70+ Beautiful Nicknames for Olivia

Are you having a hard time coming up with a suitable nickname for someone named Olivia?

Nicknames are supposed to be easy; however, finding the perfect nickname for a loved one can be hard. It becomes more complicated when you are trying to come up with a nickname based on someone’s name; in this case, someone named Olivia.

But as mentioned earlier, nicknames are supposed to be fun, which is why in this article, we’ve put together the biggest list of nicknames for Olivia, as well as a description of each nickname to help you select the perfect one!

But first, what’s the origin of the name Olivia?

Olivia was derived from the Latin word Oliva (Olive) which means Olive Tree (Olive branches are also known to represent a symbol of peace!). Olivia was popularized in 1602 by William Shakespeare in his comedy Twelfth Night.

A couple of famous people have answered this beautiful name.

Olivia Nicknames

Famous People named Olivia

Remember, famous people, are a common source of good nicknames. The following are some notable people who bear the name Olivia:

  • Olivia Wilde – American actress & model.
  • Olivia Jade – YouTube Star.
  • Olivia Haigh Williams – English Actress.
  • Olivia Bentley – Reality Tv Star from Made In Chelsea Show.
  • Olivia Rodrigo – Disney Star Actress.
  • Olivia Newton-John – Pop Singer.
  • Olivia Attwood – Reality Star from Love Island series.
  • Olivia Munn – Actress, Model, and pinup girl.
  • Olivia Pierson – Featured on E! Network reality show WAGS
  • Olivia Stuck – Disney Star Actress
  • Olivia Culpo – 2012 Miss USA and 2012 Miss Universe winner

Olivia is one of the most beautiful names a female could bear, but who doesn’t love an equally beautiful nickname just for the fun of it? Here’s our list of some of the best nicknames for an Olivia!

Short Nicknames for Olivia

Have you been considering going for a nickname that’s as brief as they come? Something short enough to be personalized on a piece of jewelry or an item? Here are a couple of the simplest nicknames perfect for an Olivia:

  1. Ollie – A nickname for an Olivia with a French origin.
  2. Vee – From the letter V from the name Olivia.
  3. Viv – A nickname with a Latin origin.
  4. Oli – A masculine shortened version of Olivia.
  5. Livs – A nickname which originally means “life.”
  6. Livi – Interpreted as “The olive branch” or “Peace.”
  7. Li Li – Pronounced as “Lee-Lee.”

Cute Nicknames for Olivia

Are you looking for a sweet and adorable nickname? Something for a charming lady named Olivia? Here are some cute Olivia nicknames:

  1. Olivia Muffins – A cute nickname for a lovely girl named Olivia.
  2. Olivia Nuggets – A fun pet name for a petite girl named Olivia.
  3. Ollie Hun – An adorable pet name for Olivia.
  4. Ollie Baby – A cute nickname for a girlfriend named Olivia.
  5. Olivia Queen – A cute Olivia nickname, which is also a reference to Oliver Queen in Arrows.
  6. O-Lily – For an Olivia as pretty as Lily flowers.
  7. Oli CoCo – A nickname with Spanish origin.
  8. Libby – A Hebrew-rooted pet name interpreted as “beloved.”
  9. Roselia – An Olivia as bright and beautiful as a Rose flower.
  10. Livvy – A Latin variant of the name Olivia.
  11. Oliwia – A Polish variant that is known for being popular in Britain.
  12. Lolly – For an Olivia that’s as sweet as a lollipop.
  13. Aww-livia – For a baby girl who’s so adorable, she has everyone swooning and obsessing over her.
  14. Ollie Pollie – For a sweet mannered girl named Olivia.
  15. Sunny-Olly – For one with beautiful, fair skin that’s hard to resist.

