30+ Awesome Nicknames for Jeremy

Have you been trying to find a nickname for Jeremy? In this article, we’d be sharing our list containing the best nicknames for the name Jeremy

Origin and Meaning of Jeremy

The masculine name Jeremy is said to be a variant of the name “Jeremiah” in its Anglicized/diminutive form.

In Hebrew, the meaning of the name Jeremiah is “May Jehovah exalt/Exalted of the Lord”. As an English diminutive of Jeremiah, the name Jeremy has been translated to mean “The Lord loosens/God will uplift”.

The name Jeremy has been adopted in different parts of the world today.

In the year 2000, it ranked as the 84th most popular name for baby boys in the United States (its highest ranking since the 2000s), and more recently, it was the 204th most popular name in 2018.

Popular Nicknames for Jeremy

Jeremy Nicknames

Popular nicknames are usually derived from the first few letters of the name or a combination of some alphabets from the name. Here are popular nicknames for Jeremy:

  1. Jerry
  2. Jem
  3. Jere
  4. Remy
  5. Jez
  6. Jerr
  7. Rey
  8. Jay
  9. Rem
  10. Jezza
  11. Jemmie

Cute Nicknames for Jeremy

A cute nickname is perfect for a sweetheart in your life that’s named Jeremy. Here are some cute nicknames for the name Jeremy:

  1. Jerbear/JereBear
  2. Jerry Berry
  3. JerJer
  4. Remy Boy
  5. Jerry Boo
  6. Jere-Mine
  7. Jelly Remmy
  8. Germy: A word with similar pronunciation to the name Jeremy.

Cool Nicknames for Jeremy

Cool nicknames are usually formed by adding certain suffixes or cool phrases to the original name. Here are some cool nicknames for Jeremy:

  1. Gem: Meaning “precious stone”.
  2. Jay Bling
  3. Jereme
  4. Jay Jay
  5. Jaylo
  6. Jeramy
  7. Jeromy

Nicknames from Famous Characters Named Jeremy

Nicknames can be derived from famous people who bear the same name or a similar name. Here are some famous personalities named Jeremy:

  1. Jeremy Renner (also known as Renni): An American actor, musician, and songwriter.
  2. Jeremy Piven (also known as Jez Piv or The Piv): An American actor, comedian, and producer.
  3. Jeremy Phillip Northam (also known as Jer): An English actor.
  4. Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson (also known as The Orangutan or Jezza): An English broadcaster, journalist and writer.
  5. Jeremy Shu-How Lin (also known as Linsanity): An American professional basketball player.
  6. Jeremy Davis (also known as Jerm or Schzimmy Deanie): An American musician and songwriter.
  7. Jeremy Miles Ferguson (also known as Jinxx): An American musician, songwriter, and composer for American rock band Black Veil Brides.
  8. Jeremy Corbyn (also known as Jezbollah or Jezza): A Britain Politician and leader of Labour Party 2015-2020.

Is there any nickname for Jeremy that we haven’t mentioned? Be a dear and tell us in the comments section!

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