30+ Creative Nicknames for Luke

If you are thinking of naming your baby boy, Luke, or maybe you have a friend, sibling, coworker, or lover named Luke and you need a unique nickname to call him, we have listed cute, creative, and popular Luke nicknames you can call him.

But first, what is the meaning of the name, Luke?

Luke is a popular name for boys and the English form of the Latin name, Lucas. Lucas was derived from the Latin name Lucius, which means ‘the bright one’ or ‘the one born at dawn.’ Early records of the name Luke dates back to the New Testament.

Luke, a physician who lived around 30 to 130 AD, wrote the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts in the Bible. Apostle Paul also mentioned him in some of his letters to 1st-century churches. Luke is listed as one of the most popular baby boy names in the United States.

Popular Luke NicknamesLuke Nicknames

Here are some popular Luke nicknames got from the name itself:

  1. Lukie/Lukey
  2. Lee
  3. Lu
  4. LK
  5. Lois
  6. Lou
  7. Lulu  
  8. Luca
  9. Louie

Cute Luke Nicknames

Cute nicknames are adorable, and your loved one would no doubt love and adore them. Here are some cute Luke Nicknames:

  1. LukyPooky
  2. Lukeyboi 
  3. LukeyBoo
  4. Likey
  5. LookeyPookey 
  6. Lukey bear
  7. Lukey Lemon
  8. Lukester 
  9. Luke Skywalker: A character in Star Wars.
  10. Duke: Rhymes with Luke.
  11. Cook: Rhymes with Luke.

Luke Nicknames from TV or Books

Nicknames for a name can also be picked up from fictional characters in television and books. Here are some fictional characters named Luke:

  1. Luke Cage: He is a comic superhero in the Marvel Universe.
  2. Luke Dunphy: He is one of the main characters in the American television series ‘Modern Family.’
  3. Luke Hobbs: He is one of the main characters in The Fast and the Furious film series.

Celebrities and Famous People Named Luke

Look at some of your favorites celebrities for ideas on a nickname for your name, especially if those celebrites bear the said name. Here are some celebrities and famous people named Luke:

  1. Luke Bracey: He is an Australian actor known for his work in films such as ‘G.I. Joe,’ ‘Hacksaw Ridge,’ and ‘The November Man.’
  2. Luke Wilson: He is an American actor known for his roles in ‘Legally Blonde’ and ‘Blue Streak.’
  3. Derek Luke: He is an American actor known for his role as Gabe Jones in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Nicknames from Variants of Luke

Variants of a name also double as great nicknames from that name. Here are some nicknames from variants of Luke:

  1. Lucas: A Greek variant for Luke.
  2. Louca: A Greek variant for Luke.
  3. Lukas: A Latin variant for Luke.
  4. Lucien: A French variant for Luke.
  5. Lucanus: A Romanian variant for Luke.

We have compiled a list of different top nicknames for Luke to help you find the perfect nickname for Luke. Leave us a comment with a good pet name for Luke that isn’t listed.

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