Funny Nicknames for Olivia

Does this Olivia have a comical personality that deserves a witty nickname? Here are some playful nicknames to bestow on your Olivia:

  1. Nollie – A popular nickname for Olivia; perfect for an Olivia that is a proper Debbie Downer.
  2. Olive Garden – A reference to Olives.
  3. Liver – Admit it – Olivia sounds too similar to “Liver.”
  4. Olive Oil – An obvious reference to Olive Oil.
  5. Oli-Voom – This Olivia doesn’t know how to sit still for more than a second.
  6. Jolivia – If there’s anything like being too happy, that’s what Olivia is about.
  7. Brolivia – Don’t be fooled by those curves, she’s definitely one of the boys.
  8. Ollie-Vera – Her favorite color is green, and it’s not hard to tell.
  9. O-Hell’a – She can be a “hella” pain in the butt if you test her.
  10. Li Loo-Loo – For a little girl who wants to be taken to the “loo” too frequently.

Cool Nicknames for Olivia

How about a nickname suitable as an online username, or one that sounds as cool as that special Olivia? Here are some of the best options to choose from:

  1. Ollie Rockstar – A cool nickname for a party-starter named Olivia.
  2. Oliannah – Pronounced as “Oh-lee-an-ah.”
  3. Livia – A Latin variant for Olivia.
  4. Olevia – An alternative spelling.
  5. Olivette – An elaborate variant of the name, with Latin and English roots.
  6. Olivja – A Finnish variant of Olivia.
  7. Olivina – Interpreted literally as “The olive tree.”
  8. Oliviya – A Spanish variant for an Olivia.
  9. Vivvy – A nickname meaning “Life” in English.
  10. Olive – A beautiful nickname which signifies tranquility or peace.
  11. Olyvia – An English version of the name.
  12. Livvy Divvy – For a very sassy diva named Olivia.
  13. Olle – A Swedish variant of the name.
  14. Oliwja – A Polish variant of the name Olivia.
  15. Oliviosa – A Latin-rooted nickname, adapted from Harry Potter’s “wingardium leviosa”
  16. Olee – An Italian variant for an Olivia.
  17. Oliviah – A variant form pronounced as “Ow-Lih-Vi-Yah.”
  18. Alivia – An English variant of the name.
  19. Olivianne – A Latin variant for Olivia pronounced as “Ow-Lih-Viyaa-Nn.”
  20. Lyvia – Olivia might be regular, but Lyvia definitely isn’t.
  21. Oliviola – A nickname with Italian roots.
  22. Livie – An Old Norse/Latin nickname pronounced as “Lih-Viy.”
  23. Olivera – A Serbian variant of e the name Olivia.
  24. Olivie – A nickname with French roots.

Creative Nicknames for Olivia

Want a clever nickname? A nickname that highlights an exciting trait in Olivia? Here are some witty and creative Olivia nicknames to consider:

  1. Lily – Olivia becomes Ollie, and Ollie becomes Lily.
  2. H2’Ol – If this Olivia is like a human version of a fish, here’s a suitable nickname.
  3. Olivia-Twist – The female version of Oliver Twist.
  4. O‘licks – For a lover of sugar with insatiable taste buds.
  5. Gullivia – For a very gullible Olivia.
  6. Afro-Livia – A dark-skinned Olivia with the cutest Afro ever.
  7. Flavia – For a flavorful and exciting girl.
  8. Capricoli – An “Oli” born in the Capricorn Season (December 22nd and January 20th).
  9. Poison Ivy – Be careful not to upset this girl, or it could get very uncomfortable.
  10. Olympia – A nickname with Greek roots, suitable for a sturdy and fast runner named Olivia.
  11. Livily – For the liveliest Olivia, you know.
  12. Activia – For an athletic girl with a ridiculous amount of energy.
  13. Olivia Tame – Coined from the name of American actress and Producer, Olivia Wilde, for a timid and introverted version.
  14. O’Live – For a bold and confident lady named Olivia.
  15. Libster – A combination of Libby, a popular nickname for an Olivia and Lobster, for an Olivia with an obsession for seafood.
  16. Livia-Alone – This Olivia loves to be left alone.
  17. Olaf – From the Disney character Olaf. The perfect nickname for an Olivia with a heart of gold.

There you go; a list of suitable names you can call someone named Olivia.

Now, it’s your turn to share any good nicknames for Olivia that isn’t on our list.

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