. Dee
  2. Dil/Dyl
  3. Dils
  4. Didi
  5. Dylo
  6. Dilly/Dyllie
  7. Dilby
  8. Dillon
  9. Deezer
  10. Dill pickle – A cute Dylan nickname.
  11. Dillweed
  12. King D 
  13. Dilbert – An English nickname meaning Geek could be used to refer to a smart person.
  14. Dilster – A cool nickname for the name Dylan.
  15. Big D – Big meaning “large” and “D” for Dylan. Could be used ironically.
  16. Dillionaire
  17. Chilan
  18. Dilly Bear – A fun nickname for Dylan inspired by toy teddy bears.
  19. Dilly Billy – A cool nickname for Dylan, meaning charming.
  20. D Dawg – D for Dylan and Dawg, meaning friend.
  21. Dolly 
  22. Dyldo – A mean nickname for Dylan.
  23. Dawn
  24. Devon

Famous People Named Dylan

In your search for a nickname for Dylan, you should also consider the names and nicknames of famous people named Dylan? Here are some famous people named Dylan:

  • Bob Dylan – American singer and songwriter
  • Dylan Strome – Professional ice hockey player
  • Dylan O’Brien – American actor
  • Dylan Sprayberry – American actor
  • Dylan Moran – Irish comedian
  • Dylan McDermott – American actor
  • Dylan Sprouse – American actor

Famous Fictional Characters Named Dylan

How about fictional characters named Dylan? Have you considered using these character names as a Dylan nickname? Here are some fictional characters named Dylan:

  • Dylan Ail-Don – A Celtic mythological figure in Wales
  • Dylan Dog – The main character of the eponymous comic series
  • Dylan Keogh – The main character in BBC medical drama Casualty, played by Will Beck
  • Dylan “Dil” Pickles – Cartoon character form Rugrats and All Grown Up!
  • Dylan Marvil – A character in The Clique series
  • Dylan Mayfair – Played by Lyndsy Fonseca in Desperate Housewives
  • Dylan McKay – played by Luke Perry on Beverly Hills 90210
  • Dylan Michalchuk – A character on the TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation

Now, it is your turn to provide us with any cute, funny, or cool nickname for Dylan that is not on this list.

12 thoughts on “20+ Popular Nicknames for Dylan”

  1. I’ve been called Dils a few times, but every time without fail it has been a girl who calls me it. Didn’t realise they might have used it because they think it’s cute haha. Dill pickle drives me nuts. Sounds like prickle. Dyldo is very common among my friends. Lundy is my main nickname. Dilis once again is a nickname used among my friends when I play support roles in video games as it’s stereotyped as a role for Egirls and Dilis is a female name. What I am called by Welsh speakers: Dull anne (welsh pronunciation). What I am called by English speakers: Dill anne (it’s as if they are about to call me Dylan the English way (Dill un), but then remembering half way through saying my name that my name is welsh and swap the ‘un’ for an ‘anne’. Rare nicknames but nevertheless been called these before: Dull, Dill, Dolan, Dilwyn, Dylanosaurus, Double D.

  2. My boyfriend’s name is Dylan so I wanted to find a cute nickname for him. I really like the fact that I can call him Dylan bear, but I also like dils these are adorable nicknames for him

  3. My nicknames include… Dilly-Bar (like the ice cream), Annie (my middle name is Cheyenne and with my name being spelled Dylann it makes sense), dill pickle (I’ve never taken a liking to this one, and I think it’s just overused), Dy (pronounce as D-Y), Die-lan (not really a nickname just how some people pronounce my name). There’s obviously more but I feel like this comments already getting really long.

  4. My aunt called me “Dylan the Villain” all the time and ofcourse in middle school I was call “Dyldo” & DillWeed” lol, and as I’m sure other Dylans with the same spelling my name way always mispronounce when being read, they pronounced it as “Die Lan”


